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Kyuubi talking

Home again

I look up and stare at the ceiling in the hospital in complete boredom, hating having to lie on this bed all day. But, realizing what I did brought a gentle smile on my face, knowing I have finally fulfilled my promise on bringing Sasuke home. I wince as I try to get up from the hospital bed feeling a lower pain in my side. I jumped a bit as I heard the door open.

"Finally you are awake." My pink haired teammate said softly.

I stared at her green emerald eyes as I put a smile on my face saying the words I wanted to say in 3 years. "I did it Sakura-Chan. I fulfilled my promise to you." With my eyes half opened.

"Thank you Naruto." She said with tears forming in her emerald eyes.

I look at her with my signature foxy grin. "I guess I got to get healed quickly. Team 7 is back together again and, I want to beat teme in a sparring match. What room is he in anyway?"

"He is right next door. You both are going to be released tomorrow. So get some rest all ready."

"Okay Sakura-Chan I will." I said Staring at the vase with a white tulip near the window. She has come to visit me before I thought. "I wonder how everything will turn out. He doesn't have to live his life just for revenge anymore. He has a place to return to."

"Yeah, team 7 will be laughing together in no time." She said gently while leaving the room and closing the door softly leaving me in the hospital room to rest. I finally did it. I thought to myself.

I finally did it.

(A/n: this is after he killed his brother Itachi. Before jiraiya's death and before Sasuke talked to Madara.)

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