Hero: 108


Big Green has befriended most of animal kind and this fact has Highroller getting anxious. So, Highroller has the Zebra Brothers keep watch on First Squad. As he sits in his throne room he thinks of a plan with the Bear King and Chameleon Queen as his company.

"How could those goodie-goodies be beating me?" He screams out. His allies start to answer but he cuts them off. "It was a rhetorical question you idiots!" They bow their heads and Chameleon Queen starts to cry.

Highroller stands from his seat and starts to pace unaffected by the tears, "I have to win and Big Green is not going to stand in my way! I have to think of a plan! Maybe I could have the Eagles attack again or maybe-maybe I….AHHHH!" He clutched his head in frustration.

"Where are those Zebras? They should be back by now with some word on Big Green!" He sat down on his throne again having felt better to place some of his anger on something other than his lack of plans.


"Good Morning, First Squad!" Commander Apetrully said cheerfully.

"Hello Commander! What brings you down here?" Mr. No hands asked in that rough voice of his.

"Well, Wu-" he started.

"Commander Apetrully? What are you doing here?" Mighty Ray interrupted.

"Nice manners, Banana Brain!" Mystique Sonia said sarcastically, "Hi Commander!" Before he could say anything else Lin Chung and Jumpy Ghostface walked in.

"Hello Commander Apetrully." Lin Chung bowed respectfully.

"Hel..lo..Com..man..der!" Jumpy said gleefully.

"First Squad!" Mr. No hands shouted. Now that all eyes were on him he went on, "Good. Now that everyone's here maybe Commander Apetrully can say why he's here?"

They all looked at each other and nodded back. Apetrully took that as a sign to speak, "First things first, Hello Everyone! The second matter at hand is that since there hasn't been as much fighting Woo the Wise was able to look around in his library and he managed to find a book!" He finished happily.

Mighty Ray snorted, "Well, duh he was able to find a book! He was in a library!"

The Commander rolled his eyes, "Not just any book, Mighty Ray! A book on the Ancients!"

"The Ancients?" They asked confused.

Lin Chung, though, gasped, "Really, Commander?"

"You know who they are, Lin Chung?" Sonia cocked her head while Yaksha whined inquisitively.

"Yes. They are or well were animals. Animals that could change shape between their true forms and human forms!" Lin Chung's eyes glazed over. "I would love to draw one of them!"

"Oh wow! That is so cool!" Sonia exclaimed.

"Ha! I bet I could beat them!" Mighty Ray said crossing his arms across his chest and sticking his chin out.

Sonia was about to say something, probably rude, when Apetrully spoke up, "Let us go to Woo to hear the story." He started shooing them toward the door and down to Woo's room.

Somewhere Inside Big Green…

"Hehe! I can't believe we're inside Big Green!" Sparky Black said in an excited whisper.

"Haha! I know! But we have to follow Master Highroller's instructions." Sparky White said back.

Sparky Black nodded his head, "Right! Find out what Big Green's plans are and sabotage them!"

The Zebra Brothers worked their way through many of the corridors until they came upon some voices, "The Ancients?"

"That sounded like First Squad!" The black zebra said suddenly afraid. "Let's go!" He nudged his brother.

"We can't! What about Master Highroller?" The white one whispered, he too, scared.

"Oh yeah…" Then he pricked his ears up, "Hey listen to this!"

"-were animals. Animals that could change shape between their true forms and human forms!" The brothers looked at each other and smiled.

"This is what we have been waiting for!"

"Master Highroller will be so pleased!"

They both giggled and rolled out of Big Green intent on telling their Master the news.

Woo the Wise's Chambers…

"Ahhh! Good! You're all here!" Woo stated happily.

First Squad and Commander Apetrully said their greetings, and sat down ready to hear the story about these 'Ancients'.

Woo opened up the book and began to stroke his mustache in thought, "Where to start, where to start…O.k.!" He pointed to a page, "Back when the world was still young and humans were few and far between. A group of animals were worshipped by the humans. They were known as The Ancients or The Gods.

"These animals held the power to change their forms between animal and human. They also had powers. They could control certain things such as the elements, dreams, and even the mind. They were extremely volatile and because of these things they were revered for them.

"These Great Beasts ruled this planet for thousands of years-," at this point Mighty Ray interrupted him.

"If they were oh-so-awesome then how come they aren't around anymore? Huh?" He challenged.

"I was getting to that, Mighty Ray." Woo said a bit agitated.

Sonia elbowed him and whispered, "Shut up, Banana Brain!" He growled and crossed his arms on his chest, not saying another word.

Woo cleared his throat, "Now where was I...Oh yes! Now I remember! They ruled this planet for thousands of years, but one day they all just disappeared.

"Some say that the humans stopped believing and with no one to worship them they just faded, but others say that The Eminent ones are not gone. They are merely waiting, lying dormant until they can rise again!"

First Squad and Apetrully all sat there eyes wide taking it in.

"Is it really true? Did those guys really exist?" Mighty Ray asked excitedly.

"No one knows for sure, Mighty Ray, but it is entirely possible." Woo replied.

"That is so cool!" Sonia squealed. Yaksha chittered merrily.

Lin Chung sat there with his head in his hand thinking, "I wonder what it would have been like in those times, to be able to see or even be in Their presence?"

Sonia shrugged, "I don't know, but it'd be incredible to see though!" They all shook their heads in agreement. Only Lin Chung continued to ponder this.

Back at Highroller's Castle…

"Well, it's about time, Zebras!" Highroller screeched.

The Zebra Brothers started to shake and spoke up, "Master Highroller! Big Green has a new plan!" Sparky Black stated.

Highroller's face turned back to its normal hue, "Really? What is it? What is it?" He demanded.

Sparky White's voice came up this time, "Yeah! They're gonna go make friends with some powerful animals!"

"What? Which animals?" Highroller's face started to turn back into the vermillion it was before.

So the now relieved brothers told him what they had heard.

"Hmmmm…Animals that can change forms? I must make them my allies!" Highroller shouted.

"Yeah!" The Zebras yelled in unison. Bearstomp and the Chameleon Queen also bellowed their agreement.

"Now where do we find these magnificent creatures?" Highroller asked the zebras.

They looked at each other, "Ummmmm…"

Their master started seethe with unexpressed anger, "Go. Find. Out." He said knowing and with clenched teeth.

The striped ones started to shake, "NOW!" They scampered off to find out; glad they wouldn't have to be there any longer to suffer his wrath.

Highroller untightened his fists when he could no longer hear their pathetic whimpering, "I'm going to find these beasts and when I do no one will be able to stop me, not even First Squad! Muahahahaha!"