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Tori and Blaize are best friends who fall though a portal which connects enterra with earth. They just happen to fall into different parts of it! They find friends along the way who protect them from danger. MushramboxOC SagoxOC

Appearance: Quite tall (comes up to Mushrambo's eyes.) Very pale skin. Long dirty blonde wavy hair reaches her hips. Perfect curves and slim and toned figure. Electric, piercing violet eyes, thick black eyeliner and mascara. Dark blue skinny jeans, fitting her figure, perfectly. A fitted, plain black camisole hugged her curves in all the right places. Plain black converses with purple laces. She looked like a model. She bought a bracelet with lightning bolts on it from a magic shop. Once she put it on - she couldn't get it off again.
Personality: Loves to fight. Short tempered. A guys kinda girl. Sometimes speaks when spoken too. Active. Treats people how they treat her (but can be a bitch when she wants to be one.) Not tomboyish but not girly (she could be a model or boxer.) Always getting into trouble. Outgoing. Likes to start a riot.

Appearance: Average height (same as Sago.) Slightly tanned skin. Short brown straight hair reaching her shoulders. Slim figure. Hazel eyes. Thin black eyeliner and mascara. Black leggings. Short light denim mini skirt. A loose, plain white camisole. Black and blue converses with white laces. Dark blue framed glasses. She looked like a smart girl. She brought a necklace with a peace charm on it - because she loves animals - from a magic shop - she also couldn't get it off once she put it on.
Personality: Hates fighting. Keeps her temper. Shy around guys. Makes conversations. Non-active but not lazy. Nice girl. More girly than tomboyish. Sensible. Innocent. Likes to keep the peace. Non-outgoing.

Kutal: 21 Mushrambo: 19 Blaize: 19 Sago:17 Tori: 17 Mushra: 16 Ray: 6 Sen: 6 Estea: 4

Chapter One

"Tori! Breakfast!" Tori looked at the clock: 7:00am. She yawned and stretched before stepping out of bed. "Morning, Frost." She petted her fluffy white cat before walking downstairs. "Morning, Mum, Dad." She kissed them both before sitting at her place in the dining room table, grabbing some toast.
"Your Father is going on a buisness trip, Tori." Her Mother was saying. "He'll be gone for a couple of months. I've been asked to go with him, so you'll be living here with Mike for that time."
"Tori, what are you going to be doing today?" Her older brother, Mike, walked into the room and grabbed some toast. "Is Blaize coming round today?" He grinned. Tori knew he fancied her, and had once caught them making out at a party without Blaize knowing it was Tori's brother.
"Going-oh yeah! Mum, Dad? I'm going on a road trip with Blaize for a few weeks. We leave tomorrow so she'll be staying here tonight." Tori explained, then turned to Mike. "So yeah...um...packing and for the night." She saw the expression plastered on his face. "But not with you." She turned around and carried on eating her breakfast.
"That will be...lovely?" Her Mother said, unsure. Tori's mum wasn't that fond of Blaize. The reason's were clear: She was older than Tori and the same age as Mike. She was pretty and flirty. She had a short temper. She gets into a lot of fights. And most of the mothers around the town knew she'd been with their son's. Overall, she was the complete opposite of her daughter. Mike and Tori's dad loved her and thought she was great fun.
"So what time is she coming round?" Mike asked. Already flexing his muscles.
"2." She replied, taking the plates into the kitchen and began washing them.

When she finished, she went upstairs and jumped into the shower. She dried herself off and dried her hair. She then dressed in her usual attire: leggings, skirt, camisole and converse's before putting on her makeup.

[At the same time as Tori]
"Blaize! Get the fuck up!" Blaize looked at the clock: 9:30am. "No! Wake me at 11!" She yelled back before shoving the pillow over her head.
"Now! You bitch!"
"Fine!" She got out of bed, showered, got dressed, did her hair and makeup then made her way downstairs. Kids were running everywhere, loud and hyper-active - just the usual.
"Hi, Blaize." A guy her age, looked at her tastefully.
"Fuck off, Rick." She replied. She walked out of the door. Making her way to Tori's house.

