"You are being awfully quiet today, Arthur. What's wrong?"
"Don't fucking 'what's wrong' me. Whose bright idea was it to have a dress-up carnival in Jamestown today anyway?"
"We have to give people something new to enjoy the holiday you know."
"Right, like having everyone dress up in 1776 military uniform is a great idea. Thanks a lot."
"Oh come on Arthur, don't tell me you are still sulking on things that happened that long ago!"
"Shut up, bastard. And to think I'm reminded every year of this goddamn event."
"Come on now Arthur, come here with me. Don't sulk anymore. I'm all here again aren't I?"
Arthur rolled over and put his head on Alfred's heaving chest. He smirked as he heard a yelp from the man beneath him when his body rolled over on top. But there was a hand in his hair that gently brushed over the strands and it pleased him greatly, so he stopped his mischief and just enjoyed the moment.
"Feeling better now?"
"You know, you could have just picked another place to stay today other than Virginia. Well, it's not like your reminiscent self wants to go anywhere else, right?"
"I'm not the only one reminiscing. Don't tell me you just desperately reserved this place out of your own whim and personally cared for the roses and insisted on keeping the oak tree and the bluebird's nesting site all for nothing."
"How did you know about all that stuff?"
"Same source from the person who put flowers on my bed on my holiday back then in New York."
"Tch, and I told Matthew not to tell anyone…"
"He didn't, Francis just happened to catch the information from the device he installed on Kumajirou's collar."
"Wicked, aren't you?"
"You are not so bad yourself."

"You are not watching the fireworks."
"Why the hell should I? It reminds me of the occasion."
"A little celebration doesn't hurt your ego anymore than it already did. Considering this a toast for my birthday."
"But I dislike seeing your face under fireworks."
"What does my face have anything to do with fireworks?"
"The fireworks change the colour of your eyes. It's strange."
"Arthur, did you just say what I think you said? I didn't know you can be that emotionally cute. Is it because of the blue vodka you had earlier? One glass is already enough to knock your senses?"
"Of course not!"
"Oh well, I'll let it go this time, under a condition..."
In a flip, he was turned onto his back, facing upwards into the hovering face of Alfred above. As Alfred dived down and pulled Arthur together into a kiss, his eyes were shadowed by the bright and colourful fireworks behind, turning his eyes midnight blue like the sky above. But it wasn't simply just blue. In the corner of those eyes were sparkles of various colours, like glimmering confetti thrown into the air, like the streaks of fireworks afar downtown.
This tone of blue was the most beautiful of it all.