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Ichigo's eyes shot open, her body pulsing with her sudden awakening. She shot up from her lying position, sweat trickling down her face. She balled her hands against the hardness under her palms, and looked around. There was ruin everywhere, buildings split in half, some broken down to fractions, some even decimated completely. Telephone poles and streetlights were precariously bent and distorted into shapes unimaginable. Ichigo's eyes flickered to the sky, which was a bright orange, that seemed to rival the orange flare that was her hair.

"Well, you heal pretty quickly, don't you?" A voice said from beside her.

Ichigo turned her head to see Kyoraku Shunsui, the eighth division captain, lying in an injured husk, his head turned towards her with a somewhat forced smile adorning his scratched face. "Sh-Shunsui-san," Ichigo mumbled, gazing at his beaten body.

"Ichigo-chan. You look at more well than I thought would've," He said, closing his eyes, the smile on his face becoming more pronounced. "I guess that pretty face of yours can never get scarred. It would be a shame if it did," Shunsui complimented, groaning audibly at an unseen pain.

"Shunsui-san, you idiot! Don't talk!" Ichigo said worriedly, crawling over to see if he was alright. She saw blood begin to pool on the side of his abdomen.

Ichigo turned to see Sajin Komamura, the wolf-man captain of the 7th division, walking towards them. "Komamura-san," Ichigo said, her eyes widened in shock. His wrist was completely back, though the hole in his chest was still very prominent.

Komamura stopped in front of Shunsui, gazing down at his injured subordinate. "It seems like we all suffered from severe wounds today," He stated, his eyes narrowing. "Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well," He said, turning to Momo Hinamori, who was huddled into a secured hold by Toshiro Hitsugaya, the youngest captain of the Gotei, and his (usually) flamboyantly promiscuous vice-captain; Rangiku Matsumoto.

Ichigo gazed at Momo's crying face as she leaned into the two ranked officers, pouring out all her sadness into their chests. Ichigo felt her heart tug with sadness and pity at the sight. Aizen truly had devastated this girl, and it didn't help that Ichigo had single-handedly eliminated him, despite the fact that he been plotting to rule the world as 'God'.

Ichigo looked around the battlefield, noticing that the giant pillars were gone. They were resting in the real Karakura Town. The actual, ruined, Karakura Town.

"It's gonna' take a shit load of work to repair this…" Ichigo thought, grimacing at the responsibility she knew the Soul Society would put on her shoulders of reconstruction.

"Kurosaki-san, one of your friends wants to see you," Shunsui stated lowly.

Ichigo turned around, seeing her best friends; Keigo Asano, Tatsuki Arisawa, Mizuiro Kojima, Chizuru Honsho, and the recently rescued Orihime Inoue smiling at her warmly. All were injury-free and happy, obviously because of Orihime's remarkable powers.

"Guys!" Ichigo exclaimed, walking towards them quickly.

"Ichigo!" Keigo said, jumping onto Ichigo, knocking both of them down.

Keigo rubbed his face in Ichigo's cleavage, causing her to retaliate with a hard knee to the stomach, making Keigo stumble off of her in pain.

"G-good to see you too, Ichigo," Keigo said, falling to his knees, clutching his stomach.

"Idiot! How many times have I told you not to do that?" Ichigo asked angrily, her eye twitching in annoyance.

"Aww, come on Ichigo, give him a break. We just got done being chased by a madman not 3 hours ago," Mizuiro stated, walking towards Ichigo along with the rest of the group. Mizuiro stopped, kneeling to the ground next to Keigo. "He's just happy that you're okay. We all are."

"Yeah. I mean, going and getting your ass killed is something we don't ever want to happen," Tatsuki stated, flashing one of her trademark grins.

"Yeah, it's just a good thing you were able to stop that guy," Chizuru said, smiling widely.

Ichigo was blushing from the attention she was receiving, a smile on her red face. Ichigo then turned to Orihime, who looked down at the ground.

"Inoue..." Ichigo began, only to stop when she lifted her head. Her eyes were unbearably apologetic.

"Kurosaki-chan…" Orihime said lightly, her lip quivering as if she feared to utter the next word.

