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Story Title: It's Always Normal
Chapter Title: They're All Missing
Pairings Throughout Story: Amy/Doctor, Amy/Rory

May contain M rated scenes later, but I'm just rating it T for now :)
Story takes place after Amy and Rory got married. ;D Enjoy-a...lonzo. Yeah I suck. :P xD


The Doctor sat in the library in the TARDIS. The pool that sat in the center reflected the light from the fireplace and shone on the ceiling. There were so many bookshelves; too many to count, yet the Doctor knew how many there were. Basically, he knew everything; there was nothing he didn't know. Well, only one thing he didn't know. He never knew what Amy Pond wanted. She was a complicated girl. Just a week ago she wanted to take Rory to the moon, but changed her mind and said they should go to Paris. The Doctor just had no idea what was up with her.

Yeah, Amy had just gotten married to Rory, but she was a little too - what was the word? - excited. At least 'excited' was what the Doctor thought she was. She was hopping around delightedly with Rory, showing him everything in the TARDIS. The Doctor wondered if Rory got bored. There's not much to see in a box that's bigger on the inside. Well, except for the spa in the middle of the ship, the gym near the bottom, the library, and the big kitchen. Other than those interesting places, there wasn't anything else really.

Getting up from his chair, the Doctor placed the book he was reading – The Time Machine, by H. G. Wells – back onto the shelf and made his way out. He made his way through a small corridor and into the Console room. He looked around to find that Amy nor Rory was anywhere to be seen. Maybe they've gone to bed, The Doctor thought, looking around then down at his watch. 12 A.M... Maybe they are asleep.

The Doctor sat in a seat, resting his feet on the console. He was bored out of his mind. Today was the first day in a week that Amy didn't want him to do anything. He didn't realize how much he did for her until now. All of the traveling recently was for her and Rory. The exploration of beautiful planets and the ancient times on Earth.

Standing up and rubbing his neck, the Doctor walked around the Console room for a minute or two, then made his way down a corridor, looking for Amy or Rory. He was bored, had two companions, and no one to talk to at that moment. He searched many rooms for Amy, but couldn't find her. He supposed wherever Amy was, Rory was bound to be, too.

"What're you looking for, exactly?" said a voice behind him. That accent wasn't mistakable. "Not Rory, I hope. He's sleeping and if you wake him up, he gets grumpy. It took me ages to get him tired! Almost the whole exploration of the TARDIS."

The Doctor turned around, grinning. "Oh, Amy," he said, shaking his head. "You can't just make him tired and send him off to bed."

"How else would I get to spend some time with you?" Her red hair fell in her face. She must've been running. "It's not like the old times anymore, Doctor. You know that. We have another tag-along."

"Rory isn't a 'tag-along'," the Doctor said, a serious look in his eyes. "He's your husband now, Amy."

"I know," Amy said, "but I just want to spend a day with you. Like we did before Rory came with us. Don't get me wrong," she added, raising her eyebrows. "I do love Rory – so much – but sometimes he's a little too clingy."

"Of course he's clingy," the Doctor looked at Amy. She had the most innocent smile. "He loves you."

"Enough talk about love," Amy said, back to her giddy little self. "I've been hearing it all day. Now, Doctor, I want to go somewhere really awesome. Somewhere you've been before, but haven't taken me yet."

Amy had a point. The only places she had gone were places that weren't very interesting. Well, with this exception of Space Florida. That was only one of the places without aliens that wanted to delete, or exterminate you. The Doctor looked at Amy's face, which had that look that clearly said 'Please? I'll be good. And you can keep an eye on me at all times. Pleaseeee?' That was the one look that was the Doctor's weakness. Amy could usually make him do anything as long as she used that look.

"Oh, all right," the Doctor mumbled. Amy grinned brightly and hugged him. The Doctor nodded, then held his finger up to stop her from saying anything. "But!" he added, looking right into her eyes. "What about Rory? We can't just leave him in the TARDIS all alone!"

"Oh," Amy said, thinking. She bit her lip, then a thought came to her. Grabbing a pen that was sitting near the console, and a piece of paper. "I'll just write him a note and leave it in here for him."

"Okay.." the Doctor hesitated, then shrugged. "Oh, all right. Go ahead. I'll get the co-ordinates, you write the note, and then we'll go."

Amy nodded, then started to write.


gone out for a bit – will be back within 4-5 hours.

If the Doctor and I aren't back after dark, you can come looking for us.

But just be careful, stay near the TARDIS.

Back soon.

Love you so much.


"How does that look?" Amy showed the Doctor the note. The Doctor nodded. "Looks good. Put it on the console and hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

Amy held onto to the note and the console at the same time as the Doctor pulled a lever and pressed a button. The TARDIS took off, tumbling around slightly, but mostly rocking from side to side, then it came to a halt. Amy sat the note on the console then turned to face the Doctor, a grin on her face. "Where are we?" she asked excitedly, running to the door.

"Some place you'll love," the Doctor said, motioning his hand towards the door. "Have a look."

Amy took a deep breath and opened the door. Sunlight shone brightly on the TARDIS, which was sitting on a curb near a shop. The road that ran parallel to the shops was plain ground that looked as though it had been worn out by carriages pulled by horse. Looking around, Amy saw a small forest across the dirt road. She looked to her left and saw some more little shops. To her right there was a small pond with flowers all around it.

"This is beautiful, Doctor," she said, mouth agape. She turned to face the Doctor, who was looking around as well. But he didn't have a very excited look on his face. "What's wrong?" Amy asked, walking up to him.

"Shh," the Doctor said, frowning. "Yes, I know, it's beautiful, but doesn't anything seem... different to you?"

Amy looked around yet again. Everything looked normal – all except for one small thing. One small thing that you wouldn't notice unless you really wanted to notice it. "There's nobody around..." Amy mumbled, more to herself than to the Doctor.

"Exactly," the Doctor said. "Last time I was here this little town was filled with people. Traders, buyers, sellers, everything that you could think of."

"So the question is," Amy said, squinting slightly as she looked down the dirt road. "Where is everyone?"

"And that's what we're going to find out," the Doctor said, pulling his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket and examining the ground. "No footprints in this area except for ours."

"So does this mean-" Amy started to say, but the Doctor grinned, knowing what she was going to say. "Yes, Pond. We have to find out what happened to them. Looks like another adventure, sorry. We can take a vacation next week."

"Adventure when you least expect it," Amy smirked. "Fine by me."

"Right, lets go then." The Doctor and Amy walked down the street, him bleeping his sonic at everything, her just looking in odd places for clues. They had a feeling it'd be a long day.

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