Chapter 3

Kaori is back

Kaori knocked on the door many times, then started to call Ryo but no one was opening the door. She decided to use the keys she had as she never returned them back. They entered in the big apartment where she used to live with Ryo and couldn't even recognize the place as it was really a mess. She wanted to start cleaning right away but she was angry at Ryo for not being there when they arrived. Then she heard his voice from upstairs:

"Hey, Kaori is that you?"

- "Ryo!" She said and climbed the stairs going to meet him in his room. "Why didn't you open the door?" She was going to ask but couldn't finish her words as she had to scream and close Ryo's room's door in hurry. Why she did so? Because as usual Ryo was naked in his room smiling at her.

"Put on some clothes you pervert!" She yelled from the closed door.

Ryo opened the door, he had now a towel hiding poorly his so big… well you know which part of his body I'm talking of, don't make me say it! Anyway, He made Kaori turn to himself and said with his sensual tone:

-"Don't be shy my dear, the job will be done in just a few days and then… you'll have to pay me back, so get used to my perfect body!" He said and added before going back to his room closing the door behind; "now I'm counting on you for cleaning the house and cooking something for me, I'm so hungry!"

That pervert! If he thinks that I'll have sex with him! And he dares to ask me to do the cleaning! No way…I'm the client now; he never asked his clients this kind of work! Was Kaori talking to herself while getting downstairs, she was so angry at him that she didn't even realize that she already started cleaning as she was taking his dirty clothes that he threw everywhere on her way. She went to the kitchen, started to clean there. When it was done, she turned to her sister who was actually watching her all this time, and said: I'll go buy somegroceries; there isn't anything in the refrigerator.

-What are you doing Kaori?

-What do you mean?

-In the minute you entered this apartment, you became his servant again! I told you it was a bad idea to come here, to hire him in first place!

-But your life is in danger and he can help us… And I'm not his servant but I can't help it… I lived here for so long; it still feels like home…

-My life is not in danger! And this is not your home! How can you call this place home? It was like a prison to you! He empoisoned you for years, he never admitted his love to you but never denied it neither! He used your love for him! That's all! How can't you see it? We talked about it so many times… You're so blinded by your love …

-It's not like that… answered Kaori with a low voice.

-It's just like that! And tell m,e did he really agree that we can pay him with money? I don't believe it at all! God knows what he made you promise, to take this case…Open your eyes Kaori!


Ryo was listening to the conversation the two sisters were having. He was wondering when Kaori's sister turned against him that much. It was true that she was feeling that way the first time she met him and saw how her sister's was living but when she understood that this was the only life that could make Kaori happy, she decided to leave New York without her. She trusted Ryo back then, but not now… Why? He went downstairs to meet her.

-Hello! Beautiful lady! It's been so long since we didn't see each other! Now give your old friend Ryo a big hug! He said hugging her very tight and perversely.

-Stop it Ryo! She answered and slapped him right in his face.

-I see that you didn't miss me much… He answered and turned to Kaori: What do you need to prepare dinner? I'm going to shopping.. Kaori looked him as if he was falling from the sky.

-Are you serious?

-Of course I am, now give me your list.

It was a total shock for Kaori but she gave him the list and he left. Once outside Ryo looked at the car that was passing from the street in front of their building for the fourth time. In fact, he saw it while looking outside his room's window and the reason he proposed to make the shopping was because he wanted to check that suspicious black car with black windows and the plate also was hidden by a black tape. As if it was made especially to attract his attention. The car briefly stopped but then left really fast, Ryo saw the driver for a second but it was enough to give him many hints about who was inside that car and what he wanted from them. The car didn't show up again and the rest of the day went by without anotherincident.

During this first day under the same roof after six months, Kaori took back her old habits and responsibilities and made the apartment look like a livable place again. She was happy, singing while working nonstop. Her sister was watching her smiling. It was the first time for the last six months that she saw her that happy. It was obvious that she felt herself really at home here. She proposed to help but Kaori protested saying that she was a guest there, which didn't make much sense as Kaori herself was a guest as much as sister was. But it seemed that she didn't see it that way.

While Kaori spent the day doing the house chores, Ryo spent it mostly trying to get near of Kaori's sister which made Kaori sad and angry in the same time but whenever she wanted to send him a 10t hammer Ryo was reminding her about her promise to be nice to him and she was dropping it.

It was getting late and they were sitting in the living room when Ryo said suddenly:

- Kaori… I think you should give me some of the payment in advance.

-What! Yelled Kaori, her face turned to red and she almost fainted. That was enough for her sister to understand what kind of payment he was talking about.

-How dare you! She said turning to Ryo, how could you force my sister to… to… I can't even say it, you pervert!

-Hey calm down, I don't force her to anything, she knows what is the price of my work, she is the one who came to me. And believe me I'm not really into it neither, maybe you could pay me instead of her.

-Enough! We're leaving this place tomorrow! She said and left them there.

