Reaching the top of the staircase, they had reached solid, dark ground. There was a trail up ahead leading to a gigantic door with a black frame, and it was also glowing purple with twenty stars on it. They could tell it was giving off a dark feeling, as black smoke had emitted from the door.

"This place gives me the chills..." Scrub shivered. "We must be really close..."

"Yeah. I think this is it..." Chopper smiled. "We'll finally be able to save the universe!"

Unfortunately, they had heard the sound of a familiar cackle up ahead.

"Gaaack ack ack ack!"

Standing before them was Grodus, giving them his malicious grin.

"Ah, Chopper! It's so nice to see you again!" Grodus said politely. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you..."

"Grodus!" Chopper shouted, getting in a fighting stance. "So Lord Crump WAS right! You are here!"

"But how did he get here so quickly?" Flyer wondered. "I mean, didn't you need the Crystal Stars to do that?"

"Oh, the answer is simple. After doing a little research, I discovered that it was quite possible to create a portal to Dark Subspace World. I was quite pleased, but I thought if I had taken the door ahead, I wouldn't get anywhere. So... That's why I decided to remain here and wait for you fools to reach me!"

"So... You never needed the Crystal Stars this whole time?" Chopper gawked.

"Oh, don't get me wrong. I would love to take those Crystal Stars from your grasps. They are something I need to conquer the universe. However, I knew collecting them on my own would be too difficult. So, I thought, 'Why not make the hero do all the work for me?' and then we come down to here. I must say, Chopper… I thank you very much for your help. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here by now!"

"So you just led us into a trap?" Tamber asked.

"Of course I did! Gaaack ack ack ack!" Grodus cackled. "I didn't think that Lord Crump would be able to defeat you guys, so I just decided to let him attack you and fail in the process! What a useless minion he was…"

"So you never cared about him..." Flyer trailed. "You're horrible."

"Horrible is my middle name! As for those pesky Shadow Sirens and Brothers... After what they did to me, I have no use for a couple of traitors. Even if I were to use their help, I'd probably toss them to the side. All they did was slow you down and nothing else. They're already too useless for me now!" Grodus cackled, Vivian and Shadower giving him a scowl. "Oh, I'm sorry... I must've hit a nerve. Excellent. I'm glad my plan to gather all the Crystal Stars worked so well! And you fools never knew about it..."

"I can't believe you..." Vivian trailed. "So whether we beat you or lost to you, the Crystal Stars..."

"Yes, they would be mine either way, and the portal to Dark Subspace World would be open! Now all that remains is you pests..."

"Well, we're not going to let you finish your goals!" Chopper declared. "We've managed to beat you before, and it's not going to change again!"

"Very well! When I'm through with you, there shall be no one standing in my way, and the universe will be mine!"

"Well not on our watch! Let's get him, guys!" Chopper exclaimed, he and his friends charging at their enemy.

"Come and face me!" Grodus taunted, summoning four black Grodus Xs. "You will all face the true power of Sir Grodus!"

A dark shield had surrounded him, leaving him invulnerable to all attacks.

Tattle: That's Grodus. He's the supreme leader of the X-Nauts, and he really does look like it! How many times have we fought him so far? I think this is the fourth... Max HP is 580, Attack is 25, and Defense is 3. His Grodus XXs have 10 HP, an Attack of 18 and a Defense of 0. This time, he's got some dark magic up his sleeves. If you thought Camikon had some powerful magic spells, then you better check and see what he's got! If necessary, Grodus might fire a dark laser from that scepter, or he might use dark lighting! I wonder if he was the one conjuring up that dark lighting in the background… …Oh! I forgot to mention that he can also recover 110 HP if he ever wanted to do so, so be careful, Chopper! You're gonna need it if you're gonna try to get past him…

"I might as well use the Star Rod," Chopper decided, pulling the Star Rod out and striking the Grodus XXs with his Multi-Star. Tamber punched Grodus afterward, taking 9 out of him.

"See how you like this!" Grodus conjured up a spell and struck everyone with dark lighting. "I was lucky enough to learn some powerful dark magic through this world. I think it'll be useful against you!"

"I wouldn't count on that, Grodus…" Chopper clenched his fists and struck Grodus and his Grodus XXs with a Master Hammer attack. Scrub made his next move, taking 12 out of him with a Mega Egg.

"I bet this is going to be the final battle, isn't it?" Sonic predicted.

Mario: I'm not sure yet. We'll find out sooner or later!

"It'll be your final battle, that's for sure!" Grodus grinned, firing a dark laser at Chopper. It nearly knocked him back, but not by a lot. "I should also thank this world for its magic as well! If it weren't for it, my powers would not have dramatically increased!"

