"Well honey, I just want this anniversary to be special so let's go to dinner at Le Rouge just you and me eating a fancy dinner and afterward we could . . . . . Well you get the idea. I'll call and make reservations. How does that sound? ", Kelly exclaimed then grabbed him by the shoulder and brought him closer then kissed him on the lips. Then she got up and halfway through the living room she looked back at him and smiled then walked away down the hall and into the bedroom with a sexy strut knowing he was watching her. George walked into the bathroom and took a hot shower and began getting ready for dinner. -20 MINUTES LATER- "Honey", Kelly yelled! "Ya" George answered. "Are you ready?" Kelly asked. "Almost, let me just get my car keys. Okay, I found 'Em!" George answered. "Okay, let's go!" Kelly said. It was pretty quiet the whole car ride there. Then, once they got seated they began looking at the menus. Then they both ordered red wine and Lobster. "Wow, our 2 year anniversary! Time really flies. I mean, I remember the day we met like it was yesterday. You know what I mean?" Kelly said. "Ya, I guess your right. Like, when you're having fun time flies. When you're bored and you want time to pass it goes slower. I remember it too." George replied. After they ate dinner, and had dessert. Once, they were outside their apartment they began kissing aggressively then they opened the door, walked in and slammed it shut then continued kissing. Then they dropped everything and stripped off each others clothes. Since, they could no longer keep their hands off each other they just laid on the carpet and began to play Humpty Dumpty! Kelly continues to moan speechlessly after about 20 minutes. "WOW! That was a-a-amazing!" Kelly stuttered. "You're absolutely right! That was some of our best work right there!" George replied. "Agreed", Kelly answered.