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"You heard me Sasuke… I'm giving up." Naruto said glaring at him.

I was silent. Staring at the ground and my intelligent response was "Why?"

"Why! That's it! I'll tell you why! Nobody and I mean nobody has the right to kill someone that is that close to me!" he growled. "I can't let it happen… I just can't. I need them… I need them all here."

I noticed he was whispering all this stuff. I could barely hear him. "Naruto it's just one person… the rest of Konoha is still here. Look all of the rookie nine and Guy's team are here." I answered.

(A/n: Is that how you spell Guy's name or it Gai?)

There was a disturbing silence and the atmosphere felt wrong. The blond was on his knees, head facing the ground.

"Why are you giving up? When I was gone did you give up? No! You kept being your annoying self and made me come back to Konoha. Why can't you be the same now?" I answered knowing it was the perfect speech to give in this situation.

"Easy. You weren't dead." Naruto said quietly.

I was silent. He was right I wasn't dead. That makes the situation completely different.

"Listen Naruto, I know this situation is different but, you don't have to be so hard on yourself. You have been through harder things. You can pull through this." Sasuke was worried about the once happy blond.

Instead of his usual happy warm aura it was cold. His eyes that were full of life and excitement were dulled out and, without his ninja head band on with his goofy smile he looked depressed. The head band that he risked his life getting back on our first mission fighting Zabuza was not proudly on his forehead but next to him on the wet ground.

The silence was broken when Naruto spoke up. I can barely hear him.

"Why? Why do you care so much? Why now? OF ALL TIMES WHY NOW SASUKE! WHY NOW!" he screamed

"I- I don't know… it just doesn't suit you to be like this. You are going on the same path I did a-and that's not a good rode to go on. Well, not for the future hokage… at least." I said quietly hoping he heard and no one else did.

"W-what you believe in me that much. S-Sasuke! Thank you!" the blond immediately perked up. "But, I have to get stronger… mind helping." The blond questioned scratching the back of his head.

"Depends dobe where we going to train?" I asked hoping somewhere instead of the now messed up training grounds. Let's face it the words on the trees were not nice.

"I think that geezer frog sage is taking me somewhere. Wanna come? I mean he was the one who trained the Jiraiya the legendary sannin of the leaf."

"Ok I guess I'll come but I'm not going to let the dobe pass me up." I say in my I'm still better then you voice just to get him riled up.

"Oh you are on Teme." The hyperactive blond has returned.

"You guys are fools…"

I was silent "Naruto who was that? That's not who I think it is it?" I say surprised hearing the familiar voice.

"What don't recognize me Uchiha?" the monstrous voice growled.

"You can hear Kyuubi!" Naruto exclaimed. "How Sasuke?"

"I don't know. What do you want Kyuubi."

"Why did you interrupt? For once the brat was asking for advice." Kyuubi snarled with venom in his voice.

"Naruto you were going to the demon lord for advice! That is the last place you want to go for advice. You can be such a dobe sometimes."

The blond chuckled. "Sorry Sasuke. But he did help me get out of depression." The blond said as if nothing is wrong with going to a demon for advice.

"How so?" I ask still thinking about what he just said.


"Naruto." A pink haired ninja asked outside the old apartment.

"Naruto get out of there right now! Or do you not want a door." Sakura snapped yelling and banging at the door.

There was sobbing coming from inside. "Naruto is not here… he is h-he is dead!"

"Naruto come on out of there right now!" The pink haired girl yelled.

"Kit you have to stop being a big baby and get your ass out of bed."

I don't feel like it. I thought.


"Coming Sakura-Chan."

End of flashback

"That is the most stupid story I have ever heard Naruto." I said

"Whatever Sasuke. I wasn't going to anything that bad." Naruto said. "maybe use some Kyuubi wrath but that's it."

"You say it like it's no big deal you idiot."




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