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Amy woke up, her eyes opening slowly. The TARDIS was shaking slightly, which made her aware of what was happening around her. She sat up and got out of bed, walking towards her door. She almost fell as she opened the door – the TARDIS was shaking like mad. Running out into the console room, Amy grabbed hold of the railing to keep from tripping. The Doctor was pressing all sorts of buttons on the console.

"Doctor," Amy shouted over the noise. The Doctor stopped and looked at her. "What are you doing?"

The Doctor pulled a lever, which made the TARDIS stop shaking. "Nothing important," he mumbled, turning a dial. "I was trying to get co-ordinates for a place, but I can't."

"What do you mean?" Amy asked, now letting go of the railing and walking towards the console. "Where were you trying to go?"

"London, England, 1860," The Doctor mumbled, now leaning against the console and running his hand through his hair. "Hmm..."

Amy rolled her eyes and walked to the console, looking at the buttons, levers, dials, and switches – she wondered what they were all for. The Doctor never really told her what they all did. She was about to press a small green flashing button, but something interrupted her.

"Morning, Amy," It was Jack, fully dressed and ready for another day. "What're you guys doing?"

"Nothing," The Doctor mumbled, turning back to the console. He had the look of disappointment in his eyes, which he didn't have often. "Trying to find somewhere to go."

"Doctor," Amy walked up to the Doctor, putting her hand on his shoulder. "Never mind the 1860's, let's go to the 1960s."

Jack and the Doctor looked at each other, then back to Amy, who was smirking now. "Amy," Jack said, grinning. "You want to go back to the days of hippies?"

"Why not?" Amy said. She grinned and raised her eyebrows. "And let's go to America."

The Doctor and Jack stared at each other once more, then the Doctor shrugged. "All right then," he said as he walked to the console. "America. 1965."

The TARDIS shuddered slightly as the Doctor turned a red dial, flipped a blue switch, and pushed a green button. The screen that sat on top of the console was bleeping slightly. Amy looked at it, confused.

"Doctor," she said as she pointed at the screen. "What does this symbol mean?"

Turning the screen toward himself, the Doctor scanned it with his eyes, taking in the detail of the pentagon-shaped symbol. His brow furrowed as he tried to pull a lever and look at the screen at the same time.

"That's odd," mumbling to himself now, the Doctor tapped on the screen and the little symbol disappeared.

The TARDIS stopped with a thud, which made Amy and Jack fall backwards slightly. The Doctor furrowed his eyebrows for a moment, staring at the screen. Everything was quiet for about a minute, until the Doctor, who was now grinning brightly, pointed to the door. "Ladies first."

Amy put on a smile and ran to the doors, opening them up wide. She could see a vast majority of colors everywhere outside. A thought popped into her head, then she looked down at what she was wearing; a plaid shirt, black jeans...

"Okay, boys," she said, turning around and shutting the doors. "To the wardrobe. We need to be flashy and colorful to fit in here."

Jack grinned. By the look on his face, Amy had guessed that Jack wanted to go to America for a long, long time. "To the wardrobe, then!" Jack said, running off to the men's wardrobe.

Amy smirked at the Doctor. "Looks like you'll have to change out of this," with the last word, she pulled on his bow tie. The Doctor looked aghast. He didn't want to change his wonderful outfit.

In the women's wardrobe room, Amy walked past many different clothing styles. She walked past 90's clothing and 80's clothing, then practically ran past the goth section. Finally she reached 60-70's clothing. She knew exactly what she wanted to wear.

The Doctor made his way to the men's wardrobe, thinking. When he walked in, he saw Jack wearing a pair of bright green bell bottom pants and a bright green shirt to match. The only thing odd about the whole thing was that Jack was wearing a wig. A big wig! It was an afro, basically. The Doctor sighed, walked over to Jack, and yanked the wig off of his head. "No wigs!"

Jack wanted to argue, but didn't. Instead he said, "Aren't you going to change?"

The Doctor stood there, shaking his head. "Nope. I'm the Doctor, I can wear what I want." With that, they walked out and returned to the console room. Jack was about to say something else, but stopped and stared, big eyed, at the center of the room. The Doctor did the same.

