Chapter four

Warning: mentions of rape, and as always this story is rated M for a reason.

Summary: Bella talks to Caius

Bella P.O.V
I had been lying in bed awake for hours now. Aro had wondered in, I lay there with my eyes closed, hoping that he would believe that I was asleep.

"Bella, I know you're awake" Aro said as he leaned over the bed so that he could whisper in my ear.

"Geez Aro, don't you vampires understand the conceptof personal space?" I said sitting up and trying to shuffle away from him. Aro simply gave me that excited smile, that preditorial smile.

"My dear Isabella, its time for your Italian lesson, so come along, its time for you to get dressed." Aro said in his ussual hyperactive voice. I sighed, I had pretty much decided yesterday night that for now anyway, I would follow Aro's rules.

"Yes Aro, but could you like, not be here whilst I'm getting changed, or could you at least like, turn around or something?" Aro raised an eyebrow.

"Very well Isabella, I will wait for you downstairs, I'll expect you to be downstairs in five minutes" Aro said and then dissapeared. I found myself slipping out of my PJs and into a purple corset that came with a matching lilac lace thong, and then came a silk dress that matched the thong in colour. I decided that there was no way that I was going to be able to walk in those stupid stilletto heels that Aro had left me, so I just tip-toed downstairs bare foot.

Aro was sitting in the study, he had that weird grin plastered across his face. It was strange to look at Aro, there was something about Aro that made me think that if he didn't actually have anything to do with his day then he would just sit completely still with that irritating grin on his face.

I tried to sit as far away from him as possible, but Aro didn't seem to like that idea, in fact he suddenly appeared behind me, picked me up and the next thing I knew, I was sitting on his lap. I screamed and tried to wriggle away, but Aro just squeezed me until it got difficult to breath.

"Aro, stop it!" Aro laughed.

"Stop What? Isssabeeella" he inhaled like he was trying to smell me.

"Please let me go, I don't want to be near you" Aro squeezed me even tighter.

"Why? do I fighten you?" I didn't need to answer that, he already knew the answer. "That's alright, its just because you are human when you are one of us all of your fears will dissapear"

"I don't want to be one of you!" I yelled, Aro somehow managed to sqeeze me even tighter and then I was afraid that he might crush me.

"Why Bella? tell me why, what is so repulsive about this form, hmmm?"

"It's not that I don't... It's not that I don't want to be a vampire, it's that I don't want to be a Volturi, I just wanted to be with Edward" I started to cry. Aro sat me down in the seat next to him, he started to stroak my hair, it amazed me thathe could just suddenly switch from being so violent and cruel, to being so gentle.

"It's alright little one, I know it's difficult to lose your first love, but it doesn't have to be your last. Now I think its time that we got started with your Italian lesson.

Jane P.O.V

I was alone in one of the darker parts of the castle. Alec had been called to Caius's rooms awhile ago, and knowing Caius they would be in there for a long time. Needless to say, I was utterly bored, it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that everyone in the entire castle was busy. Heidi was busy fucking almost every male member of the guard and even that human, Bella girl had something to do, when did that human become more interesting to Aro than me! I know when, when I couldn't get my power to work on that stupid gorgerous human, fuck talk about frustrating, and not to mention embarrassing, hey I wonder if this is how boys feel when they can't get an erection.

I needed to find someone to play with, I eventually decided that Giana our human secretary would be the best option, ussually she wouldn't be someone I would consider, at least not her on her own, she was beneath me and she was so pathetic and annoying, even for a human, but right not I was pretty much desperate. Giana was more than easy to find, she was sitting behind her desk with that stupid 'welcoming' smile wellded to her face.

"Bo..." she started to say

"Shut up" I hissed before pulling her into a fierce kiss, like all of the humans that have served us over the years Giana thought that everything about vampires was utterly sexy, needless to say she was more than willing, in fact I was little disgusted by how eager she was as she started trying to rip her clothes off.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed her wrists, I threw the computer off the desk, Giana squealed as it hit the floor, Caius would probably be very angry about that but hey, I would happily let him punish me. I pushed Giana onto the desk and used her necklace to bind her wrists before I started licking slowly at her neck, I would be in so much trouble if I ate her, but I could dream couldn't I? And I could tell that Giana was dreaming too, as she gasped beneath me, her breathing now was in time with my sucking at the base of her neck, there was one thing I did truly enjoy about being with humans. love bites, I can mark them without ever breaking the skin.

I slowly unbuttoned the front of Giana's dress, slowly trailing kisses down her chest then her stomach, I could tell that she desperatly wanted me to hurry up, but that wasn't going to happen, after all I do so enjoy torture. I began carressing her breasts with my thumbs. Giana was already fumbling to get all of my clothes off in as short amount of time as is possible, humans, always in such a rush.

I undid the clasp of Giana's bra with my teeth and started licking her left nipple, her left was my favourite as it was the one with the piercing. I had told her to have it done, and we both loved the results, Giana was practically screaming as I tugged on the little silver ring. I slipped her dress off as always, she wasn't wearing any panties, I could tell that by now she was more than wet, so I stopped and leaned over the desk and started looking in Giana's draw, as always with Giana, leaning over was something that Giana took full advantage of, she pulled my panties down to my knees and then started licking up and down my crack, stopping to rim my arsehole for a moment before she laid her head down between my legs, her hands quickly climbed up my thighs and came to rest on my butt.

I found what I had been looking for, and nearly dropped it when Giana ran her tongue along my clit, but I managed to hold on to the large blue vibrator, nicnamed 'angelo' there was a reason why Giana had lived this long, she always brought toys. I arched my back as she started to lick my clit in swift strong movements.

"Oh god!" Ussually a human would never be able to make me scream but Giana had known me long enough to know where and how I liked to be licked. Angelo started to hum and I had to arch my back further to reach Giana's dripping pussy. A little known fact about the Volturi, we're all very flexible. Her pussy made a sucking noise as I pushed Angelo into her, I heard her moan against my clit, and I started a slow rhythm, I move Angelo in a circular motion as well as in and out, I had known Giana for long enough to know what she liked.

I started get more forceful with Angelo as Giana started sucking on my clit. We were rocking up and down together now, getting closer. Until Giana shook beneath me, she screamed my name before biting my clit. I tendrils of orgasmic pleasure spread out through my body as I came with her.

This was one of the reasons why I wanted Giana to stay human, as a human the biting thing was a lot of fun, but if she were a vampire then her biting habit would be just painful.

I was about to go find the strap on that Angelo fits into but I heard someone approaching. I was hoping that they would want to join in, but unfortunatley the expression on Caius's face suggested that that wasn't going to happen.

"Jane, Aro wants to see us" I looked up at him.

"What now?" he mearly nodded. I slipped off the desk and put my clothes back on. Giana probably wasn't quite sure what to do so she just stayed where she was. Caius glanced at the broken computer and his scowl deepened.

"You will be punished for this" he hissed at me, I smirked.

"Yes Master"

"Oh and by the way, before you head down to the bath house, go and unchain your brother" I smiled and headed off towards Caius's rooms...

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