This was written awhile ago for Tuesdaymidnight's birthday tmblr. Happy birthday again Heidi! lol These boys were first created for her birthday, so we wanted to bring them out for their last spin around the block. I'm glad so many of you have enjoyed the Re: Last Night Boys. I have as well. As always, I write Edward and Yoga (Lawngirl) writes Jasper.

I'm exhausted, having had a pretty shitty day at work, but when I finally make my way home, I'm treated to the sweetest sight ever. Edward's sprawled out on the couch, books scattered around him, his shirt balled up on the floor and he's fast asleep. His chest is heaving up and down while his eyelids flutter against his cheeks. Despite the fact that he's making the most ungodly sound, like a chainsaw in heat, he looks fucking hot, especially the way his dick is tenting up in his basketball shorts. He must be having one hell of a dream.


"Edward, how did I ever get so lucky to get a guy like you," Jasper moans as he kisses his way down my chest. "You're the smartest guy I know! Plus, you are so unbelievably hot!"

I patt his head in acknowledgement before pushing him down closer to where I need him. As much as I love the things that are coming out of his mouth-

"You're going to be on the Supreme Court one day!"

And, I really do love the things he is saying; I need his mouth around my cock. Right there... finally... so very, very close...


As I get closer and start trailing a finger down his chest, Edward begins moaning and muttering the most ridiculous things. I stifle a laugh, not wanting to wake him up just yet. He starts rambling about how my lips were made to suck...


Did Edward just say the "C" word? He hardly ever says anything dirty, no matter how much I beg and plead him to, and I'm not the begging type. I shove his books off the couch and straddle his waist, shifting my hips into his, hoping to spur him on, despite the fact that he's still asleep.


My hands reach downward as the feeling of Jasper sucking me off turns into something entirely different. "What's going on?" I ask when a cowboy hat lands on my face, obscuring my vision.

"Howdy! I'm just here looking for a pony ride!" Jasper drawls out, and I push the hat off my face, revealing a very strange image indeed.

Jasper. Ass-less chaps. Bolo tie. Nothing else.

He looks wonderful. I must be dreaming.

"Right there, cowboy!" I encourage him before giving him a nice, hard slap on the ass.

I frown when all his movements cease. Someone give him a lasso!


"What the fuck?" I yelp in surprise as my ass stings from where Edward's hand just landed.

My shout must have been loud enough that Edward startles beneath me.

"What? Huh? What's going on? J-j-jasper?" Edward sputters as he finally wakes up.

"Yeah, it's me. What the hell Edward? What kind of kinky dream were you having?" I ask.

"Huh? What? Dream?" Edward replies, confused and still a little groggy.

"Yeah, it must have been hot. You slapped my ass."

"I what?" Edward gasps.

"You. Slapped. My. Ass." I growl, watching his eyes grow wide. "And...I kind of liked it."


"I did?" I question him. "But, I wouldn't..." my voice trails off as images of Jasper in a bolo tie flash through my mind. He stares down at me like he caught me with my hand in the cookie jar. When in all actuality, he is the one sitting on my lap, still grinding on me. If anyone is being naughty, it's Jasper.

"You liked it?" I ask, his last statement resonating in my head. He nods sheepishly, and I can't help the grin that overtakes my face as I grab his ass, squeezing harder than I ever dared before.


I can't believe that I just admitted that I liked his little ass slap. If pressed, I might also admit that I like the way his fingers are currently pressing into my skin.

"I'm not into all that BLT stuff with whips and chains, but I dunno. It felt...okay," I tell him, hoping he doesn't think that I'm the freak. I'm hoping that Edward actually has a little kinky side to him and will let his freak flag fly. But, knowing Edward, he'll probably just repress it until he gives himself a migraine.

"Did you like doing it?" I hedge.


My cheeks redden at his question. Did I like it? I mean, dream Edward loved it. Dreams are jumbled images of your day, but I suppose they can also be unspoken desires... so I nod, feeling almost guilty.

"I think the only thing we can do at this point, Jasper, is to experiment. The Scientific Method will never let you down," I tell him seriously. "From what I've read, a few slaps in the bedroom can be rather enjoyable for both parties. We don't have to take it as far as... what did you call it? BLT? Like, the sandwich?"


I have no idea why Edward is talking about sandwiches, and I'm not about to ask because I'm way too focused on the fact that he just told me he has read up about how spanking can be enjoyable.

What. The. Fuck.

"Edward?" I say, trying to get his attention, since his eyes seems to be trained at my crotch at the moment.

He doesn't answer, so I thrust my hips into him, causing him to groan and throw his head back. His eyes finally land on mine.

"Mmhm...?" he moans out in response.

"What the hell have you been reading?"


"Law books mostly, why?" I ask him in a daze.

"No!" he all but growls at me. "What have you been reading about spanking, Edward?"

I clear my throat and glance away, but Jasper gently tugs at my chin until my focus is on him again. "Jasper, not all of us are so naturally suave in the bedroom," I tell him. "I know I present myself as a knowledgeable lover, but I have done some research here and there."

He grins at me. "You researched spanking?"

"Not on purpose," I admit. "I can get a bit enthusiastic when I Google."


I'm so going to search his laptop's browsing history after we're done here, but for now, I want to know what Edward "researched."

"Show me," I instruct.

"Show you what?" he asks, looking completely confused and possibly a little terrified.

"Show me what you ended up finding. On me."

Edward's teeth come out to trap his bottom lip as he chews it, deep in thought. I can tell he's actually contemplating it. I try to sweeten the deal. While he's thinking, I whip off my pants and boxers before turning around to bend down in front of the coffee table.


My mouth falls open at the sight before me.

"Oh my." That's the only thing that I can even say. Jasper turns and looks at me over his shoulder, his eyes daring me to continue. He does look a little nervous, though, and that makes me feel a bit better.

No one has the upper hand here. It's new for the both of us. Something to share, like it or hate it.

"I didn't really do that much research on this, Jasper," I tell him, though my hands are already slowly moving over the pale, soft skin of his ass.


Edward says something, but once his hands start rubbing up and down my ass, everything sounds muted and hazy, so I just nod vigorously.

Yes, please.

It must be the right answer because all of a sudden I hear a loud thwapat the same time a searing pain begins to blooms across my skin. It hurts and burns and feels so damn good all at once. Despite the residual throbbing pain, I crane my neck to see how Edward is doing.

He's cradling his right hand in his left, muttering "Sweet mother of..." as his eyes fill up with tears.


A wave of lust overtakes before I bring my hand down to Jasper's ass. All I feel is pain. My hand is on fire!

"That really hurt!" I yell.

Jasper smirks back at me. "I know, but I kind of liked it," he admits.

"Well, that's good for the experiment and all, but I was talking about my hand," I tell him. "I think I need some salve."

"I'm the one with your handprint on my ass, but you need salve?" Jasper laughs.

I gasp. "How am I going to take notes tomorrow! I shouldn't have used my right hand!"


I roll my eyes at Edward's hysterics. He's blathering on about the fact that while of course he's ambidextrous, the penmanship of his right hand far outweighs that of his left. I want to tell him that there are other things he could be doing right now with either hand, but the hilarious way that he's hopping around all frantic like as he heads to the kitchen for ice lets me know that the moment has passed.

Our dip into the land of kink was sweet, but short lived.

However, that doesn't mean that I'm not already planning our next excursion...

Well, I would love to know what you think. Spanks! ;)