As everyone made their way out of the portal, they noticed that Dream Land seemed to be the same as it was from the very beginning. There was no darkness in sight, and everything seemed peaceful. At the moment, it was close to dawn.

"Poyo! (Everything looks so peaceful!)" Kirby smiled.

"I see no sign of the darkness," Shadower smiled. "I think everything's back to normal!"

"Finally!" Chopper smiled, beginning stretch, but he stopped when the twenty Crystal Stars suddenly floated above him. "Wait… What's going on with the Crystal Stars?"

Everyone gaped as they saw them go to the fountain and fire a large beam of light upward that created a large, invisible light barrier around the universe.

"Did the Crystal Stars actually do that?" Vivian asked, gazing at them in awe. "But I thought they were made to destroy the universe?"

"I guess without Maquano, it's actually doing its real purpose!" Chopper cheered. He decided to check off at the distance where King Dedede's castle was. It was now there. "Finally! Things are back to the way they should be!"

"Yeah, I really like this!" Tamber sat down on the hill that was right by Hatty Town. "Everything feels so peaceful now! I feel like I can finally relax in peace! Don't you think so, puffball?"

"Yeah... Peace..."

"I bet everyone is happy that everyone is saved," Heartsy smiled, and on the topic of that, Flyer took a couple of steps toward Hatty Town.

"Speaking of everyone..." Flyer turned to his friends. "I'm going to go see Fumu at Hatty Town. You guys can meet me there if you want!"

Wasting no time, Flyer flew off to the town.

"I still think what Flyer is doing is wrong," Chopper frowned. "He's falling to the dark side..."

"Well he's happy, and I think that's important," Heartsy smiled, grabbing Chopper's arm. "And I'm personally happy when I'm around you."

"Uhhh... I think I'm going to pay King Dedede and Escargon a visit!" Chopper gulped, breaking free from her. "I'll be back!"

Chopper sped his way down to the hill where King Dedede and Escargon were crying.

Over by the hill-

"Things are still hopeless! We're never going to get our castle back!" King Dedede cried, hugging Escargon.

"I can agree with you too, Your Majesty!" cried Escargon, hugging his king as well. "How are we supposed to get a new home when it won't be as good as the other?! I want my old home back!"

When Chopper made it to the two, he noticed they were still crying, making him sweat drop. "Do they even know that their castle is back?"

"Hey, you guys!" Chopper shouted. Unfortunately, he couldn't get their attention. "Uhhh… GUYS?!"

Still, he got nothing.

Annoyed, Chopper took out an air horn from out of nowhere and let its sound waves do the job of getting them to stop crying. It succeeded, but it only made King Dedede angry.

"Hey, what's your problem, Chopper?! Can't you see we're trying to-" King Dedede paused and picking up the Star Warrior. "Wait... Is that really you, Chopper?!"

"Yeah..." Chopper trailed. "Please put me down."

King Dedede let him go and turned away from him, looking annoyed. "Well... I was busy cry- I mean having a moment! I oughta hit you for interrupting me!"

"Before you hit me… Why don't you look over by that hill over there." Chopper suggested, pointing to the hill where Castle Dedede sat. King Dedede and Escargon stared in the direction wide-eyed.

"My castle! It's back! How… How did it return?!" the king gaped.

"I took down Maquano and his dark core! And if I did that, then Bowser's Castle should be back as well..." Chopper pondered, bringing his attention back to King Dedede. "Hey, didn't you guys make a promise to me?"

"Oh, who cares about that?" Escargon retorted. "We got what we wanted back! Thanks for all the help, Chopper!"

Chopper, feeling annoyed, picked up a rock on the ground and threw it. Though he was intending to hit Escargon, it ended up hitting King Dedede instead. Escargon laughed loudly, not caring if his king heard it. King Dedede growled angrily, rubbing the bump on his head while glaring at Escargon.

"Ha ha ha! Good one, Chopper!" Escargon laughed, only to be struck by King Dedede's hammer. "OW!"

"You said you made a promise! You have to keep it!" Chopper frowned.

"Fine…" King Dedede groaned, admitting defeat. "We'll give you and your friends a little ceremony. We'll also…gulp…put you in our Hall of Fame."

