Author's Note: I do not own any of the "Team Fortress 2" characters or locations. This is merely for entertainment purposes, and I am not looking to profit off of this piece of fiction. All characters/locations belong to Valve. Sherry belongs to me.

Sherry knew deep in her mind that she was going to die. She knew she was going to die, and she knew that she was going to wake up in Respawn, ready to fight again.

But there were two questions that she was constantly asking herself as she crawled away from the RED Pyro:

Was it going to be quick, and,

Was it going to hurt or not?

Sherry didn't know if she could experience anymore pain; she was already in a world of it. She had been running away with the briefcase on her back, not bothering to watch where she was going. Her heart had been pounding loud enough to hear it in her ears.

That's when she had bumped into the RED Pyro. She should have known in an instant who it was due to Pyro smelling like rubber, gasoline, and various other things connected to its position with Team Fortress Incorporated.

At first, the two only stood there for several moments, Pyro watching her with curiosity. Sherry didn't know what she was thinking or why she was just standing there; she had seen her own BLU Pyro many times before, and thus, shouldn't have been standing there and gazing at it like an idiot.

And that's when Pyro chuckled. Sherry had heard that spine-chilling chuckle from her Pyro many times before, and that was when it was about to seriously wound or murder whoever it was standing in its way.

Her feet felt like lead, but as soon as she saw Pyro raise its fire axe, Sherry found the ability to move her legs and begin to run, hearing the insane cackling of the fire-starter right behind her.

"Wwwh! Dnn rnn! Yrrr crrr nnn uh nuhh tuh wrhm yuh upf!" Pyro called after her, its words lost upon Sherry's ears as she ran for her life, completely abandoning the briefcase. Let the RED's have it, she didn't care. Let her team lose, she didn't give a shit.

Sherry gave a weak, pitiful scream as she ran, feeling like her lungs would explode and her heart would jump right out of her throat. Pyro cackled madly behind her, its words and laughter muffled from a thick and heavy gas mask.

It was at that moment that she tripped, her ankle giving way beneath her as Sherry went tumbling down a flight of stairs she had been attempting to climb up. She could feel her lip split open, could have sworn that she heard a rib cracking loudly as her ribcage connected with the very edge of a step.

Dead…Somebody wants me dead… She thought as she came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs, right at the feet of the awaiting RED Pyro.

With desperation, she tried to get up and crawl away, but was stopped when Pyro slammed its heavy boot into her chest, pinning her down to the floor. It simply stared at her through dark lenses for a few moments, watching with eyes that Sherry couldn't see.

And then it raised its axe up, and before she knew it, she heard the whoosh of air rushing past, and then…


Unimaginable pain filled her very being as Pyro brought the blade of the axe slamming down onto her right arm, severing the limb in a gush of blood and the sound of bones snapping.

Pyro had simply cut off her arm at the shoulder, watching the blood pooling from the mutilated shoulder onto the floor, the crimson puddle shining in the lights.

At first, Sherry was completely silent, and then she screamed. She screamed an agonized and terrified scream as pain shot through her at the realization that she was now missing an arm.

Pyro gave a muffled laugh from behind its gas mask, brought the axe up again…

And cut off the other arm, Sherry howling in a scream that was quite familiar to Pyro. It was a sound that Pyro loved and enjoyed hearing time and time again.

Tears streamed down from her face as Pyro proceeded towards her legs, giggling at it caressed her legs, wishing fondly that it could take off its gloves and touch the trembling flesh.

Without a second though, it slammed the axe into her left leg, eliciting yet another howl out of the girl. By now, her voice was getting hoarse, and she was probably cutting her throat to ribbons with the amount of screaming she was doing.

Pyro decided that it was time to finish things, but with a flourish that it so rarely decided to give.

"Wnnn thhh sssh muh fsssh?" Pyro asked, causing Sherry to stop screaming and crying long enough to stare at it with pain-filled blue eyes, the lights flickering between life and death.

"Wh-wuh?" She stuttered out. Pyro gave a muffled sigh, and reached its fingers underneath the hem of its mask. With a soft gasp, Sherry watched as Pyro lifted its mask enough so that she could see its chin and mouth. Pyro gave a small gasp of its own, obviously not used to having to breathe without the gas mask.

"I said…Do you want to see my face?" Pyro wheezed in a voice that sounded neither male nor female. Sherry was terrified; she had never seen Pyro's face before, but she knew that she didn't want to see it. The chin looked badly burned with scar tissue, the teeth fairly yellow and strangely aligned within the mouth, the mouth itself cast in a permanent sneer.

Without waiting for an answer, Pyro lifted its entire mask off of its face…

And Sherry screamed.

The face of Pyro was so badly burned and covered in scar tissue; she couldn't tell if Pyro was a man or a woman. There was no hair to speak of, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Pyro's eyes were a deep shade of red, the green irises cast in a sickly color against the red. Pyro seemed to have no nose, and if they did, Sherry wasn't looking hard enough.

Sherry was looking at the face of a monster.

"Now that you've seen…My face…" Pyro wheezed, stopping so that it could cough loudly. The cough sounded like a clogged drain, filled with liquid and phlegm. Sherry was disgusted, and was even more so when Pyro pressed its chapped lips to hers, forcing its tongue down her throat. Sherry screamed as Pyro roughly kissed her, feeling the bile rising quickly in her throat as Pyro's tongue played with her uvula. She howled weakly when Pyro's teeth bit her tongue, feeling blood fill her mouth.

"It's…nothing personal…I do that to…everyone…Some like it…more than others, though." Pyro gasped as it released Sherry, who promptly vomited her breakfast from that morning alongside the blood from her tongue to the side to mix in with the puddle of drying blood. Pyro looked amused rather than disgusted as it wiped her blood off of its chin.

The smell of gasoline filled her nostrils as a warm liquid was spurted onto her, and Sherry realized that Pyro was dousing her with a whole bottle of gasoline. Before she could say anything else, Pyro grinned horribly as it hefted up its flamethrower.

Without a single word, Pyro held down the trigger to the flamethrower, watching as the helpless young girl before it become engulfed in flames.

The screams she produced where simply glorious as she attempted to roll around to put out the fire that was licking her entire body, cooking her flesh and burning her hair and clothes. She screamed loudly and painfully as the flames cooked her alive.

Within moments, her screams subsided, and she grew still, and the flames went out, leaving a smoldered, black body.

With a grin, Pyro reached down and tore a piece of the burned flesh off of her, putting it into its mouth and chewing thoughtfully before swallowing it with a satisfied smirk.

Tastes just simply delicious Pyro thought as it put its gas-mask back on, waddling off as Respawn picked up the burned and lifeless body.

Pyro always liked the taste of flesh spiked with fear and pain.