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When I approached the tree line I could make out Alice sitting in front of the house. She was covered in snow and my heart ached thinking that I had worried Alice by being gone so long.

The moment Alice heard me, she stood up and shook the snow off of herself.

I slowed down to watch her.

My memories weren't all back yet, but now I was remembering the day I first saw her.

How she walked into the cafeteria practically dancing her way to her table.

I smiled as she ran towards me, her arms outstretched, ready to hug me.

At the last moment I moved to the side.

It caught her off guard, and I saw a bit of disappointment on her face, but as quickly as I moved away from her I moved towards her, grabbing hold of her hand, and putting one around her waist.

I closed my eyes and moved around.

To what music I couldn't say.

There was just something replaying in my head.

I hadn't noticed before, but it went along with the repetitive chanting of Alice in my head.

It was music, her name playing over and over in my head was to a song.

I moved to it, I didn't dance as a human, I knew I didn't, but my movements now felt familiar.

I thought about it and slowly a blurry picture of myself stumbling around the room, in Alice's arms came to me.

There was music in the background…

"What made you do this Bella? As far as I know you hate the idea of dancing."

Bella's eyes were trained on her feet as she stepped on Alice again, and although she knew the vampire hadn't felt it she apologized.

When Alice only laughed Bella looked at her.

"I figured if anyone could teach me to dance it would be you. Being so good at it and all."

Alice nodded and lifted Bella's head when the girl tried to look at her feet again.

"First off forget your feet."

Bella blushed as Alice smiled up at her but nodded.

"Second close your eyes."

"But I'll step on you."

"I don't feel it don't worry."

Bella did as she was told and closed her eyes.

"Listen to the music, relax, breathe, and just move. I'll lead."

Bella tried to follow Alice but somehow she stumbled.

"Come on Bella, relax, forget about yourself, and just feel the music."Alice whispered in Bella's ear.

Without knowing why, Bella inclined her head towards Alice's.

She wanted to hear that voice in her ear again.

She sighed and noticed how soft Alice's hands were against hers, not like Edwards.

How when she held her she seemed to fit comfortably.

Bella's heart ached as she felt the need to have Alice closer.

She smiled when Alice's hold on her tightened and they glided around the room.

I am not sure how long we danced that day, I am not sure why I had asked her to teach me, or how it had ended.

I just know that that's when my feelings for her started.

When I noticed her voice, her looks her amazing eyes.

I sighed as I moved us around in the snow. My eyes were still closed but I could tell she was smiling.

She had started to hum the song we had danced to that day, and I smiled as Alice's name stopped repeating in my head. Being replaced by the song.

Oh, I had wanted to kiss her that day. But I had restrained myself. Thinking how awful it was of me to be thinking such things. How she would hate me.

I slowed our movements and opened my eyes to see Alice beaming up at me.

This time, I kissed her.

Without letting my fears get the best of me, forgetting about our deal about our date.

This was Alice, my Alice.

Who I loved.

Maybe it wasn't a good moment.

It certainly wasn't private, but I didn't really think about anything as my lips moved away from hers.

As I lay a trail of kisses along her jaw and neck.

My bite wasn't nearly as violent as hers, and wouldn't leave such and obvious scar.

But every once of my love went into it.

It was a strange feeling that came over me.

Like an intense fire, but it didn't burn not bad. It filled me with warmth and absolute joy.

Alice's hold on me tightened as I finally removed my mouth from her neck, and I was taken by surprise when her lips crashed into mine.

It was a different kind of feeling now as she kissed me. I felt complete.

Alice pulled away and I wondered if my smile was as big as the one she wore now.

"That, felt…"

"Incredible." I finished as I kissed her lightly.

"Yes, that's one word for it." She said as her eyes studied my face. "I guess the hunt went well?"

I laughed and nodded.

"Good," Alice whispered as she rested her head on my shoulder.

I didn't know what to do now, but I would be happy to stand here forever with Alice in my arms.

"While that seems like a wonderful idea Bella I still need to figure out where to hand the painting in my room. Emmett tried to help but I just don't see it.

I nodded slowly and removed my arms from around her, only to grasp her hand in mine and lead her inside.

I didn't speak as I entered her room, I just walked in and grabbed the painting.

Alice was slightly confused at first but then she smiled as she saw me head towards my room.

They had made mine bigger, since I was a new born, but I was hardly ever in here. Spending most of my time with Alice.

Now as I walked in I went and hung the painting on one of the walls, next to a picture I had of Alice and me in school.

It was wrinkled and slightly torn, Leah had had to get it from my house. But it was the only thing I had had of Alice.

Now as I put the painting up I thought that I had an eternity to fill the wall with memories.

"Yes lots of memories. The first can be of that date you still owe me."

I looked down at Alice and smiled, "Oh yes that date."

Her eyes had darkened a little bit and sighed as I felt certain…feelings…begin to rise.

"Can I ask a question?"

Alice hummed in response as her hand moved slowly up and down my arm.

"Do you mind if we move things a lil bit quicker?"

Alice smiled, "Is that your way of saying you are trying to get me in bed?"

If I was human I would have blushed.

But now I only laughed as I looked around my empty room, "Well actually you might have to settle for the carpet if it's alright with you."

Alice slapped my shoulder and I laughed as she shook her head.

"I never thought I would ever hear you joke about this."

I looked down at her, "Who's joking?" I asked as I pushed her to the floor.

I had always thought, or planned actually, that my first time would be romantic. Preferably after I was married to the man I loved. There would be candles, rose petals, the stuff you see in romantic movies. In books, but the days I spent with Alice were better than anything I could have thought up as a human.

"You know we need to stop soon."

I looked at Alice silently asking her why.

She bit her lip and kissed me for a few minutes, before pulling away.

"They haven't bothered us yet. Why can't we stay in here a little longer."

Alice smiled, "It's not about them. Jasper is coming back."

I growled at the mention of his name.

Although I was now for all intents and purposes mated with Alice, and I had given all of me over to her. I still didn't like knowing he had been here first, that he would always hold a place in her heart.

Alice ran her fingers through my hair and sighed, "He is bringing someone with him."

"Leah would understand if we stayed in here."

This time it was Alice who growled.

I tried to bring her closer, but she stood up and moved away.

"Not Leah."

This time she sounded worried, and I sat up, reaching for my clothes.

"Ok, well when will they get here and who are they bringing?"

Alice sighed, "I should have told you sooner, but then I got distracted. You should have had time to prepare and now he's gonna walk in on this…"

I stood up to try and calm her down, but I didn't get to steps near her when the door was opened.

I would have yelled at the intruder, but my jaw had hit the floor when I saw the man before me.

I couldn't for the life of me remember how to move.

His brown eyes looked me over slowly, and I watched as he rubbed his palm against his cheek removing the tears that were beginning to fall.

Even with my vampire reflexes and senses I didn't expect his hug.

I stood still as my father hugged me and cried in my arms. Watching as Alice slowly exited the room. Closing the door behind her.

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