[With Tori]
"She'll be here any minute." Tori said, to Mike.
-Knock Knock-
She went to open the door. "Hey!" Tori said energetically.
"Hi." Blaize replied, in her usual bored tone.
Blaize stopped in the doorway. "What?" Tori asked.
"1) Your brother and 2) wasn't your necklace plain silver?" She replied.
"Ohh, yeah! It was like that this morning." Sure enough, the silver peace charm now had a blue jewel in it. She turned around to see what the '1)' was. "Mike! Put your shirt on!"
"It's too hot in here!" He complained, looking at Blaize.
"Blaize, your bracelet is purple." Her bracelet was a silver bangle with silver lightning bolts studded around it - the lightning bolts were purple outlined in silver and the background was silver aswell.
"Let's go to the shop and ask about it. Bye Mike." Blaize said.
"See ya, Blaize!"
"Bye." Tori said.
She shut the front door behind them. Tori decided to run down the porch stairs and tripped. As she fell she grabbed hold of Blaize. They were about to hit the floor when a black hole appeared and sucked them into a vortex.
"A two way tunnel!" Tori shouted.
They tried to latch onto each other when they were pulled into seperate tunnels. "No!" They both shouted.

I stopped falling "Ooff!" I landed on the hard ground. I stayed lying there for a while before I finally stood up. I was in a forest. Something pressed into my back.
"Who are you!" Someone demanded. They sounded like a boy. I turned around. A boy about 16 who had lavender hair, and orange plated armour over black clothes with a gold crown on his forehead, was pointing a gold staff at my back. He was a bit shorter than I was, meaning he looked like a little boy rather than a teenager.
"Where am I?" I asked him.
He gave me a look Blaize would love 'what-the-fuck' "Uuur...Enterra, duh!" He said sarcastically. "Now who are you? And where are you from?"
"Earth and my name is Tori?" I said.
"So you're human!" He had a look of shock plastered on his face.
"Yeah. What are you?"
"Enterran. I'm Mushra." He said, he dropped his staff. "Sago! Mushrambo!" He shouted. Two more guys appeared from behind him. One had voilet hair, black clothes with red armour outlined in gold with matching boots, a lilac cape and a red samurai sword sheath. He looked about 19. The other wore green trousers, a blue top and boots, a blue cape and a helmet with three blue jewels in the shape of a triangle in looked like he was my age. "She's human!" He said to them.
"Human?" The guy in blue asked.
"What are you doing here?" Mushra asked me.
"I...fell?" I said. I wasn't sure how I actually did get here. Me and Blaize just..."Blaize!" I whispered. I ran through the trees trying to look for her.
"Where are you going? Your in danger if you go around unprotected! Other enterran's might kill you!" Mushra said as he appeared infront of me on a hoverboard.
"I have to find my friend! What do you mean I might be killed?" I stopped and looked around.
"There are two of you?" The guy in blue asked as he stopped next to me.
"Yeah. We both fell through some kind of black hole and went through different tunnels! I have to find her!"
"You can't go alone. Anyone will try and kill you. There are no other humans left on this planet." The guy with violet hair said as though everyone knew that.
"Why don't we go with her? We can protect you!" Mushra said, punching a fist into his other hand.
"I don't know...Blaize normally fights people if someone does anything..."
"So is he your guardian?" The guy in blue said.
"No...human too. And it's 'she' not 'he'"
"We'll come anyway!" Mushra said.
"Well...if you really want too...okay." I said.
"Oh! Yes! Sago, Mushrambo this is Tori. Tori, the guy in blue is Sago and he's Mushrambo."

I opened my eyes and sat up. Forest. Great "Tori?" I looked around me. She wasn't there "Tori!" I shouted. The bushes behind me rustled. I stood up and my instincts kicked in, I turned to the sound and paced backwards. I bumped into something...or someone. I turned around. A huge bug was standing behind me.
"Human!" He shouted. 'Whoa! This thing talks?' I stood there, waiting for him to do something. He did. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled it. I kicked him in the shin, he let go of my hair and I ran. Straight into another bug. I was surrounded by loads of them, and they were slowly coming towards me. A hand grabbed my throat and squeezed the air out of my lungs and I passed out.