"Really? You'll actually do that for us?"

"Well, I feel like I gotta repay you. You DID save my castle. So… I think it's for the best. I'll go tell the people of Hatty Town to meet me over by my castle. We'll have a ceremony there."

"OK! I was just going to go to Hatty Town as well! See you there!" Chopper smiled, speeding toward Hatty Town, while King Dedede and Escargon slowly followed him.

"You sure about this, Your Majesty?" Escargon asked.

"Look, I never said I was going to enjoy this," King Dedede grumbled. "He's been a pain on my side, but if I don't keep my promise, then I don't think things will end too well for us..."

"Oh. I think I see what you mean."

Hatty Town-

"So… It looks like light has finally returned to Dream Land…" Frankly trailed, looking up at the sky. "I suppose Chopper managed to take care of that evil demon once and for all!"

"It looks like it," the Mayor smiled. "Dream Land is finally back to normal!"

"Yeah... Finally..." Fumu sighed. "But I wonder where he and his group are now?"

"I believe they should be coming here," the three turned to see Meta Knight and his two servants approaching them.

"Sir Meta Knight! You're here?"

"We were actually back in Tartamos fighting against the Tartaras," Meta Knight explained.

"Wait, you were trapped in Tartamosl?" Fumu questioned.

"Yeah, we were down there because we were in King Dedede's Castle during the time those monsters took it," Sword explained. "After the demon's defeat, we were able to find a portal that brought us back home."

"As for the others with us… Well, they found their way back home as well." Blade said. "Rest assured. Everything's back to normal!"

"But now I must look for Chopper," Meta Knight started, pulling out a red book. "We were deciding on what to do with this book. This contains all of the history about the Crystal Stars."

"Fumu!" Flyer cried, making his way to her. "I missed you so much!"

"Flyer!" Fumu opened her arms out to catch him in a hug. "You're back! I missed you so much!"

"You're not going to believe this, but we had found the demon and defeated him," Flyer explained. "He and his darkness are history, thanks to Chopper and the others!"

"Where is Chopper right now?" Meta Knight asked.

"He went over to King Dedede to tell him about his castle," Flyer explained, hearing the sound of familiar footsteps coming close a moment later. "…Actually, scratch that. I believe he's coming here now!"

Chopper made it back to Hatty Town, exhausted. "All right, I'm here…"

"Congratulations, Chopper!" the Mayor cheered, approaching him. "You finally did it! Dream Land and the entire universe is saved thanks to you! I'm... I'm so proud of you..."

"Thanks, Mayor!" Chopper smiled. "And this time, the universe should stay safe thanks to the Crystal Stars!"

"Hrrrmmmm? What do you mean?" Frankly asked.

"The Crystal Stars had fired a beam of light into the sky and made a barrier. This time, for real. It's probably because Maquano's evil magic is finally gone!"

"Is that so? Excellent! That's great news!"

"I know," Chopper nodded, looking around the area. "Hey... Where are the others?"

"They're coming, don't worry," Flyer assured. He looked back at Fumu and looked in her eyes. "Now that we're back together again, we should spend some more time. Don't you think so?"

"Of course, Flyer!" Fumu assured, the two embracing each other tighter.

"Eeeeughh…" Chopper gagged, sticking his tongue out in disgust. "I'm glad I'm NOT in that situation…"

"Chopper…" the young Star Warrior turned to Meta Knight. "I'm glad you're here. I need to discuss something about this book."

"What's this book?" Chopper asked, taking it from him.

"It's the book that tells the story about the Crystal Stars. We were thinking whether we should destroy it or keep it in a safe place, away from the clutches of evil."

"…Why should we destroy it? We can always show it to people so they can know what happened back then. It'd be a cool story to tell! It's not like there's any evil possessing this thing…"

"…Yes, I believe that you have a point. I'll keep it in a safe place." Meta Knight took the book from Chopper and put it away. "I'll put it somewhere where no one, not even King Dedede, can get it."

"Who called my name?" King Dedede called out, huffing from all the running he had to go through. Escargon was by his side, having another bump on his head. Most likely due to insulting his king's weight.

"Ah, King Dedede… What brings you back here?" Frankly asked.

