This is the fourth (and final?) installation of the Saint in the Shadows Saga. It is recommended that you read the three stories that come before this one.

1. Saint in the Shadows

2. Spaces In Between

3. Shades of Grace

When we left our characters in Shades of Grace, we were at Thanksgiving dinner (Late November). This story will jump around a bit in time, so please be aware of the date at the beginning of each chapter or group of chapters. I will be answering all of your questions as I write, so feel free to ask them. If you want to know baby due dates, or anything like that, we'll learn everything in time, so as long as you're patient, you'll get any and all of your questions answered. :)

Shadows In The Sun

April 29th

Booth stood over the hole in the ground that a set of remains had just been removed from as he looked down at the scientist at the bottom. "Are you just about done down there, Hodgins? It's getting warm out here," Booth, as he glanced over at the FBI vehicles, wondering why Harding hadn't arrived yet.

"No one says you have to stand there and watch over me, Booth."

"I'd rather be standing here telling you to get the show on the road than sitting in the car while you play with dirt," Booth said, kicking a tiny bit of dirt onto the bug man, who looked up and glared.

"Not cool."

"I thought you liked dirt," he quipped, noting the irritated look on his friend's face, he sighed. "Sorry, I'm not sleeping very well, so I'm a bit snippy."

"Baby isn't even here yet and it's already keeping you up all night," Hodgins laughed.

"Yeah, well… hurry up so I can get home for lunch and take a quick nap," Booth sighed and walked away from the hole, just as his phone began to ring. He checked the time and noted that it was nearly lunch time, and expected a phone call from Temperance to pick up something for her to eat. He knew that bed rest was not something she was enjoying, and that the most he could do was try to keep her as happy as possible, because Temperance Brennan did not stay still for long.

"Booth," he said nonchalantly, walking toward the car, he glanced to Hodgins before expecting to hear Temperance's voice. What he was not expecting to hear was the panicked voice of his son on the other end of the line.

"Dad! You have to get here now!"

"What's going on, Parker?" He asked, his heart rate picking up double time as he heard the panic in the boy's voice.

"Dad! You need to get here now! Please! Please!" Parker exclaimed. "Bones is having the baby!"

"Parker, relax… what do you mean Bones is having the baby?" He asked, pacing in small circles, he saw Hodgins' head pop from the hole in the ground.

"She's freaking out, Dad! She's freaking out, and I'm freaking out, and Antonia's freaking out! We're all freaking out!" He shouted into the phone. "Dad, please! You have to get here!"

"Okay… its way too early for her to be going into labor, Parker. You need to call the ambulance… the number is on the refrigerator for the doctor, you need to…"

"We're not at the house, Dad!"

His son's word then went straight to his heart like a bullet. "You're not at the house? What do you mean you're not at the house?" Booth asked, watching Hodgins pull out his cell phone, he nodded his head and indicated he needed him to call 911. Hodgins listened on the line as he watched Booth's cues.

"We're at the FBI building, Dad! We're in the parking garage! Dad, she's crying!" Parker's voice was cracking, and Booth could feel the panic in the boy's shouting.

"You're at the Hoover? What the hell are you doing there?" Booth exclaimed angrily. "Let me talk to Bones, Parker!"

"She can't talk, she can't talk… She's crying." Parker said into the line. "I'm sorry, Dad… this is all my fault! This is all my fault!" He exclaimed. Booth could hear voices in the background, shouting and what he was sure was Antonia crying. "No, Antonia! Come here!" Parker shouted, his face obviously away from the phone. "I have to go, Dad… please get here soon!" He exclaimed as the line went dead. When the line went dead, Booth felt as if his heart had stopped.

"Booth, where are they?" Hodgins asked for the fifth time.

"Hoover parking garage… she probably parked in the visitors section," he stated, dumbfounded. He heard Hodgins rattling off something into the phone, but it was all just in the background as he felt his stomach twisting violently, and his breathing became erratic as he started to pant.

"Booth?" Hodgins said, smacking the man's arm as he turned a pale white color, his eyes staring off into nothing. "Booth, they're on their way to get her."

"It's too early," He whispered, the words barely audible. "It's too early."

"Booth, come on… look at me, man… the ambulance is on its way… she'll be okay, the baby will be okay!" Hodgins insisted.

"We need to get there," Booth grunted, suddenly very much in control. He turned to look toward the agents, he grabbed Hodgins by the back of his shirt, pushing him toward the SUV. "Get in the truck, you're driving!" He exclaimed as Hodgins nodded and ran toward the SUV. Booth shouted out orders for the agents to secure the site, and before he could even take a breath, he was in the SUV with Hodgins, with the siren blaring as the tires kicked up dirt and gravel as it disappeared from the crime scene, and toward the city.