Tyler and Trisha saw them selves falling fast yet seemingly slow towards the ground. Above they could see a large city with a desert behind it, and two mountains with forests on the side of the city and desert. They then saw the pane that carried them fall right underneath them, and crashed into what seemed to be a small desolate island, but slid across the small water between that island and the right forest and crashing into it. Tyler would have been glad that it didn't hit the city, but was too concerned about his own imperiled life along with Trisha's who was starting to form tears of fear in her eyes and was holding tightly on his arm.

"Trisha…" Tyler said getting her attention.

"Before we die…"

"Yes?" Trisha asked.

"I want you to know…"


"…THAT THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" a mental lightning bolt hit Trisha as she was petrified with shock. She let go of Tyler's arm and the two were facing each other.

"M-my fault? It's YOUR fault why I'm even here at all! You dragged me into this!" Trisha said pointing at Tyler.

"Well MAYBE if you didn't stick your nose into where it didn't belong, we wouldn't be falling to our doom!" Tyler snapped back. The two yelled at each other, seeming to forget that they were falling to their deaths, and they were yelling to a point where Chillarmy, who was still in Trisha's left arm, pulled it's ears down in a attempt to block out their volume, and was probably thinking death was BETTER than having to listen to these two. The two stopped their bickering when they saw a poke ball fall in between them.

"A poke-…! that's right, that thief's other pokemon! We may still make it!" Tyler said grabbing the orb out of the air. And pressing the button in the middle to open it, as it opened a blinding light emitted from the orb and when it subsided the two saw the creature hidden inside…

It was a giant eagle-like bird with red feathers on the Its back and back wings and blue feathers on its belly, under wings and face, which had a yellow beak red and white feathers coming out of its head and red yellow and blue tail feathers. The two without thought grabbed the bird's legs as it flew them down towards land.

"What kind of pokemon is this? I've never seen this kind before either!" Trisha asked still holding on to chillarmy.

"Who cares? it's saving us!" Tyler yelled as the bird was now flying above the trees, but had noticed the two kids hanging onto it's legs as they saw it glare at them.

"O-oh… don't mind us… heh, heh…" Trisha said nervously. The bird, however, simply stuck it's legs down into the trees, causing them to smash their faces into a tree branch and let go, letting it fly away. The two then fell to the ground, their faces and back hurting, but were still alive. Trisha was the first to get up and rub her head.

"Well… that was a unpleasant landing, but it's definitely better than splattering against the ground. Hey Ty- Tyler? Where are you?" Trisha looked around and didn't see him, until she heard some muffling sounds. She looked down and saw that she was sitting on his face. She was about to get up until she then noticed that her skirt was outstretched and Tyler's head was right under it.

"AHHHH!PERVERT!" she quickly got up and kicked Tyler away by the face.

"You perverted bastard, how could you disrespect a girl like that?" Trisha yelled.

"Well excuse me, BUT I DON'T HAVE CONTROL OF WHERE I LAND WHEN I FALL!" Tyler yelled back. "Besides I didn't even see anything, I was friggin' smothered under the-" Tyler was interrupted when a rock, thrown by a enraged Trisha.

"SHUT UP YOU STUPID BOY!" Trisha was then replied with Lucario's poke ball being thrown into her face by a irritated Tyler.

"QUIET YOU STUPID GIRL!" Tyler yelled. Lucario sighed as it popped out of its poke ball and helped Trisha up.

"Tyler, It isn't proper for a male to assault a female like that…"

"That's right! Haven't you heard of- Wait… who said that?" Trisha asked as she looked around.

"Oh, that was just Rukario, He uses his aura to speak telepathy…" Tyler said as Trisha just stared at him like he was nuts.

"Please, EVERYbody knows that there's no such thing as a talking-"

"No, he's correct, I'm speaking to you right now." Lucario responded telepathically, shocking Trisha to no end.

"Wha- Bu-….How did-… Tyler how-"

"Well, it looks like we're safe for now…" Tyler said, stopping Trisha from talking. "But I think it's best if we find a town or something to get some information as to what region we're in…" Tyler then walked off with Lucario and Chillarmy Following behind. Trisha just stood there dumbfounded, but decided to just follow Tyler for the time being.