"Huff… I… I decided to do something nice by…whew…giving Chopper and his group of friends a ceremony. We shall begin…" King Dedede let out a groan and fell back in exhaustion, only having the strength to raise a finger. "...right away."

"Errrr… Yes! Follow us to the castle and we shall reward them for their brave act! …And for saving our castle." Escargon pouted.

Everyone smiled as they walked to Castle Dedede. Escargon, unfortunately, wasn't too happy. He was forced to drag the heavy King Dedede all the way over to their castle.

"Ugh… I feel like I'm going to break my spine!" Escargon moaned. "…Wait, do I even have a spine!"

Near Castle Dedede-

It hadn't taken long for the ceremony to finally begin. The eleven were standing on a stage before a group of Cappies from both Cappy and Hatty Town, along with Fumu, Bun, their parents, Professor Frankly, the Mayor, and Meta Knight and his servants

"Chopper… Vivian… Scrub… Kirby… Shadower… Bombette… Heartsy… Mario… Sonic… Flyer…and Tamber…" King Dedede began as he turned to the eleven. "Your actions have not only saved my castle, but the whole universe. If it weren't for you, then we would all be in serious trouble, and I would certainly be a homeless king. We give you the Medal of Dream Land for your brave actions."

King Dedede grumbled as he gave the medals to Escargon. From what Chopper and his friends saw, both of them did not appear too proud, especially King Dedede.

"Here are your medals," Escargon said, approaching each of them and putting the medals around their necks (or heads if they don't have a neck), and Fumu, Bun, the Mayor, Professor Frankly, and all of the Cappies sitting in the audience cheered and gave them a round of applause.

"Oh, I couldn't be any prouder for Chopper…" the Mayor sniffed.

"I can agree," Frankly mumbled.

"Thanks," Chopper said, appreciating the medal when he was asked to go up to the podium. "Uhhhh... I don't know where to begin!"

"Thank anyone, you moron!" Escargon whispered.

"Oh... Well, I want to thank my friends for this awesome adventure." Chopper started. "We got to take down monsters, demons, robots, and even X-Nauts! I couldn't have done it without them. I mean, going through twenty chapters on your own is not something I could handle..."

"…What's he talking about?" a Cappy whispered to his friend. He only replied with a simple shrug.

"While I'm happy to be here and stuff... There's also the part with me leaving..." Chopper started to frown. "And I think that this is the moment to do..."

"Chopper… You really want to go now?" Frankly gaped, going up onto the stage, along with the Mayor.

"We just got started with this ceremony!" the Mayor added.

"I know, but I don't think I have the time," Chopper replied. "Plus, I need to see how my home planet is doing. That's where I truly belong. This place is nice and all…but I already have a home."

"Well, if you wish to go, then go right ahead," King Dedede grinned. "Finally! I'll be rid of him once and for all!"

"I know it feels bad to be going right this moment, but when else am I supposed to go? Sorry to disappoint you guys…"

"It's all right, Chopper. It's your choice." Bun replied.

"You're always welcome here," Fumu smiled.

Chopper slowly nodded to them before turning to his friends. "We should go somewhere else if we're going to say goodbye…"

Everyone else gave him a nod, frowning in sadness.

A bit later, over by a hill-

The sun was starting to rise up, and Chopper stood near the top of the hill, looking over at his friends, Professor Frankly, and the Mayor. All of them had sad expressions.

"So… You're leaving, then." Frankly began. "Well, that's too bad… Having you around really did wonders for my research…"

"And I always liked to see your smiling face," the Mayor added.

"Don't worry guys," Flyer assured. "Chopper's not leaving forever. You'll have plenty of time to visit him another time."

"Hrrrmmmm… Well, I guess you're right, Flyer." Frankly sighed, turning back to Chopper. "Chopper… Even after you leave here, please don't forget about us, all right? And we, in return, will wish that you find all the best in the future."

"It almost feels like the very beginning when I had woken you up," the Mayor remarked, looking over at the rising sun. "I did wake you up when it became dawn, right?"

"Yeah, I think so," Chopper nodded.

