This is my first "City Hunter" story, after writing many stories for "Candy Candy" I wanted to try to write something about Ryo&Kaori my favorite couple. I didn't write anything for a long time and English is just my second language ( or let's say third). This may not be a very original story and although I watched all the episodes I'm not good at remembering all the character's names. Now that I warned you, hope you'll take the time to read it and that you will enjoy it…

"XYZ" wrote Kaori

Chapter 1- Good bye my love

Ryo was at the beach, fooling around, looking for pretty girls to have fun with. " My favorite season of the year" he was telling to himself, "all those pretty girls with high legged swimsuits, what a mokkori full day! Oh look at that blonde mokkori beauty! What? I dream of a blonde mokkori beauty and Kaori still didn't come to wake me up with a 10 t hammer? It's weird" he was slowly waking up from his dream, he opened one eye to see that Kaori was in fact sitting on the bed, not saying a word just waiting for him to wake up. That was something new, usually she was yelling at him in the mornings, telling him to wake up, that they didn't have any money left, that he had to work, that he was just a mokkori pervert… Endless complains from her…but he was used to it and to see her sitting there calmly was so new for Ryo that he feared that something happened to her.

Good morning, Ryo

Good morning Kaori, so what's for breakfast, I had such a mokkori dream with lots of mokkori beauties that I'm very hungry this morning.

Wait for it… wait for it… No? No hammer? For Ryo it was strange not to receive an attack from Kaori after what he just said.

- Is everything all right Kaori? Don't tell me that you didn't prepare me a breakfast. said Ryo, trying to hide his concern

- I prepared it but before we go downstairs, there is something that I would like to talk about.

- What could be more important than the breakfast?

- Please Ryo, be serious for once. You know we kept corresponding with my sister.

- Your sister?

- Don't try to play the fool, do you really think that I didn't realize she was my sister, after all that she told me and the way she treated me? I know all the truth about my parents now… But that time, when she asked me to follow her to New York, I made my mind to stay with you, instead of going with her. I chose you… instead of being with only family I had; a real sister… I stayed with you.

Ryo felt bad, hearing theses words, for him, his only family was Kaori but for Kaori things were different. He was the one who stopped Kaori's big sister to tell her the truth about her identity; she could have such a different life with her sister by her side. She could leave this dangerous life behind and be able to act like a real woman… wearing high heels and beautiful dresses, having a man in her life, maybe even have kids… her own family. But she stayed with Ryo instead and what he gave her? Nothing… Maybe he could not give a safer life, far from the underworld but he could give her his love. That's all that she was looking for. All those years, she stayed by his side and only hoped for some nice words from him. That was it. But it was hard to hear nice words from Ryo; he was able to find always the words to hurt her but not the ones to heal her. And she was telling now about the sacrifice she made when she stayed with him. He looked at her and could just say:

I'm sorry…

Don't be! Said Kaori; I didn't say that to make you sorry but… I … I just didn't know how and where to start… I have something to tell you, Ryo. And probably it won't make you as sad as I am… You always say that I'm not a good partner…

I don't say that! Protested Ryo, fearing of what she was going to say, he knew that something bad, something really bad was about to happen.

Please Ryo… you don't have to… I know it, you tried to send me away how many times? Once, you even packed my belongings when I was in the hospital, amnesic…

It was to protect you Kaori, just to protect you…

Whatever the reason… I made up my mind… I… I… will go to live with my sister.

You're going to New York? Managed to ask Ryo, he could hear his heart falling into pieces like a glass that just broke. He used to think that he was stronger, that he was prepared for that day. Knowing that one day, she would get tired of this life, of him… He didn't have much to offer to her, that was why he always tried to not to get too close with her not to let his feelings control him. But he just realized that he was not ready for this moment, that he would never be. Loosing her forever… Shinjuku without her would never be the same, neither would Ryo Saeba…

No, not to New York, she answered.

I don't understand, he said, starting to have a headache, he was not sure he could understand well what she was talking about.

She is moving back here and she asks me if I would like to live with her...

Oh so you are just moving from here but you will stay as my partner! It would be a little hard for us to work together while you won't be living under the same roof, but I guess we would manage… He said, in some hope that she was not leaving him forever.

Sorry Ryo… I don't think I could team up with a sweeper while living with my sister. That would be putting her in danger and also she doesn't like seeing me with guns, you know.

Of course she was right, Ryo knew it but it was just so hard to accept. Why she suddenly decided to leave, just like that? He could understand that she wanted to have a normal life with a "real family" but she always said that she wanted to be at his side, no matter what… What made her change her mind? He realized that it was then or never for him to use the right words to make her stay. But how could he ask her to stay? It was time to free her, she was ready to fly and making her stay would be nothing but selfish…

When are you leaving? He asked

Kaori was hoping that he would ask her to stay but she knew that her sister was right. There was nothing for her if she stayed at Ryo's side. She hoped and waited for years now and nothing changed; Ryo was always the same, going out late at nights, coming home drunk, chasing girls, making fun with her, introducing her as " his brother" to the new clients, never taking anything serious, anything but his gun. She made her best all those years to become a good partner for him, just as her brother was, but she knew that it was impossible, she couldn't even hit a target once and she was always causing more trouble to him. Although Ryo told her sometimes that she was a good partner, she never really believed it. So she wasn't able to become a partner for him, neither in job, nor in life. He never saw her as a woman, never had mokkori while seeing her. She had to accept the defeat, she was tired and all the correspondence she had with her sister made her think that it was the best for both of them. Her sister told her that she deserved better, she deserved to be loved and Ryo was only using her. Kaori never thought that Ryo was using her; she was helping her because she wanted to, not because he asked to. She loved being at his side, no matter what, all those years. But she was tired of crying at her bed every night. It was so hard to watch him chase all those girls… flirting with Saeko… hearing him calling her ugly… But it wasn't easy to decide to leave the only man she loved. She fought with herself for months before making up her mind but she had to accept that there was no future for them. She used to think that it was because of the dangerous life that they had that he was acting like that. But Umibozou had married Miki and they were so happy now, waiting for their first child to be born. And Kaori would never carry Ryo's child, he would never love her the way she loved him, and now her sister was coming back to Japan. There was only one thing that seemed right for Kaori, leave everything behind…

Next month. She answered

Next month… repeated Ryo

Yes… but we will still friends, Ryo right? We will see each other often?

Why was Kaori saying theses words, she just decided to leave everything behind but it seemed that she couldn't. She couldn't think of not seeing him anymore. She knew that she was keep on loving him but was hoping that it would hurt less if she didn't see him all the time with other girls. From far, she could always imagine that he was at home, thinking of her, instead of being there and knowing that he was spending the night with someone else…

You know Kaori, I think I'll be very busy with all the girls that I will be able to see freely, without fearing you! I will bring them here, and will enjoy so much living alone! So I'm not sure if I'll have time to spend with you! I'm sure you'll understand!

Now I know that I do the right thing… You don't have to wait until next month, I'll leave right now.

Oh no please stay! I will leave! The girls must be waiting for me! Now please leave my room so that I can get ready, I have a date you know! He said.

Ryo got ready to leave the house, but he could hear Kaori was crying in her room. He went there, wanted to knock, say that he was sorry, that he understood why she was leaving. He wanted to explain why he didn't want to see her. He wouldn't be able to protect her from far, so it was better if he didn't see her anymore, being City Hunter's friend would always put her and her sister in danger. But he didn't knock on her door, instead he left and didn't come back until he knew she left to leave with her sister.