This is gonna be a dark one...A desperate and beautiful young woman is about to jump to her death off a bridge to the icy water 100 feet below near Forks...what a waste. Dark Cullen Brothers.

Chapter 1 - Season of the Lie


My brothers and I were walking through the wilderness from our father's home outside of Forks.

We were supposed to be hunting for animals. That is what Carlisle wanted. He demanded the three of us live on animal blood instead of our mainstay, human blood.

It was cruel really.

Carlisle just wanted to be able to fuck his nurses at the hospital so he had to maintain a certain lifestyle. A coven stays together always and Carlisle was the leader of our coven. So we followed his lead.

We, being me and my brothers, Jasper and Emmett made up this coven. No they aren't really my brothers. We just live as a family.

Jasper is a vampire almost as old as Carlisle, but he was changed when he was only 19 so he remains young looking. He was what the girls called a "cowboy". He had his blond hair and western wear, but he really just rode the girls like they were livestock. Emmett is my other brother, who was changed by Carlisle himself after a bear attack. He was seen as the nice one of the three of us, because of his teddy bear like appearance, although he's huge. Never mind that he enjoyed ripping girls apart from the inside out.

Then there is me. My name is Edward. I am considered the gorgeous one. God I hate teenage girls. Also it is widely assumed by the humans that I am gay. That most definitely isn't true. I get my pussy away from town. That way if I get a little too rough, well the good men and women of our great town aren't quite as scared.

A coven of four men did look a bit conspicuous. So Carlisle had us pretend to be his adopted high school aged sons. What a fucking nightmare. High school over and over again. The sex with teenage girls was the only plus. Sometimes we were able to feed off of them. That was incredible. But it also got tricky. These little girls usually had family that cared. I have no idea why, but they did. So we always had to let them go after we were done.

I got too rough with a local girl once. Now we are living in the tiny town of Forks instead of Alaska. It was pathetic of me, as Carlisle and my brothers told me repeatedly. Jesus, I was hungry. Months of deer I mean come on it is like a human eating only oatmeal three times a day and then is suddenly offered a filet mignon. So I fucked up. I just forgot she was a daughter of one of Carlisle's coworkers and everyone knew I was taking the girl to a dance. C'est la vie. She shouldn't have offered to give me a blow job.

It wasn't like Jasper and Emmett didn't fuck up repeatedly themselves. Jasper attacked a freshman in a cafeteria one year at the high school in upstate New York. Emmett called in a bomb threat to the business down the street putting the school in lockdown. Then we had to start altering every one of the staff and children's memories. That was way too time consuming. Emmett and I gave him a great ass whipping for that.

Emmett went after a woman in her backyard while she was hanging out her laundry. He sucked her dry before he even realized there was a baby in the house crying out for the woman. We had to wait and make sure someone stopped by so nothing would happen to the baby. Ridiculous.

Luckily we hadn't messed up since we arrived here so we haven't aroused any suspension. We've been good for the past three years.

Carlisle gave us the cottage across the river from our home here, to do with as we pleased. And Jasper and Emmett pleased themselves with many high school girls that would let them fuck them raw and go home crying. Why they didn't tell each other about their little dates with us we have never found out. I got mine from Port Angeles' private Catholic school. Catholic girls seem to like it rough.

The over used pain seekers just kept coming back for more.

The upstairs of the cottage was unassuming and innocent enough but it was the basement we turned into a den of horror. Chains hung ominously from the ceiling, cabinets filled every extreme sex toy we could find, and of course there was a cage near the far wall. You could see it easily from the stairs.

The cage was just that, or I guess maybe an over-sized kennel.

When my brothers and I could no longer stand the animal diet we found ourselves something a little more to our liking.

We preferred human females but if necessary we went with whatever we could get.

Never children. We aren't monsters after all.

And now we are standing here at the end of the bridge watching a young woman writing something in a composition notebook, sitting on the rail looking over the water, sobbing.

"She's depressed. She is going to kill herself." Jasper said as he read her emotions. Oh, by the way he can read and manipulate emotions of anyone, human or vampire. "She's so alone."

Jasper and Emmett looked to me. I can read minds but I was getting nothing off of her.

"She's a blank." I breathed. "How refreshing."

"Pretty. Nice tits." Emmett said. Emmett has no power. Except the ability to charm a young woman out of her clothes faster than both Jasper and myself.

Jasper and I took a closer look at the girls' profile. She did have a lovely figure. We looked back at one another.

"We promised Carlisle no more humans until we move after graduation." Jasper said feeling both Emmett and I and our instant lust for the crying female.

