Chapter 10

Emmett's POV

The rest of the family gathered around the television to get ready to watch Bella. I got to admit she's doing a lot better than I thought she would be and I got to admit it's making me kind of nervous because Jasper and I raised the stakes on the bet. Whichever one of us loses has to streak through the town at a human pace. I heard Edward chuckling and I sent him a glare. Bella better be getting voted off soon because there's no way I want to end up streaking through town and going to jail.


Chris: Last time on Total drama island our campers had to come to face with their worse fears. While some managed to overcome their fears. Others ended up chickening out like the big babies they are. In the end it was Izzy who was forced to leave the island. Who will be voted off this week in the most dramatic campfire ceremony yet. Find out right now on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND.

(Scene goes straight to the dining area)

LeShawna: (Giggling) Bella, Gwen you ain't going to believe it.

Bella: What'

LeShawna: Someone sent me a love letter

Gwen: Really who?

LeShawna: I don't know but listen to what it says.

LeShawna I've always known I've loved you since the first moment I saw you. I admired everything about you, especially your big booty.

(Both Bella and Gwen looked at each other strangely)

Gwen: I wonder who wrote it.

Bella: Well I highly doubt it's Duncan and Owen doesn't seem like the romantic type

LeShawna: Yea Cody's too busy with Sierra. What about Trent.

Gwen: No that's not his hand writing

(Bella and LeShawna look at Gwen suspiciously)

Gwen: (Laughs nervously) Not that I would know

(Chris Enters)

Chris: Ok campers your next challenge will be taking place in a different country.

Heather:What? You got to be kidding me

Chris: Afraid not Heather

Geoff: So where are we going Chris

Chris: (Smiles evilly) Oh you'll see Geoff. Meet me in front of camp in ten minutes.

(Everyone looked around nervously wondering what their next challenge could be)

(10 minutes later everyone gasps at the giant airplane in front of them, that looked like it was built with nothing but tape)

Chris: All aboard

Duncan: You don't expect us to get on that piece of junk do you

Heather: Yea is it even safe

Chris: (Smiles evilly) Did I forget to mention whichever team wins the challenge, will earn a trip to the spa

(Every camper then bolted onto the plane, except Owen who was freaking out.)

Owen: (Scared) No I hate planes I'm not getting on it.

(Chris hits him over the head with a frying pan)


Edward's POV

I can't believe that bastard Chris would dare put my Bella in danger by making her ride in that thing he called a plane. "I wonder where they're headed to" Emmett asked. "Hopefully somewhere in Greece, Rome, or Paris" Alice said excitedly. Jasper grimaced and said "Probably not, have you not seen this show, knowing Chris he's probably taking them somewhere less exciting." Carlisle nodded and said "That's true." "Well if their going to another country, the challenge must have something to do with the culture" Rosalie said. "That's not a bad idea" Esme said. "QUIET it's about to come back on" Alice said cheerfully. I would pray that the challenge wouldn't be awful, but after weeks of watching it I can tell that ain't going to happen anytime soon.


(On the plane with Owen still knocked out)

Chris: Now I know you are all probably wondering what the next challenge is.

Heather: Will you just spit it out already

Chris: Don't worry I will I just a couple of announcements to make

(Everyone groans)

Chris: (Turns to werewolves) Good news for the werewolves the producers and I have decided to even the teams, but for only this one time. So welcome your new cast mate

(Courtney enters and everyone gasps)

Everyone: COURTNEY!

Courtney: (Smirks) Missed me

Heather: (Mad)What why is she here. You said once someone is eliminated the can never come back ever.

Chris: (Thinks it through for a moment) I lied

Courtney: (Smirking) That and he would have to cough up a million dollars if he didn't let me back in the competition.

(Everyone looks at Chris)

Chris: (Shrugs) What can I say girls got a kick butt lawyer


Heather: Great now we have miss know it all back on our team. Man can this get any worse.

Alejandro: Besides Heather, Courtney is a serious threat to my winnings. I'm going to have to keep an eye on her.

End of confessional

Chris: Now before I tell you where we are going. I must warn you that for my entertainment and your suffering you'll all have to sing a musical.



Bella: He can't be serious I can't sing for the life of me.

End of confessional

(Duncan tries to get to Chris, but is restrained by Geoff and Alejandro)

Duncan: (Mad and trying to get to Chris) Are you freaking kidding me

Chris: (Shakes his head in laughter) No Duncan I'm not

Katie: What are we suppose to sing about

Chris: Good question Katie. You'll sing your song when you hear this ring.


Chris: You all have to sing, solo or not or it's an automatic elimination

(Everyone groans, while Chris laughs at their misfortune)

Chris: Ok now the place we're going is filled with magnificent wonders like Origami, Kimonos, Samurai, and for geeks like Harold, Anime.