Amy was leaning against the console, smiling at them. She was wearing a quite snug pair of turquoise jeans with a matching half-shirt and high heels. Her stomach was bare apart from the little tiny bellybutton piercing. "What're you staring at?" She asked, grinning now. "Let's go!" She ran to the doors and opened them, stepping out onto very green grass. The two guys followed behind her, the Doctor shutting the door as they all stepped out.

There were at least two hundred people outside. Some were standing and talking to each other, others were sitting on tie-dyed blankets, and some were even sitting in trees. A couple people had set up tents with small tables in front of them.

"I'm going to go look around," Amy said, and was gone before the Doctor could say anything to her. Jack was about to walk off, but just as he started the Doctor stopped him with his arm. Jack looked over with an upset look and the Doctor just shook his head.

"Don't," he said as he looked around. "Jack, something isn't right."

"What is it?" Jack asked, now sounding a little worried. "Something bad? Good? What?"

"In between..." the Doctor's words trailed off as he looked closer at everyone who was in what seemed to be a clearing in a woods. Amy was no where to be seen which worried the Doctor quite a bit.

Jack gave a very confused look to the Doctor and said, "So it's good and bad?"

"Could be," the Doctor started walking away from Jack and inhaled the fresh air sharply. "Aha."

"Aha?" Jack was pretty much bewildered now.

"Smell it?" the Doctor asked, smelling the air again. He chuckled and shook his head, some sudden realization settling in his mind. "I know why Amy wanted to come here."

Jack smelled the air then shrugged. "I don't smell anything."

"Concentrate. It's faint," the Doctor mumbled.

Jack inhaled yet again and then a bright grin came to his face. "Ohhh!"

The Doctor started laughing, then walked away from Jack. He needed to find Amy before she ended up doing something she'd regret. Jack followed behind him, winking at some cute looking girls huddled together on a tie-dyed blanket. The girls giggled and whispered to each other, pointing towards the Doctor and Jack.

The Doctor made his way through quite a few couples who were practically glued together by the lips. Oh god, the Doctor thought. I need to find Amy. Without the Doctor noticing, Jack stopped in his tracks. Of course he would stop! There was a lovely looking girl sitting alone on her own blanket. She wore all white, had sharp blue eyes, and had flowing shoulder-length blond hair. Jack walked over to her blanket and the girl looked up at him, smiling. She pat a spot next to her on the blanket and Jack automatically sat down beside her.

Surely Amy couldn't have gone far. The clearing wasn't that big. The Doctor still looked for her here and there, but never found her. "Jack, I can't fin-" He stopped talking as he turned around to see that Jack was no where to be seen. A sigh escaped his lips. "Great," he mumbled to himself, throwing his arms up in the air, then letting them fall back to his sides. Quite a few more people were kissing and stuff now, even some girls were making out with their same-sex hippie friends. He seriously needed to find Amy - fast.

Oddly enough, in the center of the clearing there was a huge rock with a ladder that led to the top. Being the Doctor, he had to climb the rock. When he reached the top he looked down at the people. There were way more than two hundred of them. At least six hundred people were gathered in this clearing. They all seemed to be waiting for something. The Doctor turned around in the opposite direction and he automatically found out what that something was. A lump formed in the pit of his stomach. A huge space ship sat at the very front of the clearing.

Out the corner of his eye the Doctor saw the familiar red hair and turquoise outfit. "Amy!" he shouted, but she didn't seem to hear him. She was walking with a dark-haired man towards a tent. The Doctor could hear her laughing, then he saw something that Amy wouldn't do just randomly; at the front of the tent entrance she grabbed the man's hands in hers and kissed him full-on.

The Doctor got down from the rock and ran towards the tent, which now seemed so much further away. Amy and the man had already gotten into the tent. The Doctor shoved past a few people, knocking them over, and reached the tent. Pulling the doors open he expected to see something totally different from what he was seeing now. Amy and the man were sitting there...eating.

"Amy..." the Doctor said, out of breath from running. "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Doctor!" Amy said brightly and stood up, walking over to him. She carried a bowl of something that smelled delicious. "These are amazing. Try them."

In the bowl there were noodle-like things. The Doctor frowned, looked at the guy who was still sitting on the floor of the tent, then took one of the noodle-things and ate it. Instantly he felt lighter than air and could hear himself laughing like a lunatic. Little shapes flew by here and there, the tent looked fifty times bigger, and when he looked down at his hands they looked so weird.