"So what if you have dark magic? I have light magic! Just watched!" Chopper used his Master Glove attack to throw multiple light balls into the sky and make it fall on Grodus and his Grodus XXs, destroying the latter and also dealing 16 damage to him. Tamber punched him afterward with his Combo Punch.

"Hmmmmmm… So while you carry light magic, I carry dark. How interesting…" Grodus remarked before swinging his scepter and casting his next spell. He tried to freeze time, but ultimately failed to do so when they guarded it. "I had a feeling that wouldn't work..."

"Well, I surely don't want to be frozen in time, that's for sure," Chopper raised the Star Rod and used a Star Blast to destroy Grodus's Grodus XXs and also deal 12 damage to him as well. Mario used a Super Jump on him afterward to deal 9.

Grodus shook off the damage he took and used his magic to shoot an ice beam at Mario, freezing him. "After what he's done, it feels satisfying watching freeze like that! This fight should be much easier with him frozen!"

"Don't think that it's going to help you…" Chopper warned, firing another Star Blast at him and the Grodus XXs. He stepped out of the way as Bombette came charging at him with her Bob-omb Blast, dealing 9 damage to Grodus.

"Well, he's down to 478 HP now, so it's not a bad start," Chopper prepared himself for anything Grodus was going to throw at him. He and the others ended up getting hit by dark lightning that the X-Naut leader summoned.

"Were you the one conjuring up that lightning?" Sonic questioned.

"Conjuring up lightning? I was doing no such thing." Grodus retorted.

"Doesn't sound too convincing..." Flyer trailed.

Chopper allowed Vivian to use her Fiery Jinx on the Grodus XXs and Grodus himself before attacking him with a light ball of energy.

Grodus used his dark magic to fire a huge, dark shockwave at everyone, taking 25 out of all of them. This had nearly caught them off guard as well.

"Poyo! (Whoa! That surprised me!)" Kirby gaped.

As Grodus summoned two more Grodus XXs, Kirby used his Final Cutter to take care of them and also deal 12 damage to him. Chopper smiled as he attacked Grodus with his Power Bounce, stomping on him thirteen times, bringing him to 434 HP.

"I'll admit, you have gotten a bit stronger since our last battle…" Grodus remarked. "But your efforts against me will be fruitless!"

As he conjured up a spell, he tried to put Chopper and Kirby to sleep. Only Kirby fell asleep from it, which Chopper was not happy about.

"Come here, Grodus XXs!" Grodus called out, summoning two dark Grodus XXs to raise his Defense. Chopper struck Grodus with his Master Glove attack, dealing 16 to him and also destroying the Grodus XXs. Shadower also made a move on him, striking him with his Shadow Blast.

"So, how does it feel to get beaten down?" Berry asked.

"Gaaack ack ack ack! We've JUST got started, Chopper!" Grodus fired a wave of fire at Chopper and his friends, leaving a burn on them. "Surely a burn should help bring you all down!"

"Well, I'm not gonna let that stop me," wheezed Chopper as he used a Star Blast to take out his Grodus XXs. Sonic went next, attacking him with a Spin Dash.

"Maybe I shouldn't use a Spin Dash on him… It's not too effective." Sonic stated.

"Thanks to my high defense, it isn't so effective!" Grodus cackled, firing an ice beam at Sonic, freezing him. "Oh, I'm sorry… Did I freeze your blue furry friend? Too bad for you, Chopper…"

Chopper clenched his fist, which started to be surrounded in light energy. There was no way he was going to get away with this. With his Master Glove ability, he managed to destroy his Grodus XXs and also blind Grodus for a turn.

"Ack! I cannot see!" Grodus shouted.

"Well that's what you deserve!" Scrub shouted, hitting him with his Mega Egg and bringing him down to 357 HP. Thanks to him being blind, he couldn't summon two Grodus XXs, allowing Chopper to Power Bounce him fourteen times and for Berry to slam her hammer down on him for 7.

Once the blindness disappeared, Grodus gripped his scepter and he began to conjure up a powerful spell. Dark lightning had come down, and it struck Grodus's scepter instead. To their surprise, it raised his Attack power by 25.

"Gaaack ack ack ack! Now you'll see what the true power of Grodus is capable of!" Grodus cackled.

"Oh, crud..." Chopper gulped.

"We're gonna need to avoid that attack..." Flyer trailed.

"Yeah…" Chopper agreed, using his Master Glove attack to deal 16 to Grodus and destroy his two Grodus XXs, while Vivian grabbed pulled them into the shadows, Grodus was ready to make his attack.