"Well... I guess some things end similarly. Chopper, everyone in Dream Land will remember your heroic deeds, ever since you came here a year ago to deal with Kracko. ...Hopefully they remember."

"Don't worry if they don't remember, Mayor. I'm actually kind of used to people not remembering my heroic deeds..."

"I see... Well, I wish you the best of luck in the future." the Mayor said, stepping away.

Flyer took a deep breath as he walked over to Chopper. "Chopper… From here on out, you'll always be my best friend, no matter the odds. Sure, we may have had a bad situation on your planet that led to a fight, but I wanna make sure that that never happens."

"Don't worry, Flyer. I'll make sure that we never have to go through anything like that ever again!" Chopper assured. "I'll make sure that I think of you whenever I come to your home city. …Maybe I'll even see you, too!"

"Thanks Chopper. That means a lot to me."

Flyer stepped back, and he allowed Kirby to walk up to him next. "Poyo… (Chopper… It really pains me to say goodbye to you. I know from the start that we had to get separated, but in the end, things turned out to be well for us.)"

"Yes, they did, Kirby!" Chopper nodded, soon remembering something. "…Oh, hold on! I need to give you something!"

Chopper pulled the Star Rod out and gave it to him.

"Here. You can put this back where it belongs."

Kirby looked at the Star Rod for a few seconds, and then his eyes began to water. "Poyo! (Oh, Chopper… I'm going to miss you so much!)"

Chopper managed to comfort his pink, fluffy friend as he patted his back. "It's OK, Kirby… I'll miss you too.

Kirby stepped away from Chopper as he began to sob. Heartsy walked up to Chopper next with a sad look.

"It was so nice seeing you again, Choppy..." Heartsy trailed. "I thought at first that I wouldn't be able to find many friends back in my home town, but then you and your friends came and gave me hope. I'm also really happy to know that I'm not the only one of my kind left. So... Please don't forget me, OK?"

"I'm not going to forget you," Chopper assured. "You're one of the first friends I made when I was two years old! I'd definitely not want you forget you!"

Chopper looked down at the ground, thinking if he should really do what he should. Eventually he approached Heartsy and gave her a hug. She felt stunned for a moment, and suddenly hearts began to appear over her head as she started hugging him back. The next thing Chopper knew, Heartsy had managed to kiss him on the lips, leaving his eyes widening in shock.

She eventually let go of him and skipped away happily, as if she had fallen in love.

"Oh, Chopper... I love you!" Heartsy squealed.

"Gross!" Chopper cried, wiping his mouth in disgust.

"Here. Take this." Shadower gave Chopper a handkerchief was he floated over to him. "Chopper, I want to say that out of all the people I've met, you were the nicest person to me. Ever since I was forced to look for that Superbombomb, you managed to help me become a better person. I think I even grew a better sense of morals while at it... And for that, I thank you."

"It's all right, Shadower! You were always a cool person to be around!" Chopper smiled, giving a thumbs up. "I really like your hair, too! It's cool, and it makes you awesome!"

"Sniff… Yeah, I guess so…" Shadower trailed as he began to float away, shedding a tear. Sonic came up to him with a grin.

"I gotta admit, I never thought I'd be able to find someone who could rival my speed, aside from someone like Metal Sonic or Shadow," Sonic admitted. "…But we all know who's the winner when it comes to that."

"Yeah, we know that it's you, Sonic. You're the blue blur, after all…" Chopper nodded, letting out a small sniffle.

"Are you crying?" he asked.

"Uhhh... I don't know..."

"But, let's hope we meet each other some other time, OK?"

"Yeah... Let's hope."

"And stay cool," Sonic smiled, giving him a thumbs up. Bombette made her way to Chopper next.

"Oh, Chopper… I know I've gotten a bit angry at you for a couple of things, and I'm sorry if I caused any harm to you. Especially since if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have gotten my memory back."

"It's OK, Bombette. I'm sure you really never meant it..." Chopper assured.

"To think I would stay acting like a pirate this whole time… But, I have you to thank!"

"Yeah, thanks for helping me too. You've done a lot for me as well."

"Yeah… Well, I hope I see you some other time." Bombette smiled, walking away from him.

