Author's Note: I do not own any of the "Team Fortress 2" characters or locations. This is merely for entertainment purposes, and I am not looking to profit off of this piece of fiction. All characters/locations belong to Valve. Sherry belongs to me.

I got to thinking last night about how the RED Spy had ordered the rest of his team to not inflict any harm upon his step-daughter, Sherry. My creative side got to thinking, "Hey, what would it be like if they didn't listen to him and killed her anyway?" Besides, she's got a re-spawn chip, so she could just keep on dying!

I've decided to rate this fic "M" for obvious reasons; I will be writing a chapter for each class as they kill Sherry. I hope you enjoy this delicious gore-fest that I have in store for you! I promise you, for those who are faint hearted, please go read some of my other fictions; they're a lot tamer. ; )

RED Scout noticed with much amusement that the chick on the BLU Team was trying to run away from him as fast as she could. He could hear her panting, her sneakers slapping the tiled floor as she ran through the RED base, lugging the briefcase by hand instead of on her back like she should have.

That stupidity was going to get her killed. By him. And Scout would so enjoy being the one to do it.

"I'm comin' for ya, Sweetheart!" Scout chortled as his cleats made clicking noises on the floor, gripping his bat tightly in his hands as he ran. The girl looked back, a foolish move, and he could see the wild terror in her blue eyes as she tried to pick up the pace. Granted, she was the sister of that lame-ass BLU Scout, and she could run pretty fast…

But he was faster.

He too picked up the pace, and he could practically hear her screaming at him to, "get away from me, you creep!" With an eerie smile, Scout raised the bat up, gave it one swing…

And he heard her cry out in pain as the metal bat collided with the side of her head, sending her dropping to the tiled floor like a house of cards. Scout skidded to a stop, his cleats squeaking on the floor as the girl rolled over back and forth on the floor, clutching her now bleeding head.

"Yo, did ya even see me hittin' ya? I mean, c'mon! You sure ya didn't see me hittin' ya, Girlie?" Scout laughed as the girl looked up at him, her eyes filling up with tears as Scout knelt down next to her, smiling like Christmas had come early.

"Oh what, you gonna cry? You gonna cry now? What is it with you chicks? Ya get one nasty little scratch, and ya start screamin' and cryin' like it's the end of the freakin' World!" Scout chortled, lightly tapping his bat against the bleeding wound on the girl's head, causing her to cry out a long, wavering sob as tears spilled down her cheeks and onto the floor.

"Ma always told me ta never hit girls, but guess what? She ain't here, Sweetheart! Also, it's freakin' war, so anythin' goes!" Scout said, rolling the girl onto her back as he sat on her stomach, one leg on each side of her body. Man, she looked pathetic! Her nose had begun to bleed, mixing in with snot as tears ran down her face. She tried to squirm out from underneath him, but he was either too heavy or she was just too disoriented from getting whacked in the head with a baseball bat to do it properly.

"But, ta be fair, I'll give ya a bit of credit; ya run pretty damn fast for a girl. If ya had just carried our briefcase like ya was supposed ta, ya probably coulda' gotten away. But, live and learn, I guess." Scout said as he wiped the stream of blood and snot away from the girl's nose with one calloused finger, prompting her to wince at his touch. It was so much fun to get someone to be afraid of him like this!

"Now comes the fun part for both you and me; I'm gonna let ya choose how ya get ta die. Ain't I so generous?" Scout chided, pulling his pistol out from the holster, holding both it and the bat in front of her face so that she could get a clear look. The look of terror on her face was priceless; her blue eyes were wide with horror as her eyes darted back and forth between the gun and the bat.

"Now, what would ya rather have; death by a baseball bat, or would ya rather I shoot ya right in your head? Take your pick, Sweetheart. Either way, I promise ya this; I'll make it quick and painless for ya." Scout said, giving both the bat and the pistol a light jiggle as he leaned in close to her face to look at the fear in her blue eyes.

"…Or, I'll give ya another option; Spy told me that you're his step-kid, and he specifically asked us ta not hurt ya. But that would be borin', listenin' ta that old guy. But, if ya join the RED Team, then I won't beat your head in like it was a freakin' watermelon. So…Whaddaya want?" Scout asked, remembering the words Spy had told them the night he had come back from fucking the BLU Scout's Mother.

She opened her mouth to say something, but only slightly. A split second later, Scout felt something warm and wet on his face, and was disgusted to learn that she had just fucking spit on him.

"G-go to…Hell…" She hissed, her eyes alight with fury. Scout was not going to be pissed off by this little bitch.

"I swear ta God, if ya act like a horses ass one more time, I'm gonna kill ya with both of these, and it's gonna be slow and painful. So, ya got anythin' smart ta say now?" Scout hissed into her ear, relishing the terrified squeaks she gave. When he sat back up, he saw her shake her head back and forth, sobbing out quietly.

"Now dat's what I'm talkin' about. Now, which one do ya want, Sweetheart?" Scout asked again, holding out the pistol and the bat once more. It took her a few seconds, but she eventually nodded her head at the pistol, her eyes shut in defeat.

"Aw, I was hopin' you would pick the bat, but I guess ta each their own." Scout said as he tossed the bat to the side, the bat making a loud, clattering nose on the floor. He pressed the barrel of the pistol to the girl's forehead, making her cry out so very softly.

"Don't you ever cross me again." Scout said as he squeezed the trigger, obliterating the girl's head in a shower of gore and skull fragments, her hands twitching sporadically. Scout promptly stood up from the cooling body, knowing that re-spawn was going to pick it up in about one minute.

Without another thought, or even without a care about the blood spatter on his clothes and face, Scout picked up the red briefcase and walked away back to the intel room, whistling a soft little tune.