Thank you for reading my newest story, I'm glad to say I've finally returned to the site and will be working on a story idea that I really like. I love inheritance. I've rated this for teen, but may change this later. I've taken inspiration from many other inheritance fics, so if some things seem similar, it may be I've just been reading to much. Features manipulative Dumbledore, training harry, and much much more... Post OOTP, AU


Harry Potter sat in his very normal room, in a very normal house, on a very normal street. Most of the people on this street prided themselves in being normal, and his aunt and uncle were no different. The only difference was, they and their family was different. Harry Potter was different. You see, Harry was a fifteen year old wizard. That's right, magic is real. Harry could do magic, in fact, at fifteen years of age Harry had seen more death and action than most wizards do.

At this moment Harry was sitting on his bed, the same place he had had been sitting for many days. The only time Harry got up and left his grief was brief trips to the bathroom and to get the bare minimum of meals. He would also "Mad-Eye" Moody every three days to keep the order notified. Many of his friends had owled him, and he had yet to return a single one.

At that moment, another owl came through his open window and began tapping on his arm. Harry shooed the owl away, only for it to land on his head and begin pecking there. Harry finally retreated from his emotional prison to notice it was nearing 3pm the day before his 16th Birthday.

Harry Turned to the owl sitting on the bed now, and reached for its leg. He removed the letter and the package attached to the other leg. He placed the package to the side, and opened the letter.

Dear Mr. Harry James Potter,

Thank you for reading this letter. I am writing you to inform you that your presence will be required tomorrow at 9 o'clock on the morning of the 31 July 1998. Mr. Potter due to several requests by the late Sirius Orion Black will affect you, therefore by his request we are willing to meet with you previous to the public reading at 6pm.

Please find encloses in the package received the following documents and issues -

(1) Portkey to Gringotts (Activates at 8:45 am) – Please use this to reach us for your appointment

(1) Summary for the Trust account of Harry James Potter (We figured we would include your monthly copy in this package)

(1) Copy of the Will of James and Lilly (Evans) Potter (Please familirize yourself with this as different portions will take effect tommorow if you wish to follow the bequests and orders of S.O.B.

Notice that you should already have received the last enclosed document on your 14th birthday to prepare you for the future. If you find any inconsiticencies in my letter or the prepared package, please contact me.

It will be a pleasure to serve you in the future.


Account Manager – Black Family


Account Manager – Potter Family

Harry was confused, he had never received any of these documents before, and wondered why this was. He decided to ask his account managers tomorrow, and proceeded to fall asleep. For the first time Harry slept with a peace about Sirius.