Afterward, Mario came up to him and he told him that he wanted to thank him for what he had done, such as saving him from being completely possessed by the Shadow King and whatnot.

"You're welcome, Mario. It's a good thing that I found you in Rogueport earlier. …Say hi to Peach for me, OK?"

Mario gave him a nod before almost shedding a tear. No. He was too manly to shed any tears. Scrub had come up to Chopper next.

"Contadre…" Scrub started, but he stopped for a moment. "Oh, yeah, wait. I've gotta stop doing that. It's CHOPPER, right? Well… You'll always be Contadre to me, man. Because I was born in the Glitz Pit, and Contadre is, and always will be, the champ! So let's hope we meet again, Contadre! I mean it, man!"

"…I hope we see each other too, man. But before you go..." Chopper pulled his Master Hammer out and handed it to him. "Here, Scrub. I want you to have this."

Scrub looked down at the hammer in shock. "What…? You're… You're giving me your all-powerful hammer? But… Why?"

"I'm not going to need it, now that Maquano's gone," Chopper smiled. "Besides, the Crystal Stars have protected the universe from any darkness now. I think you should use that if you're ever going to fight in the Glitz Pit."

Scrub held the weapon in his hands and then looked up at Chopper with a smile.. "…Thanks, man. It really means a lot. …Sniff."

After Scrub stepped back, Vivian came floating up to him shyly. "Ummmm… Chopper… Listen… I really want to thank you for listening to me all of those times. I'm really sorry if I had caused any harm to you after you found out why I was a part of your group..."

"It's all right, Vivian… I know that you're not a bad person." Chopper assured. "I think you've really become a cool girl to hang out. And... I had a lot of fun hanging out with you as well!"

"Th-Thanks, Chopper..." Vivian smiled.

Chopper thought about it for a moment, and after a while, he finally decided to give her a hug as well to thank him. Vivian had blushed, and a feeling of confidence had suddenly surged into her body. She hugged him back and even gave him a kiss on the lips, leaving Chopper shocked, along with everyone.

"Dude... Did Vivian just kiss Contadre?" Scrub gawked. Heartsy, meanwhile, was left agape, her mouth almost dropping to the floor.

Vivian giggled as she let go of Chopper. "Please… Don't forget about me, OK?"

As she floated away, Chopper started to wipe off the kiss in disgust. That was when Tamber finally walked over to him.

"So... I guess this is it, huh, Chopper?" Tamber started.

"...Huh? Did you just call me Chopper?" Chopper gawked, looking over at Tamber. He noticed his eyes were starting to water up. "Hey... Why are you crying."

"...I'm going to miss you!" Tamber cried, bursting into tears as he hugged him. "You and your group of friends are the only people who were so nice to me! I don't think you're a bad person at all either! You're a lot better than me, that's for sure!"

Chopper was caught off guard by this sudden burst, but he patted Tambers back. "Uhhhh... Don't worry, Tamber! You're my friend as well! It's... It's just a surprise to see you cry, that's all..."

"Crying? I'm not crying!" Tamber sniffled, letting go of Chopper and trying to give him a cool look. "I'm too cool to cry! Even if I had become so greedy to throw my people off the island!"

"You did what?"

"Listen, Chopper..." Tamber started. "I know you're a puffball and all, and puffballs usually aren't to be trusted, but you're cool. You're our puffball..."

"Oh, OK..." Chopper replied, unsure of what else to say. "You think Flyer and I could visit your island once in a while? Without you trying to throw us off?"

"…Yeah, man. That's be cool."

After he stepped away, Chopper walked over to the top of the hill. "Well… Looks like this is goodbye to you all."

"Chopper! Wait!"

Looking off at the distance, he had spotted Meta Knight landing in front of him.

"Meta Knight?" Chopper gawked.

"Chopper! Before you go… I believe you forgot something…" Meta Knight pulled out the red book and gave it to Chopper.

"Wait… Why are you giving this to me?"

"I've thought over for a while…and I decided that you should hold onto the book," Meta Knight decided. "It is yours now. In the future, you may read that to your kids and pass it down to them when your time has come."

Chopper looked down at the red book and put it away. "OK, Meta Knight. I'll do that."

"Good. And Chopper... I wish the best of luck to you in the future."

