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Title: Red

Pen Name: 22blue

Characters: Edward and Bella

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Warning: This contest is about pushing the envelope, what is taboo. The content of this one shot is explicit, deals with mature subject matter, and is not for everyone, so please, no flames.


Bella arrived at room sixteen-seventy-two one minute before her scheduled time to meet Edward. It was always the same time, always the same room, and Bella always wore red.

It had been Edward's request.

Months prior, when Edward first saw Bella, he'd been in a dimly lit bar with clients, swirling a half-full glass of Bowmore. The sound of the ice clinking against the crystal had been only as loud as the low murmurs of the patrons surrounding him. Edward was instantly drawn to Bella's full, red lips. As she walked by, he imagined traces of her lipstick left on his neck… then his stomach and thighs. He had recurring fantasies of scarlet remnants gracing his cock - even at the most inappropriate of times.

Bella noticed Edward as well – not immediately, though. She'd been at the bar to meet a client as well. It wasn't until Bella passed by Edward's table, her hand resting loosely in the crook of a gentleman's elbow, that she'd noticed the black, silk Armani suit he'd worn, and the expensive watch around his wrist. Bella's initial assessment of Edward was one that led her to fantasize of a Jaguar XK parked in her driveway.

It was Monday evening, 8 p.m., and Bella's delicate knuckles rapped softly on the door.

Bella thought about Edward during the time they were apart. She'd imagine she was fucking Edward when she was fucking someone else. There were still others she'd meet but not nearly as often any longer. Edward wanted her to be his. He'd doubled her exorbitant rate, and then he'd tripled it; she was worth it.

This was still not enough to purchase a Jaguar, though, and what would it mean if he was her only client?

She ran a business – one in which she excelled. She told herself time and time again she was not willing to give it up for the sake of being the possession of only one man.

Regardless, Bella wanted Edward.

She heard Edward's voice call from the other side of the door for her to enter, and so she did. Her red, silky dress was wrapped around her slim body and fastened only by a sash. It had a dramatically deep neckline and brushed against her thighs, showing the outlines of her long legs as she walked toward the center of the room. The neckline accentuated the curves of her breasts and small hips. She knew Edward would be pleased.

Pleasure, of course, was what Bella knew best.

Edward stood just feet away from Bella, wearing a charcoal suit, crisp, white shirt, and a claret tie. He smiled at her presence – Mondays had become his favorite day of the week.

Bella parted her scarlet lips, the tip of her tongue barely visible, she asked, "What do you want?"

As Edward cocked his head, he chuckled. "Week after week you ask the same thing. Do you not know the answer to that question by now?"

She knew he wanted to fuck her, but she didn't know how he wanted to be fucked. How could she possibly know if he preferred to start with a blow job or simply take her from behind?

"No, Edward, I can't read your mind. Would you care to enlighten me?"

The truth was, Edward had hoped, just as he always had, that Bella could read his mind. He would have paid one hundred times her amount if she could… maybe even more.

"I'd like you to undress me… slowly," he said.

Bella strode toward Edward, gliding the tips of her nails along his scalp once she reached him.

She loved the feel of his hair between her fingers, soft and thick and just the right length to pull when she came, should she be in the position to do so.

Bella touched the tip of her nose to Edward's jaw and inhaled; he'd recently showered. The scent of his soap was still strong on his skin. She slid her hands underneath his jacket, removing it slowly per his request, and let it fall to the floor.

Edward's hands went to Bella's breasts, and he was delighted to discover she hadn't worn a bra. Her nipples immediately became erect from the touch of his thumbs circling them.

"How do you want me?" Bella's lips barely touched Edward's ear as she loosened his tie.

"Under me. I want to fuck you hard tonight." Edward squeezed her tits, his erection apparent as she brushed her stomach against his crotch.

"Of course, Edward. Will you fuck me so hard I'll ache tomorrow?"

Bella wasn't taunting him; it was merely her request.


Bella removed Edward's shirt and trousers with minimal assistance, and he soon had Bella out of her dress – yet another delight for Edward was that she'd forgone panties as well.

Edward's physique was nothing less than striking. It was clear he took excellent care of himself, and Bella assumed he was a swimmer because at one time she'd detected the slight smell of chlorine in his hair. Edward was equally impressed with Bella's figure.

He also enjoyed the fact that his cock fit perfectly inside her tight, bare pussy.