"Hey guys, let's go see Ishida and Sado. We should make sure that they're okay," Mizuiro said, turning on his heel. "Let Orihime and Ichigo talk," And with that, Mizuiro began to walk to a spot in the battlefield, dragging Keigo along and the group (save for Orihime) following.

Ichigo turned her head back to Orihime. "Orihime… listen. I-" Ichigo began, only to be cut off by Orihime suddenly embracing her tightly.

Orihime's arms linked around Ichigo's back, pulling the two girls into each other. Orihime's face was buried in Ichigo's chest; however Ichigo felt no anger at this. The feeling she felt was relief. Relief, and sadness; sadness that Orihime had to go through the things she did. Watching Ichigo have to kill her hollowfied brother, having to go through Soul Society to bring back Rukia, being kidnapped by Ulquiorra Cifer; the deceased fourth Espada of Aizen's army, witnessing Ichigo nearly die by her wounds against said Espada, and worst of all; witnessing Ichigo relentlessly said Espada in her newly acquired hollow form.

It looked as if Momo Hinamori wasn't the only one suffering from psychological difficulties.

"Kuro-… Ichigo. I'm sorry. I was nothing but a burden to you all," Orihime said, balling her fists against Ichigo's slightly shredded shihakusho. "I should've gone to Soul Society and fought in Karakura Town with you. Ishido-kun… Sado-kun, they both went with Urahara-sensei's help. They told me to stay behind, and I listened. I should've asked Yoruichi-san to send me. I would've been able to help," Orihime said, choking on the words that left her mouth one-by-one.

"Inoue… it's not your fault," Ichigo stated, exhaling sadly. "You know that it would've been safe-" Ichigo began only to get cut off.

"I don't care! I should've gone! If I did, Ishida-kun and Sado-kun wouldn't have the injuries they do now!" Orihime yelled, slightly surprising Ichigo.

It was true that Uryu and Sado both had serious wounds. Ichigo could remember it.

Aizen had summoned the Garganta of Hueco Mundo right in the middle of Soul Society. However, this Garganta was much different. The sheer size could fit a skyscraper.

Ichigo watched in horror as a plethora of Gillian flooded from the behemoth Garganta, their black, cloak–like bodies swaying haphazardly as they bounded on the invisible ground created by reiatsu in the air.

Uryu and Sado both had come to Karakura, along with Rukia Kuchiki, and Renji Abarai. They had dispatched many waves of the gargantuan hollows, Shinji having released his Shikai and Hollow mask, Uryu using the "Final Form" of his Quincy powers and Sado using both of his arm armors.

They had put up a good fight… until "they" came.

The Vasto Lorde. The pinnacle of power. The hollows of unrivalled power entered the battlefield, flooding the town with their unimaginable reiatsu. Five of them, each powerful enough to overtake a captain of the Soul Society, save for the Captain-Commander and Aizen.

Ichigo knew she had enough power to take one on and win, but currently her hands were full with defeating the Butterfly-Hollow-esque Aizen. Despite its name, Aizen seemed to be at the peak of his power, meaning that Ichigo would not be able to save her four friends from the peril that had awaited them.

They were picked off one by one, only managing to slightly incapacitate one of the grand hollows. They fell to the ground, scattered in different parts of the town.

Ichigo snapped from anger and the hollow form she had taken during her fight with Ulquiorra resurfaced. However, her actions were deliberate: ripping an arm from Aizen, then a leg. Then shaving a hand through his chest, and then firing a cero at his lower body. His body began to regenerate however.

Ichigo knew the fight would be long. But, that was the last thing on her mind. The foremost: getting her revenge.

Ichigo was pulled out of her flashback as she felt Orihime tighten their embrace. Ichigo stared down at the smaller girl's grey eyes, which threatening to spill tears. Ichigo narrowed here eyes in compassion. Orihime was dissatisfied with herself. That much was certain.

"Inoue. Without you, I wouldn't even have been here to stop Aizen. No one would've made it out of Las Noches alive. You know that," Ichigo said, rubbing her head affectionately.

Orihime blushed slightly. "That's not-" Orihime began, only to be cut off.

"No!" Ichigo said, the bass in her voice causing Orihime to loosen her grip on Ichigo. "You were a key element in our journey through Hueco Mundo, and you're a key element now!" Ichigo stated, a cocky grin coming to her face. "No matter what anyone says, you were extremely useful, actually one of the most useful, warriors we had!"

