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Part One: Life and Death

Chapter One: No Reason to Return

"I don't care what you think you want Hiei," Koenma, junior ruler of Spirit World snapped. "Yuusuke said the same thing when he died!"

"Tch, the difference between his situation and mine was he was young and inexperienced," the fire demon retorted. "There's nothing left for me in life."

"What about a family of your own? Someone to love and love you in return!"

"I don't need to be loved," Hiei responded lowly while crossing his arms and looking away from the demi-god.

"Don't give me that bull!" Koenma yelled as his fist slammed against his desk. "I know you crave that kind of feeling whether you admit it or not. Don't forget, I know your entire history from your birth to your death!"

The small demon remained silent and the brunette sighed in exasperation. There had to be some way to convince him that he had plenty left in his life to do. Although the demi-god could see the future outcome of events, he was forbidden from gazing at the files of his detectives. The idea tempted him, but he knew better. If he read the files, his father would surely take his life and condemn him to an eternity of torture and solitude. Pushing the thought aside he came up with a better, safer alternative.

"Fine Hiei, if you won't listen to reason," the demi-god smirked, "I'll have Botan do the same thing to you as I had her do with Yuusuke."

"Koenma believes that by showing you all the people who care about you," Botan said as she flew on her oar with Hiei standing on the back of it, "You'll come to your senses about being revived."

"No wonder Yuusuke choose to return to life," the fire demon snorted. "It was to get away from Spirit World and your insane logic."

"Well that's not a very nice thing to say," the ferry girl pouted slightly.

The first destination was an obvious one as a vast expanse of land and a temple came into view. As they quickly approached the temple, Botan slowed down a bit and looked over her shoulder at the demon.

"Remember, they can't see or hear us, but they may sense a presence." She paused and turned her head as they flew slowly through the building. "They won't know it's us, but they'll know it's a dead spirit of some kind. Depending on your attitude depends on what type of spirit they'll assume it to be."

They came to a stop in a room with a giant statue. Seated on the floor was Yukina, and sitting beside her was a small basket filled almost to the top with tear gems. Hiei felt a pang in his heart as he watched her bring her hands away from her face only to put more in the basket. The room was silent except for the occasional sobs heard from the ice maiden. Moments later, the door slide open to reveal a rather depressed looking Kuwabara. Slowly he walked over to the sobbing girl and sat on the floor in front of her. Hiei watched the scene develop before him in silence.

"Oh Kazuma," she sobbed while looking up at him. "I'm sorry. I promised you I wouldn't cry anymore."

The orange haired boy gently took the girl's hand in his own. "It's alright," he soothed. "I'd rather you get it all out at once, than bottle it up and let it eat you away for the rest of your life."

"He was my brother."

"I know."

"I wish I could have told him, or at least that he would have discovered it himself." A small noise was heard as a single tear slid down her face and solidified before hitting the wooden floor below.

"I'm sure Koenma found him a nice resting place. He's probably relaxing in paradise right now," Kuwabara said trying to reassure her.

"But he must be so lonely," Yukina lightly snapped as she gazed directly into the boy's eyes. "I couldn't imagine dying without a family of any kind." There was a pause. "Maybe you could ask Koenma to return him to life, or at least to let me see him once last time!"

"Yukina," Kuwabara started, "You know I can't do that. We're not supposed to know what happens to the people we care about after death."

"Then how do you know he's in paradise?"

"I just do. Hiei may have acted like a jerk sometimes, but deep down, there's not a single drop of evil in him."

"Kazuma, I'd like to be left alone for a bit."

The orange haired boy nodded and stood before heading outside. Hiei remained still as it finally sunk in on him.

'She knew,' he thought. 'All this time she knew I was her brother.'

Without realizing it, the fire demon had subconsciously floated over to where Kuwabara was standing outside the temple. He watched as the boy placed a hand in his pocket and gazed at the ground.

"I know we may not have gotten along too well," the boy started, "But you were a good guy and a great friend. I wish that you could have been around long enough to find your only family." His gazed turned upward toward the sky and you could see a few tears streaming down his face. "We really screwed up that last mission. I mean what good are we if we can't even protect a friend. Where ever you are man, I hope that you're finally at peace."

Before Hiei could react to what he had heard, Botan whisked him away. The fire demon felt numb. He had always assumed that Kuwabara hated him based on the way he treated him. However, after that sad speech, he knew otherwise. Granted he would never admit it, but Hiei liked Kuwabara for the sheer fact that he was so honor bound. Not to mention he took care of his sister.

It wasn't long before they reach the next target, Kurama's home. Well it wasn't his home, but his Mother's. Shiori had asked him to stay after he finished school, and the fox demon couldn't say no to any request of hers. He had no intention of living at home with her for the rest of her life or anything, just until he found someone he wished to spend the rest of his life with.

Hiei and Botan flew into Kurama's room. Hiei lightly hopped off the oar, but since he was a spirit, he merely floated downward a few feet. Just as the fire demon was about to investigate the empty room, the door quietly opened and the red head stepped in. Hollering down at his mother that he would be retiring for the night, he quietly closed the door and walked over to sit at his desk. Upon sitting at the desk, he picked up a picture frame and placed his chin on his right hand.

"I guess that saying is true," he mumbled. "You never know what you have until it's gone."

"Heh," the fire demon chuckled, "The fox is acting more human than usual."

