The Something New Issue.

A/N: Okay, bear with me- don't know everything bout this show, we don't get it here very often. This is set around the beginning of series 2. Please R&R! Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1: Some Interesting News:

"Michael! Where have you put my 'King-JN' CD?" shouted Noah from his overly messy desk.

Michael turned around, with a completely innocent look on his face.

"How should I know? I don't like that band! You know I don't! And besides, their dress sense is so 90's." he replied honestly and annoyed. Michael was trying to multitask- and failing. Doing a frantic internet search, and writing notes on paper at the same time just wasn't his strong point. He usually left this kinda thing up to the girls.

"Where was it when you last saw it?" said Rebecca calmly, she was good at trying to solve a problem, most of the time. Noah gave a look of concentration.

"It was in my bag when we went to get lunch. It isn't now. I must've dropped it somewhere." He sighed. He needed that CD for one of his reviews. DJ was gonna kill him if he didn't get this in by Thursday. Which was in…two days! He was soooo dead. He continued looking around the office.

Amanda was painting her nails a vibrant shade of pink, which matched practically everything she was wearing head to toe. Wilder was examining the many contents of his elaborate sandwich with plenty of interest. But his expression changed when his computer went 'Ding!' He looked up at his screen, and his face fell. "So not awestuck." He muttered. He put his sandwich down, got up and headed over to DJ's office. Rebecca noticed his suddenly unhappy state.

"What's up Wilder?" she inquired. Wilder sighed.

"Well, just sent me an email, saying that I didn't win their Slob Alien Attack High Score competition."

"Oh." Said Rebecca. "What did you come?"


"Well that's not so bad. How many people entered the competition?"

"Seventeen." Rebecca just let lout a silent 'Oh' and resumed typing up her story. Wilder plodded slowly over to DJ's office. As he was about to knock, he stopped suddenly. DJ was talking on the phone to someone. He was about to walk away, when he heard her say:

"Yes, I'm sure. A new member of the team might just bring something new to the Teen Buzz Crew."

Wilder's eyes widened. He listened in harder.

"I've talked to the applicant myself over the phone, and I've read the kid's articles- they're very impressive. I think this will be a great new addition to the team. Yes, the cultural difference might be a bit of a challenge, but I'm sure the rest of the kids will find it an interesting new experience. It'll be interesting to hear some views on living in a different country. Yes, I'll let you get in contact with our bright young writer soon. Bye."

She hung up the phone. Wilder heard get up from her chair, and her footsteps coming towards the door. He raced back to his desk, pretending to look at his sandwich again. The others noticed this, as DJ walked through the office, stopping at Noah's desk and asking:

"Hey, Noah. How's that review coming along?" Noah tried to hide his anxious expression.

"Um, it's going okay, still in early stages, but I think I've figured out how to sum it up pretty well." DJ smiled.

"That's great! Remember, that has to be in my inbox by Thursday." Noah nodded, with a very weird smile. DJ walked to the lift.

"Guys, I'll be gone for about half an hour. I'm having a staff meeting with Mr. Shepherd." The lift doors closed and the Wilder broke the silence.

"There's a new kid coming to Teen Buzz! To OUR office!"

"WHAT?" was the reply from the other four journalists.

"Yeah!" said Wilder excitedly.

"How do you know this?" asked Michael demandingly. After all, he did write the gossip column. "And how come I didn't know about it first?"

"Cause I just found out! I was about to go into DJ's office to ask her something, but I heard her talking on the phone, so I eavesdropped."

Amanda broke in. "Well, what did she say? What's this new kid like?"

"Is it another boy?" asked Noah.

"I hope not." said Rebecca. "I hope it's a girl, to even our numbers out." Noah rolled his eyes. Wilder answered her.

"Well, I don't know if it's a guy or a girl, but DJ said their work is 'very impressive'. And she also said something about differences in nationality being a bit of a challenge, but that it would be interesting. She seems pretty keen to include this kid, whoever they are."

The Buzz team sat and thought for a few minutes. Then Rebecca piped in.

"Well, whoever this person is, I think we shouldn't say anything in front of DJ, she probably doesn't want us to know yet. Agreed?"

"Agreed." was the response. Amanda suddenly interrupted.

"Whoever this kid is, they better have good fashion sense. I do not want to be forced to work in the presence of someone who has no taste whatsoever."

"I suppose we'll have to just wait and see." replied Wilder.

That would be quite a challenging task.