[With Tori]
Tori was shouting for Blaize. Sago covered her mouth with his hand.
"Shh." He whispered and pointed into a clearing with some bug enterrans. They were laughing.
"What shall we do with the human?" One of them said.
"Push her off a cliff."
"Hang Her."
"Stab her."
"Hand her in."
"Give her to us!" Mushra shouted as he entered the clearing. "Hyper flame!" Now he wore red armour covering his body and a red pheonix helmet covered the top half of his face. He was followed by Sago who yelled: "Hydro power!" and wore blue trousers, a blue top and boots, with a blue cape. He also had horns on his head and blue hair, bat wings and a blue cape.
"Stay here, you'll be safe." Mushrambo said as he left.
A fight began. Everytime someone got stabbed they turned into cards. One bug was left, he ran and picked up Blaize by her hair and threw her at Mushrambo. "Take her then." Mushrambo caught her and the bug tried to escape she reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a penknife. She held the blade and flung it at the bug enterran. She got him right in the back.
He turned around to face her. "Why you little-"
"-Little? You must be mistaken. Bug's are supposed to be the small ones so you can step on them. Duh." She said it as though it was a fact. Mushra laughed at her outburst before finishing the bug off with his spear. He passed her penknife back to her. She put it away. "Ooff!" Tori ran over and squeezed the life out of Blaize.
"Okay. Tori we have been without each other for longer than this before you know."

[Later that evening]
Blaize had been introduced to the guys by Tori who introduced them back to her. Blaize now sat under a tree, quietly thinking to herself. Nothing in particular crossed her mind. She was just...well...thinking.
Tori however was sat talking to Sago and Mushra.
"So what's your family like?" Sago asked, Tori.
"My parents? Well, my dad is a buisnessman and he's funny and likes to be tidy. My mum works with my dad but she's more of a serious person. My brother, well, my brother likes girls" she whispered "especially Blaize" before talking normally again "and he's very messy."
"So you have a big family then?" Sago asked, and Tori nodded a reply.
"What's your family like Blaize?" Mushra asked.
Blaize looked up and paused before answering: "I live with twenty people. None of them are related to me." She stood up and walked into the trees before sitting on a rock and staring at the water.
'I don't understand'. "I don't understand?" Mushra asked after thinking the question.
"It means she lives in a foster home." Sago said.
"A pervy one aswell." Tori chuckled silently to herself. Mushrambo heard her, 'why is that so funny?' He thought. He looked over to where Blaize was once sat.
Tori screamed as a huge - and I mean, huge - yellow cat walked through the bushes.
"What? Oh, it's just Kutal, Tori." Sago said as he was bombarded with kittens - three of them to be precise. One wore pink, another blue and the final one wore green.
"We have company? Oh a human!" Kutal said holding out his hand to Tori to show he wasn't going to hurt her. My name is Kutal, my dear." Kutal said his name proudly.
Tori took his hand warily as she thought 'he's not going to eat me is he?' "Tori." She replied.
Mushrambo laughed before turning to Tori and saying "No, he won't."
"I'm Ray!" Said the kitten in green.
"I'm Sen!" Yelled the one in blue.
"My name is Estea." Mumbled the one in pink shyly as she hid behind Kutal's huge leg.
"They're my niece and nephews." Kutal said, also proudly as he beamed at each one of them.
"Blaize!" Mushra called.
"What!" Came a reply. Mushra looked shocked.
"What did I do?" Mushra whispered to Tori.
"Oh, don't worry, Mushra...she's always like that!" Tori reassured.
"Okay then!" And with that he ran off into the trees to go and find Blaize.
"Is she really always like that?" Kutal asked.
"Only when she's in a bad mood." Tori laughed.

Mushra came back - without Blaize. He was rubbing the back of his head. "Well we did hear a scream." Tori laughed "what did she do?"
"Put out her foot and I fell into a bloody tree." He said.
Blaize walked out of the trees, smiling. "Watch the foot, shortie!" She said before walking up to Kutal and the kittens. "Hi. I'm Blaize." She held out her hand.
He took her hand and gasped at how tightly she held his hand - it wasn't intentional it was just how she always shook hands.
"Kutal. So you're a human aswell! This is fascinating! These are my nephews, Ray and Sen, and my niece, Estea." They waved but didn't say anything.
Blaize sat down by her tree again. "Who's hungry?" Kutal asked.
"I am!" Came a chorus from Ray, Sen, Estea, Sago, Mushra and Tori.
"What about you Blaize? Mushrambo?" Kutal asked.
"I'm not hungry, thanks." Blaize answered, truthfully. Since she'd been on enterra her appetite had completely gone. She felt as though she'd just eaten two roast dinners, a bag of crisps and a triple chocolate brownie - come to think of it - she'd felt like it all day.
"I don't need to eat, at all, thanks Kutal." Mushrambo said.