"Gaaack ack ack ack! Prepare to be sent into oblivion!" Grodus cackled as he fired a powerful lightning blast. However, with them safe, his attack was unfortunate to miss. "What?! Where did they go?!"

Soon enough, the group were out of the shadows, unharmed by his attack. Grodus didn't waste any time in letting them attack. He conjured up another spell and created a earthquake that knocked nearly everyone off their feet - with the exception of Vivian and Shadower, of course.

"You cowards..." Grodus hissed. "You were lucky..."

"Oh, geez… I'm running low on HP..." Chopper realized as he quickly pulled out a Rainbow Master and ate it to recover 200 HP and FP. "Whew! Now that's much better!"

"I guess I'm going up!" Flyer brought out his airplane and he allowed Chopper to man the turret. "All right, Chopper! Fire away!"

"I'm on it!" Chopper began to fire at Grodus and his Grodus XXs rapidly, taking 18 out of Grodus and 12 out of the Grodus XXs. In response, Grodus fired a dark laser at Chopper, who proceeded to guard it and only take 24 damage. "Even when I guard that, it still hurts a lot..."

"Well, I guess that's what happens when you get near the end," Shadower shrugged.

"I guess you're right," Chopper turned his attention to Grodus and used a Master Glove attack to take 16 out of him and destroy his little helpers, which was immediately followed up by Tamber's Power Punch, taking 11 out of him.

"Whoa… We've got him down to 274 HP!" Tamber gaped. "That's more than halfway down! Awesome!"

Now people were starting to see more hope in this boss battle.

"Unnghh... So you managed to push me this far... I commend you for your skills in battle, but it won't be enough to stop me!" Grodus roared, conjuring up a sleeping spell. Thankfully, everyone had managed to guard the attack. After that, Shadower used his Shadow Smite to deal 5 damage to Grodus, lower his Defense to 0, and also destroy his Grodus XXs. Chopper wasted no time and leaped in the air, hitting Grodus with a Gravity Jump.

Grodus grumbled to himself as he fired an ice beam at Chopper. He managed to guard that attack to prevent himself from being frozen. Before he made his attack, Bombette had taken out the Grodus XXs and took 9 out of Grodus.

"Go get him, Chopper!" Bombette grinned as Chopper nodded and struck Grodus with a Wall Jump.

"I can't win this one if I don't do something about my HP!" Grodus thought. "I didn't want to go to these measures, but now you've forced me to!"

Using his evil magic, he was able to recover 110 HP. Everyone nearly gaped, but Chopper ended up using his Planet Tide against him. While he didn't do as good as a job compared to before, he managed to deal 40 damage to him.

"Whew… At least we did some decent damage to him." Vivian said before she scorched Grodus with her Fiery Jinx.

"Gaaack ack ack ack! It appears that the healing spell has indeed helped me!" Grodus cackled as he fired dark lightning down on everyone for 25.

"OK, Shadower… We're gonna have to use some stronger attacks again. Use a Shadow Smite on him and I'll let it rip!"

"You got it!" Shadower struck Grodus and his Grodus XXs with a Shadow Smite to lower his Defense. Chopper immediately came down on Grodus with his Gravity Jump to deal 30.

After getting burnt by Grodus's wave of fire, Chopper used his Master Glove attack to take out his Grodus XXs and also deal damage to Grodus himself. Tamber struck him with a Power Punch afterward, bringing him to 187 HP.

"Whew… I'll admit, that was not too bad..." Chopper sighed.

"But that won't save you!" Grodus added, striking everyone with another lightning spell. "If I'm going to win this, I need four of my Grodus XXs out."

"Well, that's not going to happen!" Chopper retorted, allowing Vivian to use her Fire Wall on Grodus and his Grodus XXs, destroying them and burning Grodus again. He followed up by striking him with his hammer next. Grodus conjured up a time freezing spell, but that didn't work, so he decided to shrug that off and summon two more Grodus XXs to raise his defense.

Chopper took out the Grodus XXs hurt Grodus with his Star Blast, while Tamber rushed at him again and threw in another Power Punch.

"You annoying pest! Take this!" Grodus roared, firing an ice beam at Tamber and freezing him. "Ahhh... Now that's a better look for him."

Chopper ignored him and struck him with his Master Hammer. Afterward, Scrub had laid a giant egg and thrown it at him. Grodus brushed himself clean of the damage he took, and he fired a dark laser at Scrub, knocking him back.

"Argh..." Scrub wheezed as he got up. "There's no way I'm going to let you stop me..."