"She's gonna kill herself anyway. Look. She's writing a note. Carlisle won't even know." Emmett tried to reason with our empathetic brother.

Jasper was the one that killed our victims quickly. Their pain and sorrow drove him mad at times. Emmett and I would always like to play with our food a little longer.

The pretty girl finished her note and threw the notebook and the pen on the ground behind her where the items landed quietly on the bridge's wood base. She stood up and brushed her cheeks from her tears.

The crying girl was about to jump. What a waste of pure beauty. I thought to myself.

And then she stepped...

"Get her." Jasper said quickly. "She had regret at the last moment." He thought to me.

I was the fastest and I was able to grab her arm as her feet left the railing. I heard a pop and I knew that I had pulled her shoulder out of the socket and she was crying out in pain.

I pulled her up to face me and I was instantly met with a scent that was delectable. She was begging for death at every turn. Jasper and Emmett grabbed the girl from me when they saw my reaction.

I could hear their thoughts immediately. "Jesus, you think you are gonna get all of her?" Emmett said with a little smirk.

"Pull it together, Edward." Jasper thought with a hint of disgust.

The girl began to scream in pain because of her dislocated arm and the screeching immediately made all three of us instantly very tense. Jasper did the right thing by immediately pushing lethargy on her as she slumped in his arms with instant exhaustion.

Emmett had already gone to the girl's car and grabbed her purse.

"Maybe we should leave the purse." I said.

"No, someone would have gone through her car by the time the cops found it. I got a couple CD's too. She's got good taste in music." He began searching through her handbag looking for identification.

"Oh damn, she's the police chiefs daughter." Emmett said.

"How do you know?"Jasper asked while he carried the small woman bridal style. He held her close to his chest as if he were protecting her.

"Pictures. This little beauty is Isabella M. Swan. Age 20. She is currently a student at Berkley. Oh, she's a smart girl. She is without birth control but I would venture to say that doesn't mean shit because look at her, there is no way she is a virgin." The three of us laughed.

"We can't keep her." I said.

Both Jasper and Emmett looked at me like I was insane.

"Why not?" Jasper demanded.

"She's a local and a cop's daughter."

"Isabella is not a local and everyone will think her body was swept away in the current. She is the perfect little pet for us." Emmett said. "In fact I think we can keep this one for awhile. I mean when are we going to try out that syndrome bullshit you guys are always yapping about?"

Stockholm Syndrome.

Jasper and I had discussed it frequently. An easy way to get a human to stay with us for an extended period of time. It only happened in approximately 27% of all victims that are held against their will.

It was a difficult process. First the individual must be completely isolated and then all of their personality traits would be stripped as the perpetrators forced the victim to only side with them. The victim must believe that their very mortality rests in the attacker's hands and they need to align themselves with said attackers.

"How long does it take anyway?" Emmett asked pulling me from my reverie.

"It only took five days when it happened in 1973. I think it took a couple weeks for Patty Hersh. But she was raped repeatedly in a closet." Rape is such a filthy crime.

"I will not rape her. She has to end up wanting us." Jasper said emphatically.

"Of course. We would never rape her, Jasper. I would never be party to that either. Remember if she gets Stockholm she will fall in love with us." I told him.

"Well Miss Swan, this was your lucky day." Jasper said to the woman lying in arms.

She was exquisite. Long dark brown hair that reached her waist, pale skin, full puffy pink lips, and a lovely figure...

"We better fix her arm." Emmett said.

"When we get her back to the cottage. That will be her first lesson in pain." I said quietly.

"So we're agreed, she will be all of ours?" Jasper asked.

"Absolutely. Maybe we will actually get a mate out of this." Emmett said sadly.

He had thought he had found his mate in a lovely blond who had the personality of a wet alley cat. She was horrible. But Emmett adored her. Her name was Rosalie, she was one of Carlisle's nurses when we lived in Chicago. Rosalie thought Emmett was adorable but she also thought he was too young. She had no idea he was actually 21 forever. She ended up being raped and beaten to death by her fiancée and his friends a few days before their wedding.

Emmett was furious and went on a killing spree throughout Chicago. He ended up slaughtering all of Rosalie's assailants and a few others. That was 50 years ago and Emmett still mourns Rosalie's untimely and ruthless death.

A similar event happened to Carlisle and his love. Esme was a pregnant patient of his who was being abused by her husband. He had watched over her during her recovery and even tried to convince Esme to leave her husband. Then Carlisle watched as she was brought back into the hospital only weeks later after losing her premature son, she had committed suicide. He was devastated that he hadn't tried harder for her. He refused to even consider looking for mate again.