Kaori and Ryo stayed in silence for a while, Kaori was still in the shock of what Ryo just asked from her. She was wondering what he really meant by "some of the payment". If it was just a kiss, she was ready to give it to him but she would refuse to go any further with him. No way! She wasn't planning to pay him even after the case would be solved and she didn't believe that he was really going to ask her to pay.

-So Kaori, are you going to make an advance payment?


-It's not much you know Kaori… It's just to get me in the mood of working.

-What do you want?

-Come closer and I'll tell you


-I said come closer!

Kaori obeyed, she was excited and scared at the same time, what was Ryo going to ask form her? Even if she was ready to give him anything and everything, she would never admit that to herself. When Kaori went near him, Ryo looked at her scared eyes and said:

-Close your eyes

She didn't protest, just did what Ryo asked her as if she was hypnotized by him, she thought that Ryo could hear her heart beating so fast and loud. For a moment he looked at her beautiful face that he missed so much. He wanted to cover it with kisses but he knew that he couldn't stop if he started. Instead, he kissed her forehead just like he did long time ago, that night on the roof. Then he whispered at her hear: "Welcome back" and left. What was that? Kaori was confused… and oh God, her forehead was burning; actually her whole body was burning. If Ryo had asked her that moment to follow her to bed she would gladly do that… He just said "welcome back" and that was surely enough to make Kaori, the happiest woman on earth. She decided to take a very cold shower before going to bed.

Ryo climbed the stairs slowly to his room and went directly to bed, without even taking his clothes of. It was one of the hardest things in his life, to leave Kaori downstairs and to go to bed alone. He wanted her; he wanted her so much that he couldn't think of anything else. To keep his mind busy with something else, he tried to think about the case, he didn't have a proof yet but he had an idea about it and that made him realize that it wouldn't take long before everything is solved. "Yes in a short while the job will end… then she will leave me again… No! Not before I get what I wanted for so long… She promised me… I'll get what belongs to me… what am I saying? I can never ask her that."

Ryo couldn't find sleep easily that night. He had two women living with him and he couldn't help thinking of a nocturne visit. After all it was his habit to visit the women he was protecting but this time it was different. He couldn't go to Kaori's room and certainly not to her sister's one either. He never really made any move to her sister, even not the last time she came there. He was trying to sleep but whenever he was closing his eyes he was seeing Kaori, calling for him, she had her "cutie panda" under wear. He wondered if she still had that one and decided to check her drawers the next day. When he finally found sleep, he was holding two pillows and drooling all over them, who know what he was dreaming about… But in the "best" moment of his dream he heard Kaori's sister yelling for help. He ran to her room to find out it was empty and when he looked from the window he saw a man carrying her in his arms it seemed to Ryo that she wasn't really trying to freed herself. He was about to shoot the man's arm but change his mind, watched them leaving in the car that he saw earlier that day. Kaori was running behind them and shooting like crazy, without hitting anything. Ryo waited for her in the living room.

-Ryo! She said entering the apartment; they took away my sister we have to hurry up and save her!

-WE? I don't think so, I have an idea of where they took her, but I'll go alone, and you are not coming with me

-Why can't I go with you?

-Because you're not my partner he said and left. He could as well stab a knife on her chest that wouldn't hurt that much. But it was right, she wasn't his partner anymore although she wished she could just go back the way they were before. Going back the way they were before… Maybe it wasn't exactly what she wanted to happen, she wanted more… much more. She didn't have a choice but letting Ryo go, she trusted him and knew that he would bring her sister back. She decided to wait for them calmly in the living room.

Ryo didn't have to go far to find Kaori's sister as she was walking to him slowly.

-What happened? He asked, giving his jacket to her as she was only wearing her night gown.

-Kaori hit the man who was kidnapping me and I took advantage of it to jump from the car.

-Really? He asked but didn't say anything else.

When they entered the living room Kaori couldn't believe how fast Ryo brought her sister back but when she learned that she was the one who really saved her, she was so proud of herself. Ryo told her to go to bed promising that he wouldn't let anyone to hurt her sister. After Kaori left he asked to follow her to the roof where he wanted to talk to her. Once they arrived there, he said:

-Now will you tell me what is going on?

-I think Kaori told about it all…

-I want to hear it from you.

She told him about the case just like Kaori already did and refused to say anything else, telling that she was tired and wanted to go to bed.

-Tell me one more thing, said Ryo. Why you're so against me?

-Because you're an idiot!

-I am an idiot? I'm not the one who poisoned Kaori's mind and made her leave the only life and the only man she loved!

-Oh, don't tell me about what she loves! If you cared that much about her feelings you wouldn't let her go in first place! And you had so many time to come to look for her, she waited for you.

-I… I thought it would be better for her to forget me

-Do you even know what are you talking about? In a minute you say that I took her away from the life she loves and right after you say that It would be better for her to forget you! And if so, you should be happy that she did forget you!

-What do you mean?

-She didn't tell you? She is dating someone…

-What? No way…

-Yes, she is dating one of my colleagues from the newspaper. He is young, handsome and he really cares about her. And he already proposed to her and is waiting for her answer.

-She shouldn't make him wait… Tell her to accept it. He said and left

"Idiot" she said…