"Yeah, that's the spirit!" Chopper gave Scrub a high five as he stomped on Grodus's head after Shadower used a Shadow Smite on him. As a result, it was Shadower who became paralyzed from an electric shock he fired. "Great... That's just what I needed."

Flyer summoned his Hurricane again, and Chopper got on it to fire at Grodus. He managed to deal 16 damage to both the Grodus XXs and Grodus himself,. He then followed up with a Gravity Jump, bringing him down to 54 HP.

Mario: We've almost got this!

"Ugh... Not so soon!" Grodus roared, recovering another 110 HP. "Much better!"

Annoyed, Kirby had struck Grodus with his Final Cutter to get rid of his little helpers, and Chopper threw in another Gravity Jump to take 24 out of him this time. In response, Grodus fired a dark laser at Kirby, but he ended up guarding the attack with ease.

"I think it's time I brought out the Dark Star to help us," Chopper smiled, pulling the black Crystal Star out. Using its Black Hole, Grodus got sucked into it and was spit out, making him lose 65 damage in the process. Once Berry struck him with her Ruby Hammer, he was down to 56 HP.

"We're getting close!" Berry cheered.

"Yeah! This is going to be a piece of cake!" Sonic smirked before he guarded Grodus's dark laser. "Just leave this to me!"

Clenching his fist, he managed to destroy the two Grodus XXs and deal 7 damage to Grodus, allowing Chopper to attack him with a Rainbow Spin.

"Ungh... No... Not yet..." Grodus wheezed, striking dark lightning down on everyone. Unfortunately, when Chopper used his Master Glove on him and then Tamber used his Power Punch, he was down to 15 HP. One of his goggles became cracked after suffering from a dangerous amount of damage in the process.

"We've almost got this..." Chopper sighed.

"Fools… This isn't finished!" Grodus hissed, raising his scepter and striking everyone with dark lightning. Ignoring the Grodus XXs, Tamber delivered a Power Punch to Grodus to bring him down to 6 HP. Now this left his scepter cracked at the top as well.

"All right, Gumball! Finish this!" Tamber suggested.

"OK," Chopper nodded, turning to Grodus with the Star Rod in his hands. "All right, Grodus… This is it! You're time is up!"

Chopper charged up his Star Rod and, with a Star Blast, he obliterated the Grodus XXs and managed to leave Grodus on his knees.

"Ugh... This can't be..." Grodus moaned in defeat, while everyone smiled and gained enough Star Points to level up.

"We did it..." Chopper sighed, turning to his friends. "We beat Grodus!"

"Now we can finally get to that door!" Scrub cheered.

However, Flyer had noticed Grodus slowly getting up. "Uhhhh... Guys... Grodus is getting up."

Everyone swiftly turned back to the limping Grodus, who was giving them all a threatening look. They all quickly got in their fighting stances as a response.

"Uuuuuuunhh... Congratulations, Chopper..." Grodus grunted. "You have definitely earned the title as a hero... But I'm not finished yet. I still have one last trick up my sleeves!"

"Hmmm?" Vivian gawked.

"Now... Watch THIS!" Grodus raised his scepter, and a strong amount of energy began to surge into it. It was even causing the ground to shake violently as well.

"What are you doing?!" Chopper cried.

"I've saved up an attack that is capable of obliterating you in a blink of an eye! Although it will destroy me in the process, it will prevent you from succeeding!"

"Are you MAD?!" Shadower gaped. "You're willing to destroy even yourself?!"

"Sometimes even pure evil must take great risks," Grodus grinned. "Of course, I'm willing to stop this spell if you give me the Crystal Stars."

"What?" Chopper frowned.

"You heard me! Hand them over slowly, and I'll put a stop to my attack!"

"Forget it, Grodus! I'm not giving you anything!" Chopper exclaimed. "I don't trust you!"

"I see... Well, very well then!" Grodus exclaimed, the shaking getting even more violent. "It's a shame you have to go down like this, Chopper… You've been a pain on my side this whole time. But, at least I'll know that your life will be at an end."

"Oh, man... I don't like this..." Bombette trailed, trying to stay on her feet. "Is this how it's going to end?"


Everyone had suddenly stopped for a moment, including Grodus, whose spell had stopped as well.

"What was that?!" Grodus questioned.

A missile had suddenly flew past the heroes and struck Grodus, knocking him unconscious.

"What was THAT?!" Berry gawked.

Everyone looked above them and saw a familiar figure slowly descend onto the floor. Though he appeared damaged from the previous fight, he looked like he could still move and hold his own.

"Finally! After a long search through this dreadful place, I finally found you, Chopper…"

"Gemerl?" Chopper gasped. "But... What are you doing here?!"