(Ezeikel raises his hand while jumping up and down)

Chris: (Annoyed) Ezeikel

Ezeikel: Paris

Chris: (Pinches his nose) No Ezeikel

(Chef Comes out in a samurai uniform and Chris regains his cheery self)

Chris: JAPAN

Harold: What kind of Samurai outfit is that, it's totally unrealistic

Chris: (Getting extremely annoyed) Harold Shut up

Harold: I mean gosh if your going to impersonate a samurai at least make it look real

(Chris and Chef give each other a Sadistic smile and Chef went over and sliced the door in half causing the contestants to go flying out of the plane)


(Chris and Chef holding onto the plane)



(All the contestants are still screaming as they're falling from the sky. Then suddenly they all hear a bing)



Courtney: We're singing as we're falling

Heather: While some are cannon-balling

(Katie and Sadie are cannon-balling)

Alejandro: Our lives begin to flash before our eyes

Noah and Owen: We might just go Ka-blooey

Harold and Tyler: Get smushed and and become chewy

Everyone: Cept there's tons we wanna do before we dieeeeeee

(Drum Roll)

LeShawna: Billionairess

Cody: Billiards Champion

DJ: Make it home to see my momma

Sierra: Marry Cody (Flies over to Cody and falls down with him)

Bridgette: Catch a barrel

Lindsey: Be an actress in a drama

Courtney: Corporate Lawyer

Gwen: Prom Destroyer

Duncan: (Crackles knuckles) Kill Chris

Bella: Make it home alive

Ezeikel: Don't die

Harold: Be a Ninja with throwing stars

Alejandro: Lion Tamer

Owen: (Flying up) New Food Namer

Tyler:Repairman for the parallel bars

(Music softens a little)

Noah: But first we must cease dropping our goal here would be stopping

Sadie: Before we smash into the ground into the Skyyyy

DJ: Flat into little pieces

Harold: (Holding his feet up) Heads merged with our feet-ses

LeShawna: That would really suck and here's why

Bridgette: We'd like to keep on living

(Alejandro grabs Bridgette's hand)

Alejandro: So Chris we're hope your giving

Sierra: Some wings

Courtney: A jetpack

Gwen: A rift in time

Heather: Parachute?

Noah: Waterbed

Tyler: Trampoline

Katie: Springy shoes

Alejandro: Rocket boots

Lindsey: Flying Squirrel

LeShawna: Bubble bath

Lindsey: I change to bubbles too


Owen: Pizza NO! Chips and some dip will Doooooo

(Camera pans out and shows the contestants formed a human circle with Owen in the middle and moved)

Everyone: Cause there's still so much to do before we die. Yeah we said it. There's still so much to do, there's still much to do, there's still so much to do before we dieee. YEAH! (The contestants let go of each others hand)


(As they were falling they landed into a giant bowl of rice)

Geoff: (Getting out of the rice bowl) Dude that was seriously messed up

Trent: (Rubbing his head) Yea I know

Harold: Japan finally I know everything about the culture here

LeShawna:(Angry) What you know just sent us free falling out of a plane

Harold: But I studied the Japan Language for years

Alejandro: You know Japanese too. LeShawna(speaks Japanese)

LeShawna: What's that mean

Alejandro: I said you are as beautiful as the most delicate flower.

(LeShawna blushes and Harold looks mad)


Emmett's POV

I didn't think it was possible to laugh so much, but here I was laughing on the floor clutching my sides. Dude that was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in my entire existence and that's saying something. If it was possible I would probably die of laughter. The whole family was in shock their mouths were all hanging wide opened. "T-That was totally awesome" I said through my laughing. Edward growled at me and said "Emmett she could've been killed. "Well she wasn't" I stated back at him. "Well now we know what she wants to do before she dies" I said. Jasper was trying to keep us both calm, but it wasn't working. Man I'm going to miss watching this show when Bella's eliminated. It just won't be the same without her.


(Scene goes to the campers and Chris outside a curtain area)

Chris: Okay campers your challenge is something I like to call Iron Chef

(Curtain unravels and reveals a huge kitchen)

Chris: For this challenge you'll be making a Japanese food dish I like to call squid.

(Everyone had disgusted looks on their faces)

Chris: One team member will have to go dive into the aquarium and get a live squid and then bring It back to your team to cook it. Whichever team makes the best squid dish wins the challenge and a trip to the spa. Duncan will fish for the squid for the vampires and Courtney for the werwolves. Go ahead and take 5 minutes to come up with what you want to make.


LeShawna: So anyone know how to make food out of squid.

Bella: I haven't have the slightest idea

Harold: I can I can, please

Trent: Are you sure Harold

Duncan:Yea haven't you caused enough trouble for one day.