Once I had eaten, I walked slowly and warily over to Blaize. She was still sat under the tree, legs crossed and her head leaning back. Her eyes were closed. I stopped about two feet away from her and sat down just like she was - legs crossed. "You're really beautiful." I said to her. She opened her eyes and looked down at me.
"Thankyou." She smiled "You're really cute."
I blushed. "I thought humans only had blue, brown or green eyes?" I asked, as her piercing violet eyes met amber ones.
"They do. But purple are rare." She replied. I saw her eyes soften at me. "I'm not a bad person, Estea. You don't have to be scared of me. I'm not going to hurt you." She said softly.
"I'm not." I lied. "I just sense something about you...something strange...please don't be offended." I said truthfully.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"I don't know. I'm going to go to bed now. Bye Blaize." I stood up and walked backwards a few paces before running off to Uncle Kutal and saying goodnight.

I looked over and saw Blaize watching after Estea as she ran away from her. Blaize's eyes glistened in the moonlight.
I made my way over to her before sitting down next to her. "What's up?" I asked her.
"Nothing." She replied.
"What did Estea want?"
"To talk about something."
"Like what?"
"She asked about my eyes. I told her she didn't have to be scared of me and she said she wasn't but she then said she could sense something strange about me."
"Okay. Why didn't you eat anything?" I asked Blaize.
"Not hungry. I feel like i've eaten two roast dinners, a bag of crisps and a triple chocolate brownie."
"How long have you felt like that?"
"Since we got here."
"What's up?" I turned around and Sago was walking towards us. He sat down next to me, I hid a blush, but unfortunatley Blaize saw.
"Nothing." She said quickly.

I was sat across from Tori, Blaize and Sago, leaning against the trees on the other side of the fire in the clearing. I could sense something strange from Blaize...but I didn't know what. "Mushrambo?" A small voice said. I looked down as Estea tugged on my cape.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"I'm scared." She said shyly. I sat up and chuckled.
"Why?" I asked. "You have Kutal, Sago, Mushra, Me and your brothers to protect you." I said as she sat down and crossed her legs. She glanced away from me and I looked to see that she was looking at Blaize...
"I have a strange feeling about Blaize...her eyes...why are they purple?" She asked. To be honest I hadn't noticed her eyes. I'd been avoiding to look at her because she was gorgeous and when I looked at her before I'd found it hard to look away.
"Have you asked her?"
"Yeah...she said they were rare for a human. Then she said she wasn't a bad person and she wouldn't hurt me. She also seemed offended when I said I sensed something strange from her..." She looked at me with suspicious eyes and a worried expression on her face.
"Kutal?" I asked. He looked up and came over to Estea and me before sitting down. "Do you still have that kit? They one that tests blood to see what type of enterran someone is?"
"Yes...why do you ask?" Me and Estea glanced at Blaize. He got the picture. "Blaize?" Kutal asked standing up. She stood up and walked over.
"Yeah." She asked.
"Would you mind taking a blood test?"
"Why!" She walked backwards, and had a scared expression on her face.
"To see if you're part enterran." I said. Her expression softened a bit.
"Estea...I said you didn't have to be scared of me. But if it makes you feel better I'll do it-Wait!" She jumped out of the way as Kutal was about to stick a needle into her arm. I stood up thinking she was about to run away. She looked at me. Everyone else stopped talking and turned to see what was going on. "It won't hurt will it?" She looked really scared. "Aaa!" Blaize screamed as Kutal stuck it in her arm and drew blood from her.
He smiled before he said "Only if you tense."
"Well, I did so thanks for the warning." She said, boredly. "Hope you're happy now."
Her face was naturally pale but she was gradually getting paler. She walked into the trees out of sight.
"Don't go too far, Blaize!" Mushra shouted after her.
"Shut up, Shortie!" She said back.

"Results." I said to Mushrambo. "Not an enterran and her blood type is O-. She has rare blood so I wouldn't doubt she has rare eyes. She's fully human."
Mushrambo looked confused about something. "Why does something feel so strange about her then?" He asked me.
"I don't know. But I do know she felt like she didn't have a choice for a blood test, Tori told me she hates needles. She must be pretty pissed off. She still hasn't come back..." I looked at the trees where she had left - she must have been gone for longer than ten minutes.
"I'll go and look for her..." Mushrambo said, standing up.

