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"Pterodactlys," Artemis said, giving Holly a frankly shocked look. "Really? Fairies think they descended from pterodactyls?"

"Well," Holly said, standing on the tips of her toes to reach the top of the young man's desk and trace the skeletal outline of an elf that Artemis had been consulting. "Sprites have wings, obviously. And there's the vestigial wing-bones of elves. Those obviously indicate a relationship to a flying species. And our bones are generally lighter than a human's, so that is another argument for flight."

"And it never crossed your scientists' minds that fairies are more likely to have descended from a more mammalian species, such as a bat or even a primate, as humans did? After all, a logical next step from swinging in trees is flying through them." Artemis pulled a new pair of printouts from beneath the elf model, spreading them all in a triangular shape on his desk. "Begin with something that can fly. The species, for various reasons, branches off. Let's say those that can't fly will become sort of...gliders, and their skin tone adapts, as well. Brown, to blend with the ground and trunks of trees they would be more likely to land on. Those that fly well turn green to match the treetops. Those that completely lose the ability to fly—the pixies, if you haven't caught on—go for a paler skin tone, to match in with grasses and plains, and completely lose their wings. Elves are simply..." He waved one hand in the air, as if he would knock into the words he wanted.

"Less evolved than pixies?" Holly supplied sarcastically.

"I said no such thing."

"It was implied."

"Holly, you simply must stop putting words into my mouth. I was going to say that they are irreversibly removed from flight. Have you never wondered why you love flying so much? Perhaps it is an ancient desire, unsurfaced by the skillful use of technology."

She considered this, looking between the medical drawings. It was odd to see oneself reduced to such basic elements, and then further dissected according to your instincts. Even more odd when the arguments made perfect sense. "Okay. What about dwarves? And goblins? Goblins aren't even technically mammals, anymore. No...mammaries." She coughed,

"Further and further back, evolutionarily speaking. Eventually, there would be one common ancestor. Some initial magical creature. After all, if we are to follow the theory of evolution, we all come from one original creature." Artemis laughed once, rolling his eyes. Then he glanced at Holly, pensive.


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