Chapter 1

Tsuna opened his big round brown eyes, and stared at the ceiling, it was 6:00am and Tsuna didn't really get up at this hour, the 14 year old sighed and hoped out of bed, Tsuna walked up to the window newt to his bed, still with his blanket on top of him, even thou it was still a little dark you could tell it was going to be a beautiful day, but for Tsuna deep inside himself felt like something was going to go wrong to day.

Tsuna turned around and headed for his closet, he had this feeling for almost a week now but today, today has been stronger than the rest, and the cold air surrounding his room only made his feeling stronger, Tsuna took off his clothes and changed into a fresh boxer and started to put on his clothes, he put on some black tight jeans and a white long sleeve dress shirt, he put on his socks, then his black vans, and headed for the bathroom

Tsuna looked at himself in the mirror, and the feeling didn't go away, he fixed his spiky hair to at least look tamable, and brushed his teeth he splashed water into his face and dried it with a clean towel, he looked at himself one more time, if the feeling that wouldn't go away today was something bad, then he would make the best out of today, he might even get along with his older brother, Tsuna nodded to himself and walked out of the bathroom, he would make his family remember him a least a little bit if something happened,

The sleeping occupants of the Sawada house hold were woken up by the most delicious smell in the world…well to them, Nana Sawada and Iemitsu Sawada get out of their bed and head outside to be met in the face with, there oldest son Giotto, who had smelled the scent as well, all three whet down the stairs slowly and made their way into the kitchen, they were shocked by what they saw

Laid all over the table was all of their favorite foods, and the one serving them was Tsuna, the same Tsuna that usually skipped breakfast because he didn't get up till lunch. Nana was the first to speak up from the group

"Tsu-kun…honey what are you doing in mommy's kitchen" Nana said to have a Tsuna turn and look at her and smile

Tsuna turned off the stove and took the large bowl of meat of the stove and placed it on the table "isn't it obvious I'm making breakfast," Tsuna said

"Yes, but why?" Iemitsu asked getting a stare from his son

"Why not now dig up" Tsuna said sitting down to eat from the food he made, everyone looked at each other than nodded and sat down to eat

There was silence in the beginning, but that didn't last long and the family was once again laughing and talking about the day they had yesterday or a dream they had, Tsuna though it was fun to see his family like this, but the feeling in his stomach wouldn't go away

After they were done eating, Tsuna helped his mother with the dishes, and helped her clean around the house keeping her company all the way, which she appreciated but didn't like much she liked being needed, so Nana asked her son to stop and headed up stares to clean, leaving a saddened Tsuna in the living room

Tsuna quickly stretched and walked to the garage a place he knew he could find his father, he walked over, and he saw his father under the car and asked if he could help

"Do you know anything about cars, Tsuna" Iemitsu asked with a raised brow

"No but I think I could learn" Tsuna said

"Maybe later but I have to finish this" Iemitsu said going back into under the car

"I'll help you ok" Tsuna said coming closer

"No! Tsuna I just don't want to make a mistake on this maybe later ok" Iemitsu said

Tsuna nodded and left, once out of the garage he looked outside the sun was setting already, Tsuna sighed and decided to give it one last try with his older brother Giotto and walked to said brother's room

Tsuna knocked and entered the room, Giotto was on his bed reading a book, and he stopped and glanced up when he saw Tsuna come in

"What do you want Dame-Tsuna" Giotto said

"I was wondering if you wanted to go take a walk outside you know and just talk" Tsuna said

Giotto stared at his little brother and sighed "Fine he said as he grabbed his coat and walked out

It was quite between the two brothers, it was getting dark and not one of them had said a world, but Tsuna decided to break that

"Giotto I-"

"Listen Tsuna can I tell you something" Tsuna nodded and Giotto stopped and turned to a park that was next to them and Tsuna followed

Giotto once again stopped and looked around to make sure no one was there

"Giotto?" Tsuna asked making Giotto sigh

"Tsuna why do you even bother, making breakfast today"

"Why not I want to make something for the family that loves me" Tsuna said

"heh…family that loves you, nobody loves you Tsuna, to mom and dad your just a mistake that happen out of carelessness, your nothing to this world or to this family and until you get that in your head you'll always be Dame-Tsuna," Giotto said

