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Annabeth's POV

If I want to make my mother proud, I have to keep on studying. Studying everything – The best technique in battle, school subjects and even how to master and gain a friend. However at least there is one thing that I love studying about, architecture. One day my dream is to travel the world, hopefully with a friend. However I can't, as this friend isn't allowed to fly in airplanes. NOT AGAIN! I always lead off in tangents. This always happens to me and it always ends up with me thinking about that seaweed brain! Why does he have that effect on me and why did my cabin have to be near the ocean? All the time, when I have that sea-salty air pushing my hair in my face, I just wish he was there brushing it away. I mean, Percy and I have been on many adventures together but I can't help that feeling inside of me. I suppose I'd better go now… Chiron just blew the horn for dinner, maybe once he can break the rules to sit next to me.

I walk in-between the myriad amount of cabins with my blond curls jumping on my shoulders to dinner. I realise what Percy sacrificed his immortality for. I am so glad; he made many lives more peaceful and remembered. For a seaweed brain, he sure can be a sweetheart.

I finally reach the spot where I am supposed to be at dinner, grab my food and sacrifice some to Athena and Aphrodite. I ask Aphrodite for luck in my attempt to talk to Percy later on in the night and sat down. I distant myself from my brothers and sisters and occasionally glance at Percy. His sea-green eyes shine in the moonlight and his jet-black hair swims in waves across his face. He sees me glancing and shoots me a smile. I smile back. Soon enough dinner was over and this was when I was going to talk to Percy about everything.

I ran up the pathway to Percy and said, "Would you like to take a walk on the beach?" and as a relief he replied with a nod. We were walking towards the sand, found a spot and sat down. We were listening to the noise of the waves while feeling the grains of sand between our fingers, which were entwined. Percy would frequently look into my eyes, smile and look back in the water. I sighed, as I knew I would be the first one to make conversation. So I ruin the peaceful silence by saying, "Percy, I just wanted to let you know that –" and then he cut me off with a sweet, soft, gentle kiss.

He stares into my eyes and says, "I know…" as if he read my mind. He then added, "I wanted to give you something, but I left it in my cabin. Sorry".

We stare at each other for who knows how long with the stars glistening across the sky. All of a sudden I realise that no matter what, Percy will do anything for me and I will do anything for him.

Nobody said anything for a long-while until we both heard someone coming. Percy helped me up, grabbed my hand and rushed me to my cabin. Hopefully it was dark enough so he couldn't see my cheeks glow red. We were standing outside the Athena cabin when he said; "I need to give you something tomorrow". I then entered my cabin hoping nobody would hear me tiptoe to my bed.I sat on my bed with my eyes opened all night.

The next day came and with a horn blown by Chiron I was ready to see what Percy had in store for me. I opened my door with him all ready standing there. He had a note in one hand and flowers in the other. He blushed while saying, "Here, I wanted to give you this." He hands over the note and flowers while staggering, "Sorry Wise Girl, I really have to go to uh… catch up with somebody." He ran away. I suppose he didn't want me to read the note in front of him.

The note says in neat handwriting:

Dear Annabeth,

You and I have been friends since 12 years old and yet I haven't had the chance to tell you how I feel. I hope that you all ready know but this is just to remind you. Annabeth Chase, ever since I have met you, I have had major feelings about you. And I think you should know that I would do anything for you until the last flower dies. Anyway, I hope you like these flowers.


P.S I love you…

Well of course it would take Seaweed brain guts to tell me face-to-face, which of course he doesn't have. And what makes him say that he will stop caring for me when the last of the flowers die? The flowers are beautiful and are all different colours. How sweet, he looked up the colours of the rainbow for me! Oh what's this? The indigo flower is plastic… For a wise girl it took me a few moments to put the two pieces of information together: "I will do anything for you until the last flower dies…" the last flower can't die because it's plastic. I enter my room and place the flowers and note on my desk. I leave with a sly smile across my face and jog to find Percy.

After running and stepping on crunchy leaves in the forest I find him sitting on a log talking to Grover. In this time I think about everything Percy and I have been through; the lightning bolt, sirens, holding the weight of the sky for me and saving the world. Soon enough he catches me staring and leaves Grover to come towards me. Before he could say anything I bring him into a hug and say, "Percy, P.S. I love you too." He smiles his bright, white teeth and leans in to kiss me but before he could do so, I ran back through the cabins smiling and laughing at the same time.

Before I knew it, I ended up back at my desk, panting and giggling. After I calm down, I think about Poseidon's son. His gorgeous tan, sea green eyes, white teeth, jet-black hair and his great personality. I want to make my mother proud, and If she wants me to study everything that must include creating a positive relationship. By the looks of it, it is one of the thing's I am succeeding at. While staring back through my window, I hear a noise come through under the door. It was another note. I walk over to the slightly crumbled message on the floor and read out loud:

Dear Annabeth,

I Less than 3 you


I visited my puzzled look again. Brought the message to my desk and try to figure out what this note means. It took me 3 minutes to decipher it.

It said:

Dear Annabeth,

I 3 you (A/N if it did not come up it is the 'less than' symbol. On my computer it is next to the letter 'M')

Also known as I love you.


For a Seaweed Brain, he sure knows the right way to enter my heart.

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