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Ichigo was almost ninety-nine percent sure she was dreaming. Well, for one, she was standing in a vast field; flowers layering the ground, grass only seen in small patches. As far as the eye could see, there was only a sea of roses. A rainbow of roses, the colors varying in all possible shades on the color spectrum.

It was beautiful.

Ichigo found herself standing in the middle of the roses, almost motionless as her long, carrot hair flowed ever so gently in the light breeze. Another support for her dream theory; Ichigo wouldn't be caught dead in a flower field.

But, something else took the cake. Something that would assure that no scientific explanation could disprove her theory…

She was standing face-to-face with her own, deceased mother.

They seemed to be watching one another, standing like beautiful stone carvings of some lost goddesses of beauty. To anyone else, it would be a breathtaking sight; Ichigo's and her mother's undeniably attractive faces radiating light in the bright sunlight that lit the field in a fiery dance of luminous beauty.

However, in Ichigo's mind, it was far from a beautiful sight.

What was she supposed to say? "Hey mom, sorry I haven't gotten to see you since I let you get killed by a sadistic hollow when I was six?" Yeah, that would be a hell of a way to greet someone who's been dead for over ten years. Why doesn't she just tie raw meat around herself and dive into a pool of sharks? Of course, that would just result in her going to Soul Society.

Something that would happen in four day's time anyway. Why rush her inevitable fate of serving in the Snooze Corps; having to use up all of her time dealing with the hoity-toity Captains of the Gotei? Well, some of the stuck up pricks known as Captains.

She chuckled at her own mental comment, closing her eyes as her hand covered her smiling mouth. Ichigo blinked, looking to her mother; who was in the same position as her; her eyes peering towards Ichigo, a hand over her mouth.

Ichigo rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, an embarrassed grin splitting her face. Her mother; the exact same action.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow, tilting her head. Her mother copied it to the letter, tilting her head in the exact same way. "Is she copying me?"

Ichigo put her hands in the pockets of her Capri jeans, looking down as she kicked at some flowers; her mother copying that as well.

"Okay, what the hell?" Ichigo stared at her mom, about to open her mouth. Her mother opened hers as well.

Ichigo closed her mouth, allowing her mother to speak first.

All she did was close her mouth at the exact moment her daughter had.

To anyone else, it would be a comedy show. For Ichigo, it was getting pretty annoying; though she would never admit it aloud. Her mom was always the one who liked to joke around. It was heartwarming.

Ichigo paused herself to let her mother continue. She did not.

Ichigo opened her mouth once more to speak, as did her mother.

Ichigo closed her mouth again, giving her mother an indignant look. Her entire expression was mimicked by her mother. Ichigo crossed her arms, as did her mother.

They stared at each other for a long while; contemplating on their mime-like actions. Ichigo just couldn't get her mom right now. If she was going to talk, she should do it. Stop playing games and just talk. But all she did was just mimic her; like some sort of mime.

That when things began to shift. Her mother's image began to distort. Both of the Kurosaki women look thoroughly surprised, looking closely.

Ichigo stared at her mom wide-eyed, her mother doing the same. Soon, shadows began to form. And people were behind them.

Toshiro, Byakuya, Komamura. Shunsui, Ukitake, Unohana. Kurotsuchi, Kenpachi (with everyone's favorite pink ball of sunshine on his shoulder), and Soi Fon. And at the very back, Old Man Yamamoto. All uniformed in their Gotei Captain's haori.

And Ichigo; she was uniformed in one as well, something to which surprised her greatly. She looked down, taking in her new clothes.

Turning to her mother, her eyes widened even more. Her very own mother was wearing a haori as well, looking with eyes as wide as saucers right back at Ichigo.

The Gotei stood behind her mother, motionless.

Her mother, motionless.

Ichigo, motionless.

Time itself seemed to have even begun to stand still. The sky was gray, slate, and darkened. The clouds didn't flow through the sky; only standing idle in the vast gray expanse.

Ichigo blinked. Her mother blinked as well.

She then took a step forward, reaching out for her mother. She did the same. Ichigo's fingers only touched a threshold; something akin to… glass?

It was a… mirror?

And Ichigo began to sink.

She gasped, opening her eyes quickly as she sat up in bed. Her face was in a cold sweat as she swiveled her head quickly towards her window. Large, whirring noises filled the air; it's muffled pitch coming from outside of the window. Ichigo wiped her eyes, looking out into the streets of Karakura.

Many construction workers littered the sidewalks and streets; some in machinery, digging up the groundwork while other hefted large rocks in wheelbarrows and the remainder either sat, chatting idly while drinking what Ichigo could only guess was alcohol-Which is illegal to drink on the job-and others make flirty remarks to passing females… and males?

"Oh joy; flirty, gay, drunken construction workers outside of my house…" When Ichigo thought about how they would need to be the ones fixing the houses in Karakura, she suddenly feared the worst for the fair city.

Sighing deeply, she turned to move out of bed. She took a minute to contemplate herself. Still in one piece, she guessed. Dressed in only red panties; she felt a bit… exposed. But, she had soon, after becoming a Substitute Shinigami, had developed a habit of sleeping in almost nothing. It soothed her quite a bit, as the overwhelming pressure was too great for her at times; and just removing most of her clothing made her free… in a sense. But, as soothing as it was, Ichigo couldn't help but look down at her own bust.

32C; a pretty fair size in her honest opinion, but certainly much larger than Rukia's… whatever measurement, A-cup. She and Rukia had actually gotten into a conversation about that. It was a very girlish conversation, something to which made Ichigo feel very uncomfortable. It was like Karin and Yuzu asking her about how to make their chests as "big and buxom" as hers. "That was an awkward one," Her? Buxom? Never. A better person to talk to would be Inoue. Or Rangiku.