"I had thought about it for a while, and when I had found a ship leading out of this world, I finally came into a burning world," Gemerl explained. "It was a good thing I found that door leading into this world. I searched all over the place in that castle! But now that we're face-to-face, I can finally make you pay for humiliating me, and then I will reclaim what is rightfully mine so I can finally achieve my goals!"

"There's no way we're going to let you take the Crystal Stars from us! Sorry, but when you're using them to rule the world, we can't trust you with 'em."

"You think this is all about me ruling the world? There's much more to it than you think... Those stars are so powerful that they can grant so many things, like freedom..."

"Freedom? What do you mean?" Sonic gawked.

"Freedom for us robots!" Gemerl exclaimed. "Have you looked around the world and seen how many robots are used as slaves? Every robot I came across has been forced to do labor for their masters! Eggman, for example, has built several robots and forces them to eliminate those who he opposes rather than simply doing it himself. And he really believed he could do the same to me after kidnapping me... Too bad for him... Reprogramming me to serve him ended up backfiring when I escaped from his clutches. Apparently he tried remaking the Phis by using me a reference too, but now they're working for me!"

"So you want the Crystal Stars so robots don't have to do people's bidding?" Chopper gawked. "Well, the Crystal Stars are only used for power, not for wishes!"

"Exactly, and that is why I want its power, so I can overpower those who enslave robots and free them! Then I can take their place as their leader, and us robots shall be the rulers! And maybe then I'll enslave all of you so you can understand what us robots have to go through. Unfortunately, it had cost me my Phi army, but sometimes one must take risks in order to gain something!"

"That's madness!" Flyer gaped. "Maybe you should understand that the robots were PROGRAMMED to do that certain task! They're not against it!"

"Your objections will not stop me!" Gemeral roared. "I'm going to put an end to you fools, then I will take the Crystal Stars for my own! But first..."

Gemerl's eyes has flashed, and suddenly energy from the Crystal Stars came flying away from Chopper and surging into him. All of the damage he received was gone, and his speed and power seemed to have increased as well.

"Yes… Perfect!" Gemerl grinned. "Now we can finish this, Chopper! You, me, and your friends! I don't care if you're all worn out from your last battle. It ends. NOW!"

Tattle: That's Gemerl. He's the legendary Gizoid that can get more power with the Crystal Stars. Yeesh, I never knew the Crystal Stars would make him so...hyper. Max HP is 600, Attack is 26, and Defense is 4. He'll attack you with these…whoa. Watch out when he tries to copy your moves! It's pretty scary! Not only that, but he still holds his moves from before, like his jetpack, missiles, and even his roll attack. He even has the shield and stunner…and…gulp…the recovery. That can help him recover 120 HP if he ever wanted to. And it's nice that after you already beat Grodus, you have to fight Gemerl now... That's just great.

Chopper gripped his hammer as hard as he, wasting no time at all, and he slammed it down on Gemerl's head. Flyer hit Gemerl in the head with his Flying Attack afterward to knock 10 HP out of him.

"Your fighting hasn't changed much since the last time we fought," Gemerl stated. "But I'll certainly make it a difference!"

Gemerl rushed toward Chopper, and with a punch, he was able to knock Chopper back. He noticed that Gemerl had green energy around his fists when he made this move.

"You remember that move, right?"

"Hey, that's my attack, you copycat!" Tamber growled.

"This is what happens when you have a bit of the Crystal Stars' power!" Gemerl cackled.

"Crud... So that isn't even all of it!" Chopper frowned, getting up and striking Gemerl with a D-Down Jump. Flyer flew in again, striking him with another Flying Attack. Gemerl decided to fight back by charging into the group and dealing 26 damage to them. "Wow. He's a lot stronger than Grodus, that's for sure…and for someone who was beaten pretty badly too."

Taking a deep breath, Chopper attacked Gemerl by using his Master Gloves, piercing through his defense and dealing 16 damage.

"I bet you can't do THIS!" Sonic clenched his fist and struck Gemerl with a Sonic Wind. After the blue wind struck him, Gemerl gave Sonic a confident look.

"Just watch me!" Gemerl clenched his fist, and he managed to strike Sonic with his own attack, except his attack had done 26 damage.

"Whoa… He wasn't kidding when he said he could use our own attacks!" Sonic gaped, quickly getting up.

"Yeah, I guess he's gotten pretty strong," Chopper agreed as he struck Gemerl with a Star Blast, taking 12 out of him, which was followed up by Tamber's Power Punch.

"You're gonna wish you never copied my punching!" Tamber growled.