"Thanks, Meta Knight," Chopper smiled. With that, he summoned the Warp Star and jumped on it. "I'm glad you guys were all here for me. If it weren't for you all, we'd all be doomed!"

"What? Nonsense! We're the ones that should be thanking you, Chopper!" Frankly exclaimed. "If you hadn't come here to collect the Crystal Stars… We'd all be puppets for Maquano, Grodus, and Gemerl! The thought gives me hives!"

"…Well, I guess so. Farewell, everyone. I hope to see you some other time…"

With that, Chopper flew off into space while waving goodbye to everyone. They waved goodbye as well, appearing sad as they do.

"Farewell, Chopper of Planet Clara..." the Mayor trailed.

As Chopper flew up into space, he could see some of the stars resembled his friends. He tried to reach for them, but they were too far. It was at this point that he felt a tear come down his face

To be honest, he felt bad that he had to leave his friends right away. It wasn't something he planned, but his home planet was dear to him, and knowing of its safety was also important as well.

When he had reached Starland Galaxy, he was relieved when he saw that Clara was just fine.

"Well, at least the planet's all better," Chopper sighed. "Thank goodness."

At that point, he flew into his home planet.

Four weeks later-

"Man… It feels great to finally have a long break!" Chopper smiled, sighing in relief. "I know I've said that a couple of times for the last four weeks, but seriously! I managed to save the UNIVERSE! That's big."

He yawned as he lied on his red sofa. "I wonder what my friends are doing right now. It's been quite a while since I've seen them."

At that moment, his Mailbox SP on the counter went off, making him stand up.

"Huh? What's that?" Chopper got off of his sofa and walked over to his Mailbox SP. "Someone sent me a new message? Huh... Let's check it out."

He opened the device and began to read the message.

Dear Chopper,

Hey there, buddy! It's me, Flyer! I'm still working on some cool little gadgets at my workshop, but I thought to myself, 'Why not send you a message? You have a Mailbox SP, after all…' so I decided to see how you were doing after these four weeks. We beat Maquano, but there's tons of Rogueport lore I still don't get while walking around there. That's what I got from Professor Frankly.

"Ooh! So Flyer got to see Professor Frankly on his own! Cool!"

While I was going about with my traveling, I thought I'd go see our friends that helped us defeat Maquano. I did that, and guess what? I've gotten a lot of info from them!

I decided to go take a visit to Twilight Town first to see what was going on there. To my surprise, I ended up seeing Vivian there! I noticed that her two sisters were with her as well, but she told me that Beldam's no longer into evil anymore. Perhaps Vivian was right and that Beldam feared those that were stronger than her? That would make perfect sense… Beldam also told me to tell you that she'll never EVER be mean to Vivian ever again. I was glad to hear something like that. When I spoke to Vivian, she always brought you up for some reason. Maybe you ought to go visit her some time…

"I'm glad Vivian's doing fine. And it's nice to know that Beldam is doing the right thing for once!"

How's Scrub doing? Well… When I saw him, he said he was going solo in the Glitz Pit! He even said that he's getting pretty close to a title match, even! Pretty cool, isn't it? …Well, it's not as fast as you, but he's doing well! That hammer you gave him was put to some GOOD use! Oh, yeah, he's calling himself 'The Great Contadre Jr.' in the ring, by the way. Yeah, it sounds pretty weird, but it makes sense in a way. Oh, and… Wait, I have to get this exactly right or he'll get mad at me… He, uh, said that he could "totally take you in the ring now, so bring it!" I guess he doesn't change… But that's why we like him, isn't it?

"Huh… So he wants to challenge the Great Contadre, huh? Well, if he wants to face me, then bring it!"

I stopped by over by Dream Land afterward to see how Kirby was doing. It was hard for me to understand what he had to say, but I was able to use my translator to understand him. He said that he was stopping King Dedede there and there from stealing food from Dream Land. That's pretty much it on what he did. The Mayor had also wanted to tell you that Hatty Town was doing well, and everyone was happy. I also saw Fumu, who I spent some time with, and Meta Knight, who told me to say hi to you. Strange, but it was nice of him.

