Chapter 12: The flight begins


The gods have lost their powers.

Prophecy from Rachel:

The lost power of the gods,

Will be returned against the odds,

By children of the big three,

From sky, from death and sea,

Yet, without a deathly key,

It will come a perilous fee,

But only a daughter of wisdom,

Shall find the star-crossed kingdom,

Where within lies the saving path,

Of life and love and his wrath,

Owl shall choose her true love,

Who shall be damned by all above,

Who in last breath shall save,

Unless the owl for them is grave,

Then from death shall life rise again,

And life and love they shall gain.

Annabeth, Nico and Percy are going to Verona.

The Big House Party that was humiliated Annabeth in a fun way.

"After the party and the clean-up, I returned to my cabin, not even thinking a bad thought about what's to come. I just thought of all the great memories that have gone and will come in Verona."

Percy's POV:

Trying to leave Camp Half-Blood was a lot harder than I expected. We were all smothered in hugs and kisses from our friends. We glimpsed Travis and Katie holding hands. It might be quite a while before we see them all again. I saw Chiron mime good luck to me as well. We pulled away and started walking down the grassy hill. At the bottom of the hill, Nico, Annabeth and I all witnessed a small, white jet plane. I winced. I don't like flying in big planes let alone something so small that could easily be blasted out of the sky. Luckily the Gods have lost their powers. Hopefully Zeus can't read my mind! I didn't even realise that I was holding my breath. This is going to be an interesting trip.

In a few hours time:

Dear Diary Travel Journal,

This trip could either be excruciating or one of the best experiences of my life. The reason why I say excruciating, is that I am currently on a small jet plane with Nico and Annabeth. That might not seem so bad to you, but did I mention that each seat is occupied with a skeleton? A SKELETON. Nico thought it would be funny to freak me out. What he doesn't know, that I was already freaked out, whether or not skeletons would be joining us on this trip. I mean, it is a small jet plane after all. Even though all the Gods have lost their powers, that doesn't make me any less frightened.

I thought one of the ways to kill the time spent on this plane was to keep a travel journal. Journal, not diary. I have already written in it twice. I find it really fun to keep! I get to talk about all my feelings without anybody laughing at me… Now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't keep a journal, does it make me sound like a girl? Oh well. What could go wro-

"NICO! GIVE ME BACK MY JOURNAL!" I could hear my voice ring through the whole plane. I sighed and sat back down. I'm better than that. I know that Nico is just trying to provoke me. That's what he does for fun after all.

Nico's voice comes on the speaker: "EVERYBODY, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE. Percy Jackson keeps a diary. YES, YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY. I am holding his diary. Want to know some secrets…"

My emerald eyes grew wide open. "IT'S NOT A DIARY! IT'S A TRAVEL JOURNAL" I ran to the front, passed all of the skeletal zombies and smashed open the door.


He wasn't sitting down, or even in the room. However my journal was. I took a sigh of relief. Sat down and gathered my journal. Opened it up and it was blank? Nico must have ripped out all the pages. That jerk! I am going to go find him and throw him off the plane! Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration… but damage will be done!

I don't remember closing the door? Huh? The door is locked? This is going to be a long trip.

When arriving to Verona.

All of a sudden, I came out of my sleep as the pilot announced: "Everybody, please sit down and lock your seatbelts in because we are landing." Before the pilot even repeated the message twice, I was swaying and feeling sick. The seat where I found my journal didn't even have a seatbelt.


This is what happens when you board a flight with a trouble maker and somebody who most likely came up with the whole plan.

Annabeth's POV:

Yes, I confess. The whole plan was my idea. You can't blame me though! I was curious to see what Percy was writing about in his journal! Perhaps it was a bit harsh though. All I wanted to do was take the journal, it was Nico's fabulous idea to lock him in. I suppose it was my fault though, I did tell Nico that Percy was afraid of heights and being in the air.

"Annabeth, I have the best idea. You know that speakerphone that I configured. Let's pretend that the plane is going on mayday and we all have to escape the plane now. Percy will go absolutely crazy! Considering he can't escape, being locked in that room and all." I could see the glee in Nico's eyes. Could I take that away?

"Nico, we have already had our fun for the trip. Let's leave all of our pranks to the taxi ride from Verona airport to our hotel." Just then, I had the best idea pop into my head. "Or, how about we save everything for tonight, and prank Percy while he is sleeping?"

Nico is a horrible influence on me. I can't escape that feeling or sneaking around and playing tricks on the guy I love though! Who else wouldn't want to do that?

I saw the mischievous grin come upon Nico's face. His white teeth standing out from his olive complexion. "I shall save my best for tonight." With a look around the plane, all the skeletons disappeared.

Since we did hear that message play on the speakers, we thought that we should let Percy out of that room. We unlocked the door to find Percy, ghost white and trembling in the chair. I rushed over to him and while trying not to smile – We are talking about the person that saved the whole world being airsick - I tried to hug him and lead him back to his seat.

I looked through the small plane window, to see the night come upon the city of Verona. I can't wait to explore soon.

After the jet plane landed and we all gathered our luggage, we went into a taxi and went to our hotel. Of course, being the people that they are, Percy and Nico, sitting in the back seat decided to play 'corners' for the whole ride back. This should be a really intriguing mission.

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