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If you're just tuning in, Percy and Annabeth Jacoson fell in battle keeping the now clear sighted mortals safe. Their friends (who had a kid), Thalia and Nico, went on a quest to resurrect them, so Annabeth could give birth to the child of the prophecy: Jacob L. Jackson. Jacob has grown up in a world where the mortal and mythical worlds coexist due to the Mist's destruction. Despite the mostly peacful life of this bold new world, there is still danger. Monsters are reforming, and a growing band of evil half-bloods known as The Pit are on a mission to bring the fallen god Urunos, father of Kronos, out of hiding so that they can use his power to destroy Olympus. And now, it's beginning to look like only Jacob and his friend scan stop them.

Percy's POV

From the day Jacob was born, Annabeth and I hoped against hope he wasn't the child of the prophecy. But he learned to talk so young, he was so mature for his age. That was the first sign. We hoped he was just a smart kid, even as we prepared for monster attacks.

We didn't want him to think of himself as the hero, so when he was three we gave him and Alex both a basic mind wipe. Growing up, the kids knew Olympus and all of that was real, but so did every child in America. But what they didn't know anymore was that their parents were demigods. We hid the knowledge from them, to protect them. We should've known we only prolonged the inevitable.

At preschool, it was obvious Jacob was the smartest kid there. But as the other kids learned to read, Jacob still couldn't. It took a while to find out why. He had dyslexia.

First grade, he barely even paid attention in class. Didn't sit still, got distracted. Diagnosed with ADHD.

We hoped it was a coincidence. Even as Annabeth designed his sword, and Tyson got to work on it. My son was doomed to my own fate.

But there was still hope. Jacob didn't have a single monster attack. Until he was ten…

Jacob's POV

You can't pick your family. I'm okay with that. My family rocks. My dad's a former ocean diver, he discovered a vein of gold and now he works part time with Uncle Grover. My mom is a crazy awesome inventor, building stuff for ordinary mortals and the demigod community.

I do however wish I could've picked my parents' family. You know, made us normal. But no. Instead, I'm the son of two of the greatest demigods to ever live, destined to save the world. Of course, I didn't know that at first.

I knew my parents were demigods (something they kept secret from most people these dayds), but growing up there was no clear sign I was a half-blood. True I had ADHD and dyslexia, and I had an eidetic memory, and I had learned to swim at a young age, etc. But no monsters came for me. I only got kicked out of one school (Hey, not my fault the bus driver drove into the ocean. At least that's what I told the school board when they expelled me.)I always figured I was normal. My parents told me to keep my hopes up, but not to be surprised if something tried to kill me.

Look, my parents didn't choose to be half-bloods. I didn't ask to be a half-blood. But for some reason, the Fates decided the Jacksons were fun to mess with. If you think you might be one, pray your wrong. Being a half-blood is dangerous. The cooler you are, the more likely you are to be mutilated. If you're reading this because you're just some ordinary mortal kid interested in the fantastic world he/she coexists with, read on. I envy you for being able to live without attracting a bull man.

But if you feeling something working inside, if you recognize yourself in these pages, stop reading, find the nearest Satyr Securities office, and get an escort to Camp Half-Blood pronto. Because once you know you're a half-blood, it's only a matter of time before they know too. And trust me, you don't want to be unprotected when they find out.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Alex's POV

I was hiding behind a car while a rabid baby dragon tore up the street looking for me. I tried to keep my breathing under control. Mom and Dad had told me things like this had happened to demigods, but now they were happening to me. I took off my necklace and spun it. My parents had told me over and over to do this in case of a monster attack, but they never told me why. Like magic, my necklace turned into a black sword.

In the distance, I heard a Satyr Securities car coming my way. But it wouldn't get here in time. I was on my own, with nothing but a sword I'd never seen before to help me. I slowed my breathing and leapt from my hiding spot. The dragon lunged, nearly taking my head off.

