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There are some things in life that just can't be avoided. No matter what you do to try and prevent them they happen.

The sun for example.

You can't stop the sun from coming up in the morning anymore than you can prevent it from going down.

Maybe that's an over-exaggeration, I'm over-exaggerating.

There are things that are avoidable but you can't stop no matter how hard you try. Things that you can see coming, you know it will happen. You hope it doesn't and you put your faith on a person knowing they are the ones that can stop it.

That doesn't do you much good when what's going to happen is caused by them.

Then again, that's why your faith is on that person, because they can prevent it.

So far, he's doing a pretty good job. His thirst hasn't overwhelmed him.

So far, Bella's been safe.

So far.

But like I said there are things that can't be avoided. It only makes the situation worse when Bella smells so good to our kind.

He's bound to give in to the thirst, we all know this.

I know it.

It is going to happen and when it does, I hope he's ready for the consequences.

I'll rip him apart limb from limb myself if it comes to that.

"Jasper, don't forget to hunt before tomorrow," Edward said in a stern voice.

He was sitting at his piano composing a song for Bella. He would record it and have it playing the next day when she walked into the house for her birthday party.

Jasper watched the pencil in Edward's hand as it moved furiously across the paper.

How could something written that fast mean anything?

Edward growled at Jasper and he wrote the music faster.

"Did you hear me? I don't want any chance of you attacking Bella tomorrow."

Jasper nodded and sighed, he could feel the fire burning in his throat.

The thirst that flowed through him was growing and soon enough he would give in. Jasper only hoped the family was around when he snapped, he didn't want Bella hurt.

"That's exactly what I want to prevent," Edward said through clenched teeth, "Go hunt!"

"You don't have to talk to him like that."

Jasper's eyes moved to Alice's small figure as she walked down the stairs. He watched her feet with curios entertainment. Alice was very graceful, even by vampire standards and the way she moved always mesmerized him.

Alice knew he was watching her and she moved at a human pace, taking her time as she walked to her husband. She smiled at him and leaned into him hugging him lightly.

Jasper smiled back and took note of her feelings.


Worry, anxiety, love, and guilt.

No doubt about Bella's reaction to her party the next day, that and she finally realized what Jasper figured out months ago.

Now he had to wait and see how long it took Bella.

"You will be fine Jasper. I know," Alice said tapping her temple, but she still said, "Let's go hunting together. We haven't done that in a while."

Jasper smiled at Alice, there was the guilt, rolling off her in waves, she glanced at Edward every few seconds. Jasper could see in her eyes that she was trying to hide her thoughts. Her eyes were becoming fogged, like a lighter version of her visions. He pushed happier emotions to her and watched her face tense as she fought the foreign feelings, before she relaxed and accepted them. Alice leaned into Jasper and sighed thanks into his shoulder.

"So how about that hunt?" Alice murmured against his shirt.

Jasper held on to Alice and breathed in her scent.

He didn't need to hunt, but Edward was glaring at him, and once again his thirst had peaked.

Jasper walked with Alice out of the house.

He felt his thirst diminish the further he got and he relaxed.

Alice noticed the change and she smiled at Jasper.

"You shouldn't listen to Edward. I know you have the control. He is just trying to make sure there is no chance if Bella getting hurt, he's had the whole family go hunt. He just wants to keep her safe."

There was the misplaced faith and Jasper nodded slowly. He didn't say much else during his hunt. It was all the better, Alice seemed to be lost in her own thoughts and Jasper knew he shouldn't bother her, he could feel one strong emotion coming from her.


She had realized it at last.

The problem would be in whether she admitted the feeling to Bella or not, and whether Bella was ready to accept her own.

Later, Jasper placed his kill gently down on the floor. He smelled a mountain lion near so he didn't have to worry about disposing of the body. The lion and her cubs would take care of that. He stood and Alice jumped off the tree she had been in, she danced towards him, captivating him with her lithe movements, and when she was a few feet away, she tapped her chin.

"You," Alice was in front of Jasper looking up at him with gleaming eyes, "are such a messy eater."