Edward walked Bella to the bed, guiding her with his hand on the small of her back and holding her sash in the other. He'd already placed a few black, foil packages on the edge of the bed.

"Lie on your back and spread your legs."

She did, and he tossed her sash next to her.

"Touch yourself."

Again, she followed his command. Edward watched her as she spread her lips, flicking her swollen clit with her fingers. She dipped them in and out of her pussy while he stood at the edge of the bed and stroked himself.

"Now taste."

Bella had self-control but only with her few remaining clients. However, with Edward, her restraint was tested. His dominance over her, only his, elicited a fierce desire. Said desire had come in the form of several fantasies of his mouth replacing her fingers when she was alone.

The speed in which Edward stroked his cock increased; his grip becoming more firm - the sight of her pink tongue darting out of her full mouth and sucking the tip of her sodden finger roused his need to be inside her increasingly so.

He leaned toward her, anxious to taste what she already had and dragged his thumb up her slit - Bella shivered from the pressure. He smiled then licked her from his thumb.

"Do you see why I need you all to myself, Bella? Do you understand why I don't want another man touching and tasting your pussy?" Edward was sickened uttering those words. He detested the unbridled thoughts that rampantly entered his mind of Bella entertaining other men.

Bella shook her head, continuing to massage herself. Scraping her teeth over her bottom lip, she moved one arm and rested it idly above her head.

"Are you toying with me?" he asked, one corner of his mouth rising slightly higher than the other. "Because if you are… I will cut our time together short."

If ever Edward had spoken a lie, it was in this moment.

"I don't want that, Edward," she replied, extending her hand to him.

"Say my name again," he demanded quietly, grabbing a condom before crawling on top of her. Handing it to Bella, she tore open the package and placed it on his cock.

Edward hovered only inches over her body; his hands supporting his own were placed on either side of her head. He savored the heat coming off her skin. He knew he caused this reaction and more: the heat, the goose bumps appearing on her flesh in the wake of his touch, the wetness between her legs. Edward was fairly certain she responded to no other the way she responded to him; her reactions to his touch couldn't be feigned.

This was true; it was only him.

Edward waited with heavy anticipation for Bella to repeat his name. Perhaps it was her smooth voice and the way his name rolled off her exquisite, silken tongue. Or perhaps, and probably more so, when she said his name aloud, Edward felt it confirmed his possession of her.

Again, he was correct.


With the tip of his tongue, Edward licked from the base of Bella's neck to the lobe of her ear and flicked the diamond studs she wore.

"Did I purchase these for you?" he asked.


Edward smirked. You're fucking right I did.

Edward blew a light stream of warm air along the slick path he'd left on her neck. Bella's breasts heaved, her nipples barely touching his chest, and she grabbed onto his wrists. His veins and tendons strained against his skin as he gripped the blanket tightly in his hands. She lifted her hips, desperate to come in contact with his length.

Bella's lips parted as Edward moved his head to face her. He could smell the mint on her breath, almost tasting the scent while she studied his piercing green eyes.

"How many?"

The corners of Bella's mouth turned up slowly. She replied, "Four."

He would make her come four times tonight.

He wrapped tendrils of her mahogany locks securely around his hand, and as he yanked, Edward thrust himself into her with one swift and powerful movement.

All else vanished the moment Bella finally felt Edward's cock enter her - she could only see him.

Hear him…

Smell him…

Taste him…

He consumed her.

Her muscles tightened around him each time he thrust his hips, and she clenched even tighter when he pulled back. Edward pounded into her harder and harder, intermittently tugging her hair. His actions were relentless and unforgiving, and Bella devoured it.

She craved Edward, willing to take his cock however he chose to give it to her – no part of her body was off limits. She grasped onto his back, feeling his muscles contract as she moved her hands to his shoulders then dug her nails into his flesh. Together, they moaned and grunted between ardent kisses, licking and sucking each others' tongues and lips.

Edward lifted his chest as he continued to fuck her, his eyes traveling from her mouth, down her neck, pausing at her tits then stopping at her cunt. She brought her knees up higher, noticing Edward watching himself move in and out of her.

"I own you," he said gruffly, returning his focus to Bella. Her plump lips were still red, but the scarlet lipstick was gone. Blood had risen to the surface of the delicate skin from their fervent kisses. "Say my name."