Jasper had been with a number of women after his change but the one that changed him was his reason for hating most of the fairer sex. Maria was a wonderful vampire but a disgusting woman. She used him like a toy and devastated his male psyche for a time. Jasper was a woman hater for quite a while after her. Just recently he started being less aggravated towards females. But the way Jasper was caring for this Swan girl in his arms was slightly remarkable. He looked at her with dare I say a look of genuine concern.

"Jasper, what are you feeling off of her?" I asked as we walked quickly through the woods to our cottage.

"She's been hurt so badly. Poor little girl." He said staring at her.

"You know if you go all pussy before we even get her to the cottage. She won't be with us for long." Emmett quipped. He had noticed Jasper's fascination as well.

"I just think we should be careful. She's quite delicate." Jasper answered as if he were enchanted by the unconscious woman.

"The cruelty will only last a few days, Jasper. You know that. We've already discussed this sort of thing. It's only so the captive won't leave us." I reiterated gently.

Who knew Jasper would be the softy out of the three of us.

Jasper nodded as we neared the clearing that lead to dense grouping of trees and foliage that lead to our cottage.

"I know you're right. If this experiment is going to work we must follow correct protocol." Jasper said quietly.

Emmett and I both nodded.


I had never had such an instant connection with anyone. Most certainly not a human.

This girl smelled amazing truly, but it was her emotions that brought me to my knees.

She was heartbroken in the worst way. I had felt that at one point as well after Maria had discarded me.

The tears that she lost were nothing in comparison to her loss of heart and soul. She was devastated.

I knew Emmett was right. If we were ever going to do this experiment there would never be an opportunity like this again.

The circumstances were perfect. A lone woman, in dire straits without witnesses and she left her own alibi for us. The suicide note.

I was a cruel son of a bitch but I couldn't bring myself to find the hate I usually had for females while I held this heartbroken creature in my arms.

She was a true tragedy.

Whatever had happened to her to make her want to end her life and now the three of us finding her. She was already destroyed mentally. Now we were going to break her beyond recognition, in both body and spirit. Guilt was creeping in my dead heart already.

Edward was right as well. We aren't exactly the best dates a girl could get. We had to play this correctly. We had all been lonely and wanting a mate, someone to have a real loving companionship with. This could fail miserably.

Humans aren't known being open to change and most definitely not the idea of dating three men or multiple mythical vampire.

Finding a companion could not happen with the rules that Carlisle had forced on us anyway.

We could not expose ourselves for what we were. We all had to act as though we were children. The coven must never separate. Nomadic lone vampires did not last long. The usually went insane and exposed themselves making our ruler pay a visit. There was nothing worse than those pompous assholes coming for a visit from Italy.

Why did we have to mate with the same female? Who knows, ask Carlisle. The pompous man was forcing us to do this.

I personally thought he wanted to keep the coven small, so we would remain more inconspicuous. But still it was just another road block that man put in front of us. Just because he lost is true love. My god the man never talked to her outside of the hospital. It wasn't like Esme knew Carlisle was in love with her. Fool.

So my brothers and I, oh let me rephrase that Edward and myself, Emmett got bored after a few minutes and went hunting when we started researching ways to get a female to accept us as her mate.

There really hadn't been extensive research on how to catch a girl and keep her for the lonely vampire on Google.

When we came across Stockholm Syndrome, well it was perfect. And that was over twenty years ago. So how could we pass up this opportunity?

Isabella's first days would be difficult. I had to prepare myself for her onslaught of emotions. She would be having a pendulum effect. Because we had to go from acting cruel and frightening her to comforting her and protective.

Just thinking about this process was giving me a headache.

We reached the cottage just as dawn was breaking. It was odd that the three of us took our time walking. I hadn't even noticed until we reached the front door. We could have run and gotten back to the cottage in half the time.

Contemplative. Yes, that is what we were. This was going to be difficult. Not because we didn't enjoy terrifying humans, oh on the contrary, that was wonderfully fulfilling. But we were about to emotionally torture our possible future mate. How would we ever forgive ourselves, even if she were to forgive us?


I was just bored and horny.

Isabella is really cute.

The plan would either work or it wouldn't. If it did we had a hot looking little woman to play house with, if it didn't me and my brothers would have a nice warm meal.

Survival of the fittest. Sorry people. We win. Vampires will always win.

