One shot. Was listening to the New Moon OST. Just wrote what came into my head. Started writing during "friends" - Band of skulls, finished during "The violet hour" - Sea Wolf. The songs influenced my mood and what I wrote. Just wanted to write something since I'm finding it really hard to find where to start again with Edible Art.

So it had all come down to this. No matter what happened in the end, nothing would ever be the same. I didn't want to be in this world, but leaving it now would mean leaving behind Alice. Maybe I wouldn't need to make that choice after all.

Bella looked out on to the battle field. If it had been humans she could imagine the whole area to be stained red. As it was, it just looked dusty. Like it had been forgotten by time, left alone by people and animals, left to sit alone. If only that's what it was.

The war raged on, between newborns and those defending the good name for vampires. And Bella. The Cullen's had recruited quite the army themselves, although only about half remained. The same went for the newborns. Bella watched as vampire after vampire was broken in two, beheaded, slammed in to trees. She had to watch as Alice took hit after hit. Jasper had already been dispatched of. Now without his forgiveness, Alice would forever carry the guilt of betrayal. Maybe that would prove to much to make the relationship work. Maybe she would never need to feel the guilt again after tonight. Bella shuddered at the implication.

The numbers were dwindling. Death after death. Alice looked exhausted, but still determined. Bella knew this was for her. That Alice would be staying alive for her. And yet, unless she gave up her life, no amount of determination would allow Bella to do the same for Alice forever. And she didn't know if she could give up her life. Become one of them. Give up all her hopes and dreams and aspirations and family. She would never have children, or grow old, have a career that she would one day retire from. On the other hand, she would never truly have Alice. Not when she started getting older. That scared her more.

She looked down again. The newborns were looking seriously outnumbered. Alice was sneering. Everyone knew it was over, what the outcome was going to be, but no one was going to back down.

Bella knew she was going to have to make her decision. Maybe not now, but someday. And she knew Alice would stand by whatever it was with the same hopeless devotion and admiration. That didn't make it any easier. And to think last year, her biggest concern was what to study at university. Now she didn't care.

The battle was over. Alice was in front of her, smiling. Maybe this was the sort of life you had to adjust to. Maybe she would settle in to it. Or maybe she would regret it. She hoped this wasn't just lust. Or she was seriously going to regret it...