Did you miss me? Of course not…Anyway, Shame of Olympus is under way, but since I'm sure you're all either getting restless or even forgetting this trilogy exists, I thought I'd throw you guys a little torture er- preview, of my next story. Enjoy.

They protect those who would seek to destroy them…

The look of pained hatred returned as the man yelled, "It's your fault!"

A crowd was gathering, and Rae and I were suddenly boxed in.

"My cousin died on the bridge you sank hero!"

"You'll face charges from the New York Times for what you did to our office!"

"My children can't go to school anymore, because it was destroyed by you!"

The sea of complaints, accusations, insults, and the like flooded me. Some people who were close enough spat. Others threw shoes. And I just stood there and took it.

There is nowhere safe for them…

"That's Camp Half-Blood…" I gasped, as if just realizing it.


"This…this can't be happening," I told myself.

It is. Get over it. Miz advised.

I watched as three figures, glowing red just as Brian had, rained down fire and energy on my home. Trees shattered into splinters, the roof of the Big House caught fire, the climbing wall toppled, crushing two campers underneath. And one very familiar, black clad female figure was struck dead in the chest by a blast on flame.

Their enemy is stronger than ever…

"The power of a god is at my command!" Brian laughed. "What chance do you have now Jake? I'll answer that for you. None."

Brian's hand glowed brighter and brighter until it ignited in a burst of flame. The flames shot out toward Jacob's dangling form, no doubt about to incinerate him.

Their gods cannot protect them…

Zeus struggled to his feet, breathing hard. Urunos flew back in front of the Lord of the Sky, glowing bright with his red aura and hovering above the crater Zeus was in. The King of the Gods was running out of tricks very quickly.

Zeus fired a blast of lightning powerful enough to turn a skyscraper to ash. Urunos batted it aside with his hand and aimed his other, sending a column of flame Zeus's way. Zeus formed a sphere of wind around him redirecting the fire away from him. Urunos extended his other hand, increasing the flame that poured out. Zeus struggled to keep the protective winds up.

Their numbers are dwindling…

"I…I'm fine," Alex assured me, clutching her chest in pain. "Where's…where's Chiron?"

"Chiron?" I asked, even more worried now.

"He was…he was clearing out the cabins, I lost sight of him…" Alex said, growing weaker with every word.

She fainted in my arms. I checked her pulse about five times to make sure it was just fainting. I set her down as gently as I could and after telling Rae to keep an eye on her, I sprinted for the cabins. Several were destroyed entirely, all were damaged. Three kids were surrounding the wreckage of the Hermes cabin, trying to lift it.

I stepped up to help them, and together we lifted the largest piece and shoved it aside. Underneath, the horse-man himself lay in a crumpled heap. I staggered back in shock.


Their families can't be trusted…

"You brought back Kronos," I reminded him. "Kronos."

"We don't like this any more than you do," my dad tried to explain, but I wouldn't hear it.

"Yes you do," I spat. "If you didn't, you wouldn't have done it."

And I stormed out, slamming the door behind me. I didn't leave however. I stayed close enough to the door to listen to their reaction.

"He's right you know," Mom admitted.

My dad was silent. It thought he was going to stay that way, but before I left caught one more sentence from him.

"I know."

Tensions are building…

"Jacob…who is this?" Alex asked. I caught the slightest resent in her voice.

"Ah, right…" I began, feeling awkward. "Alex, this is Rae. I guess you could say we're…uh…"

"You're what Jacob?" Alex asked sternly.

And if that weren't enough, guess who saves the day?

"No…way…" Alex groaned.

"Well what do you know, the kid's good for something after all," Roxanne scoffed.

"Nice work," I congratulated.

That's it for now! Coming up, the story itself debuts, and everything goes from bad…to really bad. But in a good way! I hope you guys don't mind that this took the place of the story awards, those are way too hard.