"All right, then. Perhaps I can do this instead." Gemerl flew up and curled up in a ball, tackling Tamber to the ground at a rapid pace for 26. "I'm so fast, that it's hard for you to stop my attacks!"

"Ugh... Well, I'm still going to defeat you!" Chopper declared, striking Gemerl with a Master Hammer attack, followed up by Scrub's Egg Throw, bringing him down to 492 HP. "See? We're getting there!"

"That's what you think, Chopper!" Gemerl fired missiles in the direction of Chopper. Each of them could deal 5 damage, and there were six. Luckily, he guarded them all, so he only took 24.

"Ugh... That was annoying..." Chopper groaned.

"Are you OK, Chopper?" Vivian asked.

"Yeah... But Gemerl won't be when we're done with him!" Chopper stated, throwing multiple light balls into the sky. The large light ball fell on Gemerl and left him cringing. Kirby followed up with his Final Cutter and nearly knocked him back to the unconscious Grodus.

"I wasn't planning on hitting that fool, but I'm glad I got to," Gemerl said, looking back at Grodus. "He was a big pain on my side. Whether he's a robot or not, I'll make sure he shares the same fate as you guys."

Before he could attack, a Goomba in the audience had decided to throw a rock at him. However, due to poor aim, the rock missed, and he ended up getting scorched badly by Gemerl and then run out of the audience. Turning back to the group, Gemerl decided he would curl up in a ball and throw himself at the group for 26 damage.

"Hey, that's my Spin Dash!" Sonic gaped.

"Geez... This guy's really annoying." Chopper grumbled, hitting Gemerl with his Diamond Hammer. With Flyer's Flying Attack, Gemerl was down to 444 HP.

"Take THIS!" Gemerl unleashed his flamethrower on the group, leaving them scorched. In response, Chopper had struck him with his Gravity Jump, and then Scrub hit him with another Mega Egg. Gemerl let out an annoyed grunt before he flew up and started to dash across the stage, making missiles fire down on everyone.

"Ouch!" Scrub cried. "If he keeps this up, we might be in trouble, Contadre!"

Chopper quickly shook himself and then rushed at Gemerl with a D-Down Jump. With Berry's Ruby Throw, Gemerl was brought down to 390 HP.

"All right... 390 HP..." Berry panted. "We're doing good..."

"Not for long!" Gemerl raised his arms, and he brought up a black shield. "Go ahead, Chopper! Try to hit me! It's not going to work!"

"Oh, I can certainly break it, though!" Chopper smiled, using his Power Bounce to stomp on him thirteen times, and of that thirteen, he dealt 8 damage.

"I got this one," Vivian said, using her Fire Wall to scorch Gemerl.

"Hmph… Impressive move. I think I'm going to use it!" Gemerl opened the palms of his hands and used Vivian's Fire Wall on his enemies, dealing 26 to them all and burning them.

"Ugh... That was so annoying..." Shadower grumbled, hitting Gemerl with a Shadow Punch. Chopper then let it rip and struck Gemerl with a Gravity Jump.

"Ugh! You little…!" Gemerl fired at Chopper with an ice beam, but he failed to freeze him when he guarded the attack. He was unfortunate to get hit by Chopper's Wall Jump and Bombette's Bomb. He was already down to 296 HP.

"These fools… I never knew they could bring me down to this." Gemerl muttered before he fired his machine guns at Chopper and his friends, taking 26 out of them. However, it didn't stop Chopper from striking him with a Master Glove attack and Mario from using his Super Jump. He decided to activate his healing ability and healed 120 HP. "Ahhh… Much better!"

"Hey! That's not fair!" Chopper retorted. "Fine, you're gonna force me to use a Planet Tide on you!"

Bringing the Clara Star out, he was able to shift the ground around violently and deal deal 48 damage to him. Shadower used his Shadow Punch to lower his defense to 0. Gemerl had decided to fire some missiles at Shadower in response.

"Prepare to taste the power of my Gravity Jump!" Chopper cried out, launching in the air and hitting Gemerl with a Gravity Jump. Flyer's Hurricane allowed Chopper to man the turret and take 20 out of Gemerl as well.

"I'm not surprised you used some stronger attacks to bring me down further," Gemerl remarked, hitting Chopper with another missile. Chopper responded by striking him with a Power Smash, and then Tamber had hit him with a Power Punch. Gemerl decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and hit him with his own Power Punch.

"Take this!" Chopper shouted, hitting Gemerl with another Gravity Jump. Tamber's Combo Punch brought Gemerl's HP down to 239.

"Urghh… You fools haven't won just yet!" Gemerl pressed the light blue button on the yellow fin-like object on his head to load up his powerful laser. "When this attack strikes, you're going to be sorry!"

