Based upon a roleplay between SpeakingThroughWrittenWords and Dancing Feather. Warning: Utilizes both country and Human names. Also contains written accents so if you do not like such things just do not bother reading. Thank you.

Now In Custody

Korea was not certain how it had come to this.

"There's too much chaos on my borders still. I am unable to deal with him now, aru."

Locked up, just listening to everyone talking. Talking about what was going to happen to him.

"I will not deal with him."

"Yes, you have your hands full with America, aru."

"I would appreciate you not saying that with mockery."

He wanted to be involved with this, but had an idea why he could not.

"You think you have your hands full, China?" There was a cough. "Russia has ruined my economy. I will have nothing to do with him."

"Of course. We would not ask anything of you right now, Mongolia."

He had not meant for his brother to fall, that was not what Prussia had promised him. It was not what he had asked of Russia.

"I do not think any of us are in the condition to take care of him."

"Are you suggesting, India, we ask someone else?"

"Do we have another choice?"

He had not meant for North Korea to die.

Japan spoke up once more. "I have an idea."

Despite the fact that everyone had ignored him so far, Korea found himself again calling out when someone passed by the room. It was boring, being in here by himself. Korea did not like being bored. He did not like being alone. It made him think that someone was coming for him. Which was probably why he was saying what he was in order to get someone to stop and talk to him, if even for just a little bit.

"How's the weather over there? The window says it's fine here, but I think it's lying."


"Aniki hasn't given his breasts to someone else first, has he?"


"I see aliens! They're speaking to me through the light bulbs in the room!"

It's too quiet.

"Korea! China says if there's another word out of you he is going to start shooting everybody." India's voice rang out from the other side of the door.

Korea pressed himself up against the door, fingers prying at the edges of it, hoping that it would open. Actually, if that happened his right hand fingers would be crushed. He retracted that hand slightly before it returned to its position on the door again. "India sir? What's going on out there, yo? Is Aniki going to come? How long to I have to stay here for?"

He heard the other sigh, then there was the sound of something scraping against the door. Korea waited, bouncing on the tips of his toes before he realized what it was. India sitting down against the door. Immediately he squatted down, staring at the bottom half of the door and waiting for his response.

"India? What do you think–"

"Do you want me to answer your first questions or not?"

Korea blinked a few times before nodding.

"Do you?"

"I did say yes!"

"You didn't say anything." Before Korea could open his mouth he heard India sighing again. "Very well... I will answer your questions. As for the first, yes."

"You are India?" Korea reiterated, nodding frowzily. "That's good to know!"

"Your second question. 'Out here' is a very broad spectrum. Right out here, which should be your major concern right now... there is nothing much going on. Just waiting."

"What are you wait–"

"I'm still answering your questions!"

Korea frowned, poking at the bottom of the door. There was nowhere near enough space for his finger to fit under, not even halfway. Not even halfway toward the outside world. Just like when he had tried to open the window, through the bars. It was locked and he was still here.

"Your third question. No."

It took a moment for Korea to remember what his third question was, but he felt as though something had stabbed him when he did. "...he's not coming?"

"I doubt you'll see him for a long while, Yong Soo. Get used to it." India's usual low, harsh voice was surprisingly gentle when he said it. Because it might not be true? Korea decided that had to be the case. There was a chance it would not be true, that Aniki would come and see him, and therefore there was nothing to be upset about!

"Right! Question number four, yo!" India was shifting once more. There was a thud against the door. Korea hit his forehead on the door to make a similar noise. Thud.

"Your forth question answers the one that was to be your fifth. You're going to be here until we hear from Japan. Then, if he has been given a positive answer, you will be let out. If not... you're going to stay here for much longer."

Korea frowned, not liking the thought of that. "But... I don't really want to stay here for much longer."

"You should have thought of the consequences when you helped out that stupid albino, then."

The truth was, he was not trying to help out East Germany. It had all seemed like it was going to work out for the best. Korea had considered what life would be like without having to fear his own brother and he had liked the thought. He supposed now he did not have to fear his brother. Since he was dead and all.

All of the glee he had felt at that moment was gone. The shock was still there. There was something else too, something he could not quite grasp, something that was to come after the shock, likely. Korea could not begin to know what it was. He had asked, but no one had answered. Probably because they did not know either. Oh well, it probably was not that important.

"What's Japan doing?" Korea decided to ask instead. He fell back so that he was sitting, arms around his knees as he hugged them to his chest, chin propped up on the top.

"Talking with someone who has managed the impossible with someone else... so he might be able to do the same with you. We're not getting our hopes too high, but if anyone even has a chance to shape you up, it'll be him?"

"Who? What?"

"I have to go. You be quiet in there. Or everyone out here will have to suffer more from you. You've done enough."

"But could you at least send someone over to talk to me?" Korea asked, standing up as he heard the footsteps move away from the door. "Time passes a lot quicker when there's someone to talk to! There's nothing else to do in this room! But I think I could– India? India?"

It was quiet. Again. Korea knocked against the door.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

When the silence answered, Korea found himself having to think about everything that had just happened. Again. He thought about it all and once more came to the conclusion that he did not like having a bunch of time by himself to think about things.


"Am I interrupting? If you are busy, I could come back later..."

"No," Germany shook his head, waving Japan in. "I'm not busy right now." The surprising thing was that it was true. Germany had been expecting so much work after he had regained himself, after he had taken everything back from his brother. He had expected to have to deal with a mess. All the mess had been left in Russia, it seemed, and with the usurpers gone Germany found himself back to how he had been. Even better than he had been.

In some ways. It would be a lie to say that Germany was better than he had been before they had taken over and after they left. But it could have been worse, it could have been much worse. As long as Germany kept on his toes, as long as he reaffirmed his relations, kept his eye on what was going on around him, kept a finger in on the deal, it would be fine.

