All righty! I'm doing a sequel! …Actually I already did it! If you remember seeing a story like this on fanfiction a long time ago, you would probably know this. This is something that I actually thought about five years ago! No, this isn't a joke. It's actually true. But I thought of some better ideas later when thinking about this, so I'm actually rewriting this because the original was poorly written and was in script, which is something not allowed on fanfiction... What should also be noted is that this is actually my favorite in the trilogy for many reasons, but I won't get to that now. You can consider this as some sort of sequel to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Also another mention... If you're not into OCs, then this story may not interest you. But you're still free to read it anyway.

If you haven't read the first Paper Chopper, then it's probably a good idea to go to that first before reading this. If you DID, however… That's good. If you just want to read this instead of the first, then I'm fine with that. This story is a lot different than the first one because it contains more than just Mario. In fact, you will see just from this chapter!

And just a reminder... There ARE spoilers from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Door on here. You've been warned...

Ahem! Today… I'm going to tell you a story of the Crystal Stars.

An awfully long time ago… In a strange and far-off land, a big, bustling town thrived. It was a town where all people lived very happy lives. And it was said that the town was very prosperous.

But, the town grew into chaos when a shadowy demon appeared one day, and there was a terrible war. It left the town in ruins. This demon created seven Crystal Stars in order to use them to hold the essences of the heavens transform the world into a demonic state.

But then four heroes came in and stopped this demon from destroying the world. Using the power of the seven Crystal Stars, they sealed it behind the Thousand-Year Door, never to be seen again.

But that demon wasn't the only one who wanted to use the Crystal Star's power. It has been said that a new demon used his power to create thirteen more of these Crystal Stars to destroy the entire universe. As of now, the location of these are currently unknown, and only the holder of the Magical Map can find

Stories about the Crystal Stars and the demons passed into the pages of fairy tales… Many people believe that two others helped the four heroes against the demon. But to this day, not many people believe this story. This is the tale of the twenty Crystal Stars. Yes, this is where it begins, in a town on a planet called Pop Star. The tale of the quest for the Crystal Stars… And the stories of the heroes…start here.

A yellow Cappy with a small, black mustache, a monocle, and a black jacket was in his house, putting his books on his desk into his book shelf. He was the Mayor of a town called Hatty Town, which was beside Cappy Town.

"Sometimes being the Mayor of Hatty Town is a tough thing for me. We haven't really had anything exciting going on. Good thing King Dedede hasn't come here to make us do anything that'll make us be so exhausted. I hate those! Now, let's see…" the Mayor picked up a red book with a star and gawked at it.

"Huh? I don't remember this being here… Let's see what's in here." the Mayor opened up the book, but the words were in ancient writing, so he couldn't understand a thing. "Oh, dear… I don't understand a thing!"

He flipped through the pages and stopped at a page with the glowing red eyes. The Mayor looked at them and couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched by them. He quickly closed the book, but a picture slipped out of the pages and slowly floated to the ground.

"Hmmm? What's this?" wondered the Mayor as he picked it up and noticed it was a picture of someone he knew from a year ago. It was a boy named Chopper who came to this town a year ago. He even became friends of the residents of Hatty Town as well, and he also was able to make friends with a pink puffball named Kirby, who was not born on this world.

When he walked outside, he saw a Paratroopa with a light blue shell, a brown pilot's cap, wings, and a postbag. It was the postman from the Mushroom Kingdom named Parakarry, who seemed quite exhausted when he landed on the ground.

The Mayor noticed the strange Paratroopa and walked over to him while he was panting. "Oh my! You must be new! What brings you to this world?"

"Excuse me, sir... Are you the Mayor of Hatty Town?" Parakarry asked as he slowly brought his head up.

"Why… Yes! Yes I am!" the Mayor nodded. "Who might you be? Have you come from another planet?"

"Mmm-hmm! The name's Parakarry. Pleased to meet you! I have a letter for you." Parakarry searched through his mailbag and took out a red letter. "A good friend of mine named Mario sent this to you!"

"A letter? For me?" the Mayor gasped as he took the letter from the postman, who smiled in satisfaction.

"Another letter, dully delivered. A postman's job is never done." Parakarry was closing his mailbag until he noticed another envelope in there. He took it out and noticed that it was black. It didn't look like it was anything he had. "That's odd… I don't remember seeing this."

He took it out and noticed the writing was in a freaky-looking red color, which made his eyes widen in surprise.. "It… It says…it's t-to you! There's no return address on here, and it doesn't say who it's from. It scares me, but it's to you, so just take it!"

Parakarry gave the letter to the Mayor and flew away to head back to the Mushroom Kingdom through the teleporter. While he flew, he thought, "Now why does that kind of letter remind me of a certain someone I fought against with Chopper two years ago? Then again, he's no longer around these parts anyway!"

The Mayor waved goodbye to him and opened the red envelope first. He found a letter and an old tan map, but he decided to read the letter first.

Dear Mayor of Hatty Town,

I am giving this Magical Map to you because I'm worried that my enemies may come for it and try to steal the treasure to help them take over the world. Since your world is far from my enemies, I decided that I would give it to you. Make sure you keep it in a safe place!


"A Magical Map? Ooh! It sounds very interesting!" the Mayor smiled as he took a look at the map, but he looked confused. "This doesn't look magical to me. It's just a piece of paper…"

The Mayor took out the next envelope and gulped, "That flying turtle wasn't lying about it being creepy! This really is a scary-looking envelope!" he opened it and found a black letter with red writing on it. From reading the words on there, his eyes widened.

Dear Mayor of Hatty Town,

Darkness shall soon come across the sky and the entire universe will be engulfed and destroyed! Don't consider this as a joke, because I am dead serious. I was planning this for all eternity, and now my time has come to destroy this place! Nothing will stop me! …But I suppose I'll let you TRY to stop me. That Magical Map can help you find the twenty Crystal Stars. If you can find all twenty of them, then perhaps you might have a chance to stop me. Of course, you're just a mayor! Ha ha ha ha! This is your warning! You better go warn the entire universe about this!

"Oh…no! Darkness shall cover the sky and destroy all in its path? Oh, dear..." the Mayor gulped. "Hold on... Maybe there MIGHT be someone who can help me. He helped us a year ago, and I believe he might be up to this."

The Mayor hurried back to his house and went to his communicator, hoping to get a hold of the person.

And there's your intro for you. I like it a lot more than the first story's intro, that's for sure. Plus, Parakarry made his cameo, too!

Other than that, there's not much else to say. It's a bit of a slow start, just like the next chapter will probably be, but it'll pick up.