(Harold looks down sadly, which Alejandro noticed and decided to use this as his advantage)

Alejandro: Come on guys lets let him do it I mean he can't be that bad

Duncan: Whatever don't blame me when we lose.


Heather: Ok since I'm the only one capable of cooking I volunteer myself to be leader who else agrees.

(Lindsey and Ezeikel put their hands up)

Courtney: Hey who put you in charge, I should be the leader since I obviously have more skills for it.

Heather: What did you say

(This time both of them were in each others faces until Bridgette and Geoff pulled them apart)

Geoff: Come on guys we need to work together

Bridgette: Yea we're a team and this challenge is going to need all of us to work together.

(Courtney and Heather gave each other death glares.)

Chris: Your 5 minutes are up Courtney, Duncan get ready. (Looks at watch) GO

(Both of them ran and swam right into the tank, while they were many squids they were trying to find the biggest one. Unfortunately both of them spotted the biggest one. Duncan believed he was faster than her and swam for it, until she kicked him right in the kiwis and then took his face and smashed against the plastic window. Courtney quickly grabbed the squirming squid and went back up.)

(Courtney quickly got out of the Tank and headed to her team to prepare the meal, while Duncan came up with a squid stuck to his face. And while the vampires were trying to get the squid off Duncan, DJ was instructing his team on how to prepare the meal.

Duncan: (After getting squid off his face) Finally

Katie: What are we going to do the werwolves are so far ahead

(They see the werewolves actually working together to prepare their food.)

Alejandro: Harold said he was skilled enough to make Japan squid food. Right Harold?

(Harold looks nervously)

Duncan:I told you he couldn't do it, he's just a nerd

(Harold got mad and took the squid and slapped Duncan across the cheek with it, shocking everyone)

Harold: I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU. I'm tired of it, I could handle you putting my hands in a glass of water making me pee myself, even putting my bed into the creek, but I'm done so you figure out how to make a squid meal.

(He once again slaps him with the squid)

Harold:Go **** yourself (Pulls Duncans pants down)

(Everyone in the entire room stood there shock of what Harold just did)


LeShawna: Harold sticking up to Duncan, never saw that one coming, but hey Duncan did deserve

Duncan:Ok I got to give the guy credit for standing up for himself and yea I guess I did had that coming

End of confessional

Chris: (Laughing) that was totally awesome (Duncan looked at Chris murderously)

Chris: Ok then it's time for the judging of the squid.

Bella: (whispering to LeShawna) What are we going to do

(LeShawna thought about it for a moment and suddenly got an idea)

Chris: Vampires your up first

Alejandro: (Laughing nervously) Well you see Chris-

LeShawna: Here it is, it's a squid dog

(LeShawna presented the squid which was in the hot dog bun, Chris looked petrified, but took it and bite it. When he realized that one of it's tentacles was moving, he spitted it out and screamed)


(After he calmed down he went over to the werewolves)

Chris: Hope you guys have something better

DJ: Why yes we do Chris it's called Squid sushi

(DJ unlifted the lid to reveal the squid cut up into many pieces stuffed with Cheese inside. Chris took a piece off the tray and ate it and seemed delighted by it)

Chris: It looks like we have a winner

Werewolves: YEA

Chris: Vampires looks like I'll be meeting you at the campfire

(Campfire ceremony)

Chris: Before we begin, I got to ask how did it feel to get hit across the face with a squid Duncan

Duncan: (Growling) If you want to live I suggest you shut up

Chris: Sheesh. Campers one of you will be going home tonight, whoever doesn't receive a marshmallow must immediantley take the walk of shame to the boat of loser and can never come back ever. So let's start











Chris: Campers this is the final Marshmallow of the evening

(Both Harold and Duncan looked a little nervous)


Duncan: Alright

Chris: Sorry Harold it looks like it's your time to go

(Harold walks toward the boat of losers and then turns around to face everyone)

Harold: Goodbye Total Drama I will never forget you. LeShawna I meant every word in that letter.

LeShawna: (Shocked) That was you


Gwen: Way

(LeShawna runs over to Harold and picks him and kisses him before Chef takes him away.)

LeShawna: I'll see you later baby


Alejandro: I can't believe my plan actually worked. The rest of them should be simple as soon as one of them isn't of any use to me I'll use them to make us fail the challenge and convince everyone else to vote them out. Victory will be so sweet.

End confessional

Chris: Well that concludes this weeks episode of Total Drama. Now that Alejandro has his plan in action who will stay loyal to one another and who will back stab each other. Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND.

Author's Note

Well there' chapter 10 and I hoped everyone liked I'm so sorry for not updating in such a long time because I was having issues with my account and for some reason it just started to work again. I know this wasn't my best chapter, but I wanted to get something up for you guys. I decided to put Courtney back in because I know how much people like her and all that. So please review and give me suggestions for challenges,