I wasn't sat that far from where everyone else was. I was on a rock looking out at the water. Something confused me...why wasn't I tired? Or hungry? And why hadn't I had a fucking-I sensed someone was coming up behind me. I pulled out my pen knife and spun around, the person behind me grabbed my wrist with the knife in it, so I wouldn't stab them.
"What do you want?" I asked Mushrambo. His crimson eyes met my violet ones. He didn't seem scared of them - some people on earth couldn't look at them because they called me a witch, thinking I could kill them if they looked at them for too long. "What?" I asked again. He just stood there and stared at my eyes. I looked away back at the water...'is he going to drown me?' I thought.
"No." He said. I looked back at him. "I'm a telepath." I must have had a what-the-fuck expression on my face.
"What do you want?" I asked him again.
"To come and see if you were okay and that you hadn't passed out or been abducted."
"Can you let go...or are my eyes too witchy for you aswell?" I asked him with my gritted.
"Oh, so Mushra isn't the only one with an anger problem." He replied, dropping my wrist. He frowned and then went to grab my wrist again. I moved it out of the way. "Let me see." He commanded.
"See what?" I asked, puzzled. I turned my back on him and looked at the wrist he had been holding. He had seen the mark I had been branded with back on earth. He grabbed my wrist from over my shoulder and pulled me around.
"War?" He asked. I only looked at him. He let my wrist go. If looks could kill - he'd be dead four times over.

"No! You could have just asked! She's not an enterran! She's just...different to other humans!" I said to Kutal.
"I'm sorry, my dear. I know I should have asked but how would we know you wouldn't be lying?"
"It's called trust. We trust you not to harm us." I replied.
"Well, I apologise, Tori. Will you forgive me?"
I couldn't stay mad at him. It just wasn't me - Blaize on the other hand, well - "Yeah, okay." I replied and gave him a hug, which he returned. "Has Blaize come back yet?" I asked him.
"Not yet. Mushrambo just went out to look for her. She couldn't have gone far. I hope nothing's happened."

"Is it a scar?" Mushrambo asked me.
"How did-"
"-Don't even ask."
"Why not?" His facial expression showed he wasn't going to stop asking if I didn't give him a direct answer.
"Because it's not something I like to talk about."
"Did you do it yourself?"
"Are you going to stop asking questions?"
"I take that as a yes then. Why did you do it?"
"Because-No I didn't!" I walked away from him hoping it was in the direction of everyone else. Strong arms picked me up from my legs and Mushrambo put me over his shoulder. "What the-put me down!"
"Camp's this way." He didn't put me down until I was next to Mushra and Sago.

[With Mushra, Sago and Blaize]
"Why did you have to have that test?" Mushra asked.
"Because they thought I was half Enterran." Blaize replied.
"Why?" Mushra asked.
"Because of my eyes."
"They're a rare colour for a human."
"Because they are now shut up!" Blaize shouted and slapped Mushra round the back of his head.
"Hey! What was that for?" Mushra yelled back as he pushed her backwards.
"Because I felt like it, Shorty!"
"I'm not short!"
"And do you think I am? Look at the difference!"
"Why you!" Mushra slapped Blaize round the face.
Sago and Mushrambo stood up. Blaize was in shock and held her cheek with her hand. "That was uncalled for, Mushra." Sago said.
"She hit me first!" He protested.
"You're an enterran guy and she's a human girl!" Mushrambo shouted in his face.
"I don't care if I'm a human girl or not! He's going down!" Blaize jumped Mushra and began punching him wherever his hands weren't. Mushrambo stood and watched - amazed about how helpless Mushra was. Sago was busy trying to rip them apart. "Stop! Blaize stop! Mushra stop! Stop!" He said.
Mushra was now ontop of Blaize, holding her fists so she wouldn't hit him anymore. Sago pulled Mushra off of Blaize. She stood up and kicked Mushra in his...privates. She went for another kick but Mushrambo held her thigh before holding both her fists to his chest. 'Man she can put up a fight!' He thought.
"Stop!" Mushrambo commanded her. He hadn't reaised how harsh he said it until she went as white as a sheet and stopped struggling. "I didn't mean to say it that harshly." Then he noticed that she was looking behind him. Mushrambo let her go and turned around. 'Nothing...?' He thought. He turned back to her, "What is it?" He asked.
"I thought I saw...nothing. Never mind. I must be seeing things."

Tori...she was...surrounded by some kind of...mist...and then she vanished and re-appeared again...what is happening here?

So...something is happening to Blaize and Tori...and that's what she saw...I need to keep an eye on them...especially, Blaize...now there's something strange about Tori but Blaize...I don't know...