Kurama chuckled lightly himself. "Of course, I know you'd make a joke about me acting like a human if you heard me say that."

"Kurama? You know I'm here?"

Botan giggled quietly behind her kimono sleeve. "No silly. He just knows you well enough to know what you'd say."

The fire demon glared at the bubbly girl. Just as he was about to retort, a heavy sigh brought his attention back to his partner and crush.

"I just don't understand why you sacrificed yourself like that." Another sigh. "I could have dodged it easily."

Hiei walked over toward the fox to gaze over his shoulder at the picture. It was a picture the red head and Yuusuke had forced him into. Virtually one of the only pictures that existed of him.

"Hiei," the fox said effectively getting the fire demon's attention back on him. "Why didn't you tell me you loved me sooner?"

"I tried to fox," the fire demon mumbled, "Many times. But it was so hard, and I feared you'd reject me like everyone else."

"I know it was probably because you fear rejection so much." A tear could be seen slowly traveling down the red head's cheek. "I don't know if I feel that way about you, but I care too much about you to reject you." Slowly, Kurama moved the picture on his desk so that it was standing on its own. He then folded his arms and rested his chin against them while still staring at the picture. "If you had stayed, I'm certain something could have blossomed between us."

Once again before Hiei could respond, Botan dragged him off.

"I take it we're going to Yuusuke's now," he stated.

"Well, actually no," the ferry girl replied as they flew higher into the sky. "We're going back to Spirit World."

"Tch, so the detective really doesn't care about me at all."

"It's not that at all. Out of everyone, Yuusuke seems to have taken it the hardest."

There was a long pause as they burst through the clouds and the Gate of Judgment came into view. "Let me guess, in his so called anguish, he killed himself." The usually talkative girl remained silent. "You can't be serious!"

Still, she said nothing as they flew right up to the gates. The two were silent as they navigated their way back to Koenma's office. And for the second time that day, the fire demon stood before the demi-god waiting for someone to speak.

"Well?" Koenma asked, hoping the boy had changed his mind.

"What happened to Yuusuke?" Hiei demanded. The brunette bit his lip and looked away from the intense gaze of the demon's piercing red eyes. "Well, what happened?" Still no response. "Answer me!"

"We don't know," he finally answered.

"What do you mean you don't know? Don't you have tracking devices?"

"That's just it," Koenma said as his hazel eyes finally met Hiei's. "Yuusuke's unique energy signal has completely vanished. None of our tracking devices can find him. We don't know which world he's in, or if he's even alive for that matter." The demi-god paused to keep his composure. "He's been missing since a few moments after you died. I've had agents and ferry girls looking for him non-stop since yesterday, but to no avail."

"Why is he blaming himself?" the small demon questioned lowly. "There was nothing he could have done to stop it."

"Everyone knows that Hiei." The brunette sighed as he ran a hand through his hair and leaned back in his chair. "But you know how Yuusuke is." Koenma's gaze refocused on his friend in front of him. "So, have you decided you want to go back yet?"

"I still stand firm by my previous decision."

"Then you leave me no choice," he responded while leaning forward to press a button on his desk. "Bring her in," he said to no one in particular.

The large expansive doors behind Hiei opened slowly to reveal a beautiful woman. She was rather tall considering her origins, with icy blue eyes and icy blue hair. She wore a tattered white robe and looked rather rough and beaten. However, underneath all the dirt smudges and bruises, Hiei still recognized her.

"Mother," he gasped out.

"Hiei, I see you still have your father's eyes," Hina responded as she moved closer to take the boy in her arms. The fire demon made no move to reject the kindness offered to him. "My son, you must return to your life."

"I have nothing left there," he mumbled into her embrace.

She looked down at him as she slowly pulled away from him. "You have a kind sister who loves you and misses you deeply."

"How do you know that Yukina misses me?"

"Hiei, when you go to your final resting place, you can hear every thought about yourself. Even if someone else is involved." She paused as a slight smile appeared on her face. "Your sister talks to me every day before she falls asleep. It's her way of coping."

The fire demon said nothing and the two remained silent standing there. Finally Hina continued to speak.

"My son, please don't give up on family. I know our race gave up on you without even trying, but Yukina is trying and you're rejecting her. Please, return to life and give her a second chance." The ice maiden saw a nod from the demi-god and gave her son one last hug before being led out of the room.

The boy still remained silent as he turned to face Koenma. As he did so, the demi-god began to speak. "I'm sure you're curious about your Mother's rather plain clothing and the marks all over her body." He paused as the demon nodded slightly. "She's in hell Hiei."

"Why would you send an innocent woman to spend all of eternity there?" he burst out.

"If recall, your Mother killed herself." Silence fell over the room as the sad memory resurfaced for the demon. It was quickly pushed back down. "The person being judged could be a saint for all I care, but rules are rules. Suicides are always sent to hell. However…" The brunette paused to extend the anticipation.

"However what?" Hiei spat.

"However, if you return to life, I'll see that her sentence is considered fulfilled and she'll be moved to paradise. I'll give you a minute to decide what you want to do."

"I don't need time," the demon responded harshly. "As long as you swear she'll be in paradise for the rest of her eternity, I will return."

"You have my word," the brunette swore. "Now, you'll have to go through an ordeal to get your life back."

"I knew there was a catch," Hiei mumbled. "There's always a catch."

"Hey," Koenma said, "Nothing in the world is free. You have to give something to get something."


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