"LONDON!" I managed to screech out after what felt like hours of shocked silence.

"Bells, I told you this kind of thing would be happening," Charlie innocently added.

"Yeah, but never did I think it would be London!"

I was shaking now, blinking furiously, trying to keep back my tears of anger.

"Bella, I'm sorry, you know that. But, this kind of thing happens all the time and I'm just sorry that it's happening to us. But they're extremely short staffed over at their stations and, well… Forks has quietened down in the past few years and I just thought that maybe a new adventure would be good for me…good for us!

Speechless, I sat there, staring at nothing. Thinking through everything that I'd built up for myself here since I moved from sunny Phoenix. I'd managed to create a strong bond between my father and I, made some 'interesting' friends, some more elderly than others. And then there was… Edward.

Ever since I'd arrived at Forks, Id never really felt…normal. But then he came along, my godlike creature, and made me forget about everything except that he was what I would want forever and ever.

Charlie snapped me out of my mental crisis by letting out an awkward cough.

"But…but…what about…school?" I stuttered out, but really I wanted to ask, 'what about Edward?

"Well of course I'd get you set up somewhere, but, uh, that was the other thing I wanted to ask. You seem like a great student, and I want you to get the best out of life, so there's this great school… oh, just take a look for yourself." He said nervously as he handed me a single brochureon 'Mill Hill School.' I stared at it dumbfounded as I glared at the bright and breezy students on the front cover in their gruesome uniforms. This. Can't. Be. Happening!

"Your sending me to BOARDING school?" I shrieked, wincing at my never-before reached volume.

"Private boarding. Well… I thought that you would… approve of this."

I rose wordlessly from the table and staggered upstairs. I heard movement behind me, but I knew that Charlie knew that waterworks were on their way up.
I collapsed on my bed and let my tears take me under. After what felt like hours I felt my energy drain into nothing and I felt myself slip into deep slumber.

Gasp… gasp… gasp!

I sat up quickly in my bed gasping for air. My head was spinning due to my horrid nightmare.

"Are you alright, love?" Edward's anxious tone crept up on me from behind me pulling me back into my frenzied behaviour.

"OH! Um… yeah I'm fine."

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me up against his side trying to soothe me with my lullaby.

"So, Alice is coming by very soon to sort you out with your next hours worth of clothing," he said sarcastically.

I sighed heavily. "Perfect."

We sat there like that for what felt like forever, taking about things and other times talking nonsense. He would occasionally ask me of my dream but I would change the subject abruptly before he suspected anything.

But as time went on, an overwhelming wave of guilt hit me, saying that this wasn't right, I would eventually have to come clean to him… to all of them.

"Alice! Not now!" Edward hissed towards the window as a small, pixie-like figure appeared at the end of my bed.

"Now is better than later," she growled back at him. "Now Bella, I was thinking red today, but I also came with blue just incase," she said as she held up to identical shirts - designer by the looks of things – only in different colours.

"Alice, do I really…" I wined, looking towards her wardrobe selection for me.

"Yes! Hmm… yeah, I would go for the blue, after all that's Edward's favourite on you," she said winking at him 'subtly.'

He groaned beside me in embarrassment, hiding his face in my hair.

She giggles at his mortified expression then threw the clothes at me, dragging me towards the bathroom to change.

After my lengthy human-moment, I returned to find Alice and Edward bickering in muted tones.

"Alice…" Edward whined. I guess everyone was playing that card today.

"Please Edward?" she said, forcing on her puppy dog eyes.

He sighed deeply, then turned his gaze to meet mine.

"Alice was wondering if you'd want to come over to ours? For 'girl time.'" He shot an apologetic smile my way.

"Well, knowing you Alice, 'girl time' includes me playing human Barbie for the next several hours. But, I'll come over otherwise, I haven't seen Esme in so long."

Alice pouted in disappointment, so I whispered in her ear, "How about the next time the guys go hunting?" Her face light up like a kid stuck in Disney Land.

"Great!" she sang and hopped gracefully out my window.

Edward silently came to my side whilst taking my hand in his. He chuckled after Alice.

"I wonder when that guilt thing will wash off on her." He laughed some more then mounted me onto his back, ready for take off.