Annabeth's POV

"Come on Annie, we're gonna be late if you don't hurry up.

I sighed, it was my annoying science lab partner, Jenna.

She wanted to be at the cinema early so that we wouldn't have to wait in the line.

I tried to tell her that there probably wouldn't be much people,but she wouldn't hear it.

She simply said,"What if there are many people there,then we will have to wait in a line and it'll be all your fault. Besides it's my birthday,so you pretty much have to come with me whether you like it or not."

I sighed. Typical Jenna. She uses everything that agrees with her to her advantage. There was a time she was being very helpful and polite to me and at first,I thought that she's having a change of heart,but it turned out that she did all those just so I would buy her hotdogs. She made me do so for three days,she even kept reminding of the good deeds she did to me. After those three days,she went back to her normal self.

"Alright,alright I'm coming. Gods can't you be patient just this once",I asked her. She seemed to be deep in thought before coming up with an answer.

"Well,not in this lifetime. You gotta be more pumped up Annabeth. You're as stiff as a robot. Loosen up.". I rolled my eyes. She doesn't know the meaning of pumped up until she fights several monsters. I had to check if I was ready. 'Cause you never know if something bad is gonna happen. So I checked my ankle. There,hidden,was my knife. Of course it was my celestial bronze one so that anyone who sees it won't be suspicious. I also brought a few pieces of drachma,just in case. I stuffed them in my purse,along with a few dollars.

When we got to the cinemas,there weren't many people. Probably because most have already watched the movie or the movie just stunk. I smiled. I was right. Jenna didn't argue about it with me because she knew that I'll probably win the argument. I never told her about my other life too. So she thinks that my intelligence came out of nowhere. Sure most of it came from studying and reading books but some of it,I inherited from my mother.

When we were inside the movie house, I felt like the two of us were the only ones there,so now I really believed that this movie is going to be bad and I kept trying to remember how much money I spent for the ticket.

There were a few trailers before the actual movie started. There were some comedies,horror,and some drama.

Some of them even looked better than the one we were gonna watch. Why does it have to be a movie anyways. Can't she just make me buy her some jewelry or food or clothes or...something. But no,it just had to be a stinky and stupid movie.

One of the trailers caught my attention. It was a movie about Greek Mythology.

It was called "The Clash Of The Titans". It actually looked pretty good except for the fact that the trailer was in 3D and when the Krakken roared while facing the screen,Jenna and I slightly shifted.

Apparantly Jenna knew that I liked Greek Mythology so she asked me,"So are you gonna watch that". Does it come naturally to her to tease and make fun of me. It's just because of the fact that we identify with each other and because she's sometimes a good friend that keeps me from pulverizing her.

I decided to just ignore her. I was caught up with the trailer.

The main character was Perseus,Son of Zeus.

That name reminded me of someone.

Someone with jet black hair,sea-green eyes,and an idiotic grin on his face.

It reminded me of my best friend whom I've been longing to see. "Wait. Longing?",I thought. Ughh,why do I even bother trying to figure out how I felt about him.

It was Percy,Percy Jackson,I usually didn't think about him much because we didn't talk for a full year. It was ever since I left him standing alone on Half-Bloood hill.

Although he occasionally tried to call.I usually was too busy to notice. Sometimes,I go to school for a school project and the I get caught up with my work that I don't check my phone. And the moment I decide to look if I have any missed messages or calls, Percy's name will show up. I don't even know how those things happened. I don't know if it's coincidence or fate.

So I figured he was mad at me. I mean who wouldn't.

I was suddenly being shaken by Jenna,who noticed I was in a trance.

"The movie is starting,wake up and quit daydreaming",she said.

I rolled my eyes,she was so annoying. We were friends nevertheless.

The movie was an action movie. The effects were horrible, and the movie was so long.

After 2 and a half hours of torture, it finally ended. I now knew why there were so few people. The movie was so bad. I can't even find what Jenna likes in it. I soon discovered though. It's because the actor she likes was the star there.

I can't believe Jenna was able to drag me with her to see this crappy movie.

I guess I had to come because it was her birthday. Now I have to believe that me coming along with her on this movie is sort of my present to her. But I will never come with her to see a movie ever again except if the occasion calls for it. We were heading to her house to watch another movie. But at least this time I was the one to choose what we were going to watch.

We were five blocks away from her house when my cellphone rang.

It was my dad. I felt pretty nervous because my dad usually calls me when there's an emergency.

He asked me to come home immediately.

So I appologized to Jenna and promised to come to her house again sometime. We parted and once she was out of sight I took out my knife.

I really think there's a monster in here somewhere because whenever there's silence,I can hear a low,growling noise. So I was on the lookout for any suspicious characters. I picked up speed and before I knew it,I was running towards home.

When I got there,I had to pass by the lego blocks of Bobby and Matthew.

I told them hundreds of times to clean up affter they play.

I can't even believe mom and dad keep on buying them these blocks.

Even dad was victimized by these toys.

There was a time when Bobby and Matthew hid some pointy blocks under our thin sofa and when dad lay down on it to rest,he couldn't sleep.

He kept on twisting and turning until he finally broke down and looked under the matress.

He saw the blocks. But instead of scolding those two boys,he just took them out and went back to sleep.

So I had to be careful not to step on them.

I finally got through,but I still had to go past another obstacle...Bobby and Matthew themselves.

They were wrestling on the sofa and the living room was a mess.

They stopped goofing around when they saw me,they went to the kitchen and seonds later,came back out.

"Annie,please open this can for us",they pleaded wearing sad puppy eyes.

"Fine,fine. Gods.",I muttered.

So I went towards them and then the moment I opened the can,instead of food,a giant spider was inside.

"Ahh! Oh my gods! Get it away!",I screamed.

But I noticed they were rolling on the ground with laughter.

"Haha-she-ha-actually fell-hahaha-for it."

I noticed what they were laughing about.

The spider was only a toy,it was a rubber tarantula. Now I was fuming. They knew I was afraid of spiders and now they're using it against me. It's just that those things are so scary. With their hairy legs and red eyes and all. Ughhh. Disgusting and terrifying. Why did I have to inherit this from Athena. I'm okay with the wisdom and all but the spiders. Ughh,I decided not to think about it.

"Told you it was worth the money",Bobby said,still laughing.

"Actually I was the one who told you. And it only costs a few bucks anyway.",replied Matthew.

"May I remind you that we had to rake seven yards to buy that toy."

"I did most of the work anyway"

"No you didn't"

"Yes I did"

"No you didn't"

"Yes I did"

They went on for twenty seconds and soon they got annoyed with each other and they continued wrestling. I'm really hoping that soon,mom and dad will find what's annoying about those two and scold them or ground them or...something.

I decided that I'll get them back later. Those two can be so annoying sometimes. Did I mention that yet

Well I finally got to my dad.

He was sitting on his chair while reading a newspaper and watching T.V. Seriously,I don't know how he does that. Doing two things at the same time. He said there was someone who Iris Messaged me. I asked him how that is an emergency and he said that he only said it to get me to come home immediately. I went upstairs to my room and at first, I thought it was just Chiron asking me to come to Camp Half-Blood but I didn't know how wrong I was.

I looked at the person in the IM.

It was someone that I haven't seen in a long time.

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