The name made her heart clench. Just one of the many faces she'll have to get used to seeing everyday in her new life. While it was a happy prospect to be able to be with a close friend, why did the thought itself cause a clench in Ichigo's heart? Was it because she'd never see her family? Because it would be unbearable to leave them behind?

That was it. Ichigo would miss them greatly. Actually, she couldn't imagine it. They'd cry, she'd be close to crying. She'd leave; they'd beckon her not to. Karin would yell and scream. Yuzu would cry loudly while their father embraced them both, holding his head down. Ichigo would leave. And the distance would be large. Time will pass, and Ichigo wouldn't see them again…

She would miss her home… that much was dreadfully certain.

A loud knock came at the door, quickly followed up by a loud yelling that effectively knocked off her train of thought.

"Oi, Ichi-nee; you awake yet?" Karin's boisterous question boomed from behind the door.

The Yuzu's calm, sweet voice sounded. "Karin-chan; she'll get mad if we wake her!" she said, her voice in a hushed whisper.

"Who cares? She promised us a date!" Karin banged on the door again, this time yelling louder. "Ichigo, get the hell up!"

Ichigo's right eye twitch in annoyance. She went over to the door, twisting the knob in a hard fashion and slinging it open; glaring angrily from beyond the threshold. "The hell's your problem, Karin?"

Yuzu was effectively startled, cowering by the wall.

Ichigo paid her no mind though, looking back down to Karin.

Karin clenched her fist before glaring up at Ichigo. "What's my problem? Why dontcha' wake the hell up in the morning!"

Ichigo furrowed her brow. "Wake up in the- I am awake!"

"No you're not; you woke up only a couple minutes ago!"

"Well stop yelling so early in the morning!"

"It's 3 in the afternoon!"

Ichigo opened her mouth to rebut, but closed it just as fast as it opened. Three in the-? That couldn't be right!

Ichigo looked up to the clock in the hallway, stationed near the top of the wall she was facing.

… 3:46 PM

"The fuck?" Ichigo questioned.

Karin stuck out her tongue childishly. "Told ya'," she stated smugly, crossing her arms.

Ichigo shook her head, her momentary shock subsiding immediately. "Well er, I guess it is time for me to get the hell up…" she stated sheepishly, looking away as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Yeah, and put some clothes on, too…" Karin stated, gazing enviously at her chest.

She shrugged, not bothering to. Why would she need to? She wasn't around people who haven't seen her chest before.

"Hey Ichigo!" a voice sounded.

"Huh?" Ichigo looked to the stairs, Keigo and Mizuiro coming into view.

"We came t- whoa!" Keigo stopped in his tracks, eyeing Ichigo's chest appreciatively. Mizuiro, on the other hand, averted his eyes.

"Oh god, sorry Ichigo!" Mizuiro yelled, turning on his heel to look away.

Ichigo stood motionless, staring at Keigo.

Then her face burned a deep crimson. "You fucker!" she yelled.

Keigo could only let off a scream-a high-pitched scream-as Ichigo tackled him onto the ground, pummeling him.

Isshin Kurosaki sat up abruptly, after hearing a little girl screaming. He looked around. "The hell was that?" he asked nobody in particular. "Must've been a dream," he thought to himself, shrugging as he went back to his nap.

Ichigo stretched in her seat, settling as she looked around the train car. It was surprisingly empty today; something to which she rejoiced. She hated overcrowded train cars. You never know what you find. Homeless people, thugs, perverts…

In fact, the latter had been a big problem for her. Guys (and even a lady at one point) grabbing her butt or breasts; acting as if she couldn't feel it. Well, considering the fact that she had been given four legal warnings for violence; she felt it was necessary. I mean, who the hell does that.

The orange head turned to her sisters, who were asleep on each other. Yuzu's head was on Karin's shoulder, as Karin laid her head on Yuzu's. It was a cute sight, making Ichigo smile a bit. Her sisters had always been, surprisingly, one of the more interesting topics to her now. Karin and Yuzu had grown in the year and a half she had been a Shinigami.

Yuzu's hair has grown some, now reaching just past her shoulders. Her hair had been put into two pigtails, kept by two red bands. It really augmented her already vast cuteness. Karin on the other hand, had a much cooler, more mature look. Her hair had been put into a ponytail, with a white band keeping it. The ponytail looked pretty attractive on her, if Ichigo could say from an older sister point of view.

Ichigo, however, liked to keep her hair down. It went to mid-back, something she sort of dreaded. It had gotten pulled more than its fair share of times in the heat of battle. Mostly by a certain blue-haired Espada.

"I swear, Grimmjow's lucky he's dead…" she thought menacingly.

The carrot top had vivid memories of the Sexta Espada. Very unhappy, painful, Cero-filled memories of the Espada. Him and his stupid aqua-colored hair; always showing his goddamn muscle-laden chest, swinging his fucking fists around without a care in the world.

Wow, and now she was complaining about a dead man. "My god, I need this vacation," she thought ruefully to herself.

The train had stopped, Ichigo looking to the door. Not their stop yet.

It closed, nobody getting off. That's when she had noticed how much the train had filled. People now filled the seats, some even standing from the overflow. Still, it wasn't as crowded as Ichigo had seen almost every day; and again, she thanked whatever god was looking out for her for that gift.

Ichigo walked off of the train, looking to see her goal; the large Ferris Wheel in the Karakura Amusement Park.

Her sister followed behind from off of the train, rubbing their eyes as Karin yawned off her nap. However, both of their eyes widened when they saw their older sister smile almost sweetly at the large wheel in the distance.

Yes, she could remember the Ferris Wheel fondly. It had been the place she had promised to take her one-time friend, Senna. Ichigo could only guess that Senna's spirit had passed on, having moved on to Soul Society. At least… she thought she did.

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