"B-but Giott-"

"Don't interrupt me! To me Tsuna you are not a brother, just someone living with us, but every day I wish for you to die to disappear from this world" Giotto said as he walked off leaving Tsuna behind, "that should stop him from talking for a while" Giotto thought as he walked he didn't know why but when he was saying those thing to Tsuna he felt he's heart screaming to take it back, to not say it, to apologize, and to not leave Tsuna alone, just for today

Tsuna walked back home and entered the house whit a depressed face his parents in the living room looked at him but didn't bother to do anything to comfort him the watched as Tsuna walked up stairs

"We should go see what's wrong" Nana said

"Don't bother we can go talk to him in the morning" Iemitsu said

"Your right honey" Nana said with a smile and continued what she was doing

Tsuna walked to his door and when he opened it the feeling came back, making him fall to the floor, Tsuna got up and walked over to his brother's door and opened it

Giotto looked up at his brother, with an unfazed mask but in side he was relieved that Tsuna had made it back safe

"You're back?" Giotto said with a smirk

"Yeah…Giotto I was wondering if I could stay with you tonight, I have a feeling something's going to happen tonight" Tsuna said

"Oh boo who, your 14 and your still scared to sleep by yourself, wow but no Tsuna you can't stay here just go back to your room" Giotto said

Tsuna nodded and started to leave when he asked "Giotto do you really want me dead, and do you really hate me that much?"

"With all my heart" Giotto answered

Tsuna nodded then left the room, as that happened Giotto mind was screaming don't let him leave, there has to be a reason why he came, after you said all that stuff, he must really be scared, stop him aren't you going to do anything! But Giotto just ignored it and went to sleep

Tsuna was back in his room and the feeling got stronger he had cleaned up his whole room and put some things in a stack, he looked around the room and sighed, now all him could do was sleep and see what happens, maybe his feeling was just a mistake,…a mistake that's what Giotto said he was,

Tsuna sighed one more time before getting on his bed and falling as sleep, outside you could see a figure looking inside Tsuna's room whit a smile

Bam! Crash!

Giotto woke up to the sound of something crashing, he ran out of his room and found his parents out too, it was the same as yesterday but this time the noise came from inside Tsuna's room, the trio made their way to Tsuna's bedroom and Giotto opened to door, and here to was something they didn't expect, so much that Nana…

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Nana screamed as she entered the room, Iemitsu almost gaged and Giotto, Giotto stood frozen at the door, he couldn't believe what he was seeing

In front of the family was Tsuna on the floor with his hands and feet tied and a towel in his mouth, he was not moving, he was raped, dead, with his stomach cut and the blood was spilling out, Tsuna was murdered

Giotto walked closer to the body and kneeled down in the blood; he looked at Tsuna's body, and started to cry

"Yeah…Giotto I was wondering if I could stay with you tonight, I have a feeling something's going to happen tonight" Tsuna said

"You tried to tell me Tsuna you tried to tell all of us, that you thought this way your last day" Giotto cried

"What do you mean son" Iemitsu said holding a crying Nana

"Don't you get it, the breakfast, the helping mom out, trying to help dad whit the car, asking me to take a walk, Tsuna just wanted us to be happy to remember him, and what do we do in return…"

"Turn him down" Nana flinched at that

"Tell him he'll just make a mistake if he helps" Iemitsu flinched at that

"And the him he should die…what kind of family are we" Giotto said as his tears fell upon Tsuna face, he looked around the room and saw a note on it, he pulled it out

"W-what's t-that?" Nana asked

"A note" Giotto said as he opened it and read

Dear Family,

I you have this in your possession it probably means Giotto found it, (Giotto chuckled at that) I would love to use this time to tell you all something, I really do love all of you and I'm sorry if I was a mistake, I would love to leave you something but I don't have anything of value, so the only thing I could say is goodbye, oh I'm wondering how do I look, I wonder what will happen this feeling has been nagging me for some time, but that's for later, I hope you have a wonder rest of your lives, and Giotto are you happy now?


Giotto watch as the police took Tsuna's body away, if only he had let Tsuna stay with him, what would have changed, he wondered as more tears fell as he watched the cars drive away, he really wished he had let Tsuna stay with him.

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