This is a collection of one-shots, interconnected by the main theme: the colour blue. Each story revolves around a certain shade of colour, with the exception of one story, which I added in as I wrote the story. I hope that eventually the connection that I made between the stories can be seen, since most of my stories have been said to be rather hard to understand. Please enjoy the fanfiction, everyone ^^

It was the eternal blue string of fate that tied him to this land.

The first time he arrived on this deserted, foreign land, the sky was an endless blue. The bright baby blue sky cheerfully welcomed the ships and their owner, with spreading arms and scent of joyful sunshine.
As he got off the main ship and set his feet onto the deck, for a moment, he saw a tinge of something hiding among the bushes on the grassland. He, out of pure curiosity, came closer to the bushes.
Whatever hiding in there immediately dashed away, leaving a small trail on the grass. He couldn't see what it was, he couldn't identify if it was an animal, a spy, or just an imagination. But he did see something.
It was a pair of blue-shelled bird eggs.

After the tiring meeting about the fate of this new land, he escaped from the crowd of men stuffing themselves into the tiny meeting room for a breeze of fresh air. Back in Europe, or indeed, back in any other place that he had ever gone to, he had never felt to at ease as he was now, strolling slowly up the many hills that were filled with glossy green grass and berry bushes. He walked further and further uphill, leaving the hustle and bustle of people behind and letting the soft calling of insects to fill his ears, letting the wind blow in his hair and flap the collar of his half-unbuttoned shirt and jacket.
As he reached the top of the hill, he was rewarded with a brand new scenery that made him unable to hold a surprised gasp. One of the side of the hill was a forest, with deciduous trees covering half of the foot of the hill like a protective armour, the treetops swaying and rustling in the wind, sounding very much like an orchestra playing some strange classical piece that hadn't been known to mankind. The coat of greenness travelled as far as the end of the horizon, made even livelier with a few flocks of birds that flew out from the branches once in a while. But even the luscious green couldn't compare to the landscape on the other side of the hill. There, stretching as far as he could see, was the Atlantic Ocean, sparkling under the afternoon sky like crystals. The seemingly vast ocean was decorated with the line of ships at the deck and small houses by the seashore. At the far end of the sea, the water seemed to merge with the blue of a happy afternoon sky, made him feel as if he was standing in the heart of the sky itself, wrapped around in its soothing and gentle arms, rocking him rhymthically with the breeze that brushed at his cheeks every now and then.
He sat down among the grass and closed his eyes, raising his head a little and let himself be washed by the relaxing nature.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the pair of rather familiar blue-shelled eggs. But then again, blue-shelled eggs weren't supposed to follow people and stare at them while they were dozing off…
He blinked once, then twice, and realized that they were blue eyes staring at his face.
"Ah!". With a small gasp, the owner of the eyes ran away.
"Wait!", he said, instinctively held at a tiny arm, and saw that it was a very small boy that was running away from him. The child was pulled back and turned around, his face looking very frightened and he tried to wriggle away from his grasp.
"I'm not going to hurt you, stop whacking your hands around!", he tried to calm the boy and avoid the frantically shaking arms at the same time. "I'm not going to do anything.", and he loosened his hold a little.
The boy, losing his balance from not being grabbed, fell and hit his face into the soft grass. In a second, the kid quickly sat up, looking at him with suspicious eyes, face all dirty with mud and grass.
He chuckled and the boy blushed brightly as the little hands tried in vain to wipe off the dirt and grass. He stared at the struggling kid for a moment before raising out his hand in order to help. The boy quickly backed away, face full of fright and suspicion again.
He said, feeling a bit hurt: "Come on, let me wipe that dirt off. I'm not going to do anything else!", and he carefully touched the blond hair.
The boy looked at him for a second, as if judging his words, before leaning a bit closer and let him wipe the dirt away. The whole time his hand was busy cleaning the dirt, bright blue eyes never fail to watch him.
"There we go!", he said after a while.