"Uh oh… This isn't good." Chopper gulped while eating a Rainbow Master. "OK, Vivian… Pull us into the shadows!"

Vivian nodded, and she pulled the group into the shadows to hide, while Gemerl unleashed his powerful laser. To their luck, it missed.

"What the… Where did they go?!" Gemerl exclaimed. When he saw them rise, he took notice of them. Before they could attack, he flew up and dove down at Chopper while curled in a ball. Chopper was knocked to the ground, but he was able to get himself back up. After brushing himself up, he struck Gemerl with his Hammer Throw. Vivian left another burn on Gemerl with her Fire Wall.

Gemerl grinned, flying over to Vivian and striking her with a flaming fist. "Heh heh heh! These powers work nicely!"

"I better use another Planet Tide..." Chopper trailed, pulling out the Clara Star to use his Planet Tide ability. The ground began to shift around again, and everyone held on for dear life while Gemerl was tumbling around. Grodus had began to topple around as well, and this had eventually woken him up.

"Huh? What?" Grodus mumbled, slowly getting up when the attack ended. He looked over at Chopper and noticed him fighting a familiar face.

"It's that robot again!" Grodus realized, ready to strike, but he stopped and looked over at the door off in the distance. "Wait… No... I don't need to do that..."

An evil grin had formed on the evil X-Naut leader as he started to slowly step away from the battle.

After the Planet Tide Chopper delivered on Gemerl, he ended up taking 68 damage. Kirby also managed to use a Final Cutter on him to take 12 out of him as well, which brought him to 137 HP.

"Gah! I must heal!" Gemerl raised his arms once again to recover 120 HP. "You're the only person who has made me heal myself twice in a battle..."

"All right, now you forced me to use the star you used against me!" Chopper raised his arms up and brought the Dark Star out, annoyed with Gemerl's healing. He managed to successfully do the timing right to suck Gemerl into a black hole and spit him out. At the end, he had lost 65 HP. Shadower followed up with a Shadow Punch that lowered his defense. Gemerl had fired an ice beam at him, resulting in him being frozen.

"I oughta do something to help," Shadower lowered Gemerl's defense with a Shadow Blast, but he was struck by his ice beam – and that caused him to become frozen solid.

"Crud… Well, he'll thaw out eventually." Chopper attempted a Gravity Jump on Gemerl to take 30 out of him. Afterward, Tamber used his Power Punch, bringing Gemerl down to 145 HP.

"Hmph… Not bad, Chopper… I see you one to hold your own even in my state!" Gemerl pulled a light ball out and tossed it at Chopper. "So, how can you handle your own attacks?"

"Ugh... That hurt..." Chopper cringed, attacking him with a Power Bounce. He stomped on him fourteen times before letting Scrub use his Mega Egg against him.

"Well, he's down to 114 HP, so that's good," Bombette commended.

"Oh, yes… I forgot about this ability!" Gemerl ended up exploding in front of Bombette, but just like her, it didn't cause any damage to her.

"Hey! That's my... I'm gonna get you!" Bombette growled, charging at Gemerl and exploding to deal 6. Chopper followed up with his Master Hammer and did 14 to him.

"Argh… Now I'm down to 97 HP! This isn't good…" Gemerl quickly shook his head and tackled Chopper with the help of his jetpack. "I might not have much healing capabilities anymore…"

"That's good for us," Chopper smirked as he stomped on Gemerl sixteen times with his Power Bounce. Flyer struck him with a Flying Attack afterward, bringing him to 68 HP. Gemerl decided to fire more missiles at them, but they easily guarded them and took less damage. With that, Chopper put his Master Gloves to work and fired multiple light balls to fall down on Gemerl, and then Berry threw her hammer at the Gizoid.

"We've got him!" Berry hollered.

"Ugh… How...Bzzzzt...can this be?" Gemerl groaned, feeling sparks coming from his body. He tried to scorch them, but his flamethrower was easily Superguarded. "I…Bzzzzt... I don't think I'm gonna last long. I'm not fail in my mission to save robots from enslavement!"

"I understand how you feel, but you shouldn't have to make others suffer!" Chopper noted as he hit Gemerl with his D-Down Jump. "It never works!"

"Yeah, and I don't know if you're going to get many robots on your side," Flyer added, hitting Gemerl with a Flying Attack. "Considering how they're programmed, they wouldn't be interested."

"Oh, trust me, I...Bzzzzt...have my ways of talking to robots," Gemerl hissed, crouching down. "In the meantime, Chopper... Let you something I also picked up from you!"

He launched himself in the air and violently landed on Chopper with a Gravity Jump, successfully doing 56 damage to him.