Bella gazed at Edward as she cupped her hands around his jaw, his stubble rough against her palms. His body glistened from perspiration, and his muscular arms held his place above her. She watched his pink lips twitch as he deepened his thrusts and his eyes darken as his breath quickened.

"Edward," she panted and brought his mouth to hers.

Edward felt Bella's body stiffen, her thighs press against his waist, and her fingers thread through his hair.

"Not yet," he said breathlessly, pulling his dick out of her. Edward leaned back on his heels. He dragged his hands down her inner thighs. "Stand on the floor and lean against the bed for me."

Bella rose; her breath ragged, and her hands trembling. "I don't like to be teased, Edward. I don't want to wait long," she said and took her position.

Edward stood behind her, gliding his finger down her spine. "You asked for only four. I assumed you wanted them to last."

She smiled and braced herself against the bed. Edward sunk to his knees, spreading hers apart farther with his hands. He licked and kissed the pale skin of her thighs, first the backs, and then the inside of each. He then brushed the tip of his nose along her ass and with the flat of his tongue, Edward licked her from her clit to her entrance.

She shivered.

He smiled.

Edward squeezed her hips, driving his tongue in and out of her. Bella moaned above him, gripping the blanket, clawing at the mattress. She swallowed, losing herself, bringing herself back.

Again, he smiled.

Edward reveled in the way her body reacted to him.

The power he had over her was equivalent to Bella's control over him.

He rose to his feet, gripping her hips and thrust into her once again.

A pleasurable shout escaped her lips.

Edward fucked her harder, and she yelled out once more. He leaned toward her, his chest touching her dampened back, and clutched her tit in his hand, kneading… squeezing… pinching her nipple.

Grasping Bella's forearm, Edward pushed it forward so they both fell to the bed.

He was so close, as was she.

"First or last?" he growled against her ear, deeply plunging himself into her then began to grind his hips slowly.

"First." Bella turned her head toward Edward, reaching for his face with her free hand, needing his mouth on hers. "Now," she said against his lips.

Bella released him, stretching her arm across the bed until her fingertips reached the sash from her dress and pulled it to them.

"You're impatient tonight." Edward pulled himself out of her, yet again. He needed to release soon, his cock exceptionally hard, almost painfully so.

Bella moved to the middle of the bed and swept her hair up with her hands after giving the sash to Edward. The throbbing between her legs was unbearable, and she briefly considered saying "Last" when he asked. But she couldn't. Bella wanted the euphoric pleasure now. She'd never allowed another man to satisfy her this way.

Edward knelt on the bed next to Bella and lifted her chin, admiring the fragility of her neck, tracing his fingers across it with feathery touches. He kissed her neck chastely, desperately concentrating on her and not the pain in his dick beget by his need to come. He then wrapped the sash loosely around the upper and lower parts of her delicate neck.

Bella let her hair fall over her shoulders. She lightly pulled the ends of the sash to hold it in place as Edward gently laid her down, ensuring she was comfortable with her head on the pillow.

"Say my name," she said, raising her knees once more.

Edward splayed out her hair along with the ends of the sash against the pillow as he knelt over her. The pace of his breathing increased as he dragged his hands from her shoulders to her thighs, goose bumps appearing from his touch. Edward wanted the anticipation of saying her name to last, the build-up of intensity to linger. It was not only for her but for him as well.

He kissed her collar bone, the swell of her breasts then moved to her hardened nipple, sucking it into his mouth then swirling his tongue around. He did the same to the other.

He continued to kiss her – along her ribs then stomach. Edward moved lower and blew circles over her cunt.

"Isabella," he whispered.

Bella jerked her hips, tugging lightly on the sash as Edward watched her, pressing the tip of his tongue against her clit once more.

"Don't," he said. "Don't pull."

Neither of them could wait any longer, and Edward positioned his cock at her entrance and slowly slid inside her.

Propping himself up on his forearms, Edward took the ends of the sash in his hands, pulling them tautly. Together they moved their hips, slower then faster as Bella reached above her head and grabbed the edge of the mattress.

He only heard her ragged breaths and his own deep grunts over his pulse thrumming in his ears.

Edward pulled harder, the sash tightening around her neck. He was on the edge of coming, struggling to hold his release at bay until she climaxed.

It was safer that way.

Bella's orgasm building, she looked into Edward's eyes, her mouth open, her jaw trembling and breathed out, "Now."

Edward pulled the sash, tightening it around her neck.

