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Tori and Blaize are best friends who fall though a portal which connects enterra with earth. They just happen to fall into different parts of it! They find friends along the way who protect them from danger. MushramboxOC SagoxOC

Kutal: 21
Mushrambo: 19
Blaize: 19
Tori: 17
Mushra: 16
Ray: 6
Sen: 6
Estea: 4

Chapter Five

'War and Peace?' Mushrambo thought again.
"I sensed something was wrong." Unga stated from the doorway.
"She's seeing demons." The samurai stepped back so Unga could kneel down next to Blaize.
"Hmm...war..." She'd noticed the mark on Blaize's wrist. "That's interesting...they're not demons. Blaize is seeing humans...dead humans to be precise."
Mushrambo made a face. "Why?"
"It's part of her power. Destruction." She got to her feet and led Blaize to the sofa. "Tori's necklace symbolises peace; her powers are related to ice - similar to Ryuma. On my way down here, she was speaking in a different kind of tounge and some squirrels were on her windowsill - looking inside. I believe she can talk to animals."
"So, Tori can talk to animals; and control ice. Blaize can see the undead; has super-speed and controls lightning?"
Unga nodded. "This 'Shinzo' is the best place for them. They'll be able to become normal humans once again, and go back to earth and lead their own lives...the outcome of going back hoome will change for them." She looked back at the blonde. "For the better."
"For the better?" Blaize repeated. "How?"
"Only time will tell, child. But I suppose it will be good."

The next morning they all set off for Shinzo.
"How long will it take to get there?" Blaize and Mushra moaned in unision.
Everyone turned around to look at the pair and were just as shocked as they were! "Did we just...?" They began, looking at each other. The undead humans had vanished now, so Blaize could see where she was going without looking for the 'demons'.
"Oh my goodness." Tori chuckled. "You're getting more and more alike! Almost like brother and sister!" She and Sago started laughing.
"Don't be so mean!" Estea giggled. "No one's as silly as Mushra is."
"Hey!" The fire enterran protested.

They walked a little further when some enterrans came into view...but only to Blaize.
"Urr, dudes..." She motioned to the enterran protectors. "Aren't you going to do anything about them?"
"About who?" Mushrambo asked; looking around.
"Dudes?" Sen and Ray asked.
"Those...enterrans." When she pointed them out - they'd gone! "Never mind...I must be seeing things." As everyone walked on for a while, Unga stood next to the blonde and took the girls wrist in her warted fingers.
"Hmm...this scar of yours." She began. "War...you keep seeing being of either destruction to humans of the destruction of humans - am I correct?" Blaize nodded.
"You are a prophetress."
"A what?"
"You see things which aren't there...but that won't mean it won't occur in the future."
"Girls! Take the kittens and hide!" Mushra yelled as the enterrans Blaize saw earlier - were attacking them!
As the samurai took on three lion enterrans, Sago took on two, Mushra took on the other two and Kutal stuck with Unga to protect the humans and the kittens from any harm.
"We need to move. Quickly." Blaize said - looking at Unga with desperation.
"What is it?"
"Something big and ugly..." Came the reply.
"We're running for it!" Kutal said to the three fighters as he, Tori, Blaize, Unga and the kittens ran.

They ran for ages. Until they reached a bridge and a path.
"Which way?" Tori asked. Kutal stepped on the bridge and jumped away just before it crumbled! The stream taking away all the wooden debris. "I can make a way across...I can feel it!" She held her hands out and ice shot out from her palms - creating an ice bridge!
"Woohooo!" Blaize slid across it and jumped off the end onto the grass...into some undead humans. She screamed.
'Go back!'
'It's dangerous this way!'
"No! Go back!" She slid back across the bridge - into Sago and Mushrambo who steadied her. "We can't go that way." She said.
"How do you know that?" Mushra asked.
She shrugged. "I just know...I was told." She looked to Unga and Mushrambo in hopes that they would believe her. They nodded.
"We'll have to go along the path then." Sago stated.
"Aww! Come on! I just made a bridge!" Tori exclaimed, before running after the moving group. Sago held her hand and smiled.
"I'm sure you can make another one soon."
"I hope so...it looked fun to slide across."

It was dark now and everyone stopped for a few minutes to catch their breath and have something to eat from Kutal's never ending supply of food.
Sago and Tori were sat together next to a rock, Tori had her head rested on Sago's shoulder and they were whispering together.
"I think your powers are cool." He said, looking into her sky blue eyes.
"Really? Thank you!" She smiled, warmly. "I think yours are awesome!"
He chuckled and held out his palm. Tori watched in amazement as a tiny hand-held water horse started galloping on small waves on his palm. She held her hand over it and turned it into ice, a tiny sculpture...then Mushra had to come along and burnt it down.
"Die pony die!" He chuckled. Blaize came over and smacked him round the back of the head before pulling him away from the two love-birds so they could have their privacy.
She stopped dead - slowly releasing her grasp on his ear. He was about to shout at her when he saw the look of terror on her face.
"What's wrong, Blaize?" He asked. When she didn't reply her placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Blaize?"
"Somethings going to happen to us." She whispered. "We need to reach Shinzo. Fast."
"Alright. I'll tell everyone we need to get moving." He jogged towards Kutal and, after he awoke Unga, everyone set off at a quickened pace.

