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A/N: This chapter is short but alas it is the end. It's meant to be a partial epilogue.

Chapter 20: Heir to the West: A Glimpse into the Future

As the sun began to set, they arrived back at the castle. Sesshoumaru took his time to hold onto his child for as long as he could before he would have to let go.

"Ah, there you are honorable prince." The advisor ushered Rishou to the front of the crowd that now seemed more civil.

The crowd was again split, but this time not by angry adults ready to rip the life from each other based on differing views but by the children. Some stood eagerly awaiting the words of the advisor, others looked about seemingly still somewhat dazed by the earlier chaos.

"As an heir to the West, the honorable prince will ask that his future allies take a stand behind him. These are his supporters. He needs only one but many will show that he is destined to be a lord of great stature."

He looked to Daichi who nodded for him to step forward. He looked into the crowd of children. Who would become his future allies and who would be his enemies? What if the children did not want to be either? He held his head high. Even if he had only one supporter, it was enough.

"I ask that all who will be my allies come forward and stand behind me. I am allowed to see my enemies in plain sight." The words were just as he had practiced.

The children of the West were first to step forward, most of whom belonged to the soldiers and were traditionally first. Ayumi quickly stepped forward as well as she waved in all of the Ushi with her. The majority of the children of the Inoshishi followed and to his surprise a quarter of the Tora and three of the Tatsu joined him as well. Looking at the children who remained, it was clear that his supporters greatly outnumbered his enemies. But were all of them truly going to be his enemy? Rishou motioned for Daichi to bend down to hear him.

Daichi smiled as he straightened.

"The honorable prince wishes for those who are undecided to come to the middle so that he may not classify you as ally or enemy."

A few more of the children stepped to the middle, leaving only half the Tora and half of the Tatsu remaining to be fully decided enemies.

Rishou finished as he had practiced and turned to all his allies.

"Thank you for your support."

Daichi stepped forward again as the crowd parted, understanding to make an aisle.

"It is with great pleasure that I present to you a strong and well received heir. He will be a great leader like those before him. Will the current lord of the West acknowledge his heir's position?"

Sesshoumaru stepped back to allow Rishou to stand on his own.

"The West has acknowledged its new heir. The Honorable Prince Rishou."

Sesshoumaru proudly watched as the entire crowd bowed to Rishou as he proceeded ahead of him down the makeshift aisle. No. A ceremony of entrance, what others thought, a title, his past, couldn't hold a candle. Nothing meant more to him in this world than his son.

The swords clashed, as the ground rippled underneath them from the magnitude of force. The trees split and disintegrated on either opponent's sides leaving the grounds in disarray. Demonic eyes nearing red tore at golden ones of their opponent. Another clash of blades unfurled growls at outmatching strength that drove him back. The instinct of survival tore at his flesh as already jagged markings became wild. The elder relented momentarily but shouldn't have. Rishou regained control and attacked again unleashing a blast from his sword missing by the slightest of margins.


"Yes! It worked!"

Sesshoumaru shook his head as Rishou smiled and allowed his eyes to clear.

"I should assume that Inuyasha taught you this?"

"You said I could use it..."

"When you had control of it"

"I have control."

"Momentarily, yes. But what will you do when your opponent will not relent?"

"I...haven't gotten that far yet." Rishou laughed sheepishly.

Sesshoumaru quirked his brow as he took in his son who stood taller now. The fourteen year old was every bit as skilled and capable as he was at that age aside from controlling his demonic aura which he never had to do. The majority of the childish features were gone but he could still see Rin's features clearly when Rishou smiled or laughed.


"I know, I know, more practice."

"Yes. It is necessary. But, for the time being I'm impressed. Well done."

Rishou perked up at the compliment as he joined his father to head back home.

"Father, no! Not again! It's getting there!" Rishou growled as he tried to dodge the attack on his ear but it was no use.

Sesshoumaru gave up and let the ear go after it refused to fully stand. So, maybe all the childish features weren't quite gone just yet and he would get to enjoy his son being a pup for another day.


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