"Well… I'm not really a warrior, and…" Orihime said, only to feel Ichigo's hand cover her mouth.

"Don't say anything… just accept the compliment, and let's go see our friends," Ichigo commanded, winking at Orihime.

"Y-yes! Thank you for the compliment!"Orihime bowed, her embarrassment extremely evident by her shaky voice. Orihime turned to go to Rangiku, who waved at her to get her attention.

Ichigo watched as Orihime and Rangiku chatted animatedly, probably something about their breasts. Toshiro looked to be extremely annoyed, and Momo, who was much happier now, was laughing.

"Oh my, could it be that Ichigo-chan really does go 'that way'?" Ichigo heard Shunsui ask.

Her mind clicked together what he said, and she turned her head slowly to see Jushiro Ukitake, Komamura, and Shunsui all sitting in a semi-circle.

"Maybe. The way she hugged Orihime-chan is suspicious," Ukitake stated.

"Maybe we're jumping to conclusions. She may be a bisexual," Komamura stated.

"No, she can't be! I've been trying to win her over for almost a year now, and she hasn't even given me a single glance!" Shunsui stated, balling his fists. "She doesn't even look at this playboy in a loving way!" He said, pointing to Ukitake.

"Hmm, that is very strange…" Komamura said, humming as if in deep thought.

Ichigo's eyes twitched in anger from every word. "Hey!" She yelled, gaining their attention.

"What's wrong? Do you need something?" Ukitake asked; a confused look on his face.

Ichigo's eye twitched. "You guys… are fucking morons!" Ichigo said, hitting all three on the head.

The three captains yelled in pain from the hits they took, gaining the attention of everyone in the Gotei 13.

"We're sorry Ichigo-chan! We didn't know you were still there!" Shunsui yelled.

"That makes it even worse, asshole!" Ichigo said, clocking the three of them again.

"Why'd you hit us?" Ukitake and Komamura asked in unison.

"Shut up!" Ichigo yelled, clocking the three of them again.

"Ow, stop hitting us!" Shunsui yelled.

"Shut. Up!" Ichigo yelled again, hitting them once more.

Ichigo, her friends, and the Shinigami all had gathered by the Senkaimon to see the Gotei 13 off. Ukitake, Shunsui, and Komamura had to carry the near-comatose Captain-Commander on their backs, and were the first to jump through the gate.

Toshiro turned to Ichigo, a smirk on his face. "Well Kurosaki Ichigo, now you're the savior of the entire world. How does it feel?" He asked, looking up at her.

Ichigo turned her head, examining herself for any changes. She turned over her hand, turned to examine the back of her, and looked down on her feet. "Well, to tell you truth, I don't feel anything," She said, turning back to Toshiro. "Just relieved that Aizen is dead is all."

Toshiro nodded. "I see. Well, just ponder it. Take care of your family," Toshiro said, glancing towards Karin, who was lying in Isshin's arms fast asleep. Toshiro turned, jumping through the Senkaimon.

Momo bowed to Ichigo, then quickly left.

"Goodbye, Kurosaki-chan!" Rangiku said, pulling Ichigo into a brief hug. "Come visit us sometime! We could drink together1' Rangiku said, beaming brightly.

Ichigo sweat dropped. "Rangiku, you know I'm a minor," Ichigo said, putting her hands on her hips. "And besides, you've got him to deal with, first," Ichigo stated, turning a glance to Gin Ichimaru, a traitor of Soul Society, then a traitor of Aizen.

Gin cringed. "What?" He asked.

"Shut it. Let's go," Rangiku said, pulling him throwing him through the Senkaimon. "Bye, Kurosaki-chan!" Rangiku said, jumping through the Senkaimon.

One-by-one; Tetsuzaemon Iba, Hisagi Shuhei, Izuru Kira, and Yumichika Ayasegawa had saluted Ichigo, telling her to visit soon.

"Well Ichigo, you know you're gonna' see me," Kenpachi Zaraki, the psychotic 11th division Captain stated. "Don't die before I can get you!" He said, jumping through the portal, a maniacal laugh following him.

"Thank you Ichigo… for everything." Rukia said, embracing Ichigo.