Right now, however, he was allowed rest. Germany was grateful for that.

Japan stood somewhat awkwardly at the edge of his table until Germany gestured for him to take a chair. From the look of the other Nation, he had come here on business. Immediately Germany straightened himself up and readied himself for whatever it would be that the other would say.

"How have you been?" Japan asked, in his usual way.

Germany shrugged. "I've been vorse. It depends on de day, really. You?"

"I... find myself with a bit more on my platter than I had intended," Japan admitted, hands clasped in front of him. It was probably about one of these things that he was here for. Germany was almost ready just to ask for it, but let Japan take his time.

"I hear America has fully recovered," he said, noncommittally. There was that odd looking smile on Japan's face. The one that was barely there, the one that Japan did not likely know he was doing. As per normal, Germany was not certain whether that was a good thing or not. America was like a land mine: step in the wrong spot and you were gone. He wondered if Japan was getting too close. Not that it was his place to say.

"It was rather fast, was it not?" Japan commented. "He has always been... interesting like that." A slight furrow on his brow appeared as he leaned back slightly in the chair. "I hear Russia-san has woken up."

"On de road to recofery," Germany muttered under his breath. He was not certain whether he was disappointed or not that this was the case, whether or not he was tired of dealing with Russia by this point or not. He would not wish for their deaths (no, no, no, he was beyond that point, far beyond that), but someone else in charge there... He was not certain what to think of Canada's involvement. If Sweden had not been there, he would have vetoed the idea. Most Nations probably would have.

"It appears to be a long road still," Japan said tightly. "As it is for many people. Like Korea-san."

For some reason, Germany began to think they had arrived at the reason for their conversation. He was hoping not, but he was not the type to ignore such an obvious prompt in post-war discussions. "How is Korea? I assume China is taking care of him vell?"

Hesitating, Japan shook his head. "I am afraid not. China is overwhelmed with other issues. He cannot handle Korea with the amount of... attention the issue needs. Most of us cannot."

Germany did not need it spelled out for him. He did, however, stare at Japan for more than just a few seconds. Enough that Japan seemed to think that required him to say more.

"He is very annoying, I know–"


"–and I really wish he could have just fallen into the ocean, or something–"


"–but he needs help. And you have done so much. It is because of you that Italy actually fought off Prussia! Korea needs a firm hand and the guidance of someone that is not taking from him. Of someone he will listen to. I believe you are that person."

Germany stared. Japan stared back at him, slight expectancy in his eyes. "I vould like to help, Japan, but I can not afford at de moment to..."

"China and I will assist you with any financial issues," Japan responded, if just a little too quickly. He felt a headache coming on, so Germany rubbed at his forehead. The Japanese man was still looking expectant. "You will just need to call."

The "fine" which left his lips doomed him to whatever fate it was that awaited him with Korea.

"He said yes."

China sighed, picking up his cup and inhaling the fumes of the tea. "Then it is settled, aru. Finally. He is ready to go now, I just need to set up the transportation."

"Actually... that is not all."

He stopped before he could tilt his cup and take a sip. China's eyes darted up, watching as Japan walked to the other side of the table, sitting down in the other chair. Awkwardly, as always, for some reason. As if Japan still did not know how to sit at a chair even though China knew he could. Was it just at his table?

"The both of us are to help him."

"What?" China demanded, setting his cup down so as to have his hands grip his trousers instead of the glass. "How dare you offer me for something I did not agree to, aru!"

"It was all to make him agree," Japan responded darkly. "If I did not, and he declined, then you would still be trapped with most of the responsibility! It was the best I could do for all of us!"

The both of them went quiet. China brought his tea back up to his lips. "Tea?"

"No thank you."

Silence descended upon them once more. China thought about Korea under Germany's rule, obeying Germany's orders. Was this the right thing to do? It would settle Korea down, it had to. This was the reason why they had all agreed to it. Germany had managed to drill some of his words into Italy's head. Maybe he could do the same with Korea. Was Korea more or less of a lost cause? China was not certain. Japan was right, however, keeping an eye on the progress was probably the best thing to do. To make certain Korea was not driving Germany insane.

To see if Yong Soo would ever be all right.

China stared into his cup.

"As it is, I am still wrapped up with certain affairs," Japan was saying. China knew what he was talking about. America. It was always America. "Which means I will not be able to come personally as often as called. You will have to fill in for me."

"I wish," China responded. "We will see what my government says first, aru." And China realized that he did wish he even had the opportunity to be forced to fill in for Japan. To help more. To watch and see what happened. Because that would take him away from the mess which was his politics at the moment.

Not to say he regretted what he had, no. It was just because of the war.

Just because of the war.

China kept telling himself that.

Because I did not want people to think I have forgotten about 'Destroying Alfred', but it is absolutely necessary to have more background to the story before I can continue with that story. So I have been working on this. This, 'Seeing Matthew', and 'Raising Natalia' will all have to be put up here before I can even think of continuing 'Destroying Alfred'. Hopefully no one minds.

This is the first time I have focused so much on any of the Asian characters other than Japan. Mostly because I wanted to comprehend those characters with cultures I could better understand first before delving into the unknown. Anything anyone knows about Korea's culture (or anyone else's), or any little thing seen that is incorrect, I would appreciate a note about. I hope to do justice to this very interesting character which was banned from the anime because of his own self.

On another note, my research comes up with little to no political relations between Germany and Korea. Which means I get to do whatever I want. Awesome.

Apparently in China, the host simply brings out tea when someone arrives at their home. If they ask if their guest wants tea, it means they do not actually want to bother with making/serving it, and so the polite response is no. And Kiku is nothing if not polite.