Chapter 1

February: 2006

It was a normal Saturday afternoon I was over at Jacob's watching him fix up my truck because it broke down last week. I still can't believe how much things have changed this year. First my vampire boyfriend Edward left me after my distastourous birthday and now I just found that my best friend Is a werewolf. Seriously, what's next mermaids and unicorns.

"Bella earth to Bella" I heard someone calling me. I looked up and saw Jacob standing in front of me with an amused expression. I chuckled and said "Sorry Jake I just space out there." "Yea I could tell you weren't listening to anything I was saying." I shook my head and said "Sorry Jake what were you saying." He chuckled and said "Well Bella I wanted to know if you are up to a little dare ." I gave him a suspicious look and said "What kind of dare." He gave me an evil look and said "Well the other day while I was in the grocery store I saw an AD for a reality show and I think it would be perfect you." I shook my head while laughing and said "Oh hell no Jacob for one thing I don't even know what kind of reality show it is and secondly even if I do audition there's no way they'll pick me." He busted out laughing and said "Well you got a point there Bella, but sign up for it anyways unless your chicken." He then proceeded to make chicken noises. I groaned and said "Jacob be Mature." He continued to make chicken noises like he didn't even hear me. I sighed and said "Fine Jacob I'll audition, but they most likely they won't pick me. Jacob smiled and said "What if they do pick you." I shrugged and said "They won't trust me." "Let's say the do against all the odds would you participate." I groaned and said "Fine Jacob if by some Miracle they do chose me I'll participate no matter what." Jacob got really happy and I know I'm going to regret this.

"Jacob what exactly kind of reality show is it" I asked Jacob as he got the camera ready. "It's hard to explain, it's sort of like a competition like you do different stuff each week." "Really" I said in horror. Jacob just laughed and said "Well don't worry Bella after all you're the one that said they probably won't pick you so you have nothing to be afraid of." I chuckled at his statement and then decided to change the subject. "Jake what am I going to say on the tape." Jake shrugged and said "Well the AD said talk about what kind of person you are and why you should be chosen." "What" he said as I smiled sarcastically at him. "Ok the camera's all set you ready" he asked. "As ready as I'll ever be" I told him as I took a seat on my bad.


As soon as Jake told me to go I started talking "Hi my name is Isabella Swan, but I prefer to be called by Bella. I'm a nice outgoing person who does really well in school. Though I'm not the best coordinate out there. "Yea you're the clumsiest person in the world" Jacob said interrupting me. "Shut up Jake" I said back to him. I started getting nervous and said "Um you should choose me because I could bring in higher ratings. Jacob started to laugh and said "Yea by tripping every where." "Shut up Jake." "aww come one Bella it's true I mean you probably destroy the whole place." He finally shut up when I gave him a death glare.

Recording Ends

"How embarrassing" I said as soon as Jacob shut the camera off. He laughed and said "Oh come on now Bella." I sighed and said "Shut it Jake before I hurt you." He laughed again and said "Yea I would love to see you hurt this werewolf." I groaned and said "Whatever lets just get the tape mailed out." "Don't worry I'll handle it" Jake said. After Jake put the tape in the mail we sat in my room in silence for a while. "Jake be honest do you actually think they will choose me" I asked him breaking the silence. Jacob shrugged and said "To be honest I don't think but hey it was fun auditioning right." I just shook my head and said "Whatever."

Author's Note

Well there's chapter one to my first story and I hoped you all liked it. I'm sorry if it was short but I promise it'll get better. Next chapter will take place 3 months after these and you can guess what happens next and yes Edward and the rest of his family will be in it. I need you guys to give me suggestions for team names and there will only be 2 teams so suggestions would be great. Let me know if you guys want the some of the original cast of total drama in it or if you want brand new people in it so let me know. Reviews are greatly appreciated.