Story summary: Bella doesn't get to Edward in time at the end of New Moon, the Volturi offer to spare her if she joins them, the Volturi turn out to be very sexual in a very kinky way.


Type: twilight

Pairings: well all of the volturi characters and bella basically,

Chapter summary: Edwards dies, Alice and Bella are brought before the Volturi, the Volturi agree to let the rest of the Cullens get off free if Bree stays with them. Cauis, Marus and Aro decide what they're going to do with her.

Volterra Bella P.O.V
I was running through the fountain trying to reach Edward before he revealed himself, he was stepping out of the building right now, and I was still the whole square away. If only he would look up, if only he would look and see me running towards him, but he didn't look up, he stepped out into the sunlight, his skin began to sparkle, people were begining to notice him, and as I stepped out of the fountain he was dragged back into the archway.

I ran over there as quickly as I could, I knew that by the time I made it to him on my human legs, those vampires would have killed him already, and then they'd probably kill me too, well good, Edward was my world and if he was dead then I didn't want to live at all.

I finally reached the archway, after what seemed like an eternity. I saw Edward lying on the ground in pieces, trying to reassemble himself. There were two red eyed vampires standing there, they both looked at me for a second, and then looked at each other.

"She's seen to much, we should kill her now" the smaller one said.

"Aro will want to see the mind reader die himself, where's the harm in bringing him an early lunch?" the really big one replied, they both nodded. The smaller one, who was still slightly taller than me was suddenly standing beside me, he wrapped a hand around my wrist, he stared at me for a second.

"Why aren't you afraid human?" he asked. I was frozen, I couldn't think passed seeing Edward in pieces, the smaller blond vampire rolled his eye and dragged my behind the very large one, who was carrying Edward.

The two vampires quickly got tired of me moving at human speeds, and then both Edward and I were being carried, we were brought into a large marble room. the blond vampire put me down on the ground, the room we were in was filled with other vampires.

"Are we getting an early lunch?" a little boy vampire asked.

"She looks a little to thin to eat, I guess this is why Heidi brings us our meals" the little girl next to him said.

"Ah, so this is your precious Bella, Edward" said a vampire that stepped up off the centre throne of three thrones, that had all been occupied when we entered the room. "Has he broked any of our laws?" he asked the two that had brought Edward and me here.

"A few humans may have seen him sparkle, we'll deal with them as soon as we can." the small blond one said.

"Ah, so sad, and I do love a happy ending, but you know what happens to vampires that don't follow the rules" he said in an infuriatingly happy voice. the vampire waved to one of the guards. Edward was dead before I knew what had happened, and then all that was left was a pile of ash and the smell of burning. I stared crying, the little girl laughed at me, ussually this would be the slightly upseting cruel teasing senario, but for some reason, I didn't feel upset about, maybe because I was already in to much pain over Edward, well at least they would kill me soon. "Now my dear, to deal with you" the vampire that seemed to be in charge said as he moved towards me. he stopped way to close to me, clearly the guy has no sense of personal space.

The vampire brushed his fingers against my cheek, then stopped, a shocked expression crossed his face, then he placed both hands on my face, he seemed to be trying to concentrate on something.

"What are you hiding from me human?" he said as he started to apply pressure to the sides of my face.

"Aro, what's going on?" asked the black haired vampire who was sitting in one of the thrones.

"I can't see her thoughts, why can't I see your thoughts?" he said as he started to press even harder on the sides of my face, I screamed.

"I don't know what you mean!" I yelled through screams. The vampire called Aro laughed.

"You don't know what you're doing, you know someone with your talents could be very useful to us, would you like to be one of us?" one of them a vampire, they weren't going to kill me, I was going to live, live forever, I was gong to live forever without Edward.

"No, I don't want to be one of you" I said backing away from him.

"Such a shame that we're not really giving you a choice" he said grabbing me by the neck and pulling me closer to me.

"Aro, so is to weak, she may not survive the change, if we wait a few weeks she will be stronger, and she will be easier to teach as a human" said the blond vampire on the other throne.

"And we may even get her to be more accustomed to the idea of becoming one of us" said the black haired vampire. Aro nodded.

"Jane" he said queitly, the little blond girl was suddenly standing next to me, she grabbed me by the arm and guided me out of there, past the secretary that I hant noticed before and out through a set of doors and the end of a corridor. I started crying soon after that, Jane just scoffed at me, she led me to a beautiful room, that led into an even more beautiful bedroom.

"You can sleep in here tonight" Jane said before she left locking the only door out of there, well I was quite tired, and maybe if I fell asleep I could wake up and this would all just be a dream. I kicked my shoes off and slipped under the covers of the king sized bed and was unconcious before my head hit the pillow...

Throne Room Aro P.O.V
I assumed my throne as I watched as Bella leave with Jane, a sheild that could stop my power, brilliant.

"She will be quite an edition to our ranks don't you think?" I said to my brothers.

"Do you think she loved him?" Marcus asked as he gazed at the pile of ashes on the floor, I would have to have that cleaned up at some point.

"Of course not, humans dispies vampires, even the ones that want to be like us hate us, and the mind reader said it himself, he left her so she could live a human life, and its obvious that she doesn't want to be one of us, he was nothing more than a pretty face to her, a distraction." Caius said coldly, he always did expect the worst in people, especially human people.

"So how long do we wait to turn her?" Marcus asked.

"When we can't see her bones sticking out, is probably a good sign that she's ready" said Caius.

"And when we need to punish any mistakes she is bound to make, do we use the normal punishments?" Marcus asked, Felix started laughing.

"Oh don't get to excited Felix, you'll have to go gentle on her whilst she's still human... really gentle" I said with my ussual smile, Felix quickly lost his smile. "Well now that's over, I think I hear Heidi with our dinner, Alec save some for your sister" I said as the doors opened and we finally got a good look at our meal, and I was glad I hadn't started with Bella, these humans looked much more appatising...

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