Suteneko: God I hate school! I've been stuck with revision, studying, tests, examinations!

Kairi: You know stress can be dangerous.

Yukari: Kairi is right you know.. Stress can cause aches and pains, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, dizziness, and chest pains. It can also make it difficult to concentrate or remember things and can make you more susceptible to colds and flus.

Suteneko: Well I have been feeling a bit sickly….

Kairi: And worst of all you're fasting.

Suteneko: God why the heck do we have exams during the fasting month!

Yukari: Because life sucks for you.

Suteneko: Just do the disclaimer with Kairi already.

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Nikaidou's POV

"Let me explain, you see, from what I understand, chara naris are representations of what you desire to be. Correct?"

"Yes but I don't see why…"

"Now, now let me finish."

She grumbled in response.

Such an impatient character.

"The reason you are able to chara nari with other charas is because you desire certain qualities they have."

She had a confused look on her face.

I sighed.

"Okay, let's go one by one. First Amulet Angel."

"What about?"

"Were there any qualities you would have wanted as Amulet Angel?"

"I sometimes want to be….be more….well… innocent."

"Amulet Devil?"

"Sometimes I wish I was more immature and maybe a tougher personality."

"Amulet Royal?"

"To be more confident of my myself."

"Amulet Lynx?"

" Mmm…maybe be a bit…more bold?"

"And lastly, Amulet Jack."

"More open to trying out new things"

"See? Understand now?"

"Yeah. Thank you sensei."

"You're Welcome."

Amu's POV

I should give him more credit.

From the corner of my eye, I saw everyone huddling around sensei's laptop and then it dawned on me…

Assholes! They were taking pictures of Amulet Jack(the ones from Nikaidou's laptop)using their phones.

I twirled the lollipop; the one sensei gave me earlier in my hand as I worked out my revenge.

I stopped twirling the lollipop.

I got it.

I kept the lollipop in my skirt pocket and called out to Daichi.



"Chara change with me now please."

Daichi's POV

She going to beat up the guys isn't she?

Oh well, it's always fun to watch

"Hai! Chara Change!"

The Xs in her hair turned dark green and the snowboard appeared in her right hand.

She smirked and got behind the Guardians and coughed.

They turned around and saw her.

They sweatdropped when they saw her grinning wickedly.

She raised the snowboard high above her head and knocked every one of them unconscious.

Nikaidou's POV

Note to self, never get her mad. Especially when she has charas with her.

"Himam- I mean Hinamori-san why are you always so violent in your chara changes?"

She gave me a glare

"If you don't mind me asking of course." I added in hastily

Amu shrugged, "I learnt that people respond better to actions than words."

And hitting them is her course of action?

"Ja Ne Sensei"

She took out the lollipop, unwrapped it and sucked on it.

She walked past me with her charas in tow.

That reminds me I have papers to grade.

I ran back to school to grab my bag so I can grade the papers as soon as I get home.

Chara's POV

"What are supposed to do now?" asked Daichi.

Rhythm shrugged, "I guess we just wait for them to wake up."

Pepe nodded, "Rhythm's right deschu. There's nothing else we can do anyway"

"Not true" Yoru replied with a devilish smirk.

He flew up and grabbed Kiseki's crown and started taunting him.

"Give it back you baka neko!"

KusuKusu laughed.

Suteneko: It's finished!

Utau: You're joking right?

Ikuto: There has to be more chapters!

Suteneko: Nope. Now its time for my Kukamu one-shot., "CheerleaderAmu ?"

Note: I got the idea from Kukai's Cheerleader by chocolateru.

Utau: But then what happened to us?

Suteneko: You'll find out in CharaNari Special: Amulet Beat!

Ikuto: She's just lazy.

Suteneko: I heard that!

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