"You're going to tell me where my mother is."

"What makes you think I would tell you that?" Ozai scoffed not looking up. "What makes you think I would allow you to bring that traitorous woman back into my country?"

"You forget," Zuko said coldly. "It's my country now. And how dare you call her a traitor. She saved my life and made you Firelord. I'd think you'd be just a little bit grateful but no. You are the traitor, she is a hero."

"The hero of a conspiratous failure," Ozai mocked. "She made you weak. The world was mine and you ruined it, you and that child who has the nerve to call himself the Avatar. You have betrayed your own blood. You are nothing."

"That's where you're wrong, my family betrayed me," Zuko said calmly. He wouldn't allow his father to best him this time. "Both you and Azula may have damaged me, scarred me, but you did not break me. No, you only made me stronger. Now this conspiratous failure is Firelord and if compassion is weakness I will admit it gladly, I am weak! With you out of the picture the world will heal and balance will be restored."

"Stupid boy! You dare accuse me..."

"Enough of this!" Zuko shouted. "You are going to give me what I came for. Tell me where she is!"

"You will get nothing from me."

"Tell me," Zuko demanded patience wearing thin. "Tell me!"

Ozai simply laughed saying nothing. Zuko's fingers slowly curled into fists. His father was just toying with him now, watching him suffer. Aang may have taken his bending away but he did not take his will. With and exasperated growl he turned flames sparking from his knuckles and flying wildly about him fueled by his frustration. His father just laughed louder at his retreat. Quickly exiting the cell Zuko slammed the door shut with all his might. The sound echoed through the vast halls of the prison accompanied by the ominous sound of Ozai's maniacal cackle.

"Lock the door," he growled at the guards. "And make sure it stays that way. I don't care if I ever see his face again."

Zuko quickly walked away eager to rid himself of this dank hole. He'd spent too much time in prisons in his life as it was. But last time he'd been here he'd been visiting a relative he actually cared about. Now the visits only served to torture him further. So intent he was on getting out of this place he didn't notice the approaching guard until he was right beside him.

"Excuse me, Firelord Zuko?" the guard said.

"What!" Zuko snapped.

"Sir, something is wrong with one of the prisoners..."

"What are you trying to tell me?" Zuko asked. The guard was clearly nervous but then again many Fire Nation soldiers were nervous around him. Some because they were afraid he'd punish them for believing him a traitor and others because of the harsh methods of the previous Firelords.

"Well, sir, it's... um, it's your sister."