With speed and agility I didn't even know I had, I dodged the dragon's attack and countered with one of my own. I stabbed, the blade sliding into a chink in the scaly armor by sheer luck.

The blade drank in the dragon's essence until there was nothing left but dust. The Satyr Securities car pulled up, and two people got out. I recognized one of them as a satyr. I looked at my sword, but in my hands was just my necklace.

"What happened?" the satyr asked, looking around.

"There…there was some kind of…thing. It attacked me while I was walking down the street. Then somehow my necklace turned into a sword and then it changed back and the monster turned to dust and–"

The satyr put a finger to my lips. "Easy now. Stay calm. Can you tell me both of your parents' names?"

I nodded. "My parents are Thalia and Nico di Angelo."

The satyr looked to his partner. "This just got complicated."

They asked me to get in the car with them. Under normal circumstances, that would be weird, but after everything that happened I'd realized something. I was a half-blood. One of my parents wasn't really my parent. And right now my best bet for survival was to get in a car with a goat man and a dude who was probably a demigod just like me.

I got in the car, and we drove off. In the car, the demigod took off his helmet, giving me a look at his face.

"Uncle Percy?" I asked in shock. "You're a…" (He's not really my uncle, but I call him that anyway.)

"Don't tell Jacob," Uncle Percy told me with a smile.

I nodded meekly. "Uncle Percy?"


"Do you know who my godly parent is?" I asked him, hoping he could tell me.

"You don't have a godly parent Alex," he said plainly.

"Then how am I a half-blood?" I was confused now.

"Well," Uncle Percy explained, "if two demigods have a child, the child will be a half-blood as well. Doesn't work if only one of the parents is a demigod though."

"My mom and dad…" I breathed, coming to terms with what my uncle was telling me.

"Are demigods," Uncle Percy confirmed. "The daughter of Zeus and the son of Hades."

I leaned back in my seat and let it all soak in. "Wow. My parents are demigods, you're a demigod. Is Aunt Annabeth…?"

Uncle Percy was hesitant to answer. "Yes."

But that would make Jacob a demigod. Did he know? Why hadn't my parents told me about all this? My brain was racked with questions, but I didn't have time to ask any of them, because we arrived at the Satyr Securities office.

"They'll get you an escort to camp soon enough," Uncle Percy promised.

"But why can't you just take me?" I asked.

"I'm not an escort, I'm on monster detail. If there's a monster on the loose, I get the job of taking it down," Uncle Percy explained as he and his partner climbed back into the car.

"Okay," I muttered. "Bye!"

"Miss di Angelo?" a voice called out.

I turned at the sound of my name. I saw none other than Uncle Grover (Again, not my real uncle.) without pants. Because instead of ordinary legs, he had shaggy goat legs. Great, just great. Is no one I know normal? I bet my best friend Kelly is a demigod or a demon or some other mythical creature starting with a D.

"It happened huh?" Grover asked as he drove us to camp.

"If by 'it' you mean a monster tried to have me for lunch, then yes, it happened," I said.

"Sorry Alex," Uncle Grover apologized. "We were hoping they wouldn't sense you for a couple more years. The Demigod Cabin still isn't ready yet."

"Demigod Cabin?" I asked, confused.

"You don't have a godly parent, you're just the child of two demigods," Grover reminded me. "At Camp Half-Blood, your cabin depends on your parent."

"Oh. Okay," I said, hoping I sounded like I understood what he meant. "So I get to share a cabin with all the other children of demigods?"

"Yes and no," Grover the goat said. "If there is another child of two demigods, they will be put in the Demigod Cabin, but at the moment you're the only one."

"What about Jacob?" I asked. I hadn't seen my cousin since I was six, but I stillwas worried about him.

"He doesn't know he's a half-blood. He does know his parents are half-bloods though. As long as he doesn't know what he is, there's a good chance the monsters won't know for a while either," Uncle Grover explained.

"Watch out!" I screamed.

It was too late. We crashed right into a large snake tail.

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