Slowly then faster, Bella simultaneously began to climax and lose oxygen, and now she could only hear her pulse throbbing in her ears. Her mouth widened, and she instinctively sucked in short, quick breaths. Bella dug her fingers into the mattress, her knuckles turning white. Her legs shuddered, her muscles constricted around Edward's cock, and her eyes fluttered as she peaked. She groaned loudly, but only heard the blood swooshing in her head. Edward tugged the sash more, bucking his hips in a forceful steady rhythm against her.

Bella's vision blurred, everything turning gray. Clenching her eyes shut, she saw white specks behind her eyelids. Still at the height of her orgasm, she opened her eyes again, seeing only the gray, fuzzy images of what she knew to be Edward above her. She floated and she fell, all senses vanishing - all but what she felt in the pit of her belly and between her legs which grew in strength. The beautiful intensity of her climax lasted for a fraction of a minute, and then the gray darkened to black.

Before she slipped into unconsciousness, Edward promptly slid his fingers underneath the sash, loosening it. Bella sucked in a gasp of air as he continued grinding his hips against her at a fast pace. He stared into her glazed eyes, wanting and loving her. He finally allowed himself to release.

He shouted expletives, hovering over her as he came in strong spurts.

Moments passed as their breathing returned to normal, their heart rates slowed, and Edward made certain Bella wasn't injured. He inspected her neck; it was tender and pink, but nothing time wouldn't heal.

"Are you sure you're feeling alright?" he asked.

Bella placed her hand just under her throat and nodded. "Yes, I'm perfectly fine." Her voice was soft, however, slightly hoarse. This was not unexpected by either of them.

She was exhausted yet content and laid her head on Edward's chest while he called room service. The tea with lemon arrived ten minutes later. As Bella sipped from the white cup, the warm liquid soothing her irritated throat, she wondered about the three additional orgasms she'd experience throughout the evening, knowing full-well that none of them would be as powerful as the first. Still, she looked forward to each one.

Edward lightly rubbed her arm and kissed her shoulder. "I'm going to turn on the shower," he stated. "Join me?"

They stood under the stream of hot water, caressing, touching, feeling each others' bodies, and Edward took her again.

Hours had passed after they showered, and during that time Edward had made Bella come twice more – just as she requested.


Almost secluded in a corner of the restaurant, Edward sat at the round table with his wife of nine years as they celebrated his daughter's sixth birthday. His wife's focus was everywhere but on her family; she would scour the restaurant for a familiar face or casually glance at her manicured nails or watch.

Edward's daughter, seated gleefully between her mother and father, swung her feet back and forth as she quietly waited for her specially prepared cake to arrive. Her tiny hands were folded primly on her lap.

"Are you happy, angel?" Edward asked his daughter. He adored her. She meant everything to him. There was nothing he wouldn't do to keep her safe.

"Yes, Daddy," she answered, looking up at her father with big, innocent eyes. Her father was her hero.

Edward smiled at her, smoothing his gentle hand over the bronze ringlets that cascaded down her back. She proudly wore the pink bow in her hair that Edward had bought for her that afternoon. She not only inherited the color of Edward's hair but also his green eyes. He was thankful she'd not taken after her mother in the slightest.

As Edward looked up, he was met with a pair of brown eyes.

Bella was seated not twenty feet away from Edward and his family. And she, too, was not alone. Edward could only see the back of the gentleman who sat at her table.

He didn't like it.

They held each others' gaze for moments - each of their hearts pounding - before Edward excused himself.

"I'll be right back, sweetheart." He addressed his daughter only. "One of daddy's clients is here, and I'd like to say hello. Will that be alright with you?"

His daughter nodded, his wife disregarded him, and Edward rose from the table and walked toward the bar.

A waiter approached Bella's table and set down a cup of warm tea with lemon. She opened the folded cocktail napkin the waiter carefully and cautiously placed next to the saucer and silently read the words scrawled on it.

I am the only one who can make you come the way you need.

Bella searched for Edward, her acquaintance none the wiser, but saw him nowhere. For a moment, she hoped Edward might be waiting for her in a less public location in the restaurant, then dismissed her rash thought... it wasn't Monday.

She also knew Edward would have taken more than Mondays, however this was her rule: only one night per week. Bella looked at Edward's wife and daughter. He'd never confirmed he had a family; she assumed he did, though. They all did.