"So, we're not in shinnoh anymore?" Trisha asked.

"Probably not, we were trapped on that plane for a long time, so I doubt that this is still shinnoh…" This caused Trisha to start rambling.

"Oh man, Oh man this is just great! First I get kidnapped now I'm stranded here, and with YOU of all people! Oh why did you drag me into this? I'm supposed to be at prof. Rowans lab right now, not here where I'm forced to Travel with-" Trisha finally stopped when Tyler took the bird pokemon's poke ball and shoved it in her mouth.

" Be quiet, you're scaring the pokemon away…" Tyler said pointing to some nearby creatures covered by the shadows running away from the three. Trisha took the capsule out her mouth and threw it back hand. Shortly after, the two found themselves in a small clearing, with a few houses and a laboratory near the right end side of it. What was really bothering them though was the saucer like airship that they were in earlier was lying there smashed into the lab's left wall and black smoke coming out from the building.

"Oh damn!" Tyler cursed as he, Lucario and Trisha ran towards the lab as they ran inside Trisha saw a sign outside the lab that said 'Kanoko lab'. Inside they saw that the place was ransacked, and a person laying down unconscious on the ground, she looked like she was in her late 20's or early 30's had brown hair, a lab coat white sleeveless shirt and a green skirt with slippers.

"M'am, are you alright?" Tyler asked softy shaking her awake by her shoulder as she stirred.

"Ugh… what happened? Who are you?" She asked.

"My name is Tyler, and this is…. What was your name again?"

"TRISHA! YOU JUST SAID WHEN WE WERE FALLING!" Trisha yelled angrily. Tyler ignored this and helped the woman up.

"My Lab! It's ruined! And where did this thing come from anyway?" She yelled.

"Well… you see, that was partially our fault…" Tyler said getting her attention.

"Well you see, we were kidnapped and were being on that thing, and as we were trying to escape, we fell out and this crashed landed while we were falling, so again, this is partly our fault." Tyler said rather calmly. The woman just stared at him, but then sighed.

"Guess it can't be helped…"

"SHE TOOK THAT SO CALMLY!" Trisha yelled in her mind, not believing that the woman believed such a ludicrous explanation. The lady's eyes then widened as she realized something.

"Wait, you said your name was Tyler, right?"

"Yeah… how do you know my name? are you Professer Aragai?" Tyler asked as the professor nodded cheerfully.

"Yup! The one and only!"

"Great so that means…" Tyler snatched Chillarmy out of Trisha's arms and held it in front of the professor. "…We can give this back to you and we'll be done!" He said cheerfully.

"You would… but I'm not it's owner, I already have a Chillarmy." Prof. Aragai said as another Chillarmy came from behind one of the machines and ran towards the professors arm scared from the explosion. Tyler just sighed.

"Oh well, guess we'll have to take it to the next center or something…."As Tyler continued talking to the professor about help, Trisha looked around the remains of the lab, and found a poster on the wall. It had a picture of three pokemon, on top and two at the bottom, with arrows pointing at each of them, forming a triangle.

On the top she saw a grass like snake with a pointy nose, small leafy arms, stubby feet and a three pointed leaf at the tip of its tail. At the bottom left she saw a otter like thing with a round white head, orange nose, and blue body with a shell in the middle, with stubby white arms, flat blue feet and a flat blue tail. On the bottom Right she saw a orange pig like creature with its face covered in black from the upper tip of its nose to its ears, with yellow also at the tip, and black at its bottom. She instantly realized that these were the starters of the region.

"Hey professor, do you still have these pokemon here?" She asked, this caused the prof. to drop her jaw in shock and realize something. She looked around but her jaw just dropped.

"Oh no! don't tell me they were…" The professor then ran around all over the remains of the lab and sighed.

"What, what's wrong?"

"The starters! The new starters that just came in they're gone! What if they were crushed?" Aragi yelled. Lucario closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them.

"They're still alright…" Lucario said. "Their spiritual presences are still active, though they are scattered all across the area."

"H-hey, did-"

"Yeah Rukario uses telepathy, big deal…"

"THAT'S A VERY BIG DEAL!" Trisha mentally yelled.