"Well, Meta Knight is pretty strange... And I guess King Dedede decided to break his promise after all. At least Kirby's setting him straight!"

Over by the Dark Steeple, which changed back to the Creepy Steeple, I saw Shadower and his two brothers there. It looks like Mysterious has given up on evil just like Beldam. It's most likely for the same thing. I'm even surprised that Doopliss is back in his home too! I guess he and the Shadow Brothers ended up becoming great friends. I was expecting to see Tipral there…but there was no sign of him anywhere. I wonder where he went…

"Tipral's gone? That's surprising..."

Over by Pudgy Island, I was able to see Bombette. I thought for certain that she would go back to the Mushroom Kingdom, but she didn't! I'm quite surprised, actually! She told me she enjoyed being around here. I can even recall her sailing with Bobbery and Cortez! I guess they believe she's a great hero after defeating Maquano. That's good for her!

"She's sailing with Bobbery? Wow…"

As for Heartsy, I decided to go to her place. She seemed quite surprised to see me and even asked if you were around. Though she was disappointed that you weren't there, she did tell me that things have gotten much better at Sand Town. Those jerks who had been bullying her for her name are actually a lot nicer to her, and they apologized the first time they had seen her! Isn't that great? I bet they'd be happy to see you as well! Heartsy had even suggested that you should go visit her there.

"Wow... Hearing that actually makes me smile!"

While flying to the Mushroom Kingdom, I met a couple of your friends there! I saw people like Yosho, Bow, Bruce, Koopla, and quite a few! But, I was also able to see Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser! Yup! Bowser's Castle is still where it used to be, so there's no worries about that! Don't worry, Bowser hasn't made any kidnappings yet, and Mario isn't planning on letting him. Maybe if you go there, you can take on Bowser again if he tries anything funny?

"Oh, I bet I can!"

Getting to Mobius was a bit difficult, but I successfully made it there. I managed to catch up to Sonic while he was running through Green Hill Zone. Trust me, it was no easy feat... He told me that he was stopping Eggman every once in a while. I guess that guy managed to find his way back… That was interesting... Oh, and I managed to find those three others that helped us. I asked them about Dark, and Blade just said, "Oh, he's in prison right now."

"Dark's in prison? Well serves him right!"

And last but not least… I went to visit Tamber on Clearno Island. He said that he's allowing people to come visit the place. He even gave people a tour on the whole island! I took a tour, and he was quite surprised to see me! He asked me how you were doing, but I didn't really know. I mean, I hadn't seen you during these weeks! I think Tamber's growing into a nice, furry monster that people can appreciate. Isn't that great?

"At least Tamber's finally warming up."

While flying over Sunset Hill, I noticed a couple of people down there. I found out that Lord Crump and Grodus were still alive, along with Gemerl. I guess that makes them pretty tenacious baddies, doesn't it, Chopper? But they've mellowed a lot, just like Beldam and Mysterious have, and I don't expect more trouble. Plus, I hear Grodus is just a head, which really cuts down on mischief-making. For Gemerl… He told me he "just got over it." I wonder what made him mellow down anyway…

"Grodus is just a head! That's funny! …But it's sad that that's what's left of him. At least they're not going to cause any problems..."

Well, that's really all there is through my travels. Looks like there really isn't any mischief-making around here anymore. What a relief. But, still… I don't know if ALL of them have mellowed out. The only person I never saw was Tipral. I think it's quite a mystery whether he's around here or not. It would surprise me if he even mellowed out! …But, he's not really a happy person, and I bet he's just going to leave us be, so I don't see much of a threat coming from him now. But, just to wrap this all up… I really enjoyed our adventure together and I hope we plan to go on another one.

'Till we meat again!

Your friend, Flyer.

"Well, I'm glad that everyone's doing just fine. It makes me feel good." Chopper said, closing his Mailbox SP and placing it on the table as he walked over to the window to the beautiful night sky.

He could see all of the beautiful stars outside that started to resemble his friends. They looked absolutely beautiful.

"…I hope to see you all in the future," Chopper smiled, walking away from the window.


And that's the end of the story. Yes, it's sad that this story has come to an end... Despite a couple of hiccups there and there, I feel satisfied that it's finished in the end!

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