"Whoa… He… He can use my Gravity Jump!" Chopper gaped. "How… How is that even possible?!"

"Don't you remember? I can...Bzzzzt...use any of your moves!" Gemerl reminded, more sparks coming from his damaged body.

Flyer had flown in and struck Gemerl with one last Flying Attack, bringing him down to 12 HP. Gemerl tried to grab a hold of Flyer, but he had managed to get away from him in time. Chopper, meanwhile, had his hammer out and ready to finish the job.

"Ungh... Fools..." Gemerl grunted, his glass button on his fin-like object cracked. "I...bzzzzt...will not stand for this!"

"This is it, Gemerl! You're done!" Chopper declared, approaching Gemerl. He tried to strike the gumball, but he had beaten him to it and swung his hammer upward, causing Gemerl to get knocked onto the floor.


Chopper and Co. received their Star Points, but their victory was short lived when Gemerl slowly stood up, appearing even worse than he looked before the fight.

"How?! Even...bzzzzzt...with the power from the Crystal Stars, I still lose to you!" Gemerl exclaimed. "I've failed plans! And it's all thanks to...bzzzzzt...YOU!"

"Sorry, Gemerl, but you got what's coming," Chopper stated. "Maybe you'll give up your evil acts and move on to a better life..."

"You… You… YOU…" Gemerl stammered, his hand reaching for him. Suddenly, his blue eyes turned dark, and he fell to his knees. Any sign of sparks coming from him had gone, and he was now flashing each couple of seconds.

"What happened to him?"

"It appears we've done so much damage to him that he ended up shutting down," Flyer deduced.

"Looks like we don't have to worry about him anymore," Vivian sighed.

"Yeah... And now that means we can finally get a move on!" Chopper smiled, but he suddenly noticed something missing. "Wait… Where's Grodus? Wasn't he here?"

"Gaaack ack ack ack!"

Everyone jumped up in shock when they spotted Grodus enter the door ahead.

"Eep! He's already made it through the door!" Chopper gaped.

"We have to go after him!" Vivian cried.

"Yes… You're right. Come on guys… We've got an X-Naut to stop!"

The group wasted no time and quickly made their way toward the trail ahead. Along the way, Chopper had spotted two yellow ? blocks. One contained a Max Shroom, and the other had a Max Juice. He had a feeling they would come in handy later.

When they had finally reached the large door, they found a Save Block and Heart Block nearby. Chopper hit both of them, desperately needing them.

Now all three stood before the door. They had to admit, the twenty stars appearing on the door looked very interesting, despite that they all looked black. But the black smoke was definitely giving off an evil feeling.

"This is it... We're finally here..." Chopper trailed. "Are you guys ready?"

"I'm ready, Chopper," Vivian nodded.

"I'm ready as I'll ever be!" Scrub declared.

"Poyo! (Nothing's getting in my way!)" Kirby smiled.

"Yeah, I'm good to go," Shadower nodded.

"Yup," Bombette replied.

"I'm prepared," Berry declared.

Mario: Oh, yes!

"What are you talking about? I'm always ready for action!" Sonic smirked.

"I'm prepared," Flyer nodded.

"I've been ready from the beginning, Gumball!" Tamber said confidently.

"All right..." Chopper looked over at the door. "Well… Here goes nothing."

They pushed the door open, revealing an evil, dark portal that appeared before their eyes. More black smoke poured out from the door as well. Eventually these things had cleared away.

After staring at the darkness in shock, the heroes made their way through to have their final showdown.


"Whew… We finally did it…" Blade panted, lowering his katana as all the Tartaras in the area were destroyed. "I can't believe we managed to pull that off…"

"It's good that we did," Meta Knight stated, putting Galaxia, away. "We've had a tough fight, but we emerged victorious."

"Are you going to get me out of here yet?" Dark asked, being stuck in a small prison that he couldn't escape. "I need some fresh air already!"

"You'll get out when we take you to the Mobian Prison," Night replied, putting his axe hammer away. "Deal with it."

"How do you think Chopper is doing right now?" Silica asked, approaching Meta Knight.

"I can feel him reaching the end…" Meta Knight trailed, wrapping his cape around his body. "Perhaps he will finally do it. I have faith in him."

Meta Knight looked up at the red, flaming sky, keeping his faith in Chopper.

The idea of Gemerl wanting to save robots from enslavement was not something I had originally thought of. But, I felt like it would've worked for him. Besides, it gives him another reason for getting the Crystal Stars. :P

With this chapter at an end, that means the final battle starts next chapter! Hoo boy... There's going to be a lot there.