"Right now, since we know they're safe, we should probably get them back here before something does happen…" Tyler said looking slightly to the left where he could hear something running away in the bushes.

"Trisha, we're going off to search." Tyler declared.

"Wha-? HEEY!" Before she could argue, Tyler grabbed her by the back of her shirt and pulled her off. Leaving the professor and the two chillarmy's alone.

"Damn….I can't believe this…" Aragi cursed as she looked down at the chillarmy with the red collar and picked it up.

"Well guess I'll examine it like rowan asked, I have enough survived equipment to do so…"


The two wandered through the woods surrounding the town, not making any progress in the search.

"Why did you have to drag me into this? Haven't you learned by now that dragging other people into situations leads to trouble?" Tyler simply shushed her as he looked around.

"Listen, I think there may be someone after the starters, as such I can' risk missing one, and that's why I brought you." Tyler explained as Lucario from his side pointed towards the left.

"Tyler, there is a presence of the starters to the left and right of us, and I'm sensing the presence of another human." Lucario stated as he blinked and his eyes returned to normal. Tyler nodded.

"Just as I thought… Listen, Trisha we need to split up look to the left and I'll go right."

"You seriously expect me to alone?"

"Don't worry, I'll have you Rukario go with you, I know how to take care of myself, unlike you." Lucario was restraining Trisha at this point. "Well go find as many as you can and bring them back to the lab, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we can part ways for good." Tyler said before he walked off. Trisha was left irritated though figured she should get it over with now so she can leave him later.

"That bastard, is he always like that?"

"Yes, But he is not a cold hearted person, it's just how he is."

"Well it's not like that matters once this is over I'll never have to deal with him again!" Trisha said storming off with Lucario sighing behind her, though suddenly his ears twitched.

"There's something nearby…" Lucario alerted Trisha.

"What? Where, I don't see-!" Trisha was soon answered when the orange pig she read about earlier tackled her down.

"Huh?" She looked down and saw it shaking in her lap. It looked up at her with fear in its eyes. "H-hey, what wrong?"

"LOOK OUT! ABOVE YOU!" Trisha looked up and her eyes widened in fear as a giant purple centipede looking creature appeared speeding in front of her with it's two horns outstretched.

"Didn't you hear me move!" Lucario yelled running towards the stunned Trisha. Just as the horns were about to pierce her and the pig pokemon, Lucario ran like a blur and pushed Trisha out of range, getting a cut across his back.

"GRUR!" He winced in pain as he stood in front of the two, ignoring the bleeding and staring at the enemy. Staring at Lucario's wounded back, Trisha simply shook even more.

"H-hey are you alright?"

"Yeah, though only because of my typing, If I didn't have steel traits I'd be dead right now, as would you if that had hit…" Lucario said not moving his glare from the giant centipede. "It won't let us leave, I'll have to take care of this-!" Lucario tried to move, but all the limbs in his body were frozen.

"Damn… paralysis?"


"Hm… this doesn't look good…" Tyler said. He stood behind a tree seeing a rushing river below, Surrounding the River were purple cheetah looking pokemon with orange stripes. And on a small rock in the middle of the lake stood the otter like pokemon mentioned earlier holding the shell that was on it's stomach as though it were a weapon.

"Looks like I'll have to get to work…" Tyler said taking a branch from the tree he was standing next to.

Man, I left this story on Ice didn't I? I originally meant to update way back in September, but I was really arguing with myself on whether to continue this or not, and I decided the latter(obviously). I hope to update this more frequently, but 'Jyan' is my top priority, so don't expect too much.


Wargle: Type: Normal/Flying, the Valiant Pokemon

Tsutaja(poster image): Type: grass, the grass snake pokemon

Pokabu: Type: Fire, the fire Pig pokemon

Mijumaru: Type: Water, the sea otter pokemon

Pendra: Type: bug/poison, the mega centipede pokemon

On a side note I may be calling the new pokemon from their original Romanized names instead of their U.S. names because I'm simply THAT disappointed on how they did some of the names, and if you look them up, you'll see why. But nonetheless I still reserved my copy and will continue the story.