Jasper and Edward both seemed "into" the unconscious woman who was laying on our couch. They both kept making an effort to touch her in some way which I thought was interesting.

She was definitely pretty. I had always preferred blonds however, but this girl was lovely none the less.

I took note of Isabella's appearance. She was a mess. The shirt she was wearing was ripped open and her bra was easily seen. Her jeans were filthy and she had lost a shoe. Her long dark hair was messy, but her face was that of an innocent angel.

It really is heartless what we were about to do. But then again none of us have a beating heart anymore anyway.

I decided to pop her shoulder back in the socket before she woke. It would be cruel to cause her that pain as well.

Edward and Jasper both watched, but neither argued with what I was doing. We aren't cruel men. How were we going to do this?

After a few minutes watching her unconscious form we looked at one another.

"Isabella will need human items. Her clothes are a mess and she will need to eat eventually." Edward must have noticed her clothing as well.

"She will need bath items and feminine hygiene products as well." Jasper said.

I looked up and saw that they were both looking at me.

"What? Am I the personal shopper?"

"No. We think you should be the secret weapon." Edward smirked. "When Isabella awakens, she will be terrorized by Jasper and myself. But when you come in, you could try to start the trust aspect."

"Oh come on! Who is going to believe I am the nice guy?" I sat back in the chair and harrumphed.

"All females think that, Emmett." Jasper said quietly.

"Yes. It's the dimples." Edward agreed.

I got up and walked into the tiny kitchen that housed nothing necessary for a kitchen. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.

"What do I need to buy?"

"Clothing, including under garments. She will need toiletries...follow a woman around and buy what she buys." Edward said obviously getting as annoyed as I felt.

I went over to where Isabella still lay asleep on the couch and flipped the tags on her shirt and made guess as to the size on her jeans. She was short but definitely curvy in the right places.

I left the cottage without another word to my brothers and headed in the direction of the main house.

I arrived in a minute and was met with Carlisle in the garage.

"Emmett, where are your brothers?"

"Ah...they are at the cottage."

"Oh no. You guys haven't killed another human have you?"

Not yet.

"God Carlisle don't you think we have any self restraint?"

He looked at me with an air of superiority. No he definitely didn't think we had any self restraint. Well he'd be correct.

"Yeah, I know Carlisle. We're just uncontrollable kids! Gotta go. Bye." I got into my Jeep and took off for the only "all in one store" I knew about.

I had no idea what I was doing so I figured as I was walking into the double doors of this shopping establishment I would heed Edward's advice and follow a woman around.

I saw a short dirty blond walking to the cosmetics area, so I followed her. I figured getting the toiletries and other female necessities would be wise before I went to the grocery side of the store.

The woman I was stalking was a blond and not a very attractive one so I went for different colors of make-up than she did, as Isabella really didn't much makeup but she would probably like some once she accepted us.

The blond thankfully went into an isle with female hygiene items. So here I followed her lead on everything. Tampons. Then soaps, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Then finally I grabbed a brush that was on sale on an end isle.

I followed the blond further into the store to the lingerie. I grabbed as many bras and panty sets that I thought would be necessary. It wasn't like we couldn't come back. No I would never shop for Isabella again in an establishment like this. No I would go to Victoria's Secret once things became physical I felt. It was important. I knew my brothers would agree with that decision.

I sauntered over to the clothing area after losing the dirty blond and found items that were similar to what Isabella was already wearing. We would want her comfortable.

I found a lovely white sun dress as well. I thought with Isabella's pale coloring and dark hair she would look breathtaking in it, so I threw that in the cart as well.

Finally, I made my way over to the produce and began picking out fruit for our mate in training.

I noticed a woman looking at me from the tomatoes and when our eyes locked she smiled and giggled.

Huh? Well this could definitely offer something different.

One human loss to help Isabella with her decision.

I pulled out my cell phone and called Jasper's number.

"Emmett?" Jasper asked. I heard a faint scream in the distance. Isabella must have woken up. The process was beginning.

"What if I brought something home to speed the process along?"

Jasper chuckled. "That sounds great. I really don't think she is going to take long to break. She's terrified. Edward is doing his worst." I knew that Jasper was actually suffering from the young woman's pain as well.

"Is she quaking with fear?" I asked almost giving myself an erection.

"Well she vomited after only about ten minutes of us terrorizing her, so I would say yes." Jasper said.

Another scream and a plea of mercy.

"Well, well, well. She is already begging. I need to get home and help."

"So what kind of surprise are you bringing?"

I looked at my watch it was 10:30. "Brunch."