"What is this?" he asked between slight giggles, pointing towards the bowl. "It's awesome."

"I know, right?" Amy said, eating more. "It's called Tremui."

"Odd name," the Doctor mumbled. He didn't take any more Tremui from the bowl now. His eyesight was straightening up now and he felt slightly sick.

"Doctor? Are you okay?" Amy looked concerned, but before the Doctor could answer the dark haired man tapped her arm.

"Your friend will be fine," he said. The Doctor looked over at the man. This is the first time he'd seen his face clearly. His golden eyes had slits for pupils and his face looked slightly scaly. Freaking out a little, the Doctor moved his hand towards Amy's arm. Before he got hold, the man pulled Amy towards him. She just laughed and looked at him, not even noticing the monster he really was.

"Let her go," the Doctor was now standing, staring down at the man. "Right now."

"Who do you think you are to demand me to do something?" the man asked. The smirk on his face made him look evil and his voice had changed. It was deeper. The kind of voice that would raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

"I'm the Doctor," he said, but before he could say anything else his stomach gave a jolt, which made him fall backwards towards the door. He got to his feet and tried to walk towards the man again, but every time he'd get close enough to get Amy away from the man there was an awful amount of pain all through his body, which made him back away.

"Who are you?" he asked the man, glaring at him.

The man just laughed and pulled a small device out of his pocket. The small screen had a very familiar symbol on it, and once the Doctor had a good look at it he recognized it automatically. It was the same symbol from the TARDIS screen. The pentagon-shaped symbol turned in circles on the screen.

"It was a warning," the Doctor mumbled to himself. The man frowned slightly and put the device back into his pocket. The look in the Doctor's eyes was fierce and strong. "Tell me who you are right now, Sorvanian."

"How do you know my race?" The man said automatically, a scared look in his eyes now.

"The symbol. It's a Sorvan symbol; it means controller. Humans would call it 'God'." The Doctor said, now trying to move forward again. Yet again though, the pain returned, pushing him back.

"I don't think so, Doctor," the man said, the smirk on his face yet again. Amy sat and watched the whole thing, a dazed look on her face. The Doctor wondered if she even noticed what was happening. "Leave." the man pointed toward the entrance of the tent.

The Doctor eyed Amy, then turned and walked out. He needed to get Amy back, but first he needed to find someone who could stand pain, as long as the pain wasn't from the noodle-like things he had eaten. A sudden thought popped into his head: Jack. The immortal man. Of course, he needed to get Jack to rescue Amy. Sure, it would be tricky, but it would be worth a shot.

Before the Doctor could go anywhere, a young blond haired man came up to him and dropped to his knees. His hands were covering his face and he was sobbing quite loudly. The Doctor would have been concerned, but he really needed to find Jack. As he started to walk away, the man grabbed his arm and looked up at him.

"Save her!" he almost shouted between sobs. "Please, you are the only one who can."

"Save who?" the Doctor asked, trying his best to calm the man down. "And what does this person need saving from?"

"My girlfriend," the man cried, standing up now and facing the Doctor. "Please! He took her. He's going to take them all!"

"Calm down and listen to me," the Doctor said, grabbing the man's shoulders. He calmed down quite a lot at that point. "What's your name?"

"Anthony," the man said.

"Right, Anthony," the Doctor said, nodding. "Who took your girlfriend?"

"Ceratus took her," the man said, pointing towards the tent that the Doctor had just walked out of. "He took her and I know he took your girlfriend, too. It's what he does."

"She's not my girlfriend," the Doctor said, then shook his head. "Never mind that. I have someone who can help, but I need to find him first. I promise I'll find your girlfriend."

Anthony was about to say something, but he didn't get the chance. The Doctor was already walking away, looking through the small groups of people for Jack. Passing through groups of people, the Doctor was starting to think about what Anthony had said: 'It's what he does'. So Ceratus 'takes' people? Strange.

The Doctor spotted Jack, who was sucking face with the blond girl now. "All the time," he muttered, grabbing Jack's arm and pulling him up into a standing position. "Stop it. I need your help."

"I'm busy," Jack said, trying to go back to what he was doing, but the Doctor grabbed his arm again and started walking with him.

Soon they reached the tent that Amy was in with Ceratus. Jack looked at the Doctor, "What do you need me for?" he asked.