"Aww, anything for my favorite midget," Ichigo said, causing Rukia to head butt her.

"And, you ruin the mood like always," Rukia said, stomping towards the portal.

"Cut her some slack, Rukia," Renji said, turning to Ichigo. "You always seem to be there when Soul Society needs it most," Renji stated, looking down. "I guess you won't be coming back to Soul Society since the Hollows are gone now."

Ichigo snickered. "Are you kidding? I'd get ganged on if I didn't visit!" Ichigo said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "You know I'll come see you guys. You're my friends," Ichigo said, sending a reassuring smile to Renji.

"You're the best Ichigo!" Renji said happily, grinning his trademark arrogant grin.

"If you're going to take all day, I'm going," Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the maniacal 12th division captain stated, he and his 'daughter', Nemu, walking through Renji.

Nemu walked through the portal, only stopping to bow.

"Kurosaki Ichigo. You are an interesting girl. Maybe I can study you more after the Karakura Town repairs," Mayuri said, sending a crazed grin to Ichigo, then walking off into the portal.

Ichigo turned to see Soifon leaving with Urahara and Yoruichi.

"Well Ichigo, I guess we should be going," Renji said, walking to Rukia. They both turned to look back at Ichigo.

"Thank you again, Kurosaki Ichigo," Rukia stated.

Ichigo smiled. "No problem, Shinigami," She stated, watching the two friends turn to walk through the portal.

Ichigo turned to look at the empty battlefield, save for Unohana, the Vizards, Ichigo's friends/family, and Byakuya Kuchiki. The latter, however, surprised her with his presence.

Ichigo walked over to them, sighing with relief, knowing that the battle was over.

Unohana had offered to ride everyone on her Zanpakuto, all while healing them. Byakuya had stayed, riding on the giant stingray-like Zanpakuto in silence. The Vizards all sat in a semi-circle, talking amongst each other. Isshin had decided to take Yuzu and Karin home, and Ichigo's friends followed.

Ichigo sat back on the giant creature, breathing in the air of victory.

"Kurosaki-san. I want to ask you. Have you ever considered joining the Gotei 13?" Unohana asked suddenly.

Ichigo sat up, giving her a confused look. "Huh?" She asked. "Um, well, not really. I don't think I would do well there," Ichigo said, rubbing the back of her head.

An emotionless look came to Unohana's face. "I see…" Unohana stated. "Then… we're at an impasse," Unohana said, turning to Byakuya.

Byakuya turned his head to Ichigo, nodding.

"What's that mean?" Ichigo asked, her face showing clear confusion.

"Kurosaki Ichigo… Soul Society has made arrangements for you to be accepted in the Gotei 13," Byakuya stated, closing his eyes and turning to face forward.

Ichigo's widened a bit. "What?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes. You will be sworn into the Gotei 13 in five days. That is the wish of the Captain-Commander," Unohana stated, gazing at Ichigo's surprised face.

Ichigo knew what that meant. She had duties only to the Soul Society… no one else. She wouldn't be able to visit the Living World again. Not without permission.

"I'm sorry. But I refuse," Ichigo stated.

"We're sorry as well… but there is no choice in the matter. The Captain-Commander is wary of your loose affiliation," Unohana stated.

"Because you delved too far into the life of a Shinigami, because you've achieved too great feats as a Shinigami/Hollow hybrid, you're alignment, only naturally, will be with spirits. Byakuya explained. "I will come and retrieve you in five days time. Use it wisely," He stated.

The Vizards had been dropped off, gazing at Ichigo with worried faces. Byakuya had also jumped from the Zanpakuto, and opened a Senkaimon, leaving through it promptly.

Unohana stopped in front of Ichigo's house, letting her off. "I'm very sorry Kurosaki Ichigo… but this is the will of the Gotei 13. I have no choice in the matter," Unohana said. She held out her hand, opening a Senkaimon. "I will see you in five days," Unohana said, riding through the Senkaimon on her Zanpakuto.

Ichigo watched as the Captain went through the Senkaimon, thus sealing his departure to a five-day limit. Ichigo turned on her heel, and walked towards the door, glaring at the ground.

She knew that everyone was going to take the news hard… if she had the heart to tell them.

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