"So you had just gotten up, right?" Ryan asked her.

Kate was shaken up. Hiding a secret from her brothers, a dead body at her door, confessing she was in love with Richard Castle…she had had a very odd twenty-four hours. "Yeah, Castle just finished making breakfast and went to the door—" She was proud of herself, she had remembered to call him Castle rather than Rick—that would've been a dead giveaway.

"What kind of breakfast?" He cuts in.

Kate frowns. "Uh…" What the hell does this have to do with anything. "I'm sorry?

"What kind of breakfast was he making?" Ryan clarified.

"Pancakes," with her confusion it sounds more like a question rather than answer.

He smirks. "Well isn't that domestic?"

Kate considers smacking him with the newspaper…oh, if only it hadn't been bagged as evidence. "Anyway," she near growls. "Paper usually arrives around four, and we were up at seven, so that would mean the killer had a three hour window where he could've left the body the unnoticed." She smiled inwardly. That didn't give away anything either. Lying to Ryan was normally impossible.

"And exactly what time did you and Mr. Castle go to bed last night?" Mischief was evident in his tone.

"I think were done here." She says and hops off the counter.

Meanwhile her new boyfriend was having just as much trouble with Esposito.

"Dude, I see Beckett in her jammies, wine glasses on the table" Esposito clinked the antenna of his radio against the glass for dramatic effect.

"There's nothing going on with Beckett and me. No more than there was yesterday." Rick insists. This is partially true. This all happened last night before 12:01, so yes, nothing more was happening between Kate and Rick than there had been yesterday.

Ryan decided to join the conversation. "Dude. You made her pancakes?"

Rick resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Was it necessary for them both to say dude? Hadn't his vocabulary warn off on them yet? "It was just breakfast."

"Pancakes in not just breakfast. It's an edible way of saying 'thank you so much for last night.'" Esposito insisted. Rick made a mental note to put that line in the next Nikki Heat novel.

"Castle, come on we're your friends. Details." Ryan begged.

Rick decided to play along, not enough that Kate would shoot him, but enough that he would seem like his normal self. Rick glanced around them to make sure they wouldn't be overheard. "Come here," He waited until they leaned in before yelling, "THERE ARE NO DETAILS!"

"I can't even look at 'chu right now." Esposito said disgustedly.

"Witness…refuses…to…cooperate." Ryan narrated as he scribbled on his notepad.

Kate laughed as she joined hey boys. "What do you expect from him?"

"The truth!" The duo chorused.

Kate perched herself on the arm of the sofa. "So, let me get this straight," she asked innocently, frowning as though she was trying to understand. "What you want from Castle is details on how last night we had wild and passionate sex that left us both screaming for more until ungodly hours of the morning. Details such as the fact that I only slept for ten minutes last night, we had wild shower sex this morning, the fact that he was begging me at more than one point, and that he has the sensitive spot tight behind his—"

"Kate!" the writer squealed.

The three men stood with their mouths on the floor and their eyes about to fall out of their sockets. None of them could believe those words had left her mouth.

Lanie looked up from the dead body she had been examining, not sure if she should laugh or not.

"Just clarifying," Kate smiled innocently before standing up and making her way to her room. "Rick," she called turning around to face him. "I really need your help finding those pants I was wearing last night; I don't know where they ended up…"

The writer grinned and ran off to follow her like a puppy, leaving Ryan and Esposito staring after the couple.

"Please tell me I did not imagine that,"

"…It feels really creeping taking about Beckett this way, but damn."

"That was hot."