"Thanks…", the kid mumbled under his breath, obviously feeling a bit shy after all of this. And they sat together on the hill, facing to the opposite side of the other. He could feel the kid tensed up with every little movement he did, and more than once a time he saw a glimpse of the kid watching him behind his back, but immediately turned away shyly, and moved a little further. He felt a bit funny about the whole situation, but didn't laugh out, as he didn't want to scare the kid even more. Not like he had done anything to make the kid afraid of him in the first place, he added, after a while thinking about it.
Time passed by and the tension surrounding the boy had somewhat eased off, and he dared to break the silence.
"So, do you live around here?"
"I see. There have been lots of immigrants from the mainland to here huh. So you moved here with your parents?"
"I'm sorry, you must have been born here, right?"
"So how many siblings do you have?"
"Ahh, too bad then, it's always better to have siblings, although I wouldn't say that my silbings are that nice either, especially my big brother… So do you have a lot of friends?"
"Birds and bison."
"No, I mean, human friends."
"Are birds and bison no good?"
"Uhhh, I think they are all right, but you should make friends with kids your age too. Anyway, what does your father do?"
"Don't have one."
"Uhhh…what about your mother?"
"Don't have one."
"Wait, so who are you living with?"
"No one."
"A kid your age living all alone! Are you all right with that?"
"I've always been alone, so it's okay."
He placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and turned him around, only to be stunned at those very beautiful blue eyes looking so dark and deep, the azure colour that reflected the sky and the sea in it, the immense loneliness and sadness that gussed out from those bead-like eyes. The boy turned sideways and looked at the ground, not wanting to make any eye contact with him.
"Are you…lonely?"
The boy didn't reply, only lowered his head even more. A wind blew at the child's face, ruffling the soft strands of gold and revealing the dark blue eyes.
He put his hands onto the boy's shoulders and grabbed them a little, and surprisingly, there was no struggling. He slowly picked the boy up and put him onto his laps, he patted on the tiny back and rocked it forth and back for a little while combing his fingers into the mob of blond hair.
"It's all right. I'm very lonely too.", he whispered, as his eyes travelled far far away, flying all the way back to his homeland. It was as if he was back to Europe in an instant, as if he was really walking down the crowded streets of his cities, losing his way in the swarm of people, the sound of horse hooves stomping onto the rocky paths and the gray buildings that bore no warmth. He saw familiar faces walking pass him without saying hello, the faces that belonged to the proud gentlemen and ladies who called him their motherland, the ones that lived and died calling Britain their home while not being able to realize that the man himself was only a few steps away. He saw his brothers and cousins among the crowd, hurrying to their own affairs, busy with their own life and worries, not unwillingly, but inevitably, couldn't care for their own family. IT was the melancholy of a nation. It was as if he was feeling it all over again, the incredible feeling of loneliness as he stood there, unnoticed, in the heart of his own.
Something touched his chest and he was thrown back into reality, where he was sitting in the middle of the grassland. He looked down and saw two small hands grabbing at his shirt, the blond head snuggling at his chest and a pair of baby blue eyes staring at his very green ones.
A thought came into his mind all out of the blue, and so did the question that he uttered,
"Do you want to be my family?"
The boy stared at him for a long while, the blue eyes changing like a whirlpool of unnamed emotions. He was starting to regret asking the question that troubled the boy with his own selfishness, and anxiously waited for a reaction.
The child never replied, but his joyful laughter rang everywhere on the vast green meadow, echoed even through the sky and among the tree branches, like the final note to a happy march. The expressive blue eyes were widely opened, they were dipped with the colour of azure that was painted on the sky that beautiful afternoon. And as the child snuggled closer to his body, murmuring something into the fabric of his shirt, he held the child up closer too, letting his nose brushed over the sun-scented hair.

That late afternoon, there was a sudden meeting. He signed the papers that acknowledged the birth of the new territory, with a small child sitting on his laps. When he was done, he caressed the child's face and saw the blue eyes glimmered with something unexplainable.
He looked out to the window behind the chair of his office and raised his head to look at the sky.
It was the azure colour of Alfred's eyes.