She stood on her tiptoes and licked a bit of blood from Jasper's lips making him purr and lean into Alice.

Jasper felt guilt again, but this time it was his own because he saw hurt flash in Alice's eyes. She was trying to act normal, but she felt like she was betraying him. He loved Alice and he didn't like seeing her sad. Maybe he should tell her he's fine with her feelings. That he's known since they met that they weren't meant for each other.


"Would you like to go shopping for something to wear tomorrow?"

Alice's face instantly lit up, but then she frowned.

"I already have something picked out."

Jasper chuckled, "For me I mean."

Alice smiled and nodded, she took his hand, and they raced home.

When they got closer, Jasper could tell Bella was in their house. Alice slowed and they walked into their front yard where Bella's rusty old truck sat silently. Jasper could hear Bella talking with Emmett inside, saying something about a video game.

"Do you think she'd let me buy her a proper car?" Jasper said as they walked by the old truck.

Alice's lip twitched a small smile but she shook her head, Jasper felt her tense as they heard Edward walk into the living room and Jasper knew Alice was trying to block her thoughts.

"I'll go up and change quickly so we can go shopping alright?" Jasper said.

Alice looked at him strangely then down at his clothes, which were torn and bloody. She nodded and opened the door. Jasper rushed inside and headed for his room, he took his time changing his clothes. He could hear Alice talking to Bella and Edward chastising Emmet for some reason. As Jasper walked down the stairs, he could feel the thirst increase and he had to bite his tongue.

Edward glared at him the moment he walked into the living room.

Jasper ignored him and took inventory of everyone's feelings.

Emmet was irritated, though Jasper could tell that just by how he was massacring the characters in the game he was playing.

The other emotions were stronger.


Coming from two different people.

Jasper found that interesting and he glanced at Bella who was looking between him and Alice, who had walked into his arms the moment she saw him.

Bella leaned on Edward.


Again two different people and Jasper smiled, he would have to figure something out. He couldn't let things go on like this.

Edward had immersed himself in Bella's neck and was inhaling her scent.

Jasper felt the thirst jump higher and he had to fight to hold himself back.

Jasper wrapped his arms around Alice in a comforting hug; she leaned into him and sighed.


"Ready to go?" Jasper asked.

Alice nodded and began leading him out of the living room.

Jasper heard Edward whisper something to Bella, who must have blushed, because he felt something more.


It burned his throat and Jasper walked into the garage quickly. He handed Alice the keys and sat silently as she started her car and drove out of the house.

He felt the fire burn and he looked in the mirror, at his golden eyes.

As Alice drove away from his house, he wished that Bella's scent wasn't so tantalizing, that it was easier to resist. Because there was only so much temptation a vampire could take before they gave in.

If he did give in there would be too many things going on to get Alice with Bella.

Or maybe it would push them together.

Jasper smiled through the day as Alice shopped for him, he had only wanted a simple outfit, but she was carrying bags of clothes now, saying something about him going through his clothes too quickly. Jasper just went along with her and was happy when they were finally going home her mood was better. There was a new light in her eyes.

Jasper looked at her and smiled, Alice deserved to be happy.

The drive home was silent and Jasper continued staring at his reflection. His eyes were still golden and he sighed as he thought about having to fight the thirst when he got home.

The good thing was Bella wasn't there.

His thirst was manageable.

Jasper looked at the clock and sighed. It was nearly midnight and Alice was already taking everything out to decorate the house.

The family stood and watched Alice, Rosalie seemed disinterested, but Jasper saw her eye the decorations every few seconds.

Before Jasper knew what he had done with his time it was dark out and Bella was in their house.


In the house.

With a vampire that was having trouble controlling his thirst.


Edward turned two cold eyes on Jasper and growled quiet enough for only him to hear.

Let the party begin.


I know there are things that a person can't help but crave .For humans I understand it is usually chocolate. Watching Bella fuss over her chocolate cake I see that is probably true.

