A few people asked for this, and to be honest, I was curious what was in it too, so I wrote it :) I hope you enjoy!

Thanks to FDM to betaing!

My Dearest Charlie,

I hope that when you read this you'll still remember me. I asked your mom to wait a few years before giving it to you if you were still young when I died. I'm not sure how much you really understand or know about the situation with your mom, dad, and me. Before they knew your mother was pregnant with you, your dad made a horrible mistake, but it has since been forgiven and he's been more than punished for it. If they're not married by the time you're reading this, do me a favor and knock their heads together, okay?

I met your mother after your dad messed up. She was very strong, but she was also very sad when I met her. I told her a silly joke to make her smile, and when she did my whole world flipped upside down. Your mother smiles with her whole soul, and I see that in you too. I fell in love with her that day, and asked her to marry me not long after that.

I know that you are Eric's daughter, but I think of you as mine too. You weren't made from my flesh and blood, but in my heart I felt that you were. I took care of you, and destroyed your monsters, and I only wish I was still there to protect you from everything. From the first moment I set eyes on you in the hospital I knew you were special. You are the reason I met your mother. I had to help your parents to help you. You'll do something great with your life, Charlie. I know it, and I wish I could be there to see it happen.

I want you to know that I'll always be watching over you. Always. You'll have your mother and father there, and they'll love you enough for me, but I'll be there too. I'll be watching you get older. The day you graduate high school I'll be next to you, and when you get married I'll be giving you away along with your father. When you have children of your own I'll be there to see them, and I'll watch over them too. I'll try to keep you out of trouble, but I know you'll be clever enough to get out of it yourself, you always were.

I remember the time you left your favorite blanket out in the rain and tried to convince your mom that a squirrel got into your room and dragged it out there. Now, it's not okay to lie, but watching the wheels turn in your head was fascinating. You're a very smart, imaginative girl, Charlie. Use that for good.

I loved your mother and you very much, but it was my time to go. I served my purpose in life, and hopefully I made an impression on yours. I'm going to tell you the same thing I used to tell your mom. No matter what you choose to do in life, or who you choose to do it with, just be happy. Nothing is worth anything if you aren't happy.

Smile with your soul, Charlie. Maybe someday, some lucky man will fall in love with it.


Alcide, scary monster destroyer