Chapter 3: The Arrival.

"Oh man, oh man, oh, man, this is so exciting!" cried Michael, who couldn't contain himself. He was walking around the office manically, unable to sit down for more than 1 second. Everyone else was at bursting point, the suspense was killing them. They had been waiting for over an hour, and still, the new boy Jayden had not come. Rebecca was tapping her pen annoyingly on the desk, and kept looking at the clock. Wilder was throwing a ball against the wall. Amanda was preening herself up more than usual; wearing one of her best outfits, in the hope the new boy would take immediate notice of her. Noah was fiddling with his guitar and picking out random notes and chords that made no sense when put together.

DJ walked out of her office, smiling. Everyone turned around suddenly to look at her, as if she was a ghost. She laughed at their stunned reactions.

"Oh come on guys, are you all that nervous?"

They all nodded. "Well, not nervous as such, more excited." said Michael.

"Well, if you're all like that, I'd hate to think what Jayden's thinking right now. Please guys, just calm down, and- try to be as normal as possible. Why don't you go down to the Blurb and grab something to eat?"

"Awesome!" said Wilder, who always agreed with food. "Come on guys- food always makes me feel better! It'll keep our mind off things."

The others looked at each other in reluctant agreement, and then, slowly, one by one, got up and headed towards the lift. DJ smiled.

"How Jayden's gonna survive this lot, I'll never know."

Half an hour later, the Buzz team headed back to their office on the fourth floor. As they were going up the lift, they all started to get nervous and excited again. They were flooded with undeniable anticipation. They were still waiting for this new kid to come, why wasn't he here? Today was the day. Was this kid taking longer just to wind them up?

The lift doors opened, and they all scramble out to see if anything new had come about. DJ walked out of her office to investigate the source of the noise. She stood next to the new desk, still plain, but this time- there was a box on it. They all stared. DJ smiled back at them.

"Is he here? Is the new kid here?" said Noah very quickly.

"Yes. Our new Buzz journalist is here." She turned around and called back to her office; "Jayden! They're here! Come out and meet them!" they heard footsteps approaching.

"Guys!" DJ announced proudly. "This is Jayden Andrews."

Eeek; that was a very short chapter! Soz! Can't add much more to it! You'll just have to keep reading! :D