"Get Amy out of there," was all the Doctor said. Jack looked confused as to why the Doctor couldn't do it himself, but shrugged and walked into the tent anyway. The Doctor waited patiently outside, waiting for Jack to come out with Amy.

Ten minutes passed and the Doctor started to have thoughts. Maybe Jack had eaten some of the Tremui and forgot what he was doing. Just as the Doctor was about to go into the tent himself, Jack walked out with Amy at his side, looking slightly dazed.

"What took you so long?" the Doctor asked, the worry flushing out of his face and concern taking its place.

"I made a deal with the guy," Jack said it like it was nothing.

The Doctor eyed him for a moment, then grinned. "You threatened him, didn't you?"

"Damn straight," Jack said, grinning like an idiot. "But Amy here is a little dazed and confused. Should I take her back to the TARDIS?"

"Yeah," the Doctor nodded. "Get her back to the TARDIS and you two wait for me there. Got it?"

Jack nodded, then took Amy with him back to the TARDIS. The Doctor, on the other hand, stayed near the tent. There were at least six hundred people in this clearing and an alien space ship. Something good wasn't going to come of this. Making up his mind, the Doctor walked into the tent. Ceratus looked upset; his face was pulled into a frown and he was looking at his feet.

"Ceratus," the Doctor said, standing in the entrance of the tent. At the sound of his name, Ceratus looked up at the Doctor, the frown disappearing from his face and fear replacing it. "The Sorvanian."

"You know my race, my name," Ceratus' voice was quiet and quivery. "How?"

"A man told me your name," the Doctor said, "and I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. Anthony."

"I know who you speak of," Ceratus stood up, his eyes examining the Doctor. "But I don't care about that. How do you know my race?"

"I'm a Timelord," the Doctor said, which made Ceratus cringe slightly. "The last of the Timelords. I know almost every race."

"Impossible!" Ceratus hissed, scrambling towards the back of the tent. His face was more reptile-like now.

"Tell me what you're using these people for," the Doctor said, taking a few steps towards him. "Also, explain the space ship."

"My race," Ceratus was now pressed against the back of the tent, fear growing more in his eyes. "I need females to restore my race. We are dying, Doctor. The ship will be used to transport them to my race's new planet."

"Yeah," the Doctor nodded, waving his hand in the air. "I sort of figured that. All of you aliens, needing to carry on your race. Don't you think you're dying off for a reason?"

"No." Ceratus said flatly, now standing up straight and facing the Doctor. Even though fear spread through his eyes he didn't seem like he was going to let this go easily. "My race cannot die!"

"Okay," holding his index finger up, the Doctor nodded again. "How many females of your race are left?

"Less than twenty," Ceratus mumbled, looking down at his feet. "Most are young. Three hundred years old at least."

The Doctor let out a laugh and grinned. "Your race isn't dying, Ceratus. You've got your females, and they don't seem...young."

"But they are young!" Ceratus exclaimed, walking straight up to the Doctor now. "I am one thousand years old. I am an adult, they are children to me."

"Oh come on," the Doctor grinned and put his hands together. "Do you think I'm just going to let you take the humans? The females of your race mature ten times faster than the males. You just want to get your races mixed. But again, there's no way I'm letting you take any humans."

The fear appeared in Ceratus' eyes again as he looked up at the Doctor. "I underestimated you, Doctor," he said, trying to sound fearless. "For a Timelord you are quite smart. I didn't expect it."

The Doctor blinked slowly, then looked down. He knew that Ceratus was doing something, because he could feel his mind agreeing with him. Mind-control. That's how the Tremui worked! It made it possible for Ceratus to control people with his mind. That explained the six hundred people out in the middle of nowhere; they must have all eaten some. As the Doctor realized this, he blocked Ceratus out of his mind.

"You are strong," fear was now fully enveloping Ceratus' voice.

The Doctor just stood there, staring him down. Within moments Ceratus was getting restless. "Say something!" He demanded, his voice trembling.

"Leave." the Doctor finally said, pointing towards the tent entrance. "Get on your ship, let the women out, and leave. I don't want to ever see you or any of your race on this planet again." When Ceratus didn't move, the Doctor yelled "Go!"

