Suteneko: Damn it!

Ikuto: What?

Suteneko: Tomorrow is the Ramadan!

Everyone: Huh?

Kairi: Ramadanis the Islamic month offasting, in which participatingMuslimsrefrain from eating, drinking and sexual activities fromdawnuntilsunset.

Amu: Wow

Suteneko: And I can't curse either!

Ikuto: Oh my god, my dream came through.

Suteneko: *whacks Ikuto* Asshole….

Daichi: Well now Amu is going to transform with me! Amulet Jack!

Suteneko: Yup! Kukai! On with the disclaimer!

Kukai: Okay!AmuKuroNekoHime does not own Shugo Chara or its characters.

At Seiyo Middle School's soccer field…..

Kukai's POV

Hinamori "Yo Hinamori!"

Hinamori was dressed in a black and white jersey with the number 82 on it, light pink pants and hot pink sneakers.(Episode 82)

She smiled at me and waved, "Kukai! Hey!"

I ran up to her, "Thanks for coming to the game. Too bad everyone else is busy."

"Yeah, but I'm here and I'll be cheering for you."

I smiled, "Thanks, the game is about to start and I have to get changed. Later!"

"See ya! Good luck!"

I ran to the locker rooms to get changed into my uniform.

This is going to be a great game I can feel it.

Kukai: That was short.

Suteneko: Sorry! I have school tomorrow and its one more minute to 10!

Kairi: And she has to wake up early tomorrow to eat and then fast the whole day.

Amu: Good luck!

Suteneko: Thanks Amu! I'll update as soon as I have the time.

Ikuto: Meaning its going to take a while for her to update.

Suteneko: I have exams next week and I've got tuition homework and…..

Ikuto: Excuses…..

Amu: *punches Ikuto's face*

Ikuto: Ow!

Amu: Unlike you, Suteneko goes to school and does her schoolwork and studies seriously.

Ikuto: Hn

Suteneko: I'll promise I'll update ASAP

Kukai: Until then please review

Kairi: Also to the Muslims reading this, "Happy Fasting!"