They reached the top of a hill and looked down at the tiny monopoly sized Shinzo below them.
"Thats it?" Mushra asked from his place on the hover board.
"That's it." Unga replied, nodding her head.
A feeling rushed over Tori and Blaize and they looked at each other - locking eyes. Blaize's violet eyes turned black as Tori's aqua orbs went white.
Mushrambo placed a hand on Blaize's shoulder as Sago did the same to Tori.

She began speaking a mixture of Italian and French as the sky began to blacken, lightning and thunder errupted - scaring the animals out of the forest.

She began speaking in a tounge none of the enterrans had heard of, the forest became greener and a blinding white light emitted from the forest as birds, reptiles and mammals stood just outside the forest like the frontline of an army.

"What the fuck?" Mushrambo asked.
"One of them is about to die." Unga stated.
"What?" Everyone asked. "Why?"
"Because of war and peace - one will always attack the other and vice-versa."
"But, if peace dies then war will take over!" Kutal boomed over the cracking of lightning.
"But no one can live in a world without it!" Mushrambo shouted back.
"How does that make sense?" The kittens asked; not wanting either of the girls to die.
"Because there has to be war." Unga stated. "The sides of good and evil must be balanced. If the scale tips then it could be the desturction of the universe."
"How do we stop it?" Sago asked.
"Quickly! Get them to Shinzo before they try and kill each other!" The sorceress cried. "I'll try and stop this madness!" She raised her hands towards the sky in attemps to calm the lightning whilst trying to send the animals away. Mushrambo - being super fast - picked up both girls and ran towards Shinzo - Mushra and Sago sharing the hoverboard and Kutal lifting the kittens into his car for safety.

Blaize and Tori awoke in Tori's bedroom. Mike was knocking on the door.
"What?" Tori called out - making sure they were both decently dressed. Mike came in (wearing a shirt).
"You asked me to wake you up at three?" He stated.
"Yeah - but I didn't think you'd actually do it..." Tori said.
"I know but...I felt bad for some reason. Like - I never do anything for you and...your my little sister...I should be there for you more. Morning Blaize." He smiled at the dishevelled blonde hair. "Your foster mum's at the door."
"What does she want?"
"The adoption papers for Steve, Ellie and Rob have been granted for you." He smiled and held the door open as she shot out the bedroom door and down the stairs.
The woman at the door looked old and frail, she was wearing a long black skirt and a black hoodie...next too her was Marian - Blaize's adoptive mother.
"Hello Blaize." Marian greeted, an unusually happy smile beamed across her face. "This is Ursula, she's from the council. She's found you a nice four bedroom house so you can live with the triplets."
Blaize thought she was going to pass out. "Really? How kind." She smiled.

As the papers were sorted out and Ursula left, Marian turned to Blaize. "I'm so sorry, Blaize. For how I've been treating you. I know nothing can change what I've done and...I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me someday." She smiled and handed the blonde the adoption papers for the triplets before leaving.

As Blaize and Tori got ready for their trip, Tori was the one to speak first. "I had a crazy dream...but the thing is...it really felt like reality."
"Enterra?" They both asked at the same time. Their hands slapped over their mouths in shock.
"Your necklace is normal."
"So is your bracelet."
"I can take it off."
"So can I."
"Unga said things would get better when we got back to earth and found Shinzo." Blaize stated.
Tori noticed a letter next too her bed addressed to the both of them.

Tori and Blaize,

So much has happened over the past week in Enterra. Meeting you two was the main part and we're going to miss you!
We managed to get you to Shinzo before you killed each other; which is a good thing. Of course.

Some of us have confessions to make. We've came back to Earth with you...and took over some of the human bodies (Mushra's idea - a good one too!)
Mushrambo is now 'Mike' Tori's brother.
Unga is 'Ursula' some woman from the council.
Ray, Sen and Estea are now 'Rob', 'Steve' and 'Ellie'.
Kutal will be 'Keith' (Blaize's new neighbour).
Mushra is 'Marcus'...(Blaize's brother who's just come out of prison and needs a place to live...hint hint Blaize).
And Sago...will knock on Tori's house at four o'clock this afternoon.

See you around!

The Enterran Warriors!


It was four o'clock now. And Tori was looking out the window every five minutes waiting for 'Sago' to arrive whilst Blaize was upstairs making out with Mike.
Knock Knock.
Tori leapt for the door and there stood a blonde boy with bright blue eyes. "Hi, my name's Sam."

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