Bella watched his daughter, noticing her brown and golden curls, the simple gold ball-shaped earrings she wore. She noticed her subtle yet precise movements, the way she carefully cut into her cake with her fork. Bella thought how much the young girl resembled her father. As Bella looked at Edward's wife, the way she paid little attention to the girl, she surmised the woman was despondent and cold. Bella unknowingly smiled, thinking of how she satisfied Edward, and how his wife would never be what Bella was to him. Still, a small and surprising ache presented itself in Bella's chest.

Excusing herself from the table, Bella approached Edward's daughter and wife. Politely, introducing herself as someone who couldn't help but notice the pretty little girl, she knelt next to the child and wished her a happy birthday. It was clear to Bella that it was the girl's birthday given the cake and present sitting on the table.

She asked Edward's daughter to hold out her hand.

Bella glanced at Edward's wife and said, "A beautiful girl should have beautiful things." Bella placed her diamond stud earrings in the girl's hand – the same earrings she'd purchased with Edward's money. She then gently folded his daughter's fingers over them.

"You're a lucky woman," Bella commented to Edward's wife then walked back to her table.

Edward had gone to the men's room to collect himself. He hadn't anticipated the anger that filled him, actually seeing Bella with another man.

When Edward returned to his table, Bella and the man she was with were gone. Edward hoped she ended her evening without hesitation after receiving his reminder; his reminder of the ecstasy that only he could bring her.

Edward's hopes were just that – hopes. Bella continued her engagement, but thought of Edward fucking her the entire night.

Monday morning arrived, and Edward received a message from Bella canceling their evening together. He was both furious and panicked. His panic, however, quickly diminished after listening to her message in its entirety. Edward was left with anger as he heard Bella's voice, stating she would be there the following Monday. Edward didn't know how he would get through a full two weeks without seeing her.

He'd never be a toy for her, and he would never accept being disregarded should she make other plans. Edward would need to ensure Bella was aware of this, and he'd do so in a way so that she'd never cancel an appointment with him again.

Edward would bring Bella the deepest rapture she'd ever experienced. He would take her to levels of euphoria she would have never imagined she could reach. Edward would fuck her in a way she'd never been fucked before.

He would make her his.

Seven days passed, and Bella arrived at room sixteen-seventy-two one minute before her scheduled time. Her delicate knuckles rapped softly on the door, and Edward announced for her to come in.

He stood stiffly on the opposite side of the room dressed in a black suit and claret tie. Bella wore a dark, red dress. It was so dark the color could have been mistaken for black had they been under different lighting.

Edward's jaw clenched then relaxed. He'd need to show Bella that she belonged to him, his cock growing hard from the thought.

She approached him slowly, carefully; Bella watched his eyes, his expression, so unsure of what he was thinking. She was slightly concerned with what might have been on his mind, and she wondered if he knew about the gift she'd given his daughter. As Bella walked toward him, she shed her clothing with ease, letting it fall to the floor.

Was he angry with her for not keeping their appointment the week prior? She thought, yes, he probably was.

Would he scold her, give her an ultimatum should she do it again? No, she thought, he'd never do that.

Bella touched Edward's chest, slipping her fingers through the opening of his shirt between the buttons. He was warm, and she moved the tips of her fingers around the sparse hair on his chest.

Edward's hand immediately went to her back, feeling her soft skin he moved his palm over her shoulder blades, then his fingers down her spine.

The tempo of his heartbeat quickened, taking in her warmth and her scent.

Bella placed a kiss on his stubbled jaw then turned, sweeping up her hair.

Edward looked at the back of her neck – his heart rate increasing even more. He loosened his tie, removing it from the collar of his shirt.

"What is this?" he asked in a hungered voice.

Edward snaked his hand around Bella's waist, pulling her to him. He traced his finger along the cambers of the red ribbon tattoo on the back of her neck.

"You," she replied.

She'd become his possession.

Edward pressed his lips against Bella's ear and whispered, "How many?" as he lowered his hand over her pelvic bone, then sliding his fingers along the slit her wet pussy.

Bella took Edward's tie from his other hand and held it against his cheek. She leaned into him, her nipples hardening as she inhaled his scent, and grasped onto his thigh with her free hand. Edward kissed her ear, her neck, and her lips. His mouth was warm, his tongue soft yet urgent. He rubbed his fingers against her clit at a slow and steady pace, and Bella pushed back against his cock.

Finally, breaking their kiss, she answered.



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