Of course a human craving chocolate does not compare to what a vampire feels towards blood. It is like a drug. I understand that there are humans that can't stop taking certain medications or substances. That they go through anything to get them.

Maybe that is a good comparison for what vampires feel towards blood. The difference of course is that we need the blood. We die without it…Humans usually die with their addictions.

My family and I, we don't feed off humans. We drink animal blood. The taste is different, too different to consider it a descent substitute, but it is a better alternative to hunting humans.

Not by much though. We are still killing. In actuality the animals were more innocent than most humans. Humans are the worst kind of animal this world has ever seen…Well besides us vampires, humans are terrible creatures. The world wouldn't miss the few that get taken out by my kind.

I turn my attention to the only beating heart in this room…In this house.

Edward growls at me.

No one but me is meant to hear it. Then again, everyone is too focused on Bella. Alice really went out of her way to decorate the house. It is perfect. Way over decorated for such a small celebration. Then again, my dear Alice loves Bella and would do anything to make the human happy.

The room looks good, I wish it looked like this more often. With seven birthdays to celebrate, it should look like this more often.

But it doesn't.

After tonight it might never look like this again.

It's Bella's birthday, the clumsy girl, and she is opening presents.

Humans are such fragile creatures.

A tantalizing aroma fills the air.

It's like throwing gas into the fire.

Bella cut her finger.

"Ouch," She looks at it and shrugs, "Paper cut."

A single sweet drop falls to the carpet.

It's hard to say who's feeling what in that precise moment. I have the general idea, which is shock. But I am focused on one person.

Hunger, wanting, craving, FIRE.

The wanting now is so strong it is hard to resist. I know this and of course he knows I know this. But does my family know what is about to happen?

Probably not.

So I attacked.

It had to be done.

While in mid stride Edward reads my thoughts.

Fear, anger, fire, defensive.

He pushes Bella back and growls as he pushes me away.

Thunder reverberates throughout the house.

The idiot. He's hurt Bella, she's bleeding.

I spring to my feet and try to attack again. This time they stand in my way.

Emmett holds me and I know what he's feeling.

Anger, fear, disappointment.

Alice is by my side and I feel her too.

Worry, fear, anger, love.

She has so much love. Sometimes I wonder how she keeps it all inside, how she didn't realize it sooner. It isn't healthy for her to keep it in.

Esme and Carlisle are helping Bella into the kitchen.


From both of them.

Bella is just confused and sorry.

She's an odd human that one. A different person in her position would be screaming bloody murder and shouting monster.

I fight against Emmett as Edward follows them into the kitchen. He walks slowly, calculating. I can see it in his eyes.

Fire. Thirst.

Rosalie steps in front of me. With that mask of hers. That shell around her.

Then I notice the crack, the feeling seeping through.

Understanding. Fear. ANGER.

She is seething , and I see the twitch in her body, she is undoubtedly fighting her control too.


Because she knows…That, honestly, surprises me.

She and Emmett drag me out, Alice walks behind us silently she looks over her shoulder at Edward who is standing in the doorframe of the kitchen. He want's to go in.

I struggle and Rosalie shakes her head at me.

Why not, I look at her and she looks at Alice who looks torn.

While I'm pulled away Edward looks up at me.

Fire, burning hunger. Thirst. VICTORY.

He goes to Bella, and I can't break free. I can't get to the kitchen.

Carlisle walks towards us, wiping the blood from his hands and I fight harder.

They have left Bella alone, vulnerable.

I hear Bella's truck start up. Alice tells me Edward will be driving her home now. That I can calm down.

And she leaves, Bella has gone with Edward and they let her go.

I keep trying to break free.

I can't feel the thirst, but she is in danger.

After all there are some things we can't help but crave right? And us vampires, we need the blood. My family fights the thirst for human blood. But we need it, it keeps us alive. The world won't miss one human girl.

The hunger for her blood has only grown since we arrived here.

But my family is holding ME back.

While they let Edward drive her home.

While he is thinking of ways to drain her… and they let her go with HIM.

And here my family stands, looking down at me.

Thinking I'm the monster.

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