Ceratus feared for his life now, so he ran towards the tent entrance and out into the clearing. The Doctor stepped out to see him running towards his ship. Ceratus' ship had many different Sorvan symbols on it; one of the symbols was a button, which Ceratus pushed. A huge door opened and at least thirty women walked out, scared and confused. The Doctor walked towards them as the last of them got off of the ship. Ceratus powered the engines of his ship and moved off of the ground slowly. As it raised into the sky the ship shimmered and sped away.

Anthony and nineteen other men ran over to where the Doctor and the women were. They each found their girlfriends and wives. Anthony ran to his dark haired girlfriend and hugged her tightly. "Hannah!" he said, his face nuzzled in her neck. The Doctor smiled. He'd saved the humans again.

The Doctor made his way back to the TARDIS, telling most of the people to go home. Most of them started to leave. Once the Doctor got back to the TARDIS he felt a tap on his shoulder. Anthony and Hannah stood there, smiling at him. "Thank you," Anthony said. "..I'm sorry. I don't even know your name."

"I'm the Doctor," he said, smiling. "And you're welcome." And with that the Doctor walked into the TARDIS and shut the door.

Inside, Jack and Amy stood at the console, dressed in normal clothing again. Amy saw the Doctor, then ran over to him and hugged him. "Thank you, Doctor," she said, "for saving me."

"Nah," the Doctor said, "Jack saved you."

"Yeah, but if it weren't for you Jack would have never bothered to come look for me," Amy said, now grinning. "So I'm thanking you." Amy wrapped her arms around the Doctor and hugged him tightly, then let go.

"Right!" he said, grinning. "Fun day, but I would not like to be doing that again. Amy, good and bad choice for a place to go."

Amy and Jack laughed, nodding. "True," Amy said, rolling her eyes. "So, where to next?"

"Home," the Doctor mumbled. "For both of you."

Amy and Jack stopped laughing and looked quite confused. "Why?"

"I just got here!" Jack protested.

The Doctor didn't even respond. He turned a few dials on the console and the TARDIS started shaking. It stopped a few moments later. "This is your stop, Jack." The Doctor looked up at Jack, a serious look in his eyes. Jack knew that look, and he had to respect what the Doctor was doing.

"Right," Jack nodded, then turned to Amy. "It was fantastic meeting you, Amy." He pulled her into a tight hug, then kissed her cheek, which made her blush slightly.

"Same here, Jack," she said.

Jack looked to the Doctor, saluted him, then walked out to the doors and out of the TARDIS.

"Right, now for you," the Doctor said, looking at Amy. "This is only temporary, Amy."

"But I want to stay here with you!" Amy complained, stamping her foot. "Why can't I?"

"Amy," he walked away from the console and towards her. "You're going to need to go home because what I'm going to do is going to be dangerous."

"Who cares?" Amy said, folding her arms and raising her eyebrows at him. "I can handle dange-"

"I'm going to find Rory," the Doctor said quickly, walking back towards the console.

"Doctor..." Amy looked at him, her voice softer now. "Rory's dead."

"Amy," the Doctor turned around slowly, shaking his head. "No. He's not."

Amy couldn't say anything. She was so confused, and not to mention sad.

"I'm going to get him and bring him back," the Doctor said, "but it's going to be dangerous. Do you remember when we almost got caught by the Wraith? I don't want to put you in that much danger again. Ever."

Amy seemed to understand, because she nodded quickly and said "Okay."

"Good." turning back to the console yet again, the Doctor pressed a few buttons this time and the TARDIS whirred slightly, shook a bit, and then stopped. "This is your stop."

Amy stared at the Doctor for a moment, then ran over to him, hugging him tightly. "Be careful," she said quietly, then broke the hug, walking to the door. Before she stepped out she looked back at the Doctor. "Find my husband." Then she walked out, closing the door behind her.

The Doctor stood alone in the TARDIS. Finding Rory was going to be simple, but difficult. He needed to go back to the day when Rory was taken by the Wraith and save him. Screw the whole 'Don't cross your own time line' thing. He thought to himself. He'd do anything to see Amy have true happiness in her eyes again.

As he started to press buttons on the console, he realized he was going to need some help. Professional help...

The TARDIS landed in a cold hallway and the Doctor stepped out. He walked towards a cell with metal bars, grinning at the woman who was staring at him. A smile formed